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“People Are Paying With Real Lives”: May Jeong ...
This week, Vanity Fair contributing editor May Jeong joins Inside the Hive to examine the popular uprising against the Xi Jinping regime over its repressive COVID policies, which have held China’s 1.4 billion citizens in virtual captivity. Jeong, who visited China in 2019 to investigate what happened to the country’s biggest movie star, Fan Bingbing, sees parallels to recent uprisings in Iran—specifically, women on the front lines. “The intersectional ways in which our struggles are linked is interesting,” she says, “and something that Americans can draw from as well.” Plus, Joe Hagan talks to Emily Jane Fox about her latest feature: a look inside the gilded post–White House life of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who want to live a normal, everyday billionaire’s existence in Miami—and have no desire to return to DC should Donald Trump win in 2024.
44 min
“Sit Back and Let Trump Implode”: 2024 Looks Be...
In the short but long weeks since Elon Musk took over Twitter, it seems like the platform, along with the social media class, has been put through the spin cycle. Between debates over who could be verified and how much that might cost, employee layoffs, and, of course, the lingering question of whether and when Donald Trump might be replatformed, there have been many questions about the fate of Twitter. Vanity Fair’s Nick Bilton, who literally wrote the book on Twitter, joins this week’s episode of Inside the Hive, taking listeners inside his notebook to lay out the problems that Twitter faces as both a company and a barometer of the mindset of the country. “Jack Dorsey and all the folks at Twitter used to say that Twitter is a reflection of society,” Bilton tells ITH listeners. “I think that it is a reflection of the extremes in society, and it brings out the best and, a lot more times, the worst in people because of the way it is designed.” What will happen to the platform given the political atmosphere, and can it help propel someone into the White House—or keep them out?
42 min
“Trump Is Furious”: What the GOP’s Midterms Fl...
Gabe Sherman, fresh off his Ron DeSantis feature, and Molly Jong-Fast, the Hive’s newest contributor, join Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan for a Wednesday-morning revel in what the midterms portend for the future of the country—not to mention for pollsters and the pundit class—and how the Democrats can contend with the GOP’s “extreme gerrymandering” in battles ahead.
33 min
T-Minus 5 Days. Molly Jong-Fast Joins the Hive ...
With less than a week to go until the midterms determine our country’s future, Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox sit down with The Hive’s newest star, special correspondent Molly Jong-Fast, and VF national political reporter Abby Tracy to break down the final stages of races across the country, including how abortion is playing as an issue. Plus, CNBC’s Julia Boorstin stops by for a timely discussion about women in power as her new book, When Women Lead, hits shelves. In conversation with Fox, who recently profiled The Wing cofounder Audrey Gelman, Boorstin runs through some of the common traits she sees in women leaders, such as Lena Waithe, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Whitney Wolfe Herd, who are among the interviews in the book.
37 min
“I Think You’re Reading Too Much Into That”: Be...
The former BuzzFeed editor and New York Times media columnist offers pushback on critiques of his new media offering.
46 min
“He’s Running.” Star Strategists Mark McKinnon,...
With J.D. Vance, Kari Lake and other Big Lie Republican candidates, America is going to go down a “rabbit hole” of chaos, according to the hosts of The Circus. Plus, Anand Giridharadas toughens up progressive messaging
64 min
GOP Hopes “Women Have a Short Attention Span”: ...
This week, Joe Hagan talks to James Carville, veteran Democratic strategist and cable news stalwart, about the lead-up to the midterms. On the table: abortion rights, how Ron DeSantis handled Hurricane Ian (“Do you know what Florida needs more than anything else in the world right now? I do. Immigrants," says Carville), Herschel Walker (“You cannot tell me that anybody 60 years old would trade brains with Herschel Walker, cuz you wouldn’t”), and who won the debate between Trump-approved candidate JD Vance and opponent Tim Ryan in Ohio (“That was a T.K.O.”). Given the political environment, he says, Democrats wouldn’t ordinarily stand a chance in 2022. “You have an election with 'wrong track' for the country at 65%, presidential approval at 41%—all that is a guaranteed landslide [for Republicans],” he says. "Why has this electorate been resisting this and resisting it hard? That's the question that we should be asking ourselves." Also this episode: Hagan talks to Narges Bajoghli, a professor of Middle East Studies at John Hopkins, about her recent story on the women leading uprising in Iran, and the implications for gender equality around the world. Hive senior editor Tara Golshan joins a conversation that asks: Where does the revolution go from here?
61 min
Fisher Stevens and Karim Amer Talk Their Lincol...
The co-directors of “The Lincoln Project,” a new five-part docuseries about the eponymous anti-Trump operation, talk to Emily Jane Fox about what it was like to embed at the peak of the 2020 election cycle, as the Lincoln Project’s star rose, then combusted amid scandal. Plus, Joe Hagan and Nick Bilton go deep on Elon Musk's latest Twitter twist.
50 min
Can Ron DeSantis Incept Trump’s Cult of Persona...
As the Florida governor shows his bully stripes, Inside the Hive asks what his 2024 chances could be. Plus, ‘Creem’ rides again Inside the Ron DeSantis Plan to Overthrow Trump and Trumpism This week Vanity Fair published Gabe Sherman’s profile of Florida Governor and would-be Trump slayer Ron DeSantis []. On Inside the Hive, Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox discuss whether DeSantis’s aggressive push for national prominence—coming as Trump's legal peril mounts and a slew of new Trump books hits stores this fall—signal the last throes of the Ex-POTUS’ political potency. The answer, if DeSantis has anything to do with it, is clearly yes. But as DeSantis' polling takes a hit following his controversial immigration stunt, the next question becomes: Can a charmless bully survive the spotlight? Plus: A conversation with J.J. Kramer, who has revived his father’s storied rock magazine Creem decades after it stopped publishing. The irreverent 1970s magazine still bills itself as “America’s Only Rock ’n Roll Magazine,” but does rock and roll still matter? And what does it mean in 2022? Kramer, who inherited the magazine when he was four years old, has an idea—and big dreams.
35 min
“We're Going to Put Janeane Garofalo or Eddie V...
In this special episode of Inside the Hive, three guests—Vanity Fair editor in chief Radhika Jones, writer and podcaster Molly Jong-Fast, and standup comic Patton Oswalt—discuss the cultural and political legacy of Generation X. Asks Hive cohost Joe Hagan: How has the slacker generation, once known for irony and ambivalence, weathered the 21st Century? The promise of ironic detachment may not have lasted, but Gen X-ers have become the last skeptics of the digital age. The generations that followed "introduced this 24/7 grind mentality,” says Oswalt, "where the people that wanted to live like little lives on the fringe, doing creative stuff, and making enough money to survive—those people are being pushed out…It's like if you're not grinding all the time, you should be wiped off the map. And that, to me, is really, really scary.” “We are skeptical of effort for effort's sake,” observes Jones. "So there's a way in which we're motivated by substance, and we're skeptical of anything that is not substantive.” Thirty years ago, Generation X celebrated what’s now being called “quiet quitting," but as some recent polling has shown, a large chunk of Americans born between 1965 and 1980 also leaned toward Donald Trump in recent elections—a perplexing data point. “We had this sort of belief that we were entitled to certain things,” surmises Jong-Fast. "And if you feel entitled to something, and mad and convinced that someone else has it, that can lead to Trumpism.” If nothing else, Gen X have always been superb at spitballing from the sidelines: “We are good critics,” says Jones.
56 min
“We Are Currently Being Harmed” by Trump’s Info...
Never has there been a time in U.S. history when lawyers were as in the foreground as they have been during the era of Donald Trump. Many of them have ended up under the bus, from Michael Cohen to Paul Manafort to Rudy Giuliani. But the many twists and investigatory turns over the last half decade also made household names of a number of bright legal minds. Andrew Weissman is chief among them. As a lead member of Robert Mueller’s special counsel’s office and a professor, Weissman knows how to meticulously break down the facts when it comes to all the president’s mess. On this week’s episode of Inside the Hive, he explains just how significant Trump’s national security breach was, without even knowing what’s in the documents secreted away at Mar-a-Lago. And what’s Attorney General Merrick Garland poised to do? Weissman has an idea. Plus, Hive media reporter Joe Pompeo on the birth of true-crime mania and his new book, “Blood & Ink.”
61 min
“This Is Why We Have Laws”: Bloomberg’s Tim O’B...
This week, cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan talk to Tim O’Brien, executive editor of Bloomberg Opinion and author of "TrumpNation," about the latest obstacle in the Department of Justice’s investigation into Trump’s handling of top secret documents. The decision by Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, to appoint a “special master” to review the documents and slow the investigation, reeks of politics, says O’Brien. “Does this send a signal to other Trump appointees that you should carry the bag for your handler?” he asks. Despite Judge Cannon’s recent ruling, "the reality is this is a very robust and existentially threatening investigation to Donald Trump,” O'Brien adds, and Trump’s political power in the coming midterms is clearly on the wane. Can the law prevail over politics? Also in this episode: Hagan talks to Edward Buckles, Jr., director of the searing HBO documentary, “Katrina Babies.” A filmmaker from New Orleans who was 13 at the time of Hurricane Katrina, Buckles explores the tragic fallout on the lives of his friends and loved ones, most of whom never returned to their homes, part of an African-American diaspora largely ignored after the tragedy faded from the American consciousness.
54 min
“No More Bullshit”: Insurgent Congressman Pat R...
Virtually every poll this summer had Democrat Pat Ryan losing his campaign for Congress to Republican challenger Marc Molinaro, including one released on the day of the election. This week, Ryan joins Inside the Hive’s Joe Hagan to talk about his shock victory in a rural New York district that’s now being viewed as a bellwether for Democratic hopes this fall. Ryan’s campaign (to replace Antonio Delgado, who left his seat to become New York’s lieutenant governor) began at about the same time as the leak of the Supreme Court’s draft Dobbs opinion in May. Ryan, a former Army officer and West Point graduate, leaned into the abortion issue and discovered a highly energized Democratic base. His campaign, he says, focused on “freedom and choice and the idea that I don’t want the government telling me or my fellow Americans what to do in their personal lives. That is clearly a resonant thing, and really a patriotic thing, and so I think that's one of the big takeaways here.” Along with the Dobbs decision, Ryan says, the January 6 hearings and the Mar-a-Lago raid have underlined the fragility of democracy in the face of GOP overreach, which has become a top issue among voters. “What we’re seeing happen nationally is a wake-up call that these are sort of deeper, more foundational rights,” Ryan says. “We’re not as divided as people might want to make us out to be.” “No one expects to agree on everything, that’s crazy,” Ryan observes. Voters “just want you to not bullshit them—no more bullshit. Be real, be a human being, be outraged that freedoms are literally being ripped away from people. And when you do that, it connects. That should not be surprising, but somehow in today’s politics the bar is so low that it somehow does connect and stand out.” Also this week: Cohost Emily Jane Fox talks to Hive correspondent Joe Pompeo about his juicy exclusive interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, amid her new role and the broader shifting landscape of cable news.
63 min
Re-Run: Paris Hilton, In Reflection
Her fame has endured. Her brand has expanded. The way the media has framed who she was and how she is talked about has changed. Paris Hilton sat down with Emily Jane Fox for an interview to talk about that shift, that sex tape, and nostalgia culture.
33 min
(Re-run) “The Only Winning Move Is Not to Play”...
This week, Vanity Fair tech correspondent Nick Bilton speaks with cohost Joe Hagan about the recent leaks from Facebook that reveal the company knew of the toxic impact of their platforms, including Instagram, on users, especially teenage girls. In a world in which the social media giants—FAANG, or Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google—are too rich and powerful to be contained by limp political and regulatory systems, “we’re left to the wolves,” says Bilton. After covering the social media world for a decade, Bilton says the only way to beat the media giants is to hack the system—ourselves—by reprogramming our behaviors, which are the literal coins of the social media realm.
44 min
(Re-run) An Interview with Hunter Biden
On this week’s episode of Inside the Hive, Emily Jane Fox sits down with the First Son to talk about his addiction, his dad, what makes a Biden love story, and why he thinks the GOP, and Don Jr. in particular, are obsessed with him.
36 min
"They are damaged in the exact same way": What ...
Hive correspondents unpack Jared Kushner’s romantic and financial spin in his upcoming memoir and try making sense of Donald Trump burying his ex-wife, Ivanka’s mother, on a New Jersey golf course.
43 min
”It Is All So Very True.” Stephanie Grisham Ta...
Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham joins Inside the Hive to talk about what she witnessed on January 6th, Melania’s “lazy” run as First Lady, and what people should know ahead of 2024.
21 min
Lis Smith Says the Path to Trounce Ron DeSantis...
This week, Inside the Hive cohost Joe Hagan talks to Lis Smith, Democratic campaign veteran and author of the new memoir Any Given Tuesday: A Political Love Story, which details her journey, the public one and the private one, through Democratic campaigns over the past 17 years, for candidates as varied as Jon Corzine, Barack Obama, Pete Buttigieg, and, most infamously, former governor Andrew Cuomo, whose lurid political demise she details down to the last moments of his time in office. A savvy political operator, Smith trains her sights on stubborn problems like Florida governor Ron DeSantis, and what to do about President Joe Biden, who, despite his abysmal poll numbers, she says is preparing to come out swinging in advance of the midterms. “If the [midterms] are a referendum on Democrats, we will be screwed in November,” says Smith, but if Biden and his surrogates can effectively target Trump-tainted election deniers and antiabortion Republicans, “that’s a terrain we can win on. And that’s a switch that we need to flip—we need to flip that switch pretty soon. And we have the opportunity to now.” Smith, who helped take Buttigieg’s star to the national level, is now working with Michigan state senator Mallory McMorrow, who went viral with a searing counterattack on anti-LGBTQ+ Republicans. Smith puts McMorrow on a short list of candidates, along with Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas, to form the future of the party.
51 min
How Chrysta Bilton Found Her 35 Siblings—And Mo...
This week’s episode of Inside the Hive first dives into the latest revelations from the January 6th committee, and explores what could happen next as the panel draws to a close Then Chrysta Bilton, along with her husband Nick Bilton, join Emily Jane Fox to discuss “Normal Family,” Chrysta’s memoir that recounts her discovery of more than 35 biological siblings from the same sperm donor. She describes her colorful upbringing, the shock of a lifetime in finding out that she was perhaps unknowingly dating her half brother, and how this experience shaped her views on nature versus nurture
59 min
Civil War Is “On the Table.” Vanity Fair's Jeff...
This week, Vanity Fair contributing editor Jeff Sharlet joins Inside the Hive to talk about his journey into the far-right world of Jan. 6 insurrectionists, Qanon-ers and Trump cultists — who they are, what they’re saying, what they believe, and what their still-growing movement might portend (including the specter of civil war in America). Also: Willem Marx, a London-based contributor to Vanity Fair, discusses the fall of British PM Boris Johnson as well as his latest report on the undue influence of Putin-connected Russian oligarchs in the British establishment - including, allegedly, Johnson himself.
52 min
"I Wasn't Cynical Enough." Cecile Richards Disc...
On this week’s episode of Inside the Hive, the former head of Planned Parenthood joins Emily Jane Fox to discuss abortion rights, contraception, and advocacy in the wake of Roe “I thought that at some point, there would be some group within the Republican party that would go, ‘whoa, whoa, whoa. This is too far,” she said.
35 min
“If You Bite the Head Off of the Snake, the Res...
This week Inside the Hive features two guests focused on the Jan. 6 hearings. First, Daniel Goldman, former federal prosecutor and newly-announced candidate for New York's 10th congressional district, analyzes the findings of the Select Committee investigating the insurrection from the point of view of a lead lawyer in the first Trump impeachment. “If [Merrick Garland] doesn't charge him because Trump is a former president, then that is political,” Goldman says. “And so if you want to de-politicize the Department of Justice, you can't not charge him.” Second, Inside the Hive talks to Alex Holder, the British filmmaker whose exclusive access to Donald Trump and his family before, during and after Jan. 6 has turned his forthcoming documentary, Unprecedented, into explosive new evidence for the Committee and the filmmaker himself into a possible witness. After witnessing Trump’s “tone of belligerence," says Holder, “I predicted that [the Jan. 6 insurrection] was going to happen the night before.”
63 min
“Thoughts and Prayers, Thoughts and Prayers”: H...
This week, Inside the Hive co-host Joe Hagan talks to Jason Selvig and Davram Steifler, the comedy duo known as The Good Liars, about their viral prank on the National Rifle Association in late May. Selvig, posing as an NRA ally, stood before Wayne LaPierre and thanked him for his continual “thoughts and prayers” for mass shootings, presenting a brutally exhaustive list. The duo has attended 15 Trump rallies, poking at the QAnon insanity inside, and were eyewitnesses to the insurrection on Jan. 6th—which they also managed to turn into pointed comedy. “You couldn't help but feel like they were getting ready for a battle reenactment or something,” says Steifler. "Everyone we stopped was like, ‘This is 1776.’”
59 min
Is It Hopeless to Hope For Gun Reform?
Author Dave Cullen, who has been covering mass shootings in America for two decades, joins Emily Jane Fox for this week’s episode of Inside The Hive, to talk about the slow progress he has witnessed in how new groups are taking on the NRA for the first time, and what he is hearing from survivors of mass shootings about how they are dealing with the repeated trauma.
42 min
“He’s a One-Man Crime Wave”: Rep. Jamie Raskin ...
Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland, a key member of the Jan. 6 Committee investigating the Capitol attack, gives Inside the Hive an exclusive preview of next week’s primetime hearings. After nearly a year of investigating the insurrection, Raskin says the most surprising discovery has been "the role that money played, and the role of a financial motive behind all these events, to keep the money pouring in.” The committee, he promises, will also draw direct and indirect lines between “the top of the Republican hierarchy” and the "violent hooligans and street fascists” who overran the Capitol. But will Donald J. Trump himself be implicated? Raskin has said the former president will get his “comeuppance" but whether he’ll face direct criminal justice for his “premeditated” role in an attempted coup remains an open question. Tantalizingly, Raskin deflects on the question of whether former VP Mike Pence has spoken to the committee or might testify against Trump. "I can't get into it,” he says. Plus: Raskin offers a powerful message and emotional plea to Democrats demoralized by the political landscape facing the party going into the midterms.
54 min
We Don't Deserve Beto O'Rourke
The only public figure with the guts to confront cynical Republicans over gun laws and the Texas massacre was a defiant Democrat who the media class long ago dismissed: gubernatorial nominee Beto O’Rourke. Inside the Hive cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan grapple with the horrors of this week's events in Uvalde and what they say about our broken politics and national backslide. When rare instances of idealism and courage are framed by political elites as mere opportunism, is there any hope left? Where do we go from here?
41 min
"This Is a Razor Thin State": PA Gubernatorial ...
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is running to be the state's next governor, joins Emily Jane Fox fresh on the heels of Tuesday's primary elections. In November, Shapiro, who ran unopposed in the Democratic primary, will face Republican Doug Mastriano, the Trump-backed far-right candidate who wanted to overturn the 2020 election results, whom Shaprio called "extremely dangerous. Fox and Shapiro dive into his opponent's role in the January 6th insurrection and how to message to voters who believe in The Big Lie. Plus, Shapiro speaks to what he learned from Democrats' campaigning mistakes in 2016, why he believes freedom is on the ballot, and his thoughts on how to win in a swing state.
18 min
“We’re about to live in hell again”: How Screwe...
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, co-hosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan are joined by Hive political reporter Abigail Tracy to talk about the plight of the Democratic Party leading into this year’s midterms. With the right savaging Democrats on the economy and culture-war issues, and a total loss of congressional power to the Trumpist right looming, what is the Democrats' message to voters and why isn't Joe Biden delivering it?
39 min
“This Is The Terrifying Future”: Feminist Write...
Rebecca Traister, feminist, author and New York Magazine contributor, talks to co-host Joe Hagan about the shocking Supreme Court leak that all but confirms the impending death of Roe v. Wade. Democratic leadership from President Joe Biden to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi have failed, Traister says, to formulate a "robust and morally persuasive message” to counteract the decades-long march of anti-choice Republicans who are set on reengineering society to the past. With consequential elections on the horizon, the fall of Roe could very well mean the toppling of other progressive rulings, from the right to contraception to marriage equality and even interracial unions. Traister finds slivers of hope in a new generation of progressive female voices who are forcefully connecting abortion rights to economics, class, and race as they face "an era that none of us can imagine.”
52 min
Inside the “New Right”
Author James Pogue talks to cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan about the so-called New Right, the intellectual movement congealing around tech billionaire and MAGA mega-donor Peter Thiel and the Trumpist GOP, which he wrote about for this month’s Vanity Fair. After embedding himself with the vanguard of intellectuals whose reactionary politics, antagonism for democracy and visions of retro-patriarchy inform the agendas of people like Tucker Carlson and JD Vance, Pogue demystifies fringe ideas like the “black pill,” “trad wives,” and “ball tanning."
60 min
Will Elon Musk Save Twitter Or Burn It To The G...
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, Nick Bilton--who literally wrote the book on Twitter--returns to dissect why Elon Musk is trying to buy the company, what employees and investors are talking about behind closed doors, and whether or not he thinks the deal will even go through.
49 min
"He Just Wants To Be Feared": Bill Browder on P...
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, Bill Browder joins Emily Jane Fox to talk about how governments around the world can more effectively turn the screws on Russia, and how, if the Russian people begin to see Putin as what Browder calls a "failed, corrupt, tinpot dictator," he could be stripped of his power.
27 min
“There’s evil out there”: Rep. Charlie Crist on...
This week, Inside the Hive cohost Joe Hagan talks to Florida Congressman Charlie Crist, former Republican and one-time governor, about the culture wars emanating from his home state and specifically, from Governor Ron DeSantis. As DeSantis passes discriminatory new laws targeting gay and trans people, generating partisan bile for a potential presidential run, Crist is betting DeSantis is a “paper tiger” who is weaker than he appears. "I think he's terribly vulnerable,” he says. “[His] support is a mile wide and an inch deep.” Taking a page from Biden’s playbook against Trump in 2020, Crist thinks voters secretly want civility and not bullying, Disney and not DeSantis, even if current polling shows DeSantis trouncing Crist in a theoretical match up. "I'm an optimist, I'm idealistic, and I believe good will triumph over bad,” Crist says.
46 min
“Seven Hours and Thirty Seven Minutes”: Robert ...
This week, cohost Joe Hagan digs into the latest on the Jan. 6 story with CBS New correspondent Robert Costa, who, along with legendary reporter Bob Woodward, broke the news that the House Committee investigating the insurrection discovered a 7 hour and 37 minute gap in Donald Trump’s call logs from that day. Costa explains the importance of that Watergate-like hole in Trump's story — when he was MIA while the Capitol burned — and what it may portend for the investigation. He also defends the Department of Justice against critics who believe AG Merrick Garland isn’t doing enough to probe Trump’s involvement in an attempted coup. “Maybe we just don't know the full story because they work like sharks,” he says. "They're underwater in a way congressional committees are not.”
43 min
The Tangled, Messy Roots of Fake News
People were grappling with "fake news" long before it became Donald Trump's favorite term. Fake news might feel new — but the concept has a long twisted history in the United States, as Andie Tucher, a Columbia Journalism School professor and author of the new book "Not Exactly Lying: Fake News and Fake Journalism in American History," tells Inside the Hive cohost Emily Jane Fox this week. How did we get to this moment, with its toxic mix of hyperpartisanship, disinformation, and seemingly endless turmoil? What is the role of social media, and of Donald Trump and Fox News in making our understanding of reality feel so dire? Tucher also explains how Democrats and Republicans, as well as liberal media and conservative media, communicate about truth differently, and explores how we can restore faith in our sources of news.
34 min
Kyiv "Looks Like A Fortress": CNN's Matthew Cha...
CNN senior international correspondent Matthew Chance flew to Kyiv in January as Russia began amassing troops on Ukraine's borders, and was in the capital on February 24 when it launched its brutal assault. He tells Inside the Hive cohost Joe Hagan about covering a war that has transformed a country overnight, sending millions fleeing and others into the resistance as Russia targets civilians in its quest to take over the country. Chance describes what he witnessed, and what it’s like to be a journalist on the ground, as fellow reporters lose their lives. He also mulls what the war could mean for the global order, and the hopeless quagmire Vladimir Putin now finds himself in. Now recouping in London, Chase says the Kyiv he last saw was the tragic shell of a formerly vibrant metropolis, a hollowed-out death trap awaiting Russian forces with "a javelin anti-tank missile in every window.”
45 min
The Human Toll of Putin's War
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, Emily Jane Fox talks to The Hive's editor and resident Russia-Ukraine expert Miriam Elderabout what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. As Russia escalates its war in Ukraine, including its bombing of a maternity and children's hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, Elder talks through the human toll of this war: the impossible choices families are having to make, the horrors children are living through, the impact on a pediatric cancer hospital, and what Russian families are facing at the same time. Then, author Rebecca Fox Starr stops by to discuss how we talk about hard things with children, teach kids to take in events with empathy and how we process our own feelings about what is happening in this world.
51 min
“The Money Was Too Good”: Who Are the Oligarchs...
This week, Inside the Hive cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan talk to an expert on the ultrarich oligarchs behind Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Dartmouth sociologist and author Brooke Harrington. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has implicated Putin’s feudal system of corrupt oligarchs, rallying the West to trying to seize their offshore bank accounts and superyachts. Taking their stuff could weaken them, but Harrington says tarnishing and destroying their social status in London and New York, where they’ve built opulent fiefdoms, may be just as effective. Also, Harrington tells of her efforts to join the White House’s new anti-oligarch task force, KleptoCapture—with distressing results.
50 min
“He's A Small Man Of 5’6" Saying he's 5’7”: The...
Russia expert Nina Khrushcheva and Trump impeachment hero Alexander Vindman explain what is driving Putin's assault on Ukraine — and how Republicans also have blood on their hands. Cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan interview two leading experts about Russia's invasion of Ukraine — how it happened and how it could reshape the world as we know it. First, Nina Krushcheva, a Russia expert and professor at the New School in New York, takes us inside the mind of Vladimir Putin, how he was underestimated and whether the cold, calculated ex-KGB man has finally succumbed to a world-historic megalomania. Next, Hagan talks to Alexander Vindman, the former Army Lt. Colonel and outspoken participant in Trump's first impeachment trial that revolved around the then president's attempts to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in Ukraine. Vindman reserves his harshest criticism for Putin sympathizers in the GOP: “These folks have blood on their hands. They're going to own this.”
68 min
"Becoming Lucy Sante”: What does it mean to tra...
This week, cohost Joe Hagan talks to renowned writer, culture critic, and scholar Lucy Sante, whose essay in the February issue of Vanity Fair describes her transition at age 67. Sante expands on her many stages of personal revelation—how the “egg” was cracked—and the relief and liberation she experienced in embracing her long-denied gender as well as the challenges she still faces, personally, socially, and romantically. While she works on a new book about her self discovery, the author of nonfiction classics like Low Life and Factory of Facts is navigating the misunderstood nexus of gender and sexuality with her signature erudition, wit and curiosity.
58 min
Are Republicans Slowly Backing Away from Trump?
This week, Inside the Hive cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan examine potential cracks in the American ice. On one side of the aisle, Republicans Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell appear to have distanced themselves from the Jan. 6 insurrection. On the other, Democrats have begun backing away from COVID restrictions. Are these maneuvers for political advantage in advance of the 2022 midterms, or signs of something more? Plus: Fox and Hagan weigh in on this year's Oscar nominations.
40 min
L'Affaire Zucker: Why Did CNN’s President Reall...
This week, cohost Joe Hagan talks to Hive media correspondent Joe Pompeo, who helps unwind the Succession-worthy melodrama around the departure of CNN president Jeff Zucker in the wake of the ouster of anchor Chris Cuomo, which itself came in the wake of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation following accusations of sexual harassment. How does one ouster connect to the other? And was the reason Zucker gave for his exit — failing to disclose a romantic relationship with a top CNN executive — the true reason he left or is there something more at work? Pompeo explores the possibilities and reveals new details. All this and the drama surrounding Joe Rogan too on the latest episode of Inside the Hive.
47 min
Why Does the Economy Look So Good And Feel So Bad?
The week’s episode of Inside the Hive gets to the heart of this puzzling economic moment—with inflation on the rise and the supply chain a mess but the rest of the fundamentals stronger than they have been in years. Economist Beth Ann Bovino breaks it down and looks ahead to what comes next.
33 min
“Bragging and Blaming”: Paul Begala on How Joe ...
On this week’s Inside the Hive, cohost Joe Hagan and Paul Begala, CNN analyst and former counselor to Bill Clinton, discuss the woeful state of the Biden White House and the fate of the Democrats, including the latest defeat over the Voting Rights Act and the filibuster. With Biden trying to be both a “normal” President and an FDR change agent for the ages, he’s managed to do neither and please no one as his polls sink. Begala offers his analysis and advice for rebuilding Democratic prospects in the midterms and countering a Republican Party hellbent on destroying democracy.
50 min
What You Actually Need to Know About the State ...
The CDC's messaging around Omicron has been a disaster, and with cases surging and despair on the rise, Dr. Katelyn Jetelina stops by this episode of Inside the Hive to give a clear picture of what we should know about the virus right now. The epidemiologist, professor and author of the popular "Your Local Epidemiologist" newsletter answers all of our questions about when the variant might peak, what comes next, what we should know about schools, and where to find some silver linings.
42 min
What Happens In a Post-January 6 World?
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, co-hosts Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox are joined by their colleague Abigail Tracy to talk about what's next for the January 6 commission, what is at stake in an election year, and whether it will practically mean anything to half of the country.
50 min
Inside the Hive Holiday Special
This week, Inside the Hive cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan discuss strategies for surviving holiday isolation and anxiety during the COVID resurgence. In that spirit, Hagan talks to Don Was, famed record producer and president of Blue Note Records, about the transporting power of music, taking listeners through his own personal playlist of favorite recordings and the stories behind them, from Norah Jones and Iggy Pop to the Wayne Shorter and Charles Lloyd. A holiday special for the news weary. (Find an exclusive playlist on Spotify under "Inside the Hive Holiday Special.")
87 min
In a New Memoir, Katie Couric Is “Going There” ...
This week, Katie Couric, legendary onetime cohost of NBC’s Today show, talks to Inside the Hive's Joe Hagan about her frank and searing new memoir, Going There, which pulls back the curtain on her starry and sometimes starcrossed life and career. Couric recounts the sexist culture of network TV but also examines her own place in a culture that allowed alleged abusers like Matt Lauer, Jeff Fager and Les Moonves (Couric allies all) to thrive. There’s plenty of blame to go around - including Couric's charge, in her book, that Hagan’s 2007 cover story on Couric in New York magazine was a “hit job.” Hagan and Couric visit the spirits of media Past, Present and Yet to Come.
82 min
Should Hunter Biden Be Selling Paintings for $3...
This week, Inside the Hive cohosts Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox explore the crossroads of art and politics, discussing Hagan’s recent Vanity Fair profile of Hollywood director and democratic socialist Adam McKay, and Fox’s new profile of Hunter Biden, the son of the President of the United States who has taken up painting and developed a lucrative career in the shadow of ethical questions and his own lurid personal history. One wants to change the world with movies; the other wishes the world would just leave him alone. An exclusive peek behind the stories.
49 min
Beatlemania!: Inside Peter Jackson’s New Docuse...
This week, Inside the Hive cohost Joe Hagan invites resident Beatles fanatics Miriam Elder and Mike Hogan, Hive executive editor and digital director, respectively, to analyze, review, and otherwise obsess on Peter Jackson’s sprawling 7.8-hour Beatles docuseries Get Back, available on Disney+. From the George Harrison psychodrama to the John-Paul balancing act to the “fifth Beatle” to Ringo’s drumming to what’s up with Yoko, this is the conversation you need whether you’ve seen one, three, or none of the episodes.
60 min
What To Talk About at Thanksgiving
Inside the Hive cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan hash out the big Thanksgiving dinner-table talking points, from the confounding economy to Joe Biden’s political fortunes to what movies and TV shows everybody needs to watch. A survival guide and an offer of gratitude.
39 min
Did the Lingerie Business Make Jeffrey Epstein ...
As the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell starts up this week, Inside the Hive cohost Joe Hagan talks to Vanity Fair correspondents Vanessa Grigoriadis and Gabriel Sherman about their reporting on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal—what we know, what we don’t know, and what the whole sordid affair tells us about power and sexism in America. Grigoriadis’s latest podcast series, Fallen Angel: The Victoria’s Secret Story, details the fascinating history of the lingerie chain and the cultural damage it did to a generation of women, including its own models. Sherman, a featured voice, explains how Ohio-based owner Les Wexner came under Epstein’s spell and helped finance his predatory designs on women and girls. The ironies are rich: “This man who was so connected to Jeffrey Epstein is also the man who was making that lingerie that young girls were coveting,” observes Grigioriadis.
43 min
Is There a Way Out of the Internet?
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, Pod Save America host Jon Favreau stops by to talk about his new podcast series, Offline, about the ways in which the internet is changing and possibly breaking everything.
43 min
Will the metaverse be filled with Nazis and rac...
This week, cohost Joe Hagan reviews the news with Miriam Elder, executive editor of the Hive, examining Tuesday's election results and what they portend for Democrats and President Joe Biden. Are voters really afraid of critical race theory, or was Virginia's Terry McAuliffe just a terrible candidate? Also: What’s a metaverse, and will it save us from ourselves or become just another hothouse for the culture wars?
39 min
Inside Nap Dress Nation with Nell Diamond
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, Hill House House founder and C.E.O. Nell Diamond talks with Emily Jane Fox about creating an "it" item on Instagram, building a community around a commodity, and how to get direct to consumer right.
40 min
All Politics Are Local
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, co-hosts Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox talk how climate change, shipping delays and local school boards could impact midterm elections. Plus: what they're watching and reading to get through the darkness.
30 min
As Texas Goes, So Goes the Nation: Lone Star Ca...
Matthew Dowd, former Bush campaign adviser turned analyst, has spent his career behind the scenes. But now he’s running as a Democrat for lieutenant governor of Texas in 2022—with eyes locked on hard-right incumbent Dan Patrick, the man responsible for pushing through the infamous voter-suppression and antiabortion bills that have galvanized Republicans and alarmed Democrats. On this week’s Inside the Hive, Dowd analyzes the state of the Democratic Party and makes the case that if Texas can be turned blue (finally), the spread of Trumpism can be stopped nationally too. And even if the Biden administration can’t pull out of its current slump, he argues, Democrats can still beat Republicans at the state level. Dowd weighs in on Biden, congressional Democrats, Beto O’Rourke—and his favorite Matthew McConaughey film.
47 min
Back to Reality: Whistleblowers, Trump Derangem...
On this week’s episode of Inside the Hive, co-hosts Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox talk about what COVID attitudes feel like in different cities, what the Facebook whistleblower revealed about social media algorithms, and debate whether or not we should ever talk about Trump again.
38 min
“The Only Winning Move Is Not to Play”: Vanity ...
This week, Vanity Fair tech correspondent Nick Bilton speaks with cohost Joe Hagan about the recent leaks from Facebook that reveal the company knew of the toxic impact of their platforms, including Instagram, on users, especially teenage girls. In a world in which the social media giants—FAANG, or Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google—are too rich and powerful to be contained by limp political and regulatory systems, “we’re left to the wolves,” says Bilton. After covering the social media world for a decade, Bilton says the only way to beat the media giants is to hack the system—ourselves—by reprogramming our behaviors, which are the literal coins of the social media realm.
43 min
“Texans Are Being Held Hostage”: Julián Castro ...
This week, Julián Castro, onetime Democratic presidential candidate and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Barack Obama, joins Inside the Hive to discuss the hard-right push on guns, abortion, and voting in Texas, which has become a blueprint for recalcitrant Trumpist states, and what Democrats are going to do about it. Castro is worried about what he calls Biden’s relatively weak leadership—especially his handling of the border crisis. “My hope is that the Biden administration is going to reverse course on this very soon,” he says. He also sketches out a scenario in which his former competitor, Beto O’Rourke, runs for governor of Texas in 2022 and helps Democrats retake power after years of dashed hopes: “I believe that he has a shot to beat Greg Abbott.”
41 min
Family Matters: Gillian Laub Explores the Polit...
On this week’s episode of Inside the Hive, photographer and author Gillian Laub talks about her beautiful new book, in which she documents her family’s love and their divide over President Trump.
48 min
"I thought you said you’d never forget”: A conv...
This week, co-host Joe Hagan talks to novelist Elliot Ackerman, a veteran of both the Afghan and Iraq wars, on the meaning of 9/11 and the long-term impact on American life, politics and culture. A critic of the Biden administration’s exit from Afghanistan, Ackerman has struggled with feelings of bitterness over the wars that defined his life and redefined the nation. As media and politics have become more extreme and polarized in the 20 years since 9/11, the country has become more cynical and demoralized, less able to unify in a crisis. An optimist in a pessimistic time, Ackerman looks for signs of hope in America's founding ideals--enlightenment, reason--even if the country never quite lives up to them.
61 min
“Like A Mad Max Movie Plot”: Confronting The Te...
In the wake of the shocking Supreme Court move that has allowed Texas to effectively ban abortion, cohost Joe Hagan conducts back to back interviews with Amy Hagstrom Miller, of Whole Women’s Health, which operates abortion clinics in Texas, and Wendy Davis, a veteran of Texas politics and founder of Deeds Not Words, a nonprofit committed to gender equality. Addressing the law and its ramifications for women (and especially women of color), Miller and Davis bring front line news and historical context to this demoralizing moment in the years-long battle for women’s reproductive rights. They also consider the political fallout and offer ideas for a path forward in what is sure to be a long and rocky road ahead.
67 min
Anti-Vaxxers, Afghanistan, and the Late-Summer ...
Inside the Hive cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan analyze the latest bad news from Afghanistan and the pandemic resurgence sweeping the country, especially Florida. Twenty years after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in search of Al Qaeda, was a bloody and chaotic exit the only possibility? When Donald Trump can’t convince his own followers to get vaccinated (he was booed for suggesting as much), has the weaponized ignorance he helped foment finally gone rogue? How will these world-historical events be woven into our politics? Plus: a touch of good news with a bonus clip from a newly unearthed live recording of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme.”
40 min
“Damn, what do we do now?”: A conversation with...
This week, cohost Joe Hagan talks to Saad Mohseni, chief executive of the MOBY Group, which has been broadcasting television news and entertainment programming in Afghanistan since 2004. As the Taliban take over the country following the US’s chaotic exit last week, the fate of Mohseni’s media outlet in Kabul, staffed with 450 Afghans, hangs in the balance. Will the Taliban shut down or take over the TV network? Even as Mohseni looks for signs of hope in a young population weened on TV and Internet access (including the Taliban themselves), he remains wary of the Taliban's extremism, misogyny and censorship and expresses anger at the Biden administration’s handling of the pullout, which has left his beloved country to a grim fate after decades of cynical US foreign policy.
43 min
How Florida Turned American Politics into a Tab...
This week, Vanity Fair correspondent Gabriel Sherman joins cohost Joe Hagan to discuss the “Floridization” of conservative politics, from the hanging chads of the 2000 election to Trump’s “Southern White House” in Palm Beach to Governor Ron DeSantis’s ostensible 2024 campaign slogan, “Make America Florida.” The Hive correspondents explore the history of tabloid and conservative media in Florida and the inevitable merger of the two in the form of Trumpism, expanding and riffing on Hagan’s feature in the September issue of Vanity Fair, “Postcards from the Edge."
48 min
Is “Hot Vax Summer” a Total Bust?
Cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan discuss the latest COVID wave and how it’s affecting our health, social lives, politics, and summer plans. Mask mandates are back, and not even Barack Obama can throw a birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard without it becoming a national incident. Also discussed: the Tokyo Olympics; what we’re reading on the beach this summer; and what you’ll find inside the newest issue of Vanity Fair.
35 min
What’s on Mark’s Mind?: Journalist Sheera Frenk...
This week, New York Times reporter Sheera Frenkel, coauthor of the blockbuster book “An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook's Battle for Domination,” describes her and coauthor Cecilia Kang's deep dive into the history and ambitions of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. How and why did Zuck allow his tech behemoth to become a hothouse of hate speech, misinformation and coordinated attacks on world governments? And what has he done about it? Frenkel explains to cohost Joe Hagan how Zuckerberg's pursuit of power has run roughshod over social responsibility, as he cashes in on Kumbaya connectivity instead. With Donald Trump suing Facebook for temporarily evicting him and Joe Biden accusing the platform of “killing people” by spreading vaccine misinformation, Zuckerberg keeps his eyes on the 5 billion customers that remain to be converted to the platform. An in-depth conversation.
42 min
“Long-Term Disaster Is the Best-Case Scenario”:...
Floods, wildfires, skies filled with smoke and ash—it’s been a summer full of alarming signs of climate change. This week, journalist and novelist Nathaniel Rich joins Joe Hagan on Inside the Hive to discuss the looming catastrophe we’ve known about for decades but have consistently failed to slow, let alone stop. Should we take the climate fight to politicians and corporations, or is our system too hopelessly broken to respond to the earth’s rising temperatures? How much do individual choices like eating vegan or driving electric cars really help? The author of Losing Earth: A Recent History talks about his personal response as he paints a portrait of ignorance and bad faith among the powers that be. Rich also suggests new ways to change and deepen our relationship to our planet in crisis—including the power of fiction.
49 min
Baby on Board: Balancing Work and Parenthood on...
This week, we welcome cohost Emily Jane Fox back to the podcast from paid family leave to discuss some personal breaking news: the arrival of infant daughter J.R. last week and the implications for work-life balance, family, marriage and podcasting. Plus, a review of the summer news cycle, what readers of Vanity Fair can expect in weeks to come, and a squeak or two from the new podcast cohost.
28 min
Why New York Matters: The Hive’s Chris Smith on...
This week, veteran Hive correspondent Chris Smith talks to co-host Joe Hagan about the winner of the Democratic primary for New York mayor, Eric Adams, and his journey toward the most powerful office in the city. Smith has been covering city politics for more than two decades, through Bloomberg’s three terms and Bill DeBlasio’s seven tumultuous years, and understands better than most the risks and opportunities for a city trying to reinvent itself after the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests of last summer. Can a former policeman and savvy self-promoter like Adams lower crime, enact police reforms while also earning the trust of the NYPD and shepherd the city to prosperity? Chris Smith explains it all to you.
45 min
“S--tcoin” from Shinola: Vanity Fair’s Nick Bil...
This week, Vanity Fair special correspondent Nick Bilton returns to Inside the Hive to help cohost Joe Hagan (finally) understand what cryptocurrencies are — how they came to be, how they work, and where they’re headed. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, from Elon Musk’s favored Dogecoin to the dreaded “shitcoin," Bilton, who has covered technology for over a decade, links cryptocurrencies to the evolution of an Internet culture driven by speculators, conspiracists and opportunists — and then answers the $33,000 question (the current price of Bitcoin): Should we actually invest in these things?
54 min
The Paid Leave Motherlode
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, Emily Jane Fox talked to White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the administration's plans to pass paid leave and support working families, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian about paternity leave and the stigma around fathers taking time off (if they even get it, that is), and Rent the Runway C.E.O. Jenn Hyman about how offering fair and robust leave to employees makes economic and moral sense for employers.
78 min
A Warm and Fuzzy Start To Summer
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox talk about 60 hours of Beatles footage, the fallibility of memories, and recording moments big and small in our own lives. Plus: what's happening in Washington and what's to come next week.
29 min
How Jon Chu’s In the Heights Bet on the Big Scr...
A year ago, when the pandemic was first raging, director Jon Chu faced a painful decision: He could send his new musical adaptation of Lin Manuel Miranda’s “In the Heights” straight to streaming on HBO or wait for the theaters to reopen once the pandemic was over—a depressingly indeterminate time. Now it looks like that decision has paid off. Chu and his film editor Myron Kerstein return to Inside the Hive to talk about the experience of keeping their dream alive while the world twisted and turned. The movie — about a community of immigrants friends and families struggling to keep their “suenitos” alive in New York’s Washington Heights — arrives in a poetic new context that not even Hollywood could have dreamed up: “In the Heights,” screening in 5,300 theaters in the U.S., is the first real blockbuster film to test the power of cinemas after a year of closure. Chu and Kerstein discuss the long journey to the screen, the influences and ideas that went into making it, Chu's desire to mint a new cast of unknown Latino stars (like Anthony Ramos), the unlikely story of how the soon-to-be-iconic swimming pool sequence was conceived and created, and their hopes for a financial success that will make similar musicals possible.
45 min
Did Cable News Just Die?
On this week’s episode, Vanity Fair’s senior media correspondent Joe Pompeo breaks down what’s happened to all the news networks post-Trump and what he thinks will happen to the hosts, ratings, and news-obsessed viewers now.
47 min
Infrastructure, Incentives and Settling Back In
Co-hosts Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox talk vaccine incentives, the two kinds of infrastructure we need to be investing in, and the joys and pains of taking a first reporting trip in more than a year.
35 min
Danny Meyer on the New Future of New York City ...
A year ago, when restauranteur Danny Meyer first stopped by Inside the Hive, the restaurant industry—and every industry, really—was in peril. He’d just laid off 2,000 employees, closed all of his restaurants, and had no idea how they could pivot or when things would get better. This week, he joins co-host Emily Jane Fox to discuss preparing to operate at 100 percent capacity as a vaccinated New York City roars back to life and how he thinks the business will change forever.
65 min
From D**k Pic Renegade to Space Travel Trailbla...
On this very special episode of Inside the Hive, dear friend of the podcast Nick Bilton is back to interview author and reporter Brad Stone, whose new book on Jeff Bezos and his earth-shaking company—Amazon Unbound—is out this week from Simon & Schuster. In it, Stone traces the evolution of Amazon as a company, as well as the progression of Bezos himself from startup engineer to one of the most powerful men in the world.
40 min
An Interview with Hunter Biden
On this week’s episode of Inside the Hive, Emily Jane Fox sits down with the First Son to talk about his addiction, his dad, what makes a Biden love story, and why he thinks the GOP, and Don Jr. in particular, are obsessed with him.
43 min
How to Be Happier: an Interview with ABC News’s...
After the longest year in history—or four, to be honest—ABC News anchor and founder of meditation app 10 Percent Happier Dan Harris stops by this week’s episode of Inside the Hive to talk about meditation for skeptics, the toll a year of isolation takes on our mental health, and what we can all do to be just a little bit more at peace.
56 min
After George Floyd: An interview with Minneapol...
This week, Inside the Hive cohost Joe Hagan interviews Sheila Nezhad, the Minneapolis activist whose candidacy for mayor against incumbent Jacob Frey has been powered by the protest movement in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Nezhad gives an eyewitness account of the scene when former Officer Derek Chavin was convicted of murder and manslaughter this week, a verdict that left the city relieved but with unanswered questions about the future of law enforcement and racial justice. With the Justice Department investigating the practices of the Minneapolis Police Department, Nezhad sees an opening for a different kind of American city, one without a police department but with more social services and a larger safety net. Whether Nezhad's vision is unrealistic or inevitable is both the key to her political future and the knife’s edge of a national reckoning.
48 min
Paris Hilton, In Reflection
Her fame has endured. Her brand has expanded. The way the media has framed who she was and how she is talked about has changed. Paris Hilton sat down with Emily Jane Fox for an interview to talk about that shift, that sex tape, nostolgia culture, and life in quarantine on this week's episode of Inside the Hive.
54 min
Beautiful and Not So Beautiful Things: Inside t...
This week, cohosts Emily Jane Fox and Joe Hagan pour through the pages of Beautiful Things, the eye-popping new Hunter Biden memoir, to highlight the best revelations and insights—not only into a President’s son, but into the Biden presidency itself and this peculiar (but hopeful) moment in American history. A tearful and candid tale of addiction and familial love, the book describes in excruciating detail the death of Hunter's brother Beau, the Biden family's private struggles in the aftermath, and Hunter’s lurid descent into alcoholism and crack addiction. He also attempts to set the record straight on the Burisma controversy that made him the political whipping boy for Donald Trump. An Inside the Hive book review. Bonus: Speaking of beautiful things, Emily Jane Fox has a life-altering revelation of her own for podcast listeners.
43 min
The GaetzGate We Deserve
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, co-hosts Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox dissect the allegations against Congressman Matt Gaetz—namely that he bankrolled the travel of a 17-year-old with whom he was romantically involved—and his puzzling spin on them. Plus, Infrastructure Week is for real this time, and perhaps Twitter is a construct we could all do without.
44 min
"I've Got to Do Something. I've Got to Say Some...
The Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 catalyzed Black Americans far and wide, and CNN’s Don Lemon, the only African-American cable news anchor in primetime, was no different. Lemon joins Inside the Hive to discuss his bestselling new book, This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism. In it, Lemon describes how the Trump years exposed America’s racial wounds, but also cleared the way for a new era of accountability. "People are being held accountable and they cannot just say something bigoted or racist or insensitive or inappropriate with impunity anymore,” Lemon observes. But he also believes in forgiveness. Addressing free speech and “cancel culture,” Lemon says, "I think you have to allow people grace in the conversation and in the act of trying to do the right thing.” Despite the divisions of the last four years, Lemon remains optimistic about the promise of pluralism, if for no other reason than demographics and the logic of capitalism. “We're all gonna have to learn to get together because that's what our country will be,” he says. “I think the way that we're going to do that is not by segregating ourselves, but by having relationships with people who don't look like us, because when you do that you get to experience other people's humanity, it is harder for you to treat them as other."
43 min
What Does Life Post-Vaccine Look Like?
Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox talk about returning to normal after this year, in terms of news coverage, daily routines, and the way we treat one another going forward.
31 min
COVID A Year In: Where We Are and Where We're H...
On the anniversary of the coronavirus changing everything, Harvard epidemiology professor Willam Hanage stops by Inside the Hive to break down the new CDC guidelines, vaccine messaging and myths, and what we should all be doing to prepare for this next phase. Plus, co-hosts Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox dissect the royal family drama and ultimate queen, Oprah.
58 min
“It Was a Test of My Mettle. Am I Really About ...
This week, Inside the Hive welcomes special guest Jon Batiste, leader of the Stay Human Band on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Hot off his Golden Globe win for his work on the score of Pixar’s Soul, Batiste's latest album, We Are, represents a vivid turn from straight jazz into a joyful, danceable pop and neo-soul. It's also a bold declaration of conscience: catalyzed by the Black Lives Matter movement of last summer, when he rallied protestors with an ad hoc street band, Batiste wanted to deliver a personal statement on his own experience as a Black man in America. “We have to hold ourselves accountable to the things that we profess to believe,” he says. Batiste collaborated with 200 musicians, producers, and friends, including Quincy Jones, Mavis Staples, and even author Zadie Smith, with whom he held regular singing sessions over Zoom at the height of the pandemic. Here he recounts his own musical evolution, from Louisiana, where he grew up in a storied musical family, to New York, where he studied jazz piano at Juilliard and later developed what he’s come to call “social music,” a sound that draws on, in addition to New Orleans jazz, Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder, Wu Tang Clan and even Bjork to find a common humanity in a time of division.
65 min
A Return of Normalcy
On this week's episode, Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox extoll the virtues of having time to talk about actual issues--confirmation processes, the minimum wage, Potato Heads. Plus: what the future could look like for the Republican party and a very special superfan email that will make your week.
48 min
The “Absolute and Abject Failure” of the GOP: D...
In this double feature episode of Inside the Hive, cohosts Joe Hagan and Emily Jane Fox interview rising Democratic star Joe Neguse, Congressman from Colorado, about last week’s impeachment trial of Donald Trump and what was and was not achieved after Republicans refused to convict. Neguse takes us behind the scenes with the impeachment managers, including the controversial decision not to call witnesses before a final vote, and considers what lessons Democrats should draw from it. That's followed by Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who talks to Hagan about the state of emergency in Texas and the intransigence of his former rival for Senate, Ted Cruz. O’Rourke lays into Cruz, who flew to Cancún during statewide blackouts: "I don't know how much we were expecting from him to begin with,” he says. “That guy wants nothing to do with government, or at least our form of it.” Whether voters, suffering from food shortages following a freak snow storm, will make the GOP pay—and create an opening for O’Rourke to run for Texas governor in 2022—remains to be seen. But O’Rourke finds optimism for the country in new leaders like Neguse, who he calls “an all-time American hero.”
41 min
Life On the Disinformation SuperHighway
On this week's episode of Inside the Hive, NBC News's Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins talk about the roots of the disinformation that gets planted online, fed on social networks and tech platforms, and spread all the way to Washington.
57 min
Can Trump’s Grip on the GOP Be Loosened?: Repub...
This week, Adam Kinzinger, Republican of Illinois, joins Inside the Hive to talk about his campaign to steer the GOP away from Donald Trump, the QAnon conspiracy cult, and the insurrection of January 6. In advance of an impeachment trial in the Senate, Kinzinger has allied himself with Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney and voted to remove Trump ally and QAnon adherent Marjorie Taylor Greene from her congressional committees. But he acknowledges a tough battle ahead, not least the struggle to bring Trump’s base out of the “fog” of disinformation, comparing the current crossroads to the morning after a Friday-night “bender”: “The easy answer is to drink a Bloody Mary and just feel a little better and start up again,” he says. “Or you can take a look at what you did and…bear the pain a little bit.” The congressman recently started a PAC to support “country first” Republicans and predicts that sanity will prevail and Trump’s support will deteriorate within six months. “[Trump] doesn't have Twitter, he's not blinding people,” he observes. “And I think folks are gonna wake up … and say, ‘The party of Trump is not the party that's going to be in the majority of the future.’”
44 min
"Fake Famous": The Dark Side of Influencer Culture
Nick Bilton stops by Inside the Hive to talk about his upcoming HBO documentary, Fake Famous, about a social media experiment that explores the influencer economy, but not before discussing all the ways in which people are trying to get COVID-19 vaccines, and how Joe Biden’s administration is trying to correct course.
51 min
“I Don’t Tense Up in Atlanta When I See the Pol...
This week, Inside the Hive co-host Joe Hagan talks to New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow about his provocative new book, The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto, which proposes a reverse migration of young Black people from northern cities to the South to try replicating what Stacy Abrams achieved in Georgia in the 2020 presidential and congressional races. Post-Civil Rights empowerment for Black populations has failed to materialize, argues Blow, with racism as pernicious, if not more so, in the “liberal” north as the south. The only way for Blacks to claim true power, he says, is through self determination—creating large Black population centers in places like Atlanta and turning the political tide in their direction. Blow paints a searing portrait of fair-weather liberals whose BLM protests last summer he likens to "a social justice Coachella” that ultimately failed to deliver policy changes. “Somehow Black people are supposed to pat white people on the back and say, ‘You're getting there, I'll keep waiting?’” he says, calling Dr. King's dream of white and Black children joining hands a naive vision. "I have three children in this world,” Blow says. “The idea that they can still be fighting some form of the thing that I'm fighting today, when I am gone from this earth, is insane to me.”
48 min
"The Poison in This Was Donald Trump": PA's Att...
45 min
“Nothing About What Trump Does Surprises Me": A...
55 min
A Look Ahead to 2021
45 min
The Best of the Worst: Everything That Was Wort...
32 min