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Ruth Wilson Gilmore Makes the Case for Abolitio...
The movement to defund the police in the United States is gaining unprecedented momentum as protests continue across the globe.
31 min
Ruth Wilson Gilmore Makes the Case for Abolitio...
The movement to defund the police in the United States is gaining unprecedented momentum as protests continue across the globe.
54 min
The Rebellion in Defense of Black Lives Is Root...
Donald Trump is threatening to escalate the violent crackdown on national protests against police killings of African Americans.
71 min
The Disenfranchiser: Donald Trump’s Attack on V...
Donald Trump is on a rampage against mail-in voting and is already questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election.
69 min
The Jungle and the Pandemic: The Meat Industry,...
The presidency of Donald Trump has placed a mirror in front of the harsh realities of the United States.
64 min
What Reconstruction and the New Deal Can Teach ...
An in-depth historical look at some of the great crises in U.S. history and how presidents, Congress, and social movements have responded.
79 min
Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and the Politics of Se...
The Democratic and Republican parties are set to run candidates for president in 2020 who have been accused by women of sexually assaulting them.
83 min
BONUS: Race, Trust, and the Chicago Police — Th...
Somebody explores the racial disparities and turbulent relationship between law enforcement and citizens in one of America’s largest cities.
49 min
Viral Injustice
The pandemic is unmasking the U.S. economic, racial, and immigration systems.
69 min
Coronavirus and the Radical Religious Right's B...
Donald Trump and extreme right groups are encouraging people to take to the streets during a pandemic.
66 min
BONUS: "Burials Are Cheaper Than Deportations"
Across the United States right now, there are over 32,000 people in the custody of ICE.
16 min
Introducing Somebody Episode 1: Courtney
Somebody explores the racial disparities and turbulent relationship between law enforcement and citizens in one of America’s largest cities.
29 min
The Failed State of America
What we are witnessing in stark reality is a mask now being lifted to reveal a failed state.
49 min
Pandemic Racism: The Wisconsin Primary, Disenfr...
The Wisconsin GOP forced an election during a pandemic and people are going to die.
70 min
Essential Workers and the Reverse Robin Hood Co...
Donald Trump now admits that Covid-19 could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.
78 min
Capitalist Death Panels: If Corporate Vultures ...
The Trump administration is pushing a deadly cocktail of lies and propaganda.
62 min
Organizer Mariame Kaba: We Need a People’s Bail...
Many people across the United States are finally facing the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic.
43 min
Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill Discuss Coronavi...
Our world is in deep trouble.
51 min
We Need to Talk About Joe
Bernie Sanders's insurgent campaign against the Democratic establishment and massive corporate power is in the fight of its life.
79 min
Super Tuesday: Which Side Are You On?
The Democratic Party establishment is rapidly consolidating around the candidacy of Joe Biden.
53 min
Bernie’s Fight Against Trump, the GOP, the Demo...
Anti-Sanders Democrats and Michael Bloomberg are raining attacks down on the front runner.
61 min
BONUS: We Are Not Your Firewall
Nina Turner and Briahna Joy Gray on South Carolina and the attacks they endure.
42 min
BONUS: Inside the Secretive Court at Guantanamo...
The architect of the CIA's torture program, Dr. James Mitchell, was brought to the war court as a witness.
22 min
Mike Bloomberg Ran Stasi-Style Police and Surve...
Mike Bloomberg ran a sweeping surveillance operation against Muslim Americans.
61 min
"It's Armageddon Time for the Democratic Party"
As Trump basks in his “acquittal” in the Senate, the DNC is acting shady in managing the Democratic primaries.
61 min
On the Ground in Iowa
The Intercept’s Washington D.C. bureau chief Ryan Grim reports from the ground in Iowa.
35 min
John Bolton and the Giant Impeachment
Former National Security Adviser John Bolton has never had more people interested in listening to him in his life.
53 min
Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and the Rewriting of ...
This month marks 29 straight years that the US has been bombing Iraq.
65 min
Iran: What Next?
Trump's assassination of Qassim Suleimani was an offensive act of war.
75 min
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2 min
Capitalism’s Consigliere
McKinsey’s work for insurance companies, ICE, drug manufacturers, and despots.
66 min
We Tortured Some Folks
The Report’s Daniel Jones on the ongoing fight to hold the CIA accountable.
95 min
The CIA Torture Cover-Up
We tortured some folks.
69 min
A Message from Jeremy on Giving Tuesday
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2 min
Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling’s Life as an “Un...
House Democrats are pushing forward with their investigation into President Donald Trump’s abuse of power, sparked by an internal whistleblower complaint.
42 min
Ghosts of Mossadegh: The Iran Cables, U.S. Empi...
As U.S. sanctions strangle Iran’s economy, anti-government protests are spreading.
55 min
What the Iran Cables Tell Us About the U.S.-Mad...
The leak of these files is historic.
36 min
Bolivia and Brazil at the Crossroads
Evo Morales is in Mexico vowing to fight the coup against him in Bolivia.
46 min
The Case of Rodney Reed
Will Texas execute an innocent man?
25 min
The Case for Economic Disobedience
Millions of Americans are in crushing medical, student or housing debt.
50 min
American Horrors
From regime change in Iraq to the rise of ISIS.
55 min
Omnicidal Tendencies
The nuclear presidency of Donald Trump.
70 min
Wasteland of Corruption
The toxic dumpster fire that is the Trump presidency rages on.
83 min
The Trump Effect
As all eyes are on the White House, struggles against oppression play out across the globe.
63 min
We've Got Impeachment
President Donald Trump can’t stop committing impeachable offenses.
44 min
We Were Warned: The Climate Emergency and the S...
The mainstream media still doesn’t call our situation what it is: a climate emergency.
72 min
BONUS: Philosopher Srecko Horvat
The Yugoslav fight against fascism, rising right-wing political forces in Europe, and Julian Assange.
72 min
Whitewashing History
America’s racist legacy from slavery to the war on immigrants.
60 min
Gulf of Tonkin Redux
Powerful forces within the Trump administration appear intent on war against Iran.
69 min
Running for Justice
The public defenders looking to transform the role of district attorney.
71 min
Criminalizing Freedom
Lies, lies, and more over the top lies to demonize abortion.
79 min
BONUS: "We've Got People"
The Intercept's Ryan Grim on the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi, and the 2020 campaign.
62 min
A Coup Against the First Amendment
The Trump administration’s prosecution of Julian Assange is an all out assault on freedom of speech.
69 min
Authoritarians Like Us
Trump targets Iran as Brazil’s Bolsonaro rewards the prosecutor who jailed Lula.
66 min
The Espionage Axe
Another alleged whistleblower has been charged with espionage.
78 min
Everywhere Is War
John Bolton threatens Iran with “unrelenting force.”
78 min
Shadow Players
Erik Prince, Julian Assange, and the bizarre world of Trump.
66 min
Introducing Running from COPS
After 30 years on television, COPS has evolved into a constant messaging machine about policing in America.
2 min
Immoral Compass
The purge continues within the Trump administration over border and immigration policy.
83 min
American Dystopia
Law enforcement, the surveillance state, and the illusion of choice.
51 min
The Day After Mueller
The Mueller report is a devastating rejection of the Democrats’ major conspiracy theory on Donald Trump.
82 min
Radical White Terrorism
The threat of violent “white power” terrorism is real.
57 min
The American Machine: Police Torture to Drone A...
The tactics and aims of COINTELPRO continue to this day.
76 min
American Misdirection
As Washington waits for the Mueller report, the goal posts are shifting fast.
77 min
The Secrets of American Power
The unitary executive theory, Guantanamo Bay prison, and extraordinary rendition.
84 min
Regime Change We Can Believe In
The U.S. agenda in Venezuela, Haiti and Egypt.
89 min
Neoliberalism or Death: The U.S. Economic War A...
The U.S. is weaponizing humanitarian aid in an effort to sell its regime change campaign against Venezuela.
73 min
Trump Headlines a Benefit Concert for Imperialism
As Trump openly pushes regime change in Venezuela, Democrats cheered him on.
76 min
Donald Trump and the Yankee Plot to Overthrow t...
The White House is openly plotting to bring down the government of Nicolas Maduro.
65 min
Intercept Podcast Special: Alexandria Ocasio-Co...
The New York representative joins Ryan Grim and Briahna Joy Gray for an in-depth conversation about her new life on Capitol Hill.
40 min
Donald Trump and the Media Temple of BOOM!
Buzzfeed or Buzzkill?
79 min
One Wall, Supersized, Extra Racism, Hold the Wars
By the end of this year, the war in Afghanistan would be old enough to vote.
74 min
Introducing Murderville (Part 2)
A new investigative series from The Intercept. Episode 2: The Trial.
35 min
Introducing Murderville (Part 1)
A new investigative series from The Intercept. Episode 1: Murder at Taco Bell.
34 min
Supreme Injustices
A legislative coup in Wisconsin and a wrongful conviction in Georgia.
63 min
George H. W. Bush, American War Criminal
An honest memorial service for an unrepentant warmonger.
83 min
Killing Asylum
How decades of U.S. policy ravaged Central America.
89 min
BONUS: Rapper Vic Mensa
On Palestine, the Chicago police, and the poisoning of Flint.
57 min
Donald Trump and the Counterrevolutionary War
For non-powerful people in this country, this isn’t politics. This is life or death.
93 min
The Rot Within the American System
We are always on the hamster wheel of American electoral politics.
81 min
The Doctrine of American Mythology
The horrid stench of violent authoritarianism and fascism is in the air.
96 min
Royal Murderers
Mohammed bin Salman, Donald Trump and the bipartisan brotherhood with Saudi Arabia.
86 min
Brazil on the Brink. The Saudi Regime Under Fire.
The rise of the most extreme right-wing candidate in the democratic world.
61 min
Chicago Claps Back
Donald Trump can’t seem to stop talking about Chicago.
121 min
BONUS: From Nation State to Empire State
A radical history of how we got to Trump.
44 min
Raging Bullsh*t
The injustice of Brett Kavanaugh and his enablers.
86 min
American Dissident: Noam Chomsky on the State o...
The world laughed at U.S. President Donald Trump, but the imperial declarations he issued are no laughing matter.
82 min
Hurricane Colonialism
The economic, political, and environmental war on Puerto Rico.
79 min
Donald Trump, the Democrats and the Illusion of...
The future of the Democratic Party is at a crossroads.
96 min
Double Negative
Trump, Putin, and the Destruction of Political Intelligence.
87 min
A Message from Jeremy
We'll be back.
0 min
A Judicial Coup, the Carceral State, and the Wa...
Donald Trump is poised to make another lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.
71 min
Intercepted Live from Brooklyn
With Sy Hersh, Mariame Kaba, Lee Gelernt, and Narcy.
69 min
Administration of Hate
All mass crimes in history start with a justification, a necessity rationalization, a sick form of nationalism and racism.
78 min
Kim Meets Trump
U.S. warmongers are in panic mode.
86 min
The Persecution of Reality Winner
One year ago this month, the FBI arrested a decorated Air Force veteran and NSA contractor and charged her under the Espionage Act.
57 min
White Fear
As the GOP veers toward fascism, establishment Democrats face a grassroots insurgency.
70 min
The Killing Machine
Legalized torture, propaganda, and endless war in the time of Trump.
101 min
War Crimes and Collective Punishment
As Jared and Ivanka partied, Palestinian civilians were being slaughtered.
78 min
Just Following Orders
Donald Trump loves Gina Haspel, particularly because of her role in torture.
88 min