In Machines We Trust

Host Jennifer Strong thoughtfully examines the far-reaching impact of artificial intelligence on our daily lives. Produced by MIT Technology Review, the podcast explores the rise of AI through the voices of people reckoning with the power of the technology, and by taking listeners up close with the inventors and founders whose ambitions are fueling the development of new forms of AI.

Tech News
Encore: When Your Face is Your Ticket
20 min
Update: How pricing algorithms learn to collude
Part-three of a series on automation and our wallets.
25 min
Encore: Want a job? The AI will see you now.
Part-two of an investigation into automated hiring practices.
29 min
Farming a war zone
Shortages of farm supplies in Ukraine might accelerate the adoption of precision technologies.
17 min
Live: What’s next for space research?
Astronaut Michael López-Alegría on the path forward for research in low Earth orbit
23 min
Decoding a future of fire
Part two of our series on wildfires.
19 min
How AI watches wildfires
Part one a two-part series on wildfires.
17 min
I Was There When: AI replicated Darth Vader
An oral history project from the In Machines We Trust podcast
12 min
AI finds its voice
An encore edition from season two
27 min
I Was There When: AI mastered chess
An oral history project from the In Machines We Trust podcast
10 min
Seeing double: AI births digital humans
Digital twins of humans capture the physical look and expressions of real humans.
18 min
Audio Postcard: Real-Time Farming
Introducing a miniseries about precision agriculture
10 min
How retail is using AI to prevent fraud
Beating AI-powered fraud detection systems requires exceedingly boring behavior
16 min
I Was There When: AI helped create a vaccine
An oral history project from the In Machines We Trust podcast
9 min
Live: How to craft effective AI policy
A conversation about equity taped before a live audience.
20 min
Can AI keep guns out of schools?
Amid a growing epidemic of gun violence, can AI be part of the solution?
18 min
I Was There When: AI became the DJ
An oral history project from the In Machines We Trust podcast
12 min
Who watches AI watching students?
Welcome to season four!
21 min
Encore: When an algorithm gets it wrong
A look back at where we started.
19 min
Welcome to Curious Coincidence
A new investigative podcast from MIT Technology Review
3 min
Welcome to The Extortion Economy
Part 1: The Problem
22 min
Encore: The AI of the beholder
Machines are ranking the way people look—and the results are influencing the things we do, the posts we see, and the way we think.
21 min
Encore: What’s behind a smile
An introduction to emotion AI.
23 min
Update: Attention shoppers, you’re being tracked
Revisiting our series on unexpected uses of facial recognition.
26 min
How AI is giving a woman back her voice
Voice technology is one of the biggest trends in the healthcare space. We look at how it might help care providers and patients, from a woman who is losing her speech, to documenting healthcare records for doctors.
22 min