It's Relatable with Kari O'Driscoll

Join Kari and her guests to explore all the ways we exist in relationship. Whether they’re talking about how we relate to our bodies and food, music and art, family, our stuff, our thoughts, and more, you’ll be sure to find something relatable in these dynamic conversations. Kari draws on her expertise as a published author, parenting coach, and grief and rage educator to investigate how these connections influence us as we move through the world every day.

Society & Culture
Am I Too Much to be in Relationship With?
This short episode explores what happens when we think we are "too much" to handle in relationship.
18 min
What is Your Relationship to Gratitude? With T...
Kari talks to her friend Thereza - a reiki master, yoga instructor, and mindfulness educator - about gratitude practices
61 min
Kari and Emily Barany Talk About What Success ...
Join Kari and Emily as they explore ideas of success, what it means to each of them.
58 min
What's Your Relationship to Change? A Conversa...
Kari talks to two amazing human beings about their relationship to change.
92 min
Susan Liverpool Talks About Her Relationship t...
Susan's book "The Little Liverpool Diaries" is a glimpse in to what it was like to grow up in a multi-generational household in Chicago in the 1950s.
48 min
Relationship to Mortality with Julia-Lee Barcl...
Join Kari and Julia as they explore our relationship to mortality - our own and others.
53 min
Julie Pham and Kari Talk about Respect: Why it...
Guest Julie Pham is the founder of CuriosityBased and the author of the book, The Seven Forms of Respect
62 min
Hyacinth Myers Talks About Fear
Have a listen as Kari and Hyacinth talk about how fear lets us live with limiting stories in our heads
53 min
Happy New Year: How Do You Feel About Possibil...
In this short episode, Kari talks about her relationship to possibility.
27 min
What's Your Relationship to Spirituality with ...
Kari and Krystene talk about what it means to be spiritual, and how their idea of what it means has changed over their lifetimes.
65 min
Dexter Nunnery and Kari on Relationship to Com...
Kari interviews Dexter Nunnery about his work in his community and the way it is impacting the lives of so many people in Ventura County, California.
72 min
Talking with Debra Baida About Stuff (why we l...
Debra Baida, the owner of Liberated Spaces, talks to Kari about what it's like to help folks organize their clutter
64 min
Talking With Barbara Becker About Grief and Dy...
Kari and Barbara talk about Barbara's book Heartwood and explore what it means to live with intention
56 min
Exploring Our Relationship to Food with Shauna...
Kari talks to author and instructor Shauna Ahern (formerly known as Gluten Free Girl) about food allergies, curiosity, how her relationship to food has changed over time, and more.
61 min
Talking to Karen Gross About Our Relationship ...
Kari talks to Karen Gross, an attorney and the founder of Citizen Discourse, about how we see ourselves as members of a larger community..
59 min
Learning to Have a Healthy Relationship with Y...
Bestselling author Jennifer Pastiloff talks with Kari about her eating disorder.
57 min
Welcome to It's Relatable! A Podcast Exploring ...
I'm Kari O'Driscoll author, speaker, and founder of the SELF Project.
25 min