Knitting Nerdcast

The Knitting Nerdcast is where host and knitting-magazine editor Hannah Baker gets together with passionate crafty friends to nerd out about oddly specific knitting-related topics. In the first season, Hannah and friends nerd out about knitting on TV shows, knitting in works of art, lace knitting, and the knitting community. Get curious with Hannah and friends on the Knitting Nerdcast podcast!

Visual Arts
Presenting: Song Quilts with Fiber Nation
Stitching Together Women's Stories
30 min
Stitching Up Friendship with Commuknitty
Can two friends be brought together by yarn, only to uncover that their friendship has deeper kismet? You betcha.
41 min
Everlaceting Love
You love knitting lace, right?
24 min
String Theory
Have you ever considered the "science behind the twist" of yarn? Let's get to it!
36 min
The Bird Is the Word
Why would an ornithologist use a crochet hook in the field as part of their research activities?
34 min
Knitting in Art, and Art in Knitting
Handcraft, at one time, was considered labor. Now, it can be considered art.
28 min
Knitting Nerdcast: A Handmaid's Knit
Looking for the knitting subtext in Handmaid's Tale? Me either, but I found it.
34 min
Trailer - Hey Everybody it's the Knitting Nerdc...
Introducing the podcast for nerds who knit out on nerding.
1 min