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It’s All Political is now a part of the Fifth & Mission podcast. You can hear It's All Political on Fifth & Mission by subscribing to Fifth & Mission, the San Francisco Chronicle's flagship daily newscast. Joe Garofoli is the Chronicle’s senior political writer, covering national and state politics. He has worked at the Chronicle since 2000 and in Bay Area journalism since 1992, when he left the Milwaukee Journal. He has previously written about the intersection of tech and politics and about the politics of the cannabis industry.

A Cannabis Tax Revolt is Coming in California
Mikey Steinmetz, co-founder of the Flow Kana cannabis brand, is so frustrated with the industry’s high taxes and regulations that he says he’s not going to pay cultivation taxes next year if things don't change.
28 min
How Michael Tubbs Plans to End Poverty in Calif...
As mayor of Stockton, he launched a universal basic income (UBI) pilot program that's become a nationwide model. Now he's about to launch a new anti-poverty program in California — and he's talking about his new memoir.
32 min
San Francisco's Archbishop on Abortion and Not ...
Conservative Catholic bishop Salvatore Cordileone talks about the Supreme Court hearing a Mississippi case that could overturn Roe vs. Wade. And he breaks some news on his vaccination status.
30 min
Jackie Speier on Her Retirement Announcement
The longtime Bay Area congresswoman announced Tuesday that she won't seek reelection in 2022. She talks with Joe Garofoli, Tal Kopan and Kevin Fagan of The Chronicle about her decision. 
22 min
San Francisco Housing Politics Go Statewide
In this episode of the Fifth & Mission podcast, It's All Political host Joe Garofoli joins Heather Knight and Cecilia Lei to talk about the Board of Supervisors' rejection of a housing project, and what it means politically.
19 min
Youngkin's Virginia Win: Could It Happen in Cal...
The Republican's upset victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the governor's race shocked many. Could something like it happen in super-blue California? Tal Kopan and Joe Garofoli talk about Youngkin's strategy: Less Trump, more parents.
19 min
Congressional Underdogs’ Uphill Fight Against I...
Joseph Rocha and Tamika Hamilton have overcome long odds their whole lives. Rocha, a Democrat from near San Diego, and Hamilton, a Republican from Dixon, talk about trying to break into one of the nation’s most exclusive clubs: Congress.
26 min
Adam Schiff on the Crisis in Democracy
Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Burbank, returns to talk to Joe Garofoli about his new book, “Midnight in Washington,” and share insider stories on Donald Trump, Robert Mueller, Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
34 min
A $32M Progressive Campaign to Win Texas
NextGen America executive director Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez joins Joe Garofoli to talk about the youth voter organization's new campaign across eight states — with a heavy investment in the Loan Star State.
33 min
What's Next for California GOP After Recall Dru...
Jessica Millan Patterson, chairwoman of the California Republican Party, joins Joe Garofoli to talk about the future of the state Republican Party after its failed attempt to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom. Is Larry Elder part of that future?
22 min
Hakeem Jeffries on Pelosi, Trump, Biggie and Tupac
Rising Democratic Party star Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York chats with Joe Garofoli about possible new taxes in the infrastructure bill, what he's learned from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and more.
25 min
Fifth & Mission: Now What for Gavin Newsom?
"We said yes to pluralism," the governor said after Californians voted overwhelmingly to let him finish his term. Joe Garofoli, Dustin Gardiner and Alexei Koseff join Demian Bulwa to talk about what's next.
22 min
Gavin Newsom on French Laundry and Other Errors
Alexei Koseff, the reporter who broke the story of that ill-advised dinner during lockdown, talks to the governor about it on the eve of the recall election. Newsom also discusses his achievements and what he’ll do differently if he’s allowed to finish his term.
15 min
CNN’s Dana Bash on California’s Two Recalls
The longtime political correspondent talks about Total Recall: California’s Political Circus, her new podcast series on the 2003 recall that made Arnold Schwarzenegger governor, and compares it to the current recall campaign against Gov. Gavin Newsom.
27 min
Crime in California: Is Proposition 47 a Success?
Joe Garofoli talks criminal justice reform with Lenore Anderson, co-author of the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act and co-founder of Californians for Safety and Justice, one of the leading criminal justice reform groups in California.
39 min
Good News for Newsom while Elder Dominates GOP ...
Sacramento reporters Alexei Koseff and Dustin Gardiner join host Joe Garofoli to break down a new poll and explore what Republican Larry Elder would do if he became governor
26 min
Total Recall Podcast: Can Larry Elder Really Be...
State Capitol reporters Alexei Koseff and Dustin Gardiner break down the Republican front-runner's chances, preview The Chronicle’s candidate debate Wednesday, and endure host Joe Garofoli's hacky Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation.
21 min
Behind the Scenes of the Barbara Lee Documentary
East Bay director Abby Ginzberg talks to Joe Garofoli about “Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power,” her new film about the longtime Oakland progressive icon, and about how she convinced a reluctant Lee to participate.
29 min
Rep. Barbara Lee Gets Personal to Explain Her P...
The Oakland Democrat and progressive icon rarely discusses her private life, especially its most painful chapters. But she does so here as she chats with Joe Garofoli about a new documentary about her, “Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power.”
30 min
How Gavin Newsom Could Get Recalled
California Gov. Gavin Newsom seemed to be on a gilded path to surviving a recall attempt against him. But new polling shows that likely voters are now split.
21 min
Can a Tough on Crime ex-Republican Be Californi...
Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert is running like a traditional Republican. But she's running as an independent candidate after leaving the GOP. Among Joe Garofoli's questions: Can she win without the party’s backing?
31 min
Can Media Star/Policy Wonk Lanhee Chen Make the...
Californian Lanhee Chen is the GOP policy wonk who regularly turns up on Sunday political chat shows. On today’s podcast, the former policy director for Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio announces his plans to run for office in California -- and the challenges he faces.
35 min
Can This Republican Be California’s Next Attorn...
Nathan Hochman has never run for elective office, but the ex-George W. Bush-era Justice Department attorney and federal prosecutor promises to be tougher on crime than Democrat Attorney General Rob Bonta.
34 min
Rob Bonta Says He’s "The People’s Attorney" Not...
California Attorney General Rob Bonta is the most progressive person to hold the position in a long time. He will soon find out if California voters agree with his stances on how to discipline bad cops, whether to eliminate cash bail and ending the death penalty.
34 min
Are Republicans Softening on LGBTQ Issues? 
A new Gallup poll says that for the first time, a majority of Republicans support same sex marriage -- just four years after only 40% supported it. What’s changed? Log Cabin Republicans managing director Charles Moran guests to explain and talk about the GOP and transgender issues, too.
39 min
Dianne Feinstein "Needs to Resign"
Yvette Simpson, CEO of the group Democracy for America, brings the heat to Democrats who are moving too slowly for progressives — from President Biden to Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
33 min
How Democrats Are Blowing Their Messaging
A study of the TV ads run during 2020 House races shows Dems are misspending millions of dollars on the wrong messages to the wrong voters. Jenifer Fernandez Ancona of Way To Win, the group that did the study, talks about what should be done.
34 min
How to Make Redistricting Sexy
California Redistricting Commission member Sara Sadhwani explains how redistricting works, how to get involved and what challenges the panel faces — particularly in how to make it intersting enough for Californians to want to get involved.
31 min
Wealthy Donors: California Isn’t Progressive En...
A small group called the California Donor Table is ready to spend $10 million on progressive Legislature and House candidates over the next year — even if they’re going up against fellow Democrats. Executive director Ludovic Blain explains.
35 min
How Gavin Newsom Wants to Spend Billions
Sacramento correspondents Alexei Koseff and Dustin Gardiner break down the governor's revised budget in the wake of a huge tax revenue surplus. Plus: What bills got suddenly killed in the Legislature. And: A live bear on the campaign trail?
27 min
Jaime Harrison on Wokeness and the "Joke" of Ke...
The New Democratic National Committee chairman talks about how Democrats will try to hold the House and Senate, what he thinks of the House Minority Leader and whether he believes the Democratic Party is “too woke.”
25 min
Jennifer Carroll Foy Could Be America’s First B...
Jennifer Carroll Foy faces an uphill battle in her race to be Virginia’s governor. But as she says, “I don’t have to empathize because I understand.”
31 min
Hawaii Sen. Maize Hirono’s Immigrant Story
Hirono shares her long journey from growing up poor in Hawaii to how she is leading the fight against attacks against the AAPI community.
33 min
Is This Nancy Pelosi’s Last Term?
Susan Page, author of the new biography, “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power” talks about what shaped Pelosi, her relationship with AOC and when she might retire.
27 min
Pramila Jayapal Grades Biden’s 100 Days
The progressive caucus leader supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2020. But the Washington congresswoman says that — so far — he’s not just listening to progressives, he’s incorporating their ideas.
31 min
Getting Cops Out of the 911 Business
California state Sen. Sydney Kamlager wants to change how police respond to nonviolent emergency calls. Her legislation is based, in part, on her experience when she called 911 after an ex-boyfriend showed up at her house.
27 min
How Can Politics Be More Inclusive?
Swati Mylavarapu, who went from Silicon Valley VC to top Pete Buttigieg fundraiser, talks about her journey as the child of immigrants in Florida — and her efforts to increase the number and diversity of people active in civic life.
35 min
How Rich People Hurt the Rest of Us
Journalist Michael Mechanic talks about his new book, "Jackpot: How the Super-rich Really Live — and How Their Wealth Harms Us All." Wealthy Americans have rigged the system. What can be done to change it?
34 min
Fifth & Mission: Polling on Recall is Good News...
Joe Garofoli joins Demian Bulwa on the Chronicle’s flagship podast discussing a new poll that shows that opponents of California Gov Gavin Newsom have a lot of work to do. A strong 56% of likely voters oppose the recall, compared to 40% backing it. Meanwhile, Newsom’s job approval rating among likely voters is 53%, virtually unchanged from the before the pandemic that ignited anger against him. Joe explains the numbers, how the pandemic is at the center of recall momentum, and how leading Democrats aren't likely to run to replace Newsom.
16 min
A Bay Area Congressman's Near-death Experience
Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, who was on a ventilator last year, talks about where Washington may land on a $15 minimum wage, his friendship with AOC and his former life as a Republican.
19 min
Medicare for All: The Politics Are Changing
Top Bernie Sanders advisor Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, author of the new book “Medicare for All: A Citizen’s Guide,” talks about how the drive for a single-payer health plan is growing — but it’s going to take a while to succeed.
31 min
Exit Interview: John Diaz
John Diaz is retiring after 25 years as The Chronicle’s editorial page editor. He talks about the national leaders he’s watched from the beginning -- like Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom -- and what editorials he’d want a do-over on.
40 min
Gavin Newsom Recall: Everything You Need to Know
Recall expert Joshua Spivak explains the challenges faced by those who want to oust the governor, as well as how long the process could take — and how the whole thing might end up benefiting Newsom.
27 min
Introducing The Doodler Podcast
It's All Political producer King Kaufman joins Joe Garofoli to talk about The Chronicle's new podcast miniseries, The Doodler, about a serial killer who preyed on San Francisco's gay community in the '70s.
11 min
California Dreaming: Gavin Newsom’s Overly Sunn...
From one of the biggest stages of his governorship, Gov. Gavin Newsom gave a forceful defense of his response to the coronavirus pandemic as he likely faces a recall.
24 min
Best of IAP: "Stars and Strife": Can America Ov...
Filmmaker David Smick and Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome join Joe Garofoli to talk about Smick's documentary, which says America’s "epidemic of hate" is preventing leaders from solving problems. First published Sept. 17, 2020.
34 min
Shirley Weber, California's First Black Secret...
From daughter of an Arkansas sharecropper to top election official in California, Shirley Weber traces her path and and talks about the challenges the state could face in running a recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom.
40 min
Phil Matier's Exit Interview
A Bay Area media institution, Matier covered Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi before they were in politics. As he leaves his Chronicle column, he sits down in Joe Garofoli's back yard to talk about all he's seen.
43 min
Kevin Faulconer: Moderate Enough to Challenge N...
The former mayor of San Diego is pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage and pro-immigrant rights, and he believes in the science behind climate change. But can even a moderate Republican get elected statewide in California?
17 min
Senator Alex Padilla Gets Emotional
California's newly minted senator, the first Latino to represent California and the child of Mexican immigrants, talks about how his background will shape his Senate career.
23 min
The Most Powerful Part of Joe Biden's Speech wa...
George Mason University political scientist Jennifer Victor joins Joe to break down Joe Biden's inaugural speech
20 min
Can Joe Biden Make "Normal" Work Again?
After four years of Trump chaos, the new president promises to bring normalcy back to the White House. Presidential scholar and author Elaine Kamarck talks about what "normal" means and what it should look like.
15 min
House Impeaches Trump Again
What’s next after the House makes the president the first ever to be impeached twice? In this joint episode of It's All Political and Fifth & Mission, Heather Knight and Joe Garofoli talk about what it will mean for California Republicans who backed him.
16 min
Pelosi and the House Move to Impeach
Introducing an article of impeachment, House Democrats accuse President Trump of “inciting violence against the government.” The pressure is on Republicans, say Tal Kopan and Joe Garofoli in this joint episode with Fifth & Mission.
17 min
Should the President be Removed?
On a joint episode of Fifth & Mission and It’s all Political, Demian Bulwa and Joe Garofoli talk about attempts to remove President Trump. Plus reporter Chase DiFeliciantonio on Facebook and Twitter finally cracking down.
23 min
Why Georgia's Senate Races Matter to California
The results in Tuesday's runoffs — Perdue vs. Ossoff and Loeffler vs. Warnock — will have major ramifications Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Alex Padilla. It's All Political host Joe Garofoli joins Fifth & Mission host Heather Knight in this joint episode.
17 min
Best of IAP: The Real Nancy Pelosi
Journalist Molly Ball, author of the biography "Pelosi," explains what shaped the first female Speaker of the House, how she's dealt with sexism throughout her career and how she's been able to keep Democrats in line. This episode was first published June 9, 2020.
39 min
Now What? Life After @realDonaldTrump
Steve Kettmann, editor of a new book of essays called "Now What: The Voters Have Spoken. Essays on Life After Trump," talks about how — and whether — the United States can heal after the last four years.
33 min
New Senator Alex Padilla
Gov. Gavin Newsom has named California's secretary of state to replace Kamala Harris in the Senate. In this episode published Oct. 3, 2020, Padilla talks to Joe Garofoli about the work he was doing to protect the right to vote leading up to the 2020 election
32 min
Alicia Garza says Gov. Newsom should appoint a ...
The co-creator of Black Lives Matter talks about diversity in the Biden Administration
35 min
Ro Khanna on What Progressives Want From a Bide...
Silicon Valley Rep. Ro Khanna on what he thinks of Biden’s Cabinet picks
23 min
Fifth & Mission: Becerra's Departure is Newsom'...
President-Elect Joe Biden's pick for a big cabinet job — Health and Human Services secretary — is California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra.
15 min
Who Will Replace Kamala Harris in the Senate?
Will Gov. Gavin Newsom make history by appointing California's first Latinx senator? Or will he pick a woman of color? Sacramento bureau reporter Alexei Koseff joins host Joe Garofoli to break down the candidates.
24 min
Best of IAP: Kamala Harris
The Vice President-elect joined Joe Garofoli and Tal Kopan in April, just as speculation began to build that Joe Biden would ask her to be his running mate. She talked about that, the coronavirus epidemic, cooking and more.
35 min
It's Over: Biden Wins — What's Next?
In a combined episode of the Fifth & Mission and It’s All Political podcasts, Joe Garofoli, Tal Kopan and Demian Bulwa talk about the moment that put the Biden-Harris ticket over the top, the historic nature of their victory, and what to expect now from Donald Trump.
19 min
Election Night Wrap: What We Know
In a combined episode of the Fifth & Mission and It’s All Political podcasts, Joe Garofoli, Heather Knight, Alexei Koseff and Demian Bulwa sum up a tense, inconclusive presidential election day, plus state and local races.
25 min
The Lincoln Project: Trump's 24/7 Nightmare
Prominent GOP strategists Steve Schmidt and Mike Madrid have seen the party's sad demise in California. Now they are determined to defeat President Trump and his Senate enablers to save the party they once served and, more important, the American democracy they cherish.
34 min
What Was Prop 13 Creator Howard Jarvis Really L...
Jason Cohn, director of the new Jarvis documentary, “The First Angry Man,” traces his path from anti-Communist gadfly to movement leader and what Prop 13’s legacy is today.
37 min
“Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking”
Joe Garofoli is joined by Heather Knight, John Diaz and John Wildermuth to break down the historic Harris-Pence vice presidential debate, where a fly became a social media star.
20 min
Cyberattacks! Pandemic! Misinformation! Calming...
As voters receive their mail-in ballots, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla talks about the safeguards in place to protect voters against all the challenges of voting in 2020, both here and nationally.
32 min
Trump Biden Debate 1: What the Hell Was That?
Chronicle editorial board editor John Diaz and — GENTLEMEN, PLEASE! — political writer John Wildermuth join — EXCUSE ME! — host Joe Garofoli to analyze the first presidential — PLEASE LET HIM FINISH! — debate.
19 min
Adam Schiff: What a Post-Trump World Looks Like
The House Intelligence Committee chair talks about reforms that would prevent many things that Donald Trump has done as president and explains how the Russians are planning to disrupt the 2020 election.
32 min
"Stars and Strife": Can America Overcome Hate?
Filmmaker David Smick and Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome join Joe Garofoli to talk about Smick's new documentary, which says America’s "epidemic of hate" is preventing leaders from solving problems.
34 min
Bob Woodward's Trump Book Won't Change the Race
Chronicle editorial page editor John Diaz talks about the revelations in "Rage," why climate change isn't an issue in the campaign despite California's wildfires, and how the endorsement process has changed during the Zoom era.
26 min
A'shanti Gholar: Trump Is "Dog-Hollering" on Race
The president of Emerge — which recruits and trains Democratic women to run for office — joins Joe Garofoli to talk about how President Trump is inflaming the racial divide in America.
38 min
Fifth & Mission: Terror at the RNC!
On the Chronicle's flagship Fifth & Mission podcast, It's All Political host Joe Garofoli joins Heather Knight to talk about the GOP's strategy at the Republican National Convention: Scare the base with a bleak picture of America,
18 min
Weirdest Democratic National Convention Ever: A...
Joe Biden is facing an enthusiasm gap. Can Dems rally excitement for him with no roaring crowd, no balloon drop? Political writers John Wildermuth and Tal Kopan join Joe Garofoli to explain what challenges Democrats are up against.
16 min
Katie Hill: Sex Scandal Won't Stop My Comeback
The former California congresswoman was a rising Democratic star until a conservative website published nude photos of her. She joins Joe to talk about exploitation, double standards — and her new book, “She Will Rise.”
27 min
Fifth & Mission: Why Kamala Harris is Joe Biden...
On The Chronicle's flagship news podcast, Joe Garofoli and Tal Kopan talk to Demian Bulwa about the former San Francisco DA and California attorney general who'll be Biden's running mate in November.
19 min
Can Joe Biden’s shift on immigration excite Lat...
Many Latino voters still associate Joe Biden with Barack Obama, known to some as “the deporter in chief.” Marielena Hincapié of the National Immigration Law Center’s Immigrant Justice Fund discusses Biden's changes in approach to immigration in 2020.
28 min
Black Lives Matter's Alicia Garza on the future...
Alicia Garza, the co-creator of Black Lives Matter, talks about the next steps for the movement, what Joe Biden should do to get young Black people to vote, and the difference between allies and co-conspirators.
25 min
Stacey Abrams: VP Search, Voter Suppression and...
Stacey Abrams talks about what it was like being mentioned as a possible Biden running mate, her concerns about voter suppression and the census, and what should be done with Confederate monuments and tributes to John Muir.
36 min
Women, Declare Your Independence From Men!
Jennifer Palmieri, a former Clinton and Obama adviser, talks about her new book, “She Proclaims” — which explains how women should stop trying to fit into a man’s world and create their own. Plus: Insights on the Biden campaign.
33 min
Potential Biden VP Pick Karen Bass
The Southern California congresswoman, who is on the shortlist to be Joe Biden's running mate, talks about her leadership of police reform efforts in Congress as chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.
27 min
What Joe Biden Has to Do to Win Young Voters
NextGen America is spending $45 million on one of the largest youth voter turnout campaigns in history. NextGen leader Ben Wessel explains how Biden can appeal to the younger generation.
29 min
How to Defund the Police
Alex Vitale, author of “The End of Policing,” has been a leader in the police reform movement for years. He makes the case for defunding and talks about what works, what doesn’t and how long true reform will take.
35 min
Eric Swalwell’s Insider View of Impeachment
Rep. Eric Swalwell talks with Chronicle editorial page editor John Diaz about his new book, “Endgame: Inside the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump,” which gives a backstage look at the historic moment.
29 min
Molly Ball on the Real Nancy Pelosi
The journalist and author of the new biography "Pelosi" explains what shaped the first female Speaker of the House, how she's dealt with sexism throughout her career and how she's been able to keep Democrats in line. | Get full Chronicle access:
39 min
How Silicon Valley Will Look Different After th...
Carl Guardino, president and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, talks about how America's tech capital will transform now that many companies have told their workers they can work from home in the coronavirus crisis.
36 min
Barbara Lee Wants a Racial Healing and Truth Co...
The Oakland congresswoman talks to Joe Garofoli and Tal Kopan about how white people can be better allies, plus who she thinks Joe Biden's pick for vice president should be.
22 min
The Digital Divide Is Getting Worse
FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel talks about how the coronavirus is widening the gap between information haves and have-nots, hurting people like high school junior Jessica Ramos, who shares her experience.
24 min
Michael Franti: Positivity in Politics and Life
The Bay Area native’s new album, “Work Hard and Be Nice,” is less concerned with social consciousness than his previous work. But it’s a reflection of his belief in staying positive through political campaigns and pandemics.
35 min
Shahid Buttar Is Challenging Nancy Pelosi From ...
While the speaker is known as the epitome of a San Francisco liberal and an antidote to President Trump, Shahid Buttar, her challenger for reelection, says she hasn't done enough for working people and thinks she has enabled Trump.
31 min
Pramila Jayapal on PPP, Bernie Sanders and Joe ...
The co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus explains her new Paycheck Guarantee Act to get money directly to the unemployed, and how Bernie Sanders will help get more progressives excited about candidate Biden.
38 min
Election Day Nightmare? Dirty Tricks, Suppressi...
UC Irvine professor Richard Hasen, author of "Election Meltdown: Dirty Tricks, Distrust, and the Threat to American Democracy," warns about all of the threats to a free and fair election in November.
32 min
From the Tea Party to "Open the States"
Mark Meckler, an early leader of the Tea Party movement a decade ago, is now at the forefront of the drive to convince states to reopen for business during the coronavirus pandemic. How are the two movements similar — and different?
29 min
Will a Presidential Transition Work?
The teams are forming now and David Marchick, director of the Center for Presidential Transition, explains how this will be the most important transition since 1932, during the Great Depression.
21 min
Kamala Harris "Would Be Honored" to Be VP
California Sen. Kamala Harris reveals what she'd say if Joe Biden asked her to be his running mate. She also says she's "very concerned" about being able to do oversight on the $2 trillion of coronavirus relief.
35 min
Katie Porter: We Need Real Time Stimulus Oversight
Orange County Democratic Rep. Katie Porter has become a rising star, largely for her oversight role. That is needed now with Washington spending $2 trillion to fight fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.
33 min
Will Coronavirus Boost Support for Medicare for...
Medicare for All didn’t die when Sen. Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign. Its advocates predict support will grow because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Michael Lighty, a top Sanders advisor on health care, explains.
19 min