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CoronaRadio 9.14 - The Focused Superhero, Erik ...
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64 min
CoronaRadio 9.11 - The Listener, Murray Nossel
Audio version of daily web streaming show
67 min
CoronaRadio 9.10 - The Wellness Walker, Jeremia...
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68 min
CoronaRadio 9.9 - The Statistician, Geoff Ramsey
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67 min
CoronaRadio 9.8 - The Comedian, Jane Condon
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70 min
CoronaRadio 9.4 - The People formally known as ...
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90 min
CoronaRadio 9.3 - The Inquisitor, Warren Berger
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67 min
CoronaRadio 9.2 - The Grounded Dutchman, Maarte...
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67 min
CoronaRadio 9.1 - The Male Whisperer, Angus Nelson
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65 min
CoronaRadio 8.31 - The Introvert, Nick Diakanas...
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65 min
CoronaRadio 8.22 - The Sommelier, Jim Schleckser
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68 min
CoronaRadio 8.27 - The King of Content, Joe Pul...
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56 min
CoronaRadio 8.26 - The Novelist, James Rollins
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70 min
CoronaRadio 8.25 - The Secret Agent, Richy Glas...
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69 min
CoronaRadio 8.24 - The Champion, Jory Des Jardins
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65 min
CoronaRadio 8.21 - The Ray of Light, Augie Ray
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68 min
CoronaRadio 8.20 - The Nomad, Piers Fawkes
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64 min
CoronaRadio 8.19 - The Love Guru, Tim Sanders
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64 min
CoronaRadio 8.18 - The Norse God, Lee Odden
Lee Odden might as well be called Lee Odin because these days he closer resembles a Norse God than a digital marketer! Today we’ll discuss his fitness journey and the Marketing Fitness Facebook community he created. There’s a proper story about...
69 min
CoronaRadio 8.17 - The Aviator, Ryan Campbell
This is the audio version of CoronaTV
68 min
CoronaRadio 8.14 - The Marketer's Marketer, Geo...
Geoff Cottrill is a real marketer. As opposed to a fake one! Former head of marketing for The Coca-Cola Company in North America, President of MullenLowe, General Manager & Chief Marketing Officer at Converse, Head of marketing for the...
66 min
CoronaRadio 8.7 - The Master, Mark Masters
Mark Masters is a master at building community. He put together an event called You are the Media and when the pandemic hit, he didn’t just take it virtually, he took it to a whole new level. I actually was the featured speaker on it, and I did it...
64 min
CoronaRadio 8.3 - The Rockstar, Mark Schulman
Do you have a Rockstar mindset? Do you want one? Do you need one? Today, Mark Schulman will tell you how to get one for yourself and your business! And he should know because he’s an actual Rockstar…he’s the drummer for P!NK. He’s also a...
68 min
CoronaRadio 7.31 - The Trusted Advisor, Charles...
Charles Green is the Trusted Advisor. After all, he wrote The Trusted Advisor, so we should trust him on that alone, right? In a world that is supposed to be moving towards transparency, you would think we’re moving to a world of more trust versus...
60 min
CoronaRadio 7.29 - The Curious George, Andrew D...
I discovered Andrew Davis when he was the featured speaker in a “You are the Media” virtual lunch. I loved him. He had so much energy and passion and most importantly, I learned a lot from him. It’s not often you hear stories or case studies...
61 min
CoronaRadio 7.28 - The Customer Whisperer, Coli...
I met Colin Shaw at Chelsea Football Club’s stadium, Stamford Bridge in London. Only we weren’t attending a football game; we were both keynoting a Customer Experience Conference. Colin is one of the giants in CX and we chatted about where so many...
63 min
CoronaRadio 7.27 - The Pinch Hitter, Jonathan S...
Jonathan Sackett was a collegiate athlete for Minnesota’s nationally ranked track and field team, specializing in sprints, relays, long and triple jump. After some work in the music industry, he moved on to advertising, specializing in TV, Digital...
62 min
CoronaRadio 7.24 - The Serial Marketer, David B...
David Berkowitz has spent his entire life convincing people that he is NOT the other David Berkowitz. No, he hasn’t, but it does explain why he is known as the Serial Marketer, as opposed to a Serial Killer! David has built an incredible Slack...
62 min
CoronaRadio 7.23 - The Pink Lady, Jane Green
Jane Green is the author of twenty novels, including seventeen New York Times bestsellers. She has over ten million books in print, is published in over 25 languages, and has several books in development for film and tv. Her latest book is The Friends...
59 min
CoronaRadio 7.22 - The Cowboy, Bob Pearson
Bob Pearson is restless. He’s not content to sit back and let others do the work. Perhaps that’s why he launched a new agency network during a global pandemic no less. Today we learned more about the Next Practice Group, a “a founder-driven...
62 min
CoronaRadio 7.21 - The Philosopher, Tom Morris
Tom Morris had me at “I'm a public philosopher.” In addition, he’s the author of 30 published books, has spoken to more than 1,000 public audiences, taught at Notre Dame and his latest book is “Plato's Lemonade Stand,” which is about making...
64 min
CoronaRadio 7.20 - The Seller, Ian Altman
Ian Altman built companies from zero to hero (aka over $1 billion in value.) He is the co-author of Same Side Selling and founder of Same Side Selling Academy. So what is same side selling, I hear you ask? Well, you’ll just have to listen to this...
64 min
CoronaRadio 7.17 - The Transformer, Bryan Kramer
Bryan Kramer is one of those people I really should have spent more time with. Fortunately, I got to do that on CoronaTV. We talked about how he founded the Human 2 Human (H2H) movement and if being human is our competitive advantage, why do so many...
66 min
CoronaRadio 7.16 - The Straight Shooter, Christ...
Go to Christopher S. Penn’s website and you’ll see a “hero” video clip of him speaking. The screenshot of the clip shows Penn on stage adjacent a presentation slide of a red circle with a diagonal line through it on top of a bull taking a...
50 min
CoronaRadio 7.15 - The Raconteur, Donnovan Andrews
Audio version of Donnovan Andrews Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Donnovan Andrews lives at the intersection of innovation, human development and the culture of change. Or at least the company he founded, does. Overture Global is a media platform and...
60 min
CoronaRadio 7.14 - The Leader, Charlene Li
Audio version of Charlene Li Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Charlene Li is one of my strategic soulmates. She is a thought leader and multiple author. From Groundswell to Open Leadership to The Engaged Leader to The Disruption Mindset: Why Some...
63 min
CoronaRadio 7.13 - The Wordsmith, Lane Greene
Audio version of Lane Greene Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Lane is the language columnist and an editor at The Economist. Today we discussed a few of his latest contributions, which are both topical and relevant: 1) why papers should print racist...
60 min
CoronaRadio 7.10 - The Company Doctor, Martin L...
Audio version of Martin Lindstrom Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Martin Lindstrom is a bit of a legend. With his boyish looks and unusual accent (he’s Danish), Martin has wowed audiences around the world and back. He has written a bunch of books,...
65 min
CoronaRadio 7.9 - The Commerce King, John Lawson
Audio version of John Lawson Interview on CoronaTV is now up. John Lawson is CEO of 3rd Power Outlet, an online retail clothing and accessories company he founded. With millions of dollars in ecommerce merchandise sold and over 500,000 transactions...
56 min
CoronaRadio 7.8 - The Uncaped Crusader, Cindy G...
Audio version of Cindy Gallop Interview on CoronaTV is now up. No introduction can do Cindy Gallop justice. Not even her Wikipedia entry: Lucinda "Cindy" Lee Gallop (born 1 February 1960 – sorry!) is an English advertising consultant, founder and...
61 min
CoronaRadio 7.7- The Professor, John Durham
Audio version of John Durham Interview on CoronaTV is now up. I call THE John Durham, “Professore,” but really the only title to give him is “friend.” John is a legend in the Venn Diagram world of marketing, media, digital and creativity. In...
61 min
CoronaRadio 7.6 - The Connoisseur, Bruce Turkel
Audio version of Bruce Turkel interview on CoronaTV is now up. There’s so much talk these days about technology, digital, mobile or social media and that’s fine. The problem is that it’s often tactics in search of strategy. So many...
63 min
CoronaRadio 6.5 - The Original, David Armano
Audio version of David Armano Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Where do you start with David Armano? He’s one of the best. Period. I don’t know exactly when we connected for the first time, but it was way back when blogs mattered and when it came...
54 min
CoronaRadio 6.4 - Body Language Expert, Mark Bo...
Audio version of Mark Bowden Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Mark Bowden is a renowned keynote speaker and expert in body language. When the pandemic hit, Mark put out a bunch of incredibly helpful and insightful videos on how to present and present...
59 min
CoronaRadio 6.3 - The Wordsmith, Chris West
Audio version of Chris West Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Words matter. Now more than ever. On this episode, I welcome Chris West, who is the CEO and founding partner of Verbal Identity, a company that works with CEOs and brand leaders around the...
55 min
CoronaRadio 6.2 - The Legend, Ron Tite
Audio version of Ron Tite Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Ask around the speaker circuit about who is on the top of their game and more often than not, the name that comes back is “Ron Tite.” This was the first time I met him...and I couldn’t...
60 min
CoronaRadio 6.1 - The Libtard, Ted Rubin
Audio version of Ted Rubin Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Join Ted and I as we tackle small topics like the November election, Trump, our two concurrent viruses (Corona and racism), the problem with social media and if there’s time return on...
59 min
CoronaRadio 5.31 - The Publisher, Marc Schneider
Audio version of Mark Schneider Interview on CoronaTV is now up. It’s a Sunday in CoronaVille, which means a show with a bit of a potpourri fragrance and one dedicated to the spirit of ingenuity and entrepreneurship. I have Marc Schneider, who is...
46 min
CoronaRadio 5.29 - The Pro, Scott McKain
Audio version of Scott McKain Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Scott McKain is a pro. A real pro. Given I met him for the first time in Las Vegas, I’m going to refer to him as the Wayne Newton of the professional speaking circuit. Slick. Timeless....
50 min
CoronaRadio 5.28 - Survivor Winner Adam Klein
Audio version of Adam Klein Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Adam Klein is a winner. He won Survivor 33: Millennials v Gen X (which sucks as I’m a Gen X’er) and featured in the most recent bonanza season of Winners at War, but there’s more to...
48 min
CoronaRadio 5.27 - Nice Guys Finish First With ...
Audio version of Dave Delaney Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Dave Delaney is a nice guy. I mean, his weekly newsletter is called Nice Maker. He calls himself a Communication Connoisseur and is obsessed on how to help business professionals connect...
59 min
CoronaRadio 5.26 - Discovering your Soul Purpos...
Audio version of Jessica Joines Interview on CoronaTV is now up. Today I welcomed Jessica Joines, who documents her amazing journey from global CMO of Rakuten to uncovering and living her soul purpose in her book, “Dare to Believe.” Today she...
44 min
CoronaRadio 5.24 - Defending Jacob's Creator & ...
Audio version of the Mark Bomback Interview on CoronaTV is now up. If you haven’t been watching Defending Jacob on Apple TV+, you’re missing out. Defending Jacob is based on the novel by William Landay. The series was created and written by Mark...
51 min
CoronaRadio 5.22 - The Brian Solis and The Nove...
This is the audio version of a daily streaming video show The trifecta of Schaefer and Baer is complete with The Brian Solis, who will round off an incredible week at CoronaTV HQ. Brian has recently joined a small startup called Salesforce and no...
36 min
CoronaRadio 5.21 - The Maestro, Jay Baer
Audio version of an episode of CoronaCocktails
57 min
CoronaRadio 5.20 - Mark Schaefer wants to be a ...
This is the audio version of my daily video show Timing is everything. What a coup. Just last night, Mark Schaefer announced he’s joining B Squared Media as their Chief Operating Officer and the very next day he’s on CoronaTV. I’d like to...
51 min
CoronaRadio 5.19 - Forever Employable with Jeff...
This is the audio-only version of a daily web video streaming show Forever employable. How does that sound? “After spending the first 10 years of his career climbing the corporate ladder, Jeff Gothelf decided to change his approach to staying...
48 min
CoronaRadio 5.18 - The Art of Surprise with Tan...
This is the audio version of a daily video streaming show Tania is the co-CEO at LifeLabs Learning. She is also a psychology researcher, leadership trainer, and co-author of the book Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable & Engineer the Unexpected....
44 min
CoronaRadio 5.16 - Sunday Entrepreneur Edition ...
Audio version of a video streaming episode of CoronaTV Raymond Goss is a marketer who became a finance man. I call that going over to the dark side. When the global pandemic hit, he went back to his marketing roots and created a fantastic project...
60 min
CoronaRadio 5.15 - THE David Meerman Scott
Audio version of video streaming show, CoronaTV On National Endangered Species Day, who better to welcome on the show than one of our scarce and precious resources, David Meerman Scott. We’ll talk about his new book, Fanocracy. the new rules of...
53 min
CoronaRadio 5.14 - Author, Speaker, Futurist Gr...
This is the audio version of my daily video streaming show Happy National Decency Day (and let’s not forget it’s also National Dance Like a Chicken Day.) On today’s show, I welcomed a fellow author, speaker and futurist (him, not me,) Graeme...
47 min
CoronaRadio 5.13 - Joey Dumont, the recovering ...
This is the audio version of a web streaming show I get to interview Joey Dumont, who just authored a vulnerable and revealing book: Dirty Words: The Diary Of A Recovering Douchebag.” By my count, that word covers more people in my industry than...
48 min
CoronaRadio 5.12 - The guru himself, Rishad Tob...
This is the audio version of a video streaming episode I have the pleasure of chatting with a man I consider to be a mentor, Rishad Tobaccowala. Rishad is seriously one of the smartest guys I know and has been a beacon of light to the marketing and...
49 min
CoronaRadio 5.11 - Author, Speaker, Executive a...
This is the audio version of a previously aired web streaming video show
51 min
CoronaRadio 5.10 - Musician, Frank Perrouna, an...
This is the audio portion of a previously aired video streaming show
60 min
CoronaRadio 5.8 - The Inspirational Joe Delagrave
Joe interview around the 12 minute mark
39 min
CoronaRadio 5.7 - Marcus Sheridan on Virtual Se...
This is the audio portion of a previously aired video streaming show
38 min
CoronaRadio 5.6 - Host of The Beancast, Bob Knorpp
This is the audio portion of a previously aired video streaming show
57 min
CoronaRadio 5.5 - Cinco de Mayo, Teacher Apprec...
This is the audio portion of a previously aired video streaming show
39 min
CoronaRadio 5.3 - Thought Leader, Futurist and ...
This is the audio portion of a previously aired video streaming show
47 min
CoronaRadio 4.28 - Reminiscing with C.C. Chapman
This is the audio portion of a previously aired video streaming show
54 min
CoronaRadio 4.30 - How to Fix Brand America wit...
This is the audio portion of a previously aired video streaming show
52 min
CoronaTV 4.23 - Trash Day with Mitch Joel
Mitch and I have an overdue catch up
59 min