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What if justice were normal? What and who will it take to imagine new habits, processes, and structures that default to loving care, anti-bias, pro-Earth, and solidarity? Across the globe, people — from activists and entrepreneurs, to impact investors and artists — are asking these questions and practicing change in their organizations, communities, and homes. We’ll hear from leaders Dr. Gillian Marcelle, Sikowis Nobiss, Rodney Foxworth and Mitra Kalita.

To write these leader’s stories into the record, Make Justice Normal co-founder, Monique Aiken, takes us on their journeys of action and the shared behaviors we can all take to build a future where justice is normal. Each conversation will challenge your thinking around topics such as: narrative change, media and journalism, truth telling, bias, finance, business & entrepreneurship, Indigenous rights and finding joy, and establish a vision of the world without the constraints of injustice, paving the way toward liberation.

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Moving Beyond the Biases in Global Capital: Dem...
Dr. Gillian Marcelle, CEO of Resilience Capital Ventures LLC (RCV), is the creator of the “Triple-B Framework'' a strategy for mobilizing and deploying financial and non-financial forms of capital towards achieving societal well-being, economic flourishing, and planetary stewardship goals. She discusses her approach to reimagining finance and investment, and her career spanning academia, economic development, and investment banking, explaining how she connects the dots between high finance and social justice. This is her personal story of commitment to justice, that starts from her activist roots in Trinidad and Tobago, then takes us through to education and training in the US and Europe, professional experience in London, and global advocacy while based in South Africa, culminating now in providing leadership in the world of global finance. Learn her take on what is needed to change systems today. Hint: it’s not business as usual.
26 min
How the Make Justice Normal Collective is Plant...
The four members of Make Justice Normal’s core team (Monique Aiken, Erika Seth Davies, Anjali Deshmukh, and Cari Hanson share their vision in Season 1 of Into The Record in a round-table discussion about narrative change, power distribution, and the impact that social practice art has on our communities. They are exploring, if justice is their client, then what changes need to happen, and what decisions need to be made as a result.
35 min
How Mitra Kalita Created a New Media Model Cent...
Veteran journalist, media executive, and Epicenter-NYC co-founder Mitra Kalita shares her story of how growing up between New York and Puerto Rico, punctuated by visits to India, led her to journalism as a tween, and the foundation of a community that’s supported her throughout life. Then, she and Make Justice Normal co-founder and host Monique Aiken discuss being Black-centered and doing “the work” even if, or perhaps, especially when, someone isn’t Black. Learn about what it takes, to create media spaces to address the needs of the community, and what it means to truly uplift BIPOC voices.
34 min
Rewiring the Dynamics of Wealth and Power in ou...
Mission-driven entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of Worthmore, Rodney Foxworth has always interrogated paradigms and the status quo, even as a young boy growing up in Baltimore. Rodney shares his story - from police encounters as a young journalist, to his career journey focused on creating new pathways that deliver economic justice. Later, he and Make Justice Normal co-founder and host Monique Aiken dive into a deep conversation about the importance of shifting power, and investment capital, into the hands of communities with reparative economics and how wealth holders can, indeed, be part of the solution.
32 min
Delivering Indigenous Resistance and Rematriati...
Sikowis Nobiss, Plains Cree/Saulteaux First Nation writer and founder of Great Plains Action Society, shares her journey of self-discovery and her Indigenous roots growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, before relocating to Iowa, Big Ag’s Sacrifice Zone in the US. Sikowiss shares her thoughts on building community, the rights of nature, the benefits of rematriation and truthtelling at Truthsgiving.
31 min
Introducing Into The Record: A Podcast from Mak...
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