In The Limelight by Vanity Fair

A weekly podcast from Vanity Fair's Josh Duboff and Julie Miller exploring the ins and outs of pop culture, entertainment, and celebrity. Pour yourself a glass of champagne (or two), and join us as we go in-depth on the celebrity narratives and storylines— from Kate Middleton to the Kardashians— we are obsessed with each week.

Society & Culture
37 min
Party of Five
27 min
63 min
The VMA's Unexpected MVPs
36 min
Some Like It Hot Dog
34 min
Katy Perry Re-Blooms
38 min
The Bubble Wrap Bride
42 min
"Too Blessed To Be Stressed"
29 min
Brad Bromance
48 min
The Moore The Merrier
44 min
Hanging (in Tahiti) with Mr. Cooper
27 min
Leo & Orlando & The Case of the Disappearing Pizza
Josh and Julie recap the two celebrity-studded parties they attended in L.A. over the Fourth of July. Leo! Orlando! Lana! Elon Musk!??!
34 min
Naughty by Nature
45 min
Labor Bey
Josh & Julie analyze the (reported) arrival of Beyonce's twins from every possible angle—and also discuss the royal family's big day at the Queen's birthday parade.
33 min
Coming up Clooney
Josh and Julie discuss the birth of George Clooney’s twins and the death of Tom Hardy’s beloved dog.
31 min
Kidman on Ice
Josh and Julie discuss Nicole Kidman’s unexpected NHL foray, as well as Jay Z and Rihanna’s secret hangout at the NBA Finals.
33 min
Josh and Julie talk to Baywatch’s Alexandra Daddario about Zac Efron dating rumors and The Rock’s presidential hopes.
48 min
Pip Pip Hooray
Josh and Julie discuss Pippa Middleton’s wedding, the celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival, and Beyonce’s star-studded push party.
35 min
We'll Always Have Paris
Josh and Julie preview Cannes, break down Pippa's pre-wedding boot camp, and explore Katy Perry's trip to Paris Hilton's house.
29 min
Markle Polo
Julie and Josh dissect Meghan Markle’s first public outing with Prince Harry.
37 min
Rihanna, Madonna, the Olsens. . . Oh My!
Josh details his night at the Met Ball afterparties, involving Rihanna, Madonna, the Olsens, Katy Perry & more.
39 min
The Hardy Boy
Josh and Julie break down Kate Middleton and Prince William's eventful week, fall down the Tom Hardy "dog hole," and discuss Amber Heard's new relationship.
32 min
Salt and Pippa
Josh and Julie discuss Pippa Middleton’s wedding guest list, Kylie and Kendall’s “sad” Coachella weekend, and Beyoncé’s Easter celebration.
33 min
The Tig Is Up
Josh and Julie discuss Meghan Markle's dramatic decision to shut down her website,
31 min
The Princess Diaries
Turns out Kate Middleton had her own excitement while Prince William was dancing the weekend away. On this episode, Josh and Julie discuss Kate’s clandestine adventure, Josh’s encounter with Anne Hathaway, and the Big Little Lies finale.
37 min
The Allison Williams Special
The Get Out and Girls star gets candid, discussing Rose, Marnie, her new blonde hair, her college days, her family group text, her Kate Middleton theory, and much more.
53 min
Will's Slippery Slope
What did Kate Middleton think of Prince William’s ski weekend with the boys? Josh and Julie discuss, before moving onto Gwyneth’s gym, Angelina Jolie’s strange business venture, and more.
35 min
The J. Lo Down
Josh and Julie break down the latest Angelina Jolie revelation, J. Lo's new romance, and more. (Plus, Big Little Lies discussion!)
35 min
The Prince and I
Josh and Julie analyze Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's trip to Jamaica for a wedding, as well as Chris Martin's unusual 40th birthday celebration and the latest Blue Ivy adventure.
31 min
In Bloom
After recovering from the Oscars, Julie and Josh discuss Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s breakup, as well as their favorite celebrity sightings at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.
29 min
The Oscar Party Report
Josh and Julie have the complete breakdown of what it was like on the scene at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.
23 min
A Très Jolie Snack
Josh and Julie break down Angelina Jolie's insect feast, as well as Kanye West's subdued Fashion Week show, Blue Ivy's courtside attire, and more!
36 min
No Bad Energy
Adele! Beyoncé! Josh and Julie break down the Grammys, the news that George and Amal Clooney are expecting twins, and Meghan Markle’s long-awaited return to social media.
35 min
K. Stew's Coup
Josh and Julie dissect Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show, Kristen Stewart’s SNL episode, and Meghan Markle’s very bold accessory choice.
25 min
Bey Day
In this emergency episode, Josh and Julie break down everything related to Beyoncé's major pregnancy announcement.
19 min
La Vida Lohan
Julie and Josh break down the SAG Award highlights, the all-female Ocean’s Eleven reboot, and Lindsay Lohan’s diplomatic endeavors. Also, Julie finally watches an episode of Suits.
33 min
Sundance Like No One's Watching
Julie shares her stories from Sundance, and Josh and Julie dissect the recent complex drama between Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid, and The Weeknd.
22 min
Life is but a Dream Diary
Julie and Josh reveal the unexpected way Meghan Markle led them to three of the world’s biggest stars last a strip-mall sushi joint?! Also: a bizarre gift for Kate Middleton.
31 min
Golden Globes Galore
Julie and Josh discuss being behind-the-scenes at Sunday’s Golden Globes and the after-parties, as well as Meghan Markle’s romantic trek to see the Northern Lights, and Blue Ivy’s birthday party.
37 min
Mariah Drops The Ball?
Julie and Josh analyze Mariah Carey’s N.Y.E. meltdown, Queen Elizabeth’s health, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s holiday apart.
33 min
Auld Lang Zayn
Special guest Richard Lawson joins Josh and Julie to discuss One Direction super fans, celebrity New Year’s resolutions, and what it’s like having the same name as Beyoncé’s stepfather.
34 min
A Very Harry Christmas
Julie and Josh discuss Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first photographed outing together and Blake Lively’s secret social-media message to Josh.
35 min
Carey-ed Away
On this week's episode of In The Limelight, Josh and Julie—recording from two closets, states away—talk Mariah and Beyonce’s selfie, the state of J. Law’s hair, and Bieber’s Christmas concert performance.
32 min
From A to Jay Z
Julie and Josh break down Jay Z's 47th birthday dinner (honey butter included, please), and Josh recounts his evening spent in the presence of Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton.
36 min
A Moment Like Kris
On this week’s In The Limelight, Vanity Fair Senior Writers Josh Duboff and Julie Miller discuss Josh’s encounter with Kris Jenner, and the most intriguing celebrity Thanksgivings.
32 min
J. Law & Order
In the second episode of In The Limelight, Josh Duboff and Julie Miller discuss Julie's V.F. cover story on Jennifer Lawrence, Lindsay Lohan's recent odd behavior, and which celebrity Thanksgivings they'd love to crash.
33 min
Magic Markle
In the first episode of In The Limelight, Vanity Fair's new pop culture podcast, senior writers Josh Duboff and Julie Miller discuss Prince Harry's new girlfriend, Megan Markle; the arrival of Dream Kardashian; and their dream Beyoncé beach date.
34 min