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Jim and Tomic's Musical Theatre Happy...
We're Jimi (@asinhendrix) and Tommy (@MusicalMash) and we're obsessed with musical theatre. Like, really, we won't shut up about it. And now YOU get to listen, too! If you're looking for two diehard musical theatre nerds babbling on about Sondheim, then this is the podcast for you!
LIVE at BroadwayCon: Podcastical Cats - "Cats: ...
Jimi and Tommy are LIVE at BroadwayCon talking about Cats...AGAIN!
50 min
Happy Hour #79: Only In The Podcasts - ‘Kiss of...
Jimi and Tommy are fantasizing all about Kander and Ebb's 'Kiss of the Spider Woman'
98 min
Happy Hour #78: Sugar, Podcast, Flour - ‘Waitress’
Jimi and Tommy are baking up a fresh one! Smell that? It's 'Waitress!'
102 min
Happy Hour #77: The Podcast Hour - ‘Bye Bye Bir...
Happy Hour #77: The Podcast Hour - ‘Bye Bye Birdie’
88 min
Happy Hour #76: Bring on the Podcasts - ‘The Li...
Jimi and Tommy join Percy Jackson and his demigod pals as they go in search of 'The Lightning Thief'
115 min
Happy Hour #75: Everybody Says Podcast - ‘Anyon...
Jimi and Tommy crack open the Cookie Jar and dive into Sondheim's 'Anyone Can Whistle'
113 min
Happy Hour #74: Horton Hears a Podcast - ‘Seuss...
Jimi and Tommy meant what they said and said what they meant about Seussical the Musical
100 min
Happy Hour #73: Just Another Podcast - ‘Next to...
Jimi and Tommy search for the light in the pulitzer-winning rock musical Next to Normal
113 min
Happy Hour #72: The Podcasticks - ‘The Fantasti...
Jimi and Tommy try to remember everything they can about the long-lived musical The Fantasticks.
105 min
Happy Hour #71: Supercalifragilisticexpialipodc...
Jimi and Tommy pop open their umbrellas and sail through the clouds surrounding Disney's stage adaptation of Mary Poppins.
99 min
Happy Hour #70: Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Po...
Jimi and Tommy are having themselves a merry little chat about Meet Me in St. Louis
88 min
Happy Hour #69 (Side 2): StarPodcast - ‘Ghost Q...
Jimi and Tommy are getting SPOOKY with this two-parter on Dave Malloy's intimate masterpiece.
121 min
Happy Hour #69 (Side 1): StarPodcast - ‘Ghost Q...
Jimi and Tommy are getting SPOOKY with this two-parter on Dave Malloy's intimate masterpiece.
106 min
Happy Hour #68: Madrid Is My Podcast - ‘Women o...
Jimi and Tommy travel to the edge to the verge to the ledge with the Yazbek throwback Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
100 min
Happy Hour #67: Podcast On - ‘Ragtime’
Jimi and Tommy get all patriotic (maybe) as they delve into Ahrens and Flaherty's Ragtime.
113 min
Happy Hour BONUS: The 73rd Annual Tony Awards
Tony tony tony!!! We're back, with a (probably too long) set of production for this year's Tony Awards!
141 min
Happy Hour #66: The Podcast Game - ‘The Pajama ...
Racing racing racing into your podcatcher of choice, this week Tommy and Jimi are chatting about The Pajama Game!
91 min
Happy Hour #65: You Are The Podcast Queen - ‘Ma...
Here we go again with another podcast, but this is our first time talking jukebox musicals with 'Mamma Mia!'
105 min
Happy Hour #64: Another Podcast in Another Feed...
Jimi and Tommy have both hands raised in the air in front of our adoring fans as we dive into Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Evita."
116 min
Happy Hour #63: This Is Not A Podcast - ‘Americ...
Jimi and Tommy are putin' on our raincoats and sharpening the ax with this week's episode on Duncan Sheik’s ‘American Psycho.’
104 min
Happy Hour #62: Paciencia y Podcast - 'In the H...
Jimi and Tommy are busting open the bodega in this week's episode on Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'In the Heights.'
99 min
Happy Hour #61: The Man in the Moon is a Podcas...
Jimi and Tommy find their inner Bosom Buddies over Jerry Herman's musical Mame.
66 min
Happy Hour #60: Waitin’ For My Podcast - ‘Briga...
Jimi and Tommy tak' a Hielan fling aff tae the mystical town o' Brigadoon.
99 min
Happy Hour #59: Asaka Play Me A Podcast - ‘Once...
Jimi and Tommy escape to the sunshine of Once On This Island.
112 min
Happy Hour #58: SQUIP - Super Quantum Unit Inte...
Jimi and Tommy go-go-go in on the Joe Iconis hip new show, Be More Chill.
111 min
Happy Hour #57: Tragedy Tomorrow, Podcasting To...
Jimi and Tommy jape and jest about Sondheim's original farce, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
88 min
Happy Hour #56: We’re Still Podcasting - ‘The ...
Jimi and Tommy spin circles around Jason Robert Brown's musical The Last Five Years
93 min
Happy Hour #55: Way Down Podcastown - ‘Hadestown’
Jimi and Tommy dive deep into the underworld with the increasingly popular Hadestown.
109 min
Happy Hour #54: How to Podcast - ‘How to Succe...
Jimi and Tommy are excited to be back with the interminably titled How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.
83 min
See you soon…
Jimi and Tommy will be back…SOON!
1 min
Happy Hour #53: Happiness Is Making A Podcast ...
Jimi and Tommy get all cozy with the perennial favorite "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"
76 min
Unsung Heroes #2: Rob Roy
Louder than the belt of Patti Lupone – this is Unsung Heroes!
58 min
Happy Hour #52: I Don’t Know How To Podcast - ‘...
Jimi and Tommy get into it over Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar
87 min
Happy Hour #51: 48kHz: A Musical Podcast - ‘35m...
Jimi and Tommy bring back the track-by-track for Matthew Murphy's 35mm.
125 min
Unsung Heroes #1: The Change
Faster than a speeding Sondheim – this is Unsung Heroes!
49 min
Happy Hour #50: A Warble In The Woods - ‘Into T...
Jimi and Tommy celebrate by prying apart that Sondheim classic Into the Woods.
133 min
Happy Hour #49: Take Me Out to the Podcast - ‘D...
Jimi and Tommy babble about the greatest baseball musical Damn Yankees.
85 min
Happy Hour #48: A Medieval Masterclass - ‘Blondel’
Jimi and Tommy dance a little jig around the apparently unknown Tim Rice musical, "Blondel."
82 min
Happy Hour #47: Step, Kick, Kick, Leap, Kick, T...
Jimi and Tommy kick around the fabulous musical 'A Chorus Line.'
103 min
Happy Hour #46: Alice in Podcastland - ‘Wonderl...
Jimi and Tommy get a little depressed about Frank Wildhorn's "Wonderland."
81 min
Happy Hour #45: Podcast In A Box - ‘Hedwig and ...
Jimi and Tommy rock out to the glam rock cult classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch
73 min
Happy Hour #44: All About Podcasts – ‘Applause’
Jimi and Tommy babble (backstage) about the fabulous musical Applause!
76 min
Happy Hour #43: I Wanna Be A Podcaster - ‘The P...
Jimi and Tommy head off to Little Old Lady Land with this week's episode on Mel Brooks' "The Producers."
84 min
Happy Hour #42: A Podcast of Penzance - ‘The Pi...
Jimi and Tommy are the very models of modern musical podcasters in this week's show about The Pirates of Penzance
80 min
Happy Hour #41: What’s Your Podcast, Heather? –...
Jimi and Tommy explore the candy store that is Heathers the Musical.
88 min
Happy Hour BONUS: The 71st Annual Tony Awards
Jimi and Tommy talk this year's Tony nominations.
160 min
Happy Hour #40: A Passionate Podcast - ‘Passion’
Jimi and Tommy prattle on about Sondheim's marvelous musical Passion.
85 min
Happy Hour #39: A Scottsboro Song - ‘The Scotts...
Jimi and Tommy discuss the important Kander and Ebb musical, The Scottsboro Boys.
87 min
Happy Hour #38: It’s De-Podcast! - ‘Anything G...
Timi and Jommy tip tap away about that seminal classic, anything goes.
98 min
Happy Hour #37: Podcast Noir - ‘City of Angels’
Jimi and Tommy get gritty with the film noir homage musical City of Angels.
72 min
Happy Hour #36: A Godspell Gab - ‘Godspell’
Jimi and Tommy blabble about Stephen Schwartz's musical Godspell.
82 min
Happy Hour #35: Podcast. Podcast. Podcast. - ‘N...
Jimi and Tommy pine over the fabulous off-broadway musical Now. Here. This.
108 min
Happy Hour #34: A Saigon Serenade - ‘Miss Saigon’
Jimi and Tommy battle over the helicopter landing musical ‘Miss Saigon.’
89 min
Happy Hour #33: Jim and Tomic Are Doing A Podca...
Jimi and Tommy prattle on about the lullaby of Broadway that is 42nd Street
79 min
Happy Hour #32: A Little Night Podcast - ‘A Lit...
Jimi and Tommy have a right good chat about Sondheim's musical, A Little Night Music
98 min
Happy Hour #31: We're Ready for our Podcast, Mr...
Jimi and Tommy hop in their Isotta-Fraschini and drive on down to Sunset Boulevard.
73 min
Happy Hour #30: Der Dreigroschenpodcast - ‘The ...
Jimi und Tommy diskutieren die Brecht und Weill Klassiker, Die Dreigroschenoper.
76 min
Happy Hour #29: The Podcast Men – ‘The Music Man’
Jimi and Tommy chit chat about the Americana classic The Music Man.
66 min
Happy Hour #28: The Jim and Tomic Mixtape – ‘Th...
Jimi and Tommy are BACK this week with a look into the bombshell phenomenon Hamilton (with mixtape goodness!)
79 min
The Overtures Quiz
This is our overtures quiz!
8 min
Happy Hour #27: A Christmas Podcast - ‘A Christ...
Jimi and Tommy ravish in about the holiday musical A Christmas Story!
75 min
Happy Hour #26: An Oklahoma Hoedown - ‘Oklahoma!’
Jimi and Tommy ramble about the classic show Oklahoma!
87 min
Happy Hour #25: Some Matilda Malarkey – ‘Matild...
Jimi and Tommy ramble on about the wonderful West End game changer “Matilda: The Musical”
86 min
Happy Hour #24: A New World Whirl – ‘Songs for ...
Jimi and Tommy babble about the fabulous show Songs for a New World!
83 min
Bonus Episode! Our Trip to See The Great Comet
We went to see ‘The Great Comet.’ It was great!
85 min
Happy Hour #23: A Gypsy Get-Together – ‘Gypsy: ...
Jimi and Tommy chit chat (for WAY too long) about the marvelous musical Gypsy!
115 min
Bonus Episode! Jim and Tomic are Going to Broad...
We're going to Broadway! Weeeee!
8 min
Happy Hour #22: A Grand Gallop – ‘Grand Hotel: ...
Jimi and Tommy rabble about the wonderfully dark musical Grand Hotel.
70 min
Happy Hour #21: A Phantom Tantrum – ‘The Phanto...
Jimi and Tommy (mostly Tommy) b**ch about the "global sensation" The Phantom of the Opera.
65 min
Happy Hour #20: A Wizarding Wipeout – ‘The Wiz’
Jimi and Tommy rubble rabble about the soul-sational musical The Wiz.
79 min
Happy Hour #19: A Piazza Party – ‘The Light in ...
Jimi and Tommy contemplate the contemporary-classic musical The Light in the Piazza.
82 min
Happy Hour #18: A Gangster’s Gavotte - ‘Guys an...
Jimi and Tommy fawn over the classic of all classics, Guys and Dolls.
57 min
Happy Hour #17: A Newsboy Nugget - ‘Newsies: Th...
Jimi and Tommy fawn over about the athletically stunning musical Newsies.
59 min
Happy Hour #16: A Hairy Hootenanny - 'Hair'
Jimi and Tommy jabber about the revolutionary hippie musical Hair.
60 min
Happy Hour #15: A Fun Home Hoopla - 'Fun Home'
Jimi and Tommy rave about the VERY IMPORTANT musical Fun Home.
53 min
Happy Hour #14: A Raining Rumpus - 'Singin' In ...
Jimi and Tommy confabulate over the iconic musical Singin' in the Rain.
64 min
Happy Hour #13: A Cavalcade of Cats - 'Cats'
Jimi and Tommy (somewhat begrudgingly) quibble over the hit musical Cats.
89 min
Happy Hour #12: An Assassinating Analysis - 'As...
Jimi and Tommy peel apart the Sondheim musical Assassins.
104 min
Happy Hour #11 (Part 2): Natasha, Pierre & the ...
Jimi and Tommy muse upon the fabulous Dave Malloy musical, Natasha, Pierre & the Great Podcast of 1812
77 min
Happy Hour #11 (Part 1): Natasha, Pierre & the ...
Jimi and Tommy muse upon the fabulous Dave Malloy musical, Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812
82 min
Happy Hour BONUS: The Tony Awards
Jimi and Tommy gossip and gab about the Tonys.
44 min
Happy Hour #10: A Spelling Bee Shindig - 'The 2...
Jimi and Tommy rant and rave about the great William Finn musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
78 min
Happy Hour #9: Dinner With Dolly - 'Hello, Dolly!'
Jimi and Tommy chit chat about THE golden oldie and perennial favorite, Hello, Dolly!
68 min
Happy Hour #8: Merrily Rolling Along - 'Merrily...
Jimi and Tommy chatter about the well loved (but perhaps lesser known) Sondheim musical Merrily We Roll Along.
86 min
Happy Hour #7: A Nine Natter - 'Nine'
Jimi and Tommy recount the horrors of sitting through Nine, the movie musical. And discuss the far superior stage musical.
77 min
Happy Hour #6: A Cabaret Cocktail - 'Cabaret'
Jimi and Tommy give up sitting alone in their rooms to let the music play…also we talk about Cabaret.
81 min
Happy Hour #5 (Part 2): A Christmas Celebration
Jimi and Tommy have a Christmas carousal and babble endlessly about who knows what.
48 min
Happy Hour #5 (Part 1): A Christmas Celebration
Jimi and Tommy have a Christmas carousal and babble endlessly about who knows what.
61 min
Happy Hour #4: An Awakened Affair - 'Spring Awa...
Jimi and Tommy rock out to the musical teenage jam session Spring Awakening
79 min
Happy Hour #3: A Fiddler Foray - 'Fiddler on th...
Jimi and Tommy ponder about the musical legend Fiddler on the Roof.
75 min
Happy Hour #2: A Sweeney Soirée - 'Sweeney Todd...
Jimi and Tommy wax poetic on about Sweeney Todd the Musical.
73 min
Happy Hour #1: A Hamilton Hello - 'Hamilton'
Jimi and Tommy babble on about Hamilton the Musical.
53 min