Keep Listening with David Crabtree

For nearly forty years, veteran journalist David Crabtree has been listening to people from all different backgrounds. In this podcast, David talks with interesting people whose perspectives might surprise you. David's guests speak frankly on topics that can be difficult to discuss: religion, racism, politics, society. Understanding another person's experience reminds us how much we have in common. Connection can happen when we all keep listening. Keep Listening is part of the Capitol Broadcasting Podcast Network, and produced by WRAL News in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ep. 4 Luke Bretherton
Democracy and Christianity
31 min
Ep. 3 Zainab Baloch and Waleed Jarrad
Life as a millennial Muslim in the Triangle
25 min
Ep. 2 Will Willimon
Two white southern males discuss the difficulty of discussing race
24 min
Ep. 1 Rabbi Eric Solomon
What is anti-Semitism?
18 min
Keep Listening Trailer
Introduction to Keep Listening with David Crabtree from WRAL News
1 min