It's Nice to Hear You

A story about human connection told through a voice-forward matchmaking experiment. The twist: no names, no direct contact, no pictures. Over 30 days, matched pairs exchange 1 voice memo a day with each other. This genre-bending series has the intimacy of a personal memoir, suspense from a reality TV dating show, and insights from an interview show. Through 6 episodes, I share 6 lessons I learned from this experience, told 1 pair at a time.  Yes, some pairs do end up in a relationship afterwards. Eavesdrop into their private conversations and hear how these strangers fall into like, reciprocate vulnerability, and develop intimacy.

We all want to be heard, but we forgot how to listen. This is what human connection sounds like.

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Personal Journals
Social Sciences
Ep 6. And Then They Lived, ____ Ever After
37 min
Ep 5. The Origin Story
33 min
Ep 4. The V Word(s)
40 min
Ep 3. And Then I Understand
42 min
Ep 2. Everyday I'm Listening
45 min
Ep 1. Once Upon a Time, a Girl Needs a Distract...
40 min
Ep 0. Hear My Voice for the First Time
2 min