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258: The Choir of Man (Arts Centre, Melbourne A...
Combining live music, high energy dance and a few surprises, with everything from piña coladas to live pint percussion,
4 min
257: Songs For Nobodies (Art Centre, Melbourne ...
First performed 10 years ago, Songs For Nobodies is a spellbinding one woman play, a tour de force of imagined encounters between five mid 20th-century divas...
3 min
256: Chicago (Arts Centre, Melbourne Australia)...
Winner Of 6 Tony Awards®, 2 Olivier Awards, A Grammy® Award ...
4 min
255: Human Nature: Christmas at The Palms (The ...
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as Australia’s superstar vocal group Human Nature...
3 min
254: People Suck (Theatre Works, Melbourne Aust...
Jerks, morons, flakes – let’s face it: PEOPLE SUCK.
4 min
253: Tales of Hoffman Ooh La La (LUX Cabaret Ni...
This is a popular French inspired burlesque take on Offenbach’s famous Tales of Hoffman
3 min
252: Apocalypse Meow - Crisis is Born (Malthou...
Get ready for imminent cat-astrophe. Everyone’s favourite Wandering Star returns to glory in the silly season
5 min
251: Photograph 51 (Melbourne Theatre Company,...
Rosalind Franklin was one of the great scientists of the 20th Century. In 1952 she used X-ray diffraction photography to examine the intricate structure of DNA
4 min
250: Bright Star (Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne ...
Steve Martin’s feel-good new musical!
4 min
249: Zander's Boat (Q44 Theatre, Melbourne Aust...
At the edge of the sea three Shetland women, adrift on the rhythm of the waves and wind, paint the air with their words as they tell tales of love, death and miracles.
4 min
248: Lobby Hero (fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne...
When you can’t trust the law, who can you trust?
5 min
247: Mansion the Experience (Melbourne, Australia)
Not for the faint of heart, MANSION is fully immersive, dance theatre and circus horror experience
3 min
246: Love/Chamberlain (Theatre Works, Melbourne...
Courtney Love and Lindy Chamberlain cross paths on a remote highway somewhere in Australia, seeking an elusive Oracle.
2 min
245: The End of Eddy (Malthouse Theatre, Melbou...
The internationally acclaimed story comes of age on stage.
2 min
244: The Nico Project (The Melbourne Internatio...
Survivor. Muse. Creator. Destroyer. One of pop culture’s most original female artists, Nico has long remained one of its most enigmatic.
3 min
243: A Brimful of Asha (Malthouse Theatre, Melb...
In this ring it’s son versus mum. We don’t like his odds.
3 min
242: Riot (MC Showroom, Melbourne Australia) (r...
Life is sh*t. There’s a Riot brewing… Or maybe that’s just in Gin’s mind.
3 min
241: Grey Rock (Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne Au...
In a small village in the West Bank, a former TV repair person secretly builds a space shuttle to reach the moon.
4 min
240: Control (Red Stitch Actors Theatre, Melbou...
"We keep your memories safe, so you don’t have to"
3 min
239: The Window Outside (Wise Owl Theatre, Melb...
Sponsored by the Victorian Seniors Festival, Wise Owl Theatre bring Melbourne and regional Victoria audiences a powerful and moving tale of love
3 min
238: The Beautiful Game (Chapel off Chapel, Mel...
From the producers of Blood Brothers, Ben Elton and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s award-winning musical The Beautiful Game premieres at Chapel Off Chapel.
3 min
237: Railed (Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbour...
Welcome to 'Railed', a western-themed circus spectacular.
2 min
236: Private Peaceful (Chapel off Chapel, Melbo...
From the author of War Horse comes Private Peaceful, the acclaimed stage version of the internationally best selling novel.
3 min
235: The Other Place (Theatre Works, Melbourne ...
The Other Place is a show about two remarkable, tenacious women who pioneered the world of theatre.
3 min
234: You Look Just Like Your Father (Chapel Off...
Based on a true story; an honest, raw and unapologetically relatable tale of fatherhood.
3 min
233: Ulster American (Red Stitch Actors Theatre...
A searing comedy on show business post-#MeToo that brilliantly captures the confusion of ‘woke’ men trying to mansplain their positions of power.
2 min
232: Sunday in the Park with George (Watch This...
Inspired by Seurat's Impressionist painting, 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte', Sunday in the Park with George is a masterpiece in its own right.
3 min
231: Australian Realness (Malthouse Theatre, Me...
The summery embrace of an Aussie family Christmas. Familiar characters pop the cork on mid-range bubbly for a raucous celebration of festive traditions. But, all is not well.
2 min
230: Let Men Tremble (Theatre Works, Melbourne...
Inspired by The Scarlet Letter, a 17th-century puritan romance, Let Men Tremble throws colonial concepts of sin, sex and the role of women in society into a modern-day crucible.
2 min
229: Ghost Quartet (Gasworks Arts Park, Melbour...
A musical to die for…
4 min
228: Sensory Decadence (Gasworks Arts Park, Mel...
The experiencing self lives each moment. The remembering self constructs the story afterwards.
2 min
227: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (Her Maj...
After premiering in Sydney, Roald Dahl’s delicious tale, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is now playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne
4 min
226: Golden Shield (MTC, Melbourne, Australia) ...
A riveting new play filled with disarming humour, Golden Shield sees trailblazing writer Anchuli Felicia King smash the personal against the political in a globetrotting thriller ...
3 min
225: Solomon's Secrets (Saltpillar Theatre, Mel...
How far would you go to protect the one's you love?
3 min
224: A Midnight Visit (Broad Encounters, Melbou...
After sensational takeovers in Sydney and Perth, A Midnight Visit has been unleashed on Melbourne with new tricks and treats!
4 min
223: night, Mother (Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourn...
The turbulent tale of a mother-daughter relationship rejuvenated by the daughter’s admission she will kill herself that evening.
4 min
222. My Dearworthy Darling (The Malthouse Theat...
In modern-day Australia, a marriage is pulled apart by mistrust, paranoia, and violence. A woman breaks apart in the turmoil.
3 min
221: The Ghetto Cabaret (fortyfivedownstairs, M...
Any night could be their last performance.
3 min
220: Thoroughly Modern Millie (The Production C...
It’s the height of the jazz age, the roaring 20’s, and small-town girl Millie Dillmount has just arrived in New York City, ready to make her dreams come true.
4 min
219: Price Check The Musical (The Alex Theatre....
Price Check! is a new Australian musical comedy in 2 acts, exploring the lives of 5 diverse characters in a suburban Melbourne supermarket.
3 min
218: Blackrock (EbbFlow Theatre Co,. Melbourne,...
Blackrock is an Australian beachside working-class suburb where the youth surf by day and rave by night. Desperate to impress...
3 min
217: Fifty Words (Lab Theatre, Melbourne Austra...
Adam and Jan are alone together for the first time in almost 10 years. Without the buffer of their nine-year-old son (who is away at his first-ever sleepover) ...
4 min
216: This Wide Night (Green Light Theatre, Melb...
On her release from prison, Lorraine heads straight to Marie's. On the inside they used to share everything...
3 min
215: A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf (for...
Following a sold-out premiere season in 2016, Sentient Theatre’s stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s classic essay returns.
2 min
214: Come From Away (Comedy Theatre, Melbourne,...
COME FROM AWAY tells the remarkable true story of thousands of stranded passengers and the small town in Newfoundland, Canada that welcomed them.
4 min
213: Shakespeare In Love (Melbourne Theatre Com...
The Oscar-winning film comes to the stage in a boisterous romantic comedy...
3 min
212: Pomona (Red Stitch Theatre, Melbourne Aust...
There’s a secret place right inside the concrete heart of the city. Pomona.
4 min
211: Bring It On, The Musical (Australian touri...
Uniting some of the freshest and funniest creative minds on Broadway, BRING IT ON THE MUSICAL features an original story by Tony Award winner, Jeff Whitty
4 min
210: Autocannibal (Theatre Works, Melbourne, Au...
Why do we do things that we know are bad for us?
3 min
209: Krapp's Last Tape (fortyfivedownstairs The...
Australian satirist and theatre icon Max Gillies teams with award-winning director and long-time Beckett aficionado Laurence Strangio to present Krapp’s Last Tape
2 min
208: Solaris (Malthouse Theatre) (review)
Within hours of arriving in orbit around the mercurial planet Solaris, Kris encounters evasive inhabitants, self-isolating scientists and the ghost of a lover who died long ago.
4 min
207: A Little Night Music (Victorian Opera) (re...
If anyone can bridge the gap between opera and musicals, it is the incomparable Stephen Sondheim.
4 min
206: Wake In Fright (Malthouse Theatre, Melbour...
John Grant is well-read, but an outback misadventure strands him—cashless and jobless—in a harsh and remote Aussie outpost, Bundanyabba.
3 min
205: Storm Boy (MTC, Melbourne Australia) (review)
In a wild and remote area of coastline on South Australia’s Coorong, Storm Boy and his reclusive father live in a secluded shack, hidden away from the harsh realities of city life.
4 min
204: Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet St...
The pre-eminent leading man of Australian musical theatre, Anthony Warlow, is joined by one of Australia’s best-known stage and screen performers, the incomparable Gina Riley
4 min
203: Puttin' On The Ritz (Australian and UK Tou...
Puttin' On The Ritz takes you on a musical journey with wonderful music from three legendary composers, Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Irving Berlin
3 min
202: Travesties by Tom Stoppard (fortyfivedowns...
Based on the bizarre true story of James Joyce’s 1917 Zurich production of The Importance of Being Earnest
4 min
201: Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (Emotionworks, Melbo...
Emotionworks Cut Opera condenses Mozart’s classic comedy opera and fuses it with 1950’s Rock and Roll in this swinging, action-packed, retro inspired production.
3 min
200: Drive (Theatre Works, Melbourne Australia)...
Drive is an exploration of fallen, deviant women set against long stretches of open road. It is inspired by the true story of former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak
3 min
199: Shit (fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, Aust...
Winner of four Green Room awards: best production, best writing, best set and costume, and best ensemble
2 min
Escaped Alone (Red Stitch Actors Theatre, Melbo...
A sun-drenched suburban backyard, four older women: Vi, Sally and Lena and the visiting Mrs Jarrett reflect on their lives over the course of many summers together.
3 min
Disparate Scenes for Millennial Dreams (Meat Ma...
Periscope presents a triple bill of brand new short plays commissioned for Meat Market’s Stables.
3 min
Ghosted (Chapel off Chapel, Melbourne, Australi...
A brand-new Australian Comedy
3 min
Love by Patricia Cornelius (fortyfive downstair...
LOVE is an unapologetic exploration of love and addiction.
2 min
The Three Graces (Theatre Works, Melbourne Aust...
'Carved straight from the epic traditions of Greek theatre, The Three Graces is drama on a grand scale.'
4 min
Heisenberg (MTC, Melbourne Australia) ( review)
At a bustling London train station, 42-year-old American, Georgie, kisses the neck of a much older Irish man, Alex...
3 min
Lazarus (The Production Company, Melbourne Aust...
Lazarus was the final project of David Bowie. First staged in New York in late 2015, Lazarus has enjoyed sell out seasons in New York and London.
4 min
Cloudstreet (Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, Aust...
The house at number one Cloud Street is a great continent where two damaged clans collide.
4 min
Damaged Guns (Melbourne, Australia) (a review)
The performance involves travelling in cars (which is included in your ticketing cost).
3 min
Four Dogs and a Bone (Q44 Theatre, Melbourne, A...
Brenda wants to be a star, she even chants for it! Collette, the other actress in the film, is in her way, so Brenda must convince Bradley, the producer, to cut Collette's part.
3 min
The Temple (Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, Austr...
Welcome to The Temple. Here, we are not ourselves.
2 min
The Violent Outburst That Drew You To Me (MTC) ...
Connor is 16 and angry. He doesn’t know why. Lately everything and everyone is annoying him. He’s slamming doors, flipping desks and always fighting.
3 min
Amity Dry in Fortified (a review)
This is a war story. But there are no guns and ammo, just angry words and hurt pride.
2 min
Cosi (a review)
Welcome to the mayhem of Louis Nowra’s Così...
3 min
Barnum The Circus Musical (a review)
Based on the life of Phineas Taylor Barnum, BARNUM The Circus Musical will show you every sight and wonder that name stands for.
4 min
Human Nature 'Little More Love' (tour) (review)
Australia’s most-popular vocal group, Human Nature, have announced they are making a triumphant return home
3 min
Wakey, Wakey
Will Eno’s evocative imagery and preoccupation with the nature of being...
3 min
La Traviata Stripped and Dressed in Jazz and Bl...
This is opera fusion - cut down to 90 minutes and fused with great jazz and blues standards.
3 min
Slaughterhouse Five ((Monash Uni Student Theatr...
A theatrical adaptation of one of the most loved, important novels of the 20th Century.
3 min
A-List Comedy Sampler Melbourne Comedy Festival...
Hosted by Triple M’s Lawrence Mooney, this event features the hottest rising stars of the comedy world (and a secret special guest or two),
6 min
Alphabet Soup (Theatre Works, Melbourne, Austra...
Who says that mime is daggy, clowns are scary and only boys can beatbox?
4 min
The Ultimate Vegas Show (Crown Theatre, Perth, ...
If you've never been to Vegas, this is your chance to witness all the sizzle and spectacle of a true sequin-studded Las Vegas show.
2 min
West Side Story (Arts Centre, Melbourne, Austra...
The moment the curtain went up on the original West Side Story on Broadway, musical theatre changed forever.
5 min
The Merger (Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, Austr...
Now an acclaimed feature film adaptation starring Damian Callinan, Kate Mulvany and John Howard, Callinan returns to the stage with the one man tour-de-force
3 min
174: Robot Song (Theatre Works, Melbourne, Aust...
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4 min
173: Muriel's Wedding: The Musical (review)
Theatre Works, Melbourne Australia
4 min
172: Bin Laden: The One-Man Show (review)
Theatre Works, Melbourne, Australia
4 min
171: 50 Shades! The Musical Parody (review)
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4 min
170: Dance Nation (Red Stitch Theatre) (review)
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3 min
169: A View From A Bridge (MTC, Melbourne) (rev...
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4 min
168: 33 Variations (review)
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5 min
167: Jersey Boys (Regent Theatre Melbourne, Aus...
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5 min
166: Arbus & West (review)
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4 min
165: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts On...
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7 min
164: Mr Burns, A Post Electric Play (review)
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3 min
13: Barbara and the Camp Dogs (Malthouse Theatr...
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4 min
162: Sweet Phoebe (Red Stitch Theatre) (Review)
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4 min
161: The Lady in the Van (MTC) (review)
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5 min
160: Underground Railroad Game (Malthouse Theat...
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3 min
159: Peter Pan Goes Wrong (Arts Centre, Melbour...
Following hot on the wobbly heels of the box office hit The Play That Goes Wrong.
2 min