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It’s All Political is now a part of the Fifth & Mission podcast. You can hear It's All Political on Fifth & Mission by subscribing to Fifth & Mission, the San Francisco Chronicle's flagship daily newscast. Joe Garofoli is the Chronicle’s senior political writer, covering national and state politics. He has worked at the Chronicle since 2000 and in Bay Area journalism since 1992, when he left the Milwaukee Journal. He has previously written about the intersection of tech and politics and about the politics of the cannabis industry.

The real legacy of George H.W. Bush
Rita Beamish covered the first President Bush for the Associated Press from the 1988 campaign through his years in the White House and his unsuccessful run for re-election in 1992. As the media paints a glowing picture of the 41st president, Beamish talks to Joe Garofoli about the real George Bush. And she has something surprising to say about Vice President Dan Quayle!
31 min
Stacey Abrams on fighting voter suppression
Stacey Abrams may have lost her historic run to be the first African-American female governor in the U.S., but she did not concede her race to be Georgia’s governor. That is because she is starting a new effort: To fight voter suppression that plagues Georgia and many other states. We talk with her about Fair Fight Action, a new organization that wants to modernize Georgia’s voter rights laws — an effort that could have national implications.
22 min
What Nancy Pelosi must do to be Speaker of the ...
Nancy Pelosi is on her way to becoming Speaker of the House — but she’s not quite there yet. Thirty-two Democrats voted against her and three handed in blank ballots during Wednesday’s closed-door, secret-ballot vote. San Francisco Chronicle Washington correspondent Tal Kopan explains it to us — and whether ageism and sexism was behind Rep. Barbara Lee losing out on a leadership position.
21 min
Election 2018: Analysis from The Chronicle's po...
Breaking down the props, the measures, the midterms and looking ahead to 2020
43 min
On the midterms: Live from the Grand Theater
The propositions, the battles, the blue wave?
88 min
Will Michael Avenatti run for President?
The LA lawyer has a warning for Democrats: Don’t underestimate Trump’s chances of re-election.
7 min
The Dems will flip two GOP House seats in Calif...
Find out why as Joe Garofoli and John Wildermuth discuss the midterm elections
25 min
ANALYSIS: Sen. Dianne Feinstein and state Sen. ...
Billed as a “conversation,” the event was a historic occasion as Feinstein had not engaged a challenger one-on-one since 2000.
18 min
Julian Castro on Running for President
Is he is tough enough to stand up to President Trump?
46 min
Washington: "Epically Dysfunctional"
Meet Tal Kopan, The San Francisco Chronicle’s new Washington, D.C., correspondent. Tal and Joe Garofoli preview what will happen if Democrats win the House. Tal forecasts what’s next in D.C. — including an “epically dysfunctional” scenario.
30 min
Breaking down the California gubernatorial debate
Joe and John Diaz analyze the KQED gubernatorial debate between Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox
22 min
California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom
How did Gavin Newsom’s childhood and time as SF mayor shape how he’d be as governor?
49 min
Rock the Vote? Is that still something?
Joe sits down with Carolyn DeWitt, Rock the Vote president and executive director
28 min
John Cox, Republican candidate for CA governor
Joe Garofoli talks with Republican candidate for CA governor John Cox
52 min
Do you believe Kavanaugh or Ford?
Chronicle staffers discuss the cultural impact of the Kavanaugh, Ford Senate committee hearing.
32 min
UC Berkeley Professor John Yoo
Liberals love to loathe John Yoo. Some still want him tried as a war criminal for co-authoring the legal memo that the George W. Bush Administration used to justify authorizing “enhanced interrogation”  after 9/11. But Yoo is a sharp legal...
55 min
Gina Ortiz Jones, Stephanie Schriock
Gina Ortiz Jones is a first-time candidate running for Congress in what may be the most expensive House race ever in Texas. She’s 37, a Filipina American daughter of a single mother immigrant, and a former Air Force officer who would be the first...
48 min
Can Democrats win back statehouses?
Democrats blew off organizing in many states during the Obama presidency and lost more than 1,000 legislative seats over the past decade. That’s led to GOP control in two-thirds of statehouses — and more restrictions on abortions and fewer on guns...
25 min
Dan Pfeiffer on how to win the media war
“Pod Save America” co-host Dan Pfeiffer talks about how the next presidential campaign will be fought on Facebook, and right now Democrats are losing that battle. In conversation with Joe at the San Francisco headquarters of Scribd, Dan explains...
71 min
When techies and scientists run for office
Joe talks with Shaughnessy Naughton, founder of 314 Action, an organization that recruits and funds scientists, technologists and doctors to run for office. Tons have expressed interest, but so far only about half have won their races. Naughton talks...
23 min
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee
Joe talks with Washington Gov. Jay Inslee about Trump, wine, weed, homelessness — and whether Inslee plans to run for president in 2020. Theme music: "Cattle Call" by Randy Clark’s Crowsong.
36 min
Chelsea Handler
Joe talks with talk show host turned activist Chelsea Handler at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. Handler, who has put her entertainment career on hold to concentrate on activism, appeared at an event to promote IGNITE, a nonprofit that...
14 min
San Francisco has a new mayor: London Breed
The S.F. mayor's race has finally come to an end, and London Breed will be the first African American woman to be elected to the city's highest office. Former state Sen. Mark Leno conceded defeat after more than a week of suspense. Listen in as The...
15 min
2018 California Primary Election recap
In a special election night podcast, the San Francisco Chronicle politics team breaks down the 2018 California primary. Listen in as John Diaz, Heather Knight, Joe Garofoli, Dominic Fracassa and John Wildermuth analyze results from San Francisco, Bay...
29 min
Virginia Delegate Danica Roem
San Francisco Chronicle senior political writer Joe Garofoli talks with Danica Roem, who made history as the first transgender person to be elected to a U.S. state legislature (in Virginia). But that isn't the only reason she is unique. She may be the...
58 min
Congressional candidate Shahid Buttar
San Francisco Chronicle Senior Political Reporter Joe Garofoli talks with Congressional candidate Shahid Buttar, a Nancy Pelosi challenger who is a Muslim immigrant, a Stanford lawyer, a street activist, a privacy advocate ... and a rapper. Yes, this...
32 min
Chuck Todd from Meet the Press
Chuck Todd, moderator of “Meet the Press” – and of the May 8 California gubernatorial debate in San Jose – chats with us. He explains East Coast media bias, dishes on the White House Correspondents Association dinner, offers his take on the...
34 min
What can we learn from James Comey?
John Diaz, John McMurtrie and Joe Garofoli discuss the political ramifications of “A Higher Loyalty,” the book by former FBI Director James Comey, that takes aim at President Trump.  
22 min
Leon Panetta offers clarity on Washington chaos
Even for unusually chaotic times, there’s been an unusual amount of chaos lately in the Trump administration. In this episode, Joe Garofoli speaks with White House veteran Leon Panetta, who has dealt with plenty of crises in one form or another.
34 min
Sen. Dianne Feinstein offers a rare look at how...
Sen. Dianne Feinstein makes her debut appearance on "It's All Political" - for a slightly different kind of chat. We sit in The San Francisco Chronicle archive for a look back at several photos that tell the story of her political career in California.
38 min
God and politics with Rep. Jared Huffman
We talk God and politics in a very personal, revealing chat with Rep. Jared Huffman, the only member of Congress to say that he does not believe in God. The Marin County Democrat explains why — and who else in Congress is in the “nonbeliever...
38 min
Ro Khanna on legal marijuana and SOTU
Joe talks with “Silicon Valley’s Congressman” Ro Khanna. First he dishes on how star-struck his fellow House members get during the State of the Union. Then he discusses all the issues in which he’s way out in front of even his fellow...
34 min
California state Sen. Kevin de Leon and the #Me...
Longtime politicos thought California state Sen. Kevin de Leon was crazy to take on incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein. He's got a fraction of her money, most voters don't know who he is -- and 96 percent know who she is. But his chances could get a huge...
28 min
'Liddle' Adam Schiff standing tall against Trump
Rep. Adam Schiff -- the thorn in the Trump Administration's heel for his dogged pursuit of the Russian meddling investigation -- joins the pod to talk about the probe, why talking about impeachment isn't helpful and why Trump has it all wrong on his...
13 min
George Lakoff on the art of political rhetoric
We get super wonky with George Lakoff, the message-framing guru who Democrats and progressive nonprofits turn to how to shape their ideas. He talks about the immigration battle, breaks down how progressives should respond to Trump’s tweets and...
46 min
Governor debates breakdown and Doug Ose interview
An “It’s All Political” double feature! Now that The Chronicle has hosted both the Republican and Democratic gubernatorial candidates, Joe breaks down what we’ve learned with Chronicle Editorial Page editor - and debate moderator - John Diaz....
50 min
Retired Sen. Barbara Boxer discusses the women'...
Though she’s only been out of office for about a year, retired California Senator Barbara Boxer says she’s more active than ever. It's All Political host and San Francisco Chronicle senior political writer Joe Garofoli gets her thoughts on the...
30 min
Candidate for California governor Delaine Eastin
In this episode of It’s All Political, we host former state superintendent of public instruction Delaine Eastin, the only woman running for California governor against six men. Theme music is "Cattle Call" by Randy Clark’s Crowsong. Opening...
38 min
Heather Knight on the S.F. mayoral race
In this episode of It’s All Political (recorded Jan. 11, 2017), Chronicle columnist Heather Knight talks to host Joe Garofoli about the mayoral race, where four familiar figures - Mark Leno, Angela Alioto, Jane Kim and London Breed - go straight to...
18 min
Heather Knight on the death of S.F. Mayor Ed Le...
In this episode of It’s All Political (recorded Dec. 12, 2017), Chronicle columnist Heather Knight takes a break from covering events surrounding the sudden death of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to talk about his life, legacy and the future of the...
20 min
Political activist, TV host and author Van Jones
In this episode of It’s All Political (recorded in October 2017), CNN star Van Jones comes to the Chronicle archive podcast studio to talk about his new book Beyond the Messy Truth, his early years as an activist in the Bay Area and his friendship...
49 min
Assemblyman Travis Allen
In this episode of It's All Political (recorded in October 2017), we host California gubernatorial candidate, Orange County Assemblyman Travis Allen, to discuss his gas tax repeal proposal and where the Republican differs—if anywhere—from...
24 min
Assembly Candidate Buffy Wicks
In this episode of It's All Political (recorded in July 2017), we host political organizer Buffy Wicks to discuss her candidacy for Assembly for District 15, why she originally got involved in politics and why her name is Buffy. Theme music is "Cattle...
13 min
EMILY's List President Stephanie Schriock
In this episode of It's All Political (recorded in May 2017), we host EMILY's List President Stephanie Schriock to talk about how more than 13,000 women have considered running for office since Donald Trump became president. Theme music is "Cattle...
27 min
Crowdpac CEO Steve Hilton
In this episode of It's All Political (recorded in May 2017), we host Crowdpac CEO Steve Hilton to discuss the current state of American politics, his new Fox News show, The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton, and what it's like being a Fox News host...
35 min
Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
In this episode of It's All Political (recorded in May 2017), we host former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the Democratic Convention to talk L.A. versus San Francisco, his rivalry with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and his race for California...
35 min
State Treasurer John Chiang
In this episode of It's All Political (recorded in May 2017), we host State Treasurer John Chiang to chat about Joe's vest, Chiang's childhood in suburban Chicago and his race for California governor. Theme music is "Cattle Call" by Randy Clark's...
26 min
Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams
In this episode of It's All Political (recorded in September 2017), we host Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to discuss her potential to be the first African-American female governor in U.S. history, ways to better unite the Democratic...
47 min
Congressman Adam Schiff
In this episode of It's All Political (recorded in May 2017), we host Congressman Adam Schiff to cover navigating the Trump presidency, John Burton's creative vocabulary and whether or not he will run for Senate. Theme music is "Cattle Call" by Randy...
31 min
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
In this episode of It’s All Political (recorded in July 2017), we host Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to discuss the 2028 Summer Olympics, his potential candidacy for president and his loyalty to the Lakers. Theme music is "Cattle Call" by Randy...
20 min