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Jill Scott, Laiya St.Clair, and Aja Graydon-Dantzler are music and entertainment icons, but they’re also experts in the art of no-holds-barred conversations. Jill Scott Presents: J.ill the Podcast is like chilling with that friend who says what everyone wants to say but is too afraid to – times three. Expect unfiltered talk about relationships, health, art, and everything else that comes with surviving and thriving as a Black woman in the world

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It’s not the end
After an amazing first season, it has come to an end. But don’t you worry we will be back!
0 min
Our African Ancestry
It’s time to get to the root of things this episode! Listen as Jill, Laiya and Aja go through the process of finding their African origins. They ask all the questions, share their results and there’s even a twist! Ain’t it always! Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
60 min
We've Got Mail!
This is the episode where we hear from you! You called, tweeted and sent all kinds of bat signals so now it's time see what y'all are talking about and answer all questions because, We've Got Mail! Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
52 min
The Right White Friends?
This episode Jill, Aja and Laiya breakdown what they require in order for one to consider themselves a "good" white friend. Do you have requirements? Do you have any white friends? What does "good" or "right" even mean? Listen as the ladies make an attempt to break this down. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
51 min
Brothas Gon Work It Out.....with Roy Wood Jr
Because we believe in letting the brothas say their peace, who better than the hilariously real Roy Wood Jr!?!?! Listen as he gives us insight into ALL the things that have been on his heart and mind! Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
57 min
Let's just admit it, sometimes we just don't feel like it! Any of it! Listen as Jill, Aja and Laiya break down all the ""its"" and why it's ok to feel this way.....for a little while. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
47 min
The Long Bus
The key to really live a good life is to take care of yourself inside and out! Today on J.ill the ladies get into what it take to ride the long bus. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
52 min
They Survived So You Could Thrive
On this episode of J.ill your resident aunties discuss this new generation, generation z! Listen up, because the ladies have some wisdom to share today. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
54 min
Being Vulnerable AF w/ Tarriona "Tank" Ball
Jill, Laiya, and Aja are joined by lead vocalist Tarriona "Tank" Ball of the incredibly talented group Tank and The Bangas! They waste no time in this conversation and get straight to the juiciness! Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
54 min
That's A Shame!
What do you hold shame about? How long have you been holding on to it? As hard as it is to talk about the things we hold shame around, it can be the most powerful way to release it. On this episode of J.ill we talk about shame in its many forms. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
40 min
Booked and Blessed
Booked AND Blessed? One may or may not equate to the other. Let me pencil you in so you know it’s real! This week on J.ill the ladies find the time in their equally busy schedules to talk about being “booked and blessed”! Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
47 min
A Cocktail of Prejudice Juice
What did they just say?! When someone spews some serious overtly racist BS in your direction, this is often the response. We all know what it feels like to experience those covert racist remarks or the microaggressions, but today we are talking about overt racism. Let’s hear what Jill, Laiya, and Aja have to say about this one! Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
55 min
Black Except When They Go Home
It seems that interracial relationships are now the gold standard today. From athletes to actors, your co-workers, and even the black men working for black liberation! At each turn, you’ll find a non-black woman on the arm of a black man. Why is it that even the black men who claim to know the beauty and value of black women don’t choose them as mates? In this episode of J.ill, Jill, Aja, and Laiya discuss their thoughts on this phenomenon becoming more and more commonplace. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
59 min
How Are We?
Who supported you or is currently supporting you on your journey through life? In this episode of J.ill, the ladies discuss what genuine support looks like, whether it comes from a friend, your family, or a business partner. At the base of any supportive relationship is trust. Without a deep level of trust, you fail to let the other person hold you up when you are in need and vice versa. Listen as Jill, Laiya, and Aja give their take on why support is so important in life. Stay tuned through the entire episode for a special treat for you, our lovely listeners! Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
63 min
Walking With Audacity With Mumu Fresh
In this episode of J.ill, we dive into living holistically with the multitalented artist Maimouna Youssef also known as Mumu Fresh. Mumu discusses where she is arriving in her personal life through a journey through spiritual, physical, emotional, and metaphysical exploration. Join Jill and the ladies as they journey with Mumu through her life experience and how it has led her to the knowledge she holds today. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
57 min
The Color Conversation
Colorism, it's one of the most sensitive and complex subjects in the black community. The narrative has been a duality of light skin and dark skin for so long, but as we continue to open up that conversation, we see how nuanced it truly is! Modern media is the biggest culprit for how these stereotypes and prejudices are furthered and mirrored in everyday life! As we begin to see more representation, particularly dark skin women as leading ladies in media, we discuss where the culture is headed in relation to colorism. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
60 min
A Slow Walk Into Life
The ladies are here for a Blackety Black college experience. But the HBCU vs. PWI conversation isn't so black and white. Resources: Howard University's Decision To Cut Classics Department Prompts An Outcry There’s No Classics ‘Catastrophe’ at Howard University A Different World Tell Them We Are Rising History of HBCUs
63 min
King of the Poo Putts
What's a "poo putt"? Hint: You might want them around for a good time, but you certainly don't want them in your life for a long time. The ladies set the criteria for poo-puttness in this episode and end the show with a What's On Your Heart? with Grammy-winning musician and mental health advocate Macy Gray. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode! Resources: My Good My Good + Twins for Peace Ray Stop Hustling Black Death
80 min
Wives in Different Area Codes
Some women want a husband, but every woman needs a wife. Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode! Resources: You and Me Will Never Part: A Study of Black Women's Best Friendships by Tamica Shambly According to Science, Your Girl Squad Can Help You Release More Oxytocin The Communication of Solidarity in Friendships Among African American Women Playing With Dialectics: Black Female Friendship Groups as a Homeplace Female Friends Are More Important Than You Realized. Here's Why.
45 min
Got to Know the Old Thing
Black children deserve better than the lies and partial truths that are often taught in U.S. schools. So what do we teach them, and how do we teach them? Dr. Joshua M. Myers, an associate professor of Africana Studies at Howard University and author of the forthcoming book "Cedric Robinson: The Time of the Black Radical Tradition," joins the ladies for What's On Your Heart? in this episode on education. Resources: Coded Bias Black Study in a Time of Trouble "The Eloquence of the Scribes" by Ayi Kwei Armah
93 min
The Emotional Nekkid
The ladies flip the script and ask THE Jemele Hill more than a few uncomfortable questions in this very special episode of J.ill! Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode.
47 min
Daddy's Love
Loving, messy, joyful — our relationships with our fathers can be complicated. We take some of their advice, and we leave some of it behind. But chile do they teach us some things.
51 min
It Takes a Village
SPECIAL EPISODE ALERT! Emcee Phonte is in the building, joining the ladies for real talk on parenting and playing the hands we're dealt. Twitter & Instagram: @phontigallo
53 min
Too Deep, Too Dark?
God knows, real-life trauma is enough. Has Hollywood veered into trauma porn territory with all the Black historical horrors and thrillers? How much is too much? The ladies get into it. Resources: Antebellum Get Out Them 12 Years a Slave Django Unchained Us The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Misha Green Barry Jenkins Katori Hall Black Lightning Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey A Black Lady Sketch Show In Our Mothers’ Gardens Octavia Butler’s work Bisa Butler Hashtag Booked
48 min
Smiling Faces Sometimes
Well chile ... you know a person's public persona may be at odds with who they are behind closed doors. In this episode, the ladies knock down some high and mighty pedestals and discuss what we do when we KNOW the real deal. Resources: The Long and Tortured History of Cancel Culture The Second Wave of "Cancel Culture" Americans and ‘Cancel Culture’: Where Some See Calls for Accountability, Others See Censorship, Punishment
52 min
Therapy vs. Self-care vs. Praying the Pain Away
Raw. Raw. Raw. Raw. Raw. Raw. Raw. Raw. Raw. Raw. Resources: More on Dr. Kameelah Rashad
60 min
Wide Eyes Open
S*** ain't always sweet in the music industry. Fortunately, we can count on Laiya, Aja, and Jill to give budding artists game. So you and/or your kids wanna be in the business? Pause and listen to this episode. Resources: "The Music Business Toolbox: Actionable Business Guidance for Musicians from Recording to Royalties," by Bryan Calhoun with Kristin Thomson "Everything You’d Better Know About the Record Industry for Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Musicians, and Music Entrepreneurs" by Kashif with contributions by Gary Greenberg
49 min
"My Mamma Said"
According to Aja's mother, there's petting, and then there's heavy petting. Don't know the difference? Find out in this episode, where the ladies share what their mamas taught them about sex and relationships. Shanicia Boswell, an author and the creator of Black Moms Blog, continues the conversation in a "What's On Your Heart?" about motherhood, womanhood, and making space to accept love. Resources: "Our Bodies, Ourselves" "The Joy of Sex" by Dr. Alex Comfort "Vanessa del Rio: Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior" "Oh Sis, You're Pregnant!: The Ultimate Guide to Black Pregnancy & Motherhood" by Shanicia Boswell
80 min
Can I Be a Quilt?
Sometimes, boxes are comfortable and safe. But other times, boxes are suffocating. And being confined to stereotypes and assumptions is for the birds. We all contain multitudes. Today on the show, the ladies do some unboxing. Resources: Paul Laurence Dunbar's "We Wear the Mask" Paul Laurence Dunbar bio
59 min
Keep Yo Jinx
Not everything passed down through generations should stay in the family. You can name curses, and you can break them. This week on the show, the ladies talk about knowing and growing from the problems that plague us. Resource: Bogleheads' Guides Call 866-HEY-JILL and leave us a message with your comments on this episode!
70 min
F*** an Urgent Care
Medicine is a practice. But be careful practicing on Black women, because "fire burn." This week on J.ill, a sensitive conversation about what Black women face when dealing with many medical professionals. In "What's on Your Heart?" actor, comedian, and author Michelle Buteau joins the ladies for a candid conversation about her experience in coloring outside the medical lines. Resources: Black Mamas Matter Alliance Sister Girl Foundation The Broken Brown Egg Black Women's Health Imperative Sister Song Survival of the Thickest: Essays
72 min
J.ill Loves the Hoes
Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, but a lot of times, it's purely transactional. On J.ill this week, one of your sista friends is completely intrigued. Light on the judgment – chile, who has the time? – but heavy on the yummy curiosity. Resources: Vanessa del Rio: Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior Urban Justice Center's Sex Worker Project
48 min
We Want to Hear From You!
Jill, Laiya, and Aja have talked about a lot on the show so far – from cultural appropriation, to the relationships between Black women and Black men, to loneliness. There's a lot to unpack, and we know we can't fit it all in the show. But we know that y'all have a lot to add to these discussions, so we want to hear what you have to say. Ever listened to an episode and ended up in a debate with your friends, had a change of heart about a subject, or had a million comments that you kept to yourself? Email us a message or voice memo at JillScottPodcast@iheartmedia.com to let us know your thoughts on a topic that the ladies have discussed so far. You just might hear your message on a future episode!
1 min
Gray Hair Where????
"Black does not crack, but it sure does crease." Laiya, Aja, and Jill reminisce about the shows they grew up on and the wellness practices their parents and grandparents followed. They also reveal some of more embarrassing signs of aging, the lifestyle choices they've made to stay healthy as they get older, and the things they've learned from the millennials. On What’s On Your Heart, media coach, activist, and music advocate Dyana Williams joins the ladies for a heartfelt and necessary conversation about caring for aging parents, preparing for homegoings, and honoring the gift of living.
77 min
Levels of Loneliness
The past year of isolation and social distancing has changed the way we relate to solitude. The absence of touch, separation from loved ones, and lack of fellowship and intimacy have presented many challenges. We can be lonely when we're alone, but we can also be lonely when we're surrounded by people or in intimate relationships. On the other hand, we can crave more alone time. Aja, Jill, and Laiya consider the role that loneliness has played in their lives, how important it is to do self-work, and honoring the need for stillness. Resources: The Five Love Languages In the Wake: On Blackness and Being by Christina Sharpe More on Phillis Wheatley Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral by Phillis Wheatley
55 min
Boundaries Are Your Friend
The media often portrays the relationships between Black women as adversarial and difficult. If you believe the stereotypes and the propaganda, you might think that Black women don't like each other and don't get along. Of course, that's fallacy and harmful generalization – some Black women are incompatible, just like some people of any other race or gender may be incompatible. If you actually know Black women, you know that their friendships are multifaceted. And as Aja points out, Black women often show the most empathy and care for other Black women. Jill, Laiya, and Aja discuss the qualities that they value in their friendships, the benefits of having a diverse friend group, and the importance of maintaining boundaries. And the sisterhood continues as the ladies have a conversation about uplifting women and choosing happiness with poet, therapist, and clinical social worker Trapeta Mayson. Resource: "The Friends" by Rosa Guy
65 min
Seeing the Humanity of Our Mothers
The relationships children have with their mothers are so diverse and dynamic. But many of us expect our mothers to be our provider, our teacher, our savior, and our source of comfort. When we are naive, growing children, it's hard to recognize our mothers as whole human beings who have lives beyond those roles. But as we get older and gain more distance and perspective, we realize that our mothers were trying to navigate this challenging world, just like we are. And we can start to give our mothers – flaws and all – a little more grace. Aja, Jill, and Laiya reflect on some of the moments in which they saw their mothers' humanity, and they reckon with the joy, insight, pain, and empathy that those moments awakened. Plus, a conversation on parenting, freedom, and soul work with sociologist Dr. Janice Johnson Dias. Resources: "Parent Like It Matters: How to Raise Joyful, Change-making Girls" by Dr. Janice Johnson Dias
72 min
What's Wrong With 'Em?
What's wrong with 'em? It's a simple question that's hard to answer. Jill, Laiya, and Aja try to get to the bottom of some of the questionable things people do, like being unable to have conversations with nuance or wear a mask properly. On the subject of white people with locs: Jill presents pros, and Aja comes back with some strong cons. Of course, these are all observations, not judgments. The question is also: What’s wrong with us? Resource mentioned in this episode: More on Sara Baartman
57 min
The Magic and Music of Black Language
That Louisiana drawl. The way "you straight?" can mean a dozen different things depending on the tone and situation. The Black mama classic: adding the word "the" in front of everything. And even the Head Nod. Black language is full of beauty and music. Laiya, Aja, and Jill celebrate Black speech and all its nuance, variation, and ingenuity. Resources: Twitter thread about Black units of measurement Facebook post by Ade Efunbukola on similarities between African languages and AAVE
39 min
A Thin Line Between Loving You and Loving Me
"Compassion, empathy, respect, trust." That's a word from Aja on the qualities that are important in relationships with Black men, whether they are platonic or romantic ones. But we all know that building solid, healthy relationships takes time and looks different for everybody. There's a delicate balance between Black women loving and caring for themselves, and loving and caring for Black men. Jill, Laiya, and Aja get into how complex and difficult and beautiful relationships between Black men and Black women can be. Plus, a conversation on love and mental health with father, husband, and therapist Kier Gaines. Resource: Black Men Heal
78 min
We Want All the Black Stories
We need all the Black stories. The mundane ones. The extravagant ones. The heartbreaking ones. Black life is expansive, and the more we get to see ourselves on screen in new ways, the better. Uplifting the real, raw humanity of Black people on film and television is so important. Jill, Laiya, and Aja talk about the value of slavery narratives, the stories that they want to see produced, and how grateful they are for how far Black storytelling has come. And they ask the question: How do we find a sanctuary for Black art? Resources: EJI National Memorial for Peace and Justice and Legacy Museum National Museum of African American History and Culture Reelblack BlackStar
50 min
Don't Be Messy
Jill, Laiya, and Aja have all been the subject of rumors -- some based in truth, some comically false, and some wildly insulting.
86 min
When You're the Other Woman
Being "the other woman" comes with a whole host of stigmas and assumptions.
63 min
Black Culture Is Sacred
From music, to hair, to fashion, non-Black people prove time and again that they're willing to take from Black culture without giving credit where it's due.
53 min
Whoopings, Spankings, and Everything In-Between
Figuring out how to discipline children is not an easy task.
60 min
Our Value Is Not Defined by What We Produce
There is merit in working hard and being productive on your own terms. But grind culture takes productivity to a whole other level.
42 min
We Can Create Our Own Holidays
Holidays can be joyful times of celebration and fellowship. But sometimes we end up participating in holidays that we have no practical or spiritual connection to.
53 min
How Do We Move Forward?
When it comes to U.S. politics, 2020 has shown us how messy, racist, ignorant, and apathetic our leadership can get
64 min
Let's Give Iconic Black Women Their Flowers
It’s about time we amplified the stories of Black women who are pioneers in the music industry.
48 min
Let's Talk About How We Talk About Sexual Assault
We have to have an honest conversation about how we talk about sexual assault and treat sexual assault survivors.
70 min
“White People Sh*t” We Like
There are some things white people love doing that Laiya, Jill, and Aja would never do. Then there are things that white people love doing that Laiya, Jill, and Aja would recommend to their Blackest of Black friends. These are some of those things. (Hot tub outdoors in the winter, anyone?) Resource mentioned in this episode: Check out your local newspaper for tips on things to do around your city.
41 min
Where Would We Go?
Black people are escaping the U.S. to try to build a better life abroad. But is it worth it?
59 min
Jill Scott Presents: J.ill The Podcast
Jill Scott, Laiya St.Clair, and Aja Graydon-Dantzler introduce J.ill, a podcast where they have conversations to spark conversation.
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