Jewelry Artist

Jewelry experts share their successes and offer lessons they’ve learned along the way. Listen in with host Katie Hacker for tips, trends, advice on selling your jewelry, using tools, shopping for jewelry making materials, and how you can impact the environment in better ways. Discover how this intimate accessory and historic status symbol has brought people together and apart, and how jewelry connects makers and wearers today.

Mark Nelson: Every Tool Is a New Beginning
Geek out on jewelry tools with Mark Nelson and explore his "pretty good" approach to jewelry design.
33 min
Christine Dhein: Most Likely to Save the Earth
Go green in your studio with environmentally friendly, eco-jewelry artist Christine Dhein.
37 min
Alex & Keith Horst: Rockhounds for Life
Polish rocks on the sidewalk and much more with a father-son duo of rockhounds.
35 min
Tammy Jones: Passionate About Pearls
Learn about pearl types, sustainability, quality, and more with pearl girl Tammy Jones.
31 min
Becky Nunn: You Can’t Plan for This
Imagine navigating a jewelry findings business during Coronavirus.
30 min
Julie Sanford: Life’s a Bench
Explore the jewelry making business with Julie Sanford in this episode of Jewelry Artist.
32 min
Introducing Jewelry Artist
A new podcast on the art and business of making jewelry
0 min