Keepin' It Real with Bridget O'Neill

In partnership with NPR's WSHU, Host and Storyteller, Bridget O’Neill, interviews some of the biggest storytellers who also partner as hosts, comedians, and writers. Off-stage and un-guarded, she gets under the hood and probes her storytelling guests for naked truths. Ever listen to a five-minute story on the Moth and wonder what happened to them since, or how it has affected their life? Who is that person is on a daily basis? Come, find out! —> Find out more about Bridget at

Society & Culture
Performing Arts
Comedy Interviews
Gastor Almonte, Immigrant Made
Heavy, High and Far
27 min
Kevin Allison, Risk!
St Gerard
42 min
Dave Hill, The Goddamn Dave Hill Show
Sex in vans in mall parking lots, and goats
30 min
David Crabb, Bad Kid (The Texan Goth)
Oh, this handsome devil
31 min
Selena Coppock, NYTVows
Standup comedian, writer, and candlehead
34 min
Sandi Marx, The Fabulist
The Queen of Storytelling
24 min
Drew Prochaska, The Artichoke
Tuggin It
31 min