Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill
The people behind The Intercept’s fearless reporting and incisive commentary—Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, Betsy Reed and others—discuss the crucial issues of our time: national security, civil liberties, foreign policy, and criminal justice. Plus interviews with artists, thinkers, and newsmakers who challenge our preconceptions about the world we live in.
Evening at the Talk House (Part 3)
All it takes is complacency to enable the dirty work of an authoritarian regime.
34 min
Evening at the Talk House (Part 2)
As drinks and hors d’oeuvres are consumed, small talk evolves into more sinister topics.
30 min
Evening at the Talk House (Part 1)
A group of writers and actors reunite to celebrate a collaboration from their past. But the world is now very different. And so are they.
38 min
A Nation Addicted to War
The bipartisan war party is once again giddy with excitement as Trump prepares to become “presidential” again.
92 min
Injustice League
Two million Palestinians live in the open air prison that is Gaza.
79 min
Donald Trump's 'Stache Infection
Donald Trump is shaking up his administration yet again.
88 min
Presenting: Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan
In The Intercept's new podcast, host Mehdi Hasan talks to Bernie Sanders about poverty, inequality, media bias, and the 2020 presidential election.
23 min
Legacy of Blood
The 55-Year U.S. War Against Iraqis
95 min
The Lyin', the Rich and the Warmongers
A mercenary, a torturer and a conspiracy theorist walk into the White House.
86 min
Covert History, Revolutionary Hip-Hop, and the ...
The Trump administration seems to be crumbling.
70 min
BONUS: Mat Johnson Talks "Incognegro," Guns, Bl...
The award winning novelist and comic book writer on “The Loving Generation.”
59 min
White Supremacy and the Church of the Second Am...
The Constitution is the sacred text of the civic religion that is U.S. nationalism.
82 min
RussiaMania: Glenn Greenwald vs. James Risen
A head-to-head debate on Trump/Russia.
51 min
BONUS: The Laundering of American Empire
NYU professor Nikhil Singh challenges us all to examine both the forrest and the trees of American Empire.
76 min
America's Distribution of Violence
The golden calf of American exceptionalism.
85 min
BONUS: Jim Risen Goes Inside the NSA’s Secret C...
How U.S. spies used Twitter to send Russia coded messages.
41 min
Memo and Memoer
A bipartisan love affair with mass surveillance.
97 min
BONUS: The NFL's Violent Ballet
There have been 281 recorded concussions in the National Football League this year.
40 min
Hate of the Union
Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech was a hateful assault.
86 min
First They Came For the Immigrants
Donald Trump promised to go to war against immigrants.
89 min
BONUS: Leading Marxist Scholar David Harvey on ...
Our full interview with Prof. David Harvey.
81 min
White Mirror
Donald Trump is a racist and the perfect man to represent America’s racist legacy in the countries he called shitholes.
106 min
BONUS: All The News Unfit to Print
James Risen on His Battles with Bush, Obama, and the New York Times
63 min
Full Metal Jackass
Former Nixon Lawyer John Dean and Daniel Ellsberg Analyze the Trump Moment
94 min
Who's Afraid of the Alt-Deep State?
Donald Trump wants to make 1980s Reagan-era covert wars great again.
104 min
Very Bad Men
Trump, the Saudi Crown Prince, Sexual Assaulters, and Robert Mugabe
92 min
The Distraction in Chief
While the media overwhelmingly focuses on Trump and Russia, Yemen is dying, covert ops are spreading and war is raging.
95 min
Say Hello to My Little Hands
True (War) Crimes of the Rich and Infamous
91 min
Criminal Indictments at Home, Secret Wars Abroad
Robert Mueller’s investigation intensifies as Trump grants the CIA and military new kill powers.
75 min
Mike Pence is The Koch Brothers' Manchurian Can...
The ruthless pursuit of corporate profits is a heartbeat from the presidency.
74 min
Canada is Racist Too
Could a young, radical black activist be the next mayor of Toronto?
76 min
The White Stuff
Ta-Nehisi Coates talks about Trump, Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, the NFL and much more.
94 min
Guns Before Country
Lobbyists, politicians and weapons manufacturers are the only beneficiaries of the massacre in Las Vegas.
79 min
For Whom the Trump Trolls
What the Abraham Lincoln Brigade can teach us about fighting fascism in the 21st century.
79 min
'Merican Psycho
Donald Trump visits the UN and returns some videotapes.
72 min
The Super Bowl of Racism
Donald Trump loves him some beauty pageants. But he probably wasn’t so hot on this year’s Miss Texas who called him out on neo-Nazi violence.
69 min
Atlas Golfed — U.S.-Backed Think Tanks Target L...
Donald Trump is on his version of a staycation, chilling at his golf course resort in New Jersey and watching FOX News or tweeting non-stop — when he’s not golfing or threatening nuclear war.
70 min
Pyongyang and the White House Gang
With spiking tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, we reflect on the history of the region. And The Intercept’s Naomi Klein talks to U.K. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.
58 min
Glenn Greenwald on the New Cold War
With all the constant hype about Russia, you’d think we were living in a new Cold War.
56 min
Veni, Vidi, Tweeti
Donald Trump enjoyed playing fireman and asking where the fire is. Hint: all around you, Mr. President.
65 min
Dumb, Dumber and Don Jr.
The old adage that the cover-up is worse than the crime seems like it was tailored specifically for Donald Trump and his merry band of imbeciles, ideological zealots, and…family members.
64 min
The House of Trump
The royal family of the United States takes some heat as the fate of American healthcare hangs on a few votes.
56 min
Dispatch from the Dirtbag Left
Why #resistance Twitter, establishment Democrats and neocon apologists are not leftists.
55 min
The Trump Mixtape — Dante’s Inferno meets Disco...
Donald Trump has made crystal clear that he has a great affinity for strongmen and for unquestioned loyalty of those who work for him.
69 min
The Woman Democrats Love to Hate
Jill Stein has been widely attacked by Democrats simply for running for president.
58 min
There's Something About Jared
Jared Kushner is sort of like Donald Trump’s less savvy version of Don Corleone’s consigliere. But did he make the Russians an offer they couldn’t refuse?
59 min
Donald Trump and his League of Extraordinary De...
This week, Donald Trump stood in a sea of tyrants and joined in a bizarre group petting of a glowing white orb.
66 min
Donald and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Ver...
Donald Trump is spectacularly bad at being president.
61 min
James Comey, Chelsea Manning and the secrets Am...
Donald Trump’s complicated relationship with FBI Director James Comey came to a shocking conclusion in Tuesday night’s episode of American shitshow.
66 min
BONUS: Jeremy talks Milo on Politically Re-Active
11 min
Wikileaks vs the CIA
Julian Assange hits back at Trump’s CIA director Mike Pompeo after Pompeo accused Wikileaks of being a “hostile non-state intelligence agency.”
61 min
The Emperor’s New Cruise Missiles
Nothing brings warmongers, hawks and elites from both parties closer than a cruise missile strike.
59 min
Trump's Secret Prince
Erik Prince is the most infamous mercenary in modern U.S. history. He’s also Trump’s shadow advisor and secret emissary.
57 min
Trump Declares War on the Planet
Donald Trump officially rejects climate change and unofficially declares war on planet Earth.
55 min
Could Trump Start World War III?
Donald Trump has not started any new wars… yet. But his administration is pouring gasoline on several initiated by his predecessors.
58 min
Snowden vs. Trump
Intercepted is live from the SXSW Festival in Austin with Edward Snowden joining via video feed from Moscow.
52 min
Ready to Lie
The Notorious B.I.G. said federal agents were mad because he was flagrant. President Donald Trump also believes he has beef with the Feds.
66 min
Donald in Wonderland
Pundits are heaping praise on his “presidential” speech to Congress. Don’t believe the hype.
66 min
The Undisciplined Authoritarian
Journalist James Risen faced imprisonment under Obama’s Justice Department and is preparing to do battle with Donald Trump.
66 min
We Are All in Trump’s Hunger Games Now
As General Flynn Falls, Glenn Greenwald Blasts the Bipartisan Hypocrisy and Naomi Klein Brands Trump
61 min
Trump's Cabinet of Killers and Why Orange is th...
Less than a month into the new administration, and not even a presidential bath robe can protect President Trump's orange from becoming the new anti-black.
59 min
Trump Week Two: The Rise of Chief Yookeroo
Donald Trump is signing executive orders like autographed pictures. But this isn't a reality show.
52 min
The Clock Strikes Thirteen, Donald Trump is Pre...
The clock struck thirteen on January 20, Donald Trump is the president of the United States and Episode One of Intercepted is here.
53 min
Introducing Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill
A preview of Intercepted, a new podcast coming January 25.
3 min