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Influence the Global podcast shines a spotlight on the influencer marketing industry. In these episodes you will hear from leading influencers, digital creators, influencer platforms, agencies, legal experts and brands who will share life experiences, insights and strategies to help you. Hosted by Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) who launched a new division, BCMA Influence, to support the influencer marketing industry. So if you want to find out more, subscribe to listen. Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:One

S5 Ep4: What Is An Educational Influencer? ft. ...
Chris Platt is head of content for THE Campus Live events series
20 min
S5 Ep3: Global No.1 Fintech Influencer ft. Spir...
On today's episode we talk with Spiros Margaris, ranked Global No. 1 Fintech Influencer by Onalytica (2022/2020/2018) and Global No. 1 Finance Influencer by Refinitiv (Thomson Reuters)
22 min
S5 Ep2: We Need To Get A Bigger Boat ft. Dr Iva...
Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organisation
29 min
S5 Ep1: How To Turn The ALWAYS ON Button On
As the founder and CEO of SheSpeaks Inc., Aliza Freud has built the largest, most diverse community of female consumers and influencers in America
25 min
S4 Ep21: How To Achieve REAL Impact Using Audio
In this episode we talk to Paul Cranwell about the power of Audio in advertising and particularly for creators
23 min
S4 Ep20: Top Lifestyle Influencer Farah Sattaur...
Farah Sattaur is a successful lifestyle influencer who shot to fame on the TV series 'Ex On The Beach'
18 min
S4 Ep19: The Wonderful World Of Pet Influencers...
Layla Flaherty is the Founder and CEO of Urban Paws UK a pet modelling and influencer agency.
13 min
S4 Ep18: Global Thought Leader With Over 4m Lin...
Founder and CEO of Trinity Consulting, Anthony J James is a global leading influencer in the B2B sector
21 min
S4 Ep17: Tiktok Sensation And Cream Tea Expert ...
One of the funniest Podcasts I have ever done with the wonderful Jane Malyon whose wonderful wit and entertaining story will have you gripped
20 min
S4 Ep16: Ukrainian Lifestyle Influencer Talks A...
Armed with civil engineering and journalism & communications degrees, the Ukrainian influencer speaks 4 languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish and English.
23 min
S4 Ep15: Global Influencer Scott Eddy Shares Hi...
After 10 years in investment banking, Scott moved overseas and lived in Europe and Asia for 17 years
22 min
S4 Ep14: How Creators Can Monetise What They Do
Head of creator Success at global influencer monetisation platform LTK, Johan Kristensson talks about his career and what started out as an intensive interview process at LTK
23 min
S4 Ep13: Empowering Women From The Bedroom To T...
In 2005 there was nowhere women could go to feel in control and explore their sexuality in a safe environment, so Emma Sayle created Killing Kittens
21 min
S4 Ep12: Keynote Speaker And Mentalist Duncan S...
Duncan Stevens is a keynote speaker and mentalist and specialises in the power of influence
19 min
S4 Ep11: How Creators Can Turn Followers Into C...
Dave Perry is the CEO of a new e-commerce partnership network that over 30K Shopify brands have joined, providing over 320M visitors a month.
24 min
Ep4 S10: Clash Founder P.J. Leimgruber On How C...
P.J. is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and lecturer at the University of Southern California
20 min
S4 Ep9: Find Out Why Marc Jarrett Runs Over 200...
Marc Jarrett is a professional networker and currently manages over 200 WhatsApp groups
20 min
S4 Ep8: Shannon Walker Talks About The Influenc...
Shannon Walker is the founder of agency Social Disruption and is a passionate and multi-disciplined communications specialist
18 min
S4 Ep7: Qianna Smith Bruneteau Founder Of The A...
Founder Of The American Influencer Council Talks About Creator Support
28 min
London Fashion Week Special: Why Fashion Influe...
Anisa a very successful content creator mostly on Instagram and Tiktok focusing entirely on hair content
12 min
London Fashion Week Special: Why Fashion Influe...
Josie is one of the 'old-timers' of the influencer industry having started her online journey over 10 years ago
16 min
London Fashion Week Special: Why Fashion Influe...
Edinburgh based influencer Louisa Hatt sees her role as educating her audience
13 min
London Fashion Week Special: Why Fashion Influe...
Mollie Campsie talks about selling online as a creator
14 min
London Fashion Week Special: Why Fashion Influe...
Fashion and lifesytle content creator Nadia Walker shares her experiences of why influencers are the new retailers
13 min
S4 Ep5: Co-Founder Of Channel Mum Niki Herring ...
Channel Mum is a UK based community of Mummy creators and has been around over 7-years when there were just a few Mummy bloggers around
32 min
S4 Ep6: Dan Snow Explains Why History Is Not A ...
TV broadcaster, podcaster and history geek Dan Snow shares his passion for this huge subject and why brands can do well to connect with this audience.
22 min
S4 Ep4: In Conversation With Carlos Gil, Intern...
Carlos Gil is the author of The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media
24 min
S4 Ep3: Ryan Bares From IBM Tells Us How The Te...
Ryan Bares joins us today who is the global influencer and advocacy lead and tech giant IBM
22 min
S4 Ep2: Reality TV Star And Model Luise Hasse T...
Luise Hasse is a model, presenter, TV reality star and micro influencer and shares her story about why getting exposure on TV is the best way to boost your personal brand.
26 min
S4 Ep1: Why Having A Clear Purpose Helps Define...
Amy Rowlinson is the host of the successful podcast called 'Focus on Why', but it wasn't the first one Amy hosted. She used to run a property podcast but then at the beginning of lockdown her business partner suggested they stop it.
24 min
S3 Ep21: How To Find Influencers With CEO Of So...
Ismael El-Qudsi is the founder and CEO of Influencer marketing platform Social Publi. Like many PR agencies in the early days of influencer marketing they realised having huge excel files kept updated with influencer data was a huge challenge.
21 min
S3 Ep19: How To Work With Micro-Influencers, Da...
David Morneau is the CEO of US based Inbeat agency specialising in micro-influencers
19 min
S3 Ep20: Gautam Ganglani, Influencer, Thought L...
<p>How does a global event organiser and speaker management service run events in a challenging 18 month period? Gautam Ganglani ran 100 webinars last year just to stay connected to his global audience and to build value with no commercial return he says. Traditionally he represented authors and not all of these make great online speakers so it was a big learning experience. The skill set required for trainers is very different for speakers with 1,000 people. Gautam talks about some amazing events he managed with Stephen Covey. Diversity and inclusion have been major topics. Technology, strategy, gaining trust and anything in the communication space. Strategy in particular has been a major topic, hear more from Gautam in this enlightening episode. Thought leaders are providing content online. One of the best examples is Marshall Goldsmith where he provided all of his slides that can be copied and shared. He was the highest paid and most booked speaker by Right Selection.</p><p>@thebcma</p><p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p><p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
25 min
S3 Ep18: Fashion And Fitness Content Creator Ro...
<p>Fashion and fitness content creator Rowan Row shares his story from when he came over from Romania not being able to speak the language but now works with global brands like Sony and Aston Martin. Rowan even had his Instagram account hacked and nearly lost everything, yet he has been resilient, consistent and smart with the way in which he has grown his brand into a full time career. Now he has over 1.4m followers on Instagram and a further 1.5m on YouTube. Moving to other platforms like Tiktok would require even more time he says. He has lots of advice for people starting out and for those developing content. Check out his content on Instagram @rowanrow</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
22 min
S3 Ep17: Global Ambassador, Author And Speaker ...
<p>In this episode, I am joined by global ambassador, speaker and author, the amazing Madeleine Black who shares her own horrific story when she was gang raped at the age of 13 and suffered unimaginable trauma. It took years of personal healing to be able to know when the time was right to decide to talk openly about this. Madeleine refers to herself as the <em>Courage Cultivator</em> and is an inpsiration to millions of women all over the world. After growing up with a burden no teenager should ever have to shoulder, she had the heart to carry out the best revenge plan of all; leading a fulfilling and happy life. For Madeleine, forgiveness was the key. True forgiveness takes genuine effort. It takes a real desire to understand those who have done us so much harm. It is the ultimate act of courage. Listen to this amazing heartfelt interview.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
23 min
S3 Ep16: What Is The Value Of Human To Human Co...
<p>In this episode we hear from the serial entrepreneur and founder of Warm Welcome, David Jay. David is one of the top photo journalists in the world, has been featured in the top 100 tech and innovation influencers by Intercon and an international speaker. We discuss community and human-to-human connection through the power of personalised video. David talks about your network being your NETWORTH. Take a listen to this highly engaging episode.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
15 min
S3 Ep15: Entrepreneur Regi Cash Shares His Insi...
<p>In this episide we speak to the founder of <a href="//" target="_blank">3BLACKDOT</a> Regi Cash. 3BLACKDOT is an influencer-driven digital studio focused on the entertainment intersection between gaming and lifestyle. They're vertically integrated to conceive and produce digital content, merch, events, films, games and books. They partner with digital influencers to drive massive audiences to engage with both established and startup brands/IP. As gaming specialists, Regi also talks about some of the great creators in the space and why they are so successful.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
25 min
S3 Ep14: Livestream Shopping Is Expanding Hugel...
<p>In this episode we are talking livestream shopping with Dexter Moscow, video coach and author of Stand Up and Sell. Dexter has worked with many well known brands and been a former guest presenter for many years on the shopping channel QVC, a brand that now generates over $9bn in revenue. Big E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba have realised the value of influencers not as mere promoters but highly successful sales drivers. In 2020 Alibaba said it was recruiting 3m influencers, 100k in the first year and Amazon too have requested similar numbers to launch their Amazon influencer programme. Dexter talks about some of the qualities it takes to be a good sales person in a live environment. Some influencers like BeautybyCarla now promote themselves as Amazon Influencers, so what does the future hold for this rapidly growing area. I started by asking Dexter about how he started out in his career.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
31 min
S3 Ep13: Mummy Blogger Helen Wills Talks About ...
<p>In this episode we hear from Helen Wills who started her blog <a href="">Actually Mummy</a> in 2011. This was when she realised that talking to the four walls and a baby was never going to be enough. Since then she has earned a reputation as a professional and innovative writer, crafting stories and video for high profile brand campaigns such as Mark Warner, Universal Studios, Heinz and Tefal. Now a full time blogger, podcaster and presenter, Helen’s work has also led to some high profile speaking opportunities at Parliament, and with the BBC, which she says are the best part of her job! Check out Helen's podcast Teenage Kicks on all podcast platforms.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
28 min
S3 Ep12: Futurist Jeremy Scrivens Shares His In...
<p>In this episode Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA is joined by futurist Jeremy Scrivens as they talk about the future of work. Jeremy, based in Melbourne Australia, is passionate about embracing and unlocking employee potential through collaboration and innovation. He is a sought after speaker, transformation facilitator, culture catalyst and future of leadership coach. Jeremy has been recognised as one of the top 15 global influencers around #futureofwork by Silicon Republic and recognised by Onalytica in their global top 100 #futureofwork. He started by telling us a little about his background and more importantly his passion for the Social Room.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
22 min
S3 Ep11: Mark Willams AKA Mr LinkedIn Shares Hi...
<p>Mark Williams AKA 'Mr LinkedIn' joins Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, for this insightful look at the LinkedIn platform. Mark talks about the common mistakes that people make on the platform and what sort of content is resonating well with examples of Simon Bourne AKA the 'Shoe Guy' who sold premium high quality shoes but used engaging 'behind-the-scenes' storytelling to build his audience. Mark also talks about the challenges many organisations and indviduals face with the change in the algorithms, how by using relevant engagement and why commenting on articles is better than sharing others. There are loads more really useful tips so do check out this episode.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
36 min
S3 Ep10: Podcasts Are Making A Big Difference T...
<p>David Perez is the host of the Audience Coach and specialises in helping coaches in the wellness and fitness industry in creating podcasts. David talks about some of the issues they face from poor audio content talking about very broad topics and a lack of strategy and measure the results. The number of podcasts in this sector has exploded since April 2020 and particularly around mental wellbeing. @lizmoody and @rachlmansfield have been some of the great success strories. David shares other examples in this insightful episode.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
19 min
S3 Ep9: How Charities Are Working With Influenc...
<p>Flora Noble Digital Influencer manager at Oxfam talks about how influencers have been a growing part of the Oxfam communication strategy &nbsp;Many charities dont have a dedicated influencer marketing specialist and so having a dedicated person to develop these influencer relationships has been critical. Oxfam have a national campaign called &nbsp;#SecondhandSeptember which is aimed at helping create awareness for donated goods. Flora talks about how many of the influencers they partnered with had very positive comments from their followers about coming on the journey with them. And so working in this slightly different way the warmth that was coming through you from the engagement you cant really pay for. Influencers were invited into the Oxfam superstore where they have ethical sourced products, hub for the online shop. &nbsp;We were able to give them a back end tour a bit like a &nbsp;behind the scenes which made amazing content creation she says Find out more what Flora has to say.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
24 min
S3 Ep8: How To Find Influencers With Authentic ...
<p>Fake followers and fraudulent activity have been an issue for the influencer marketing industry. In this episode we discuss with one of the leading fraud detection influencer platforms, Hype Auditor how you can work with the right influencers and avoid those with high levels of fake following. CEO Alexander Frolov also shares his thoughts on engagement pods, artificial intelligence, and trends around technology affecting this rapidly growing industry.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
23 min
S3 Ep7: A Deep Dive Into The Difference Between...
<p>Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, talks with influencer marketing veteran Jason Falls about promoting excellence in influencer marketing. 'PR man' Jason talks about some of the changes in the sector, including a decline in trust of traditional media and people turning to social media for entertainment and news. Jason talks about our 'circle of influence' and how anyone can be an influencer and the job of a marketer to find these people of influence. In his book, WINFLUENCE, Jason defines the difference between an influencer and a person of influence. An influencer has an audience, however, they may not be influential if they dont engage with them.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
22 min
S3 Ep6: How Purecane Developed Its Brand Identi...
<p>Founder of MG Empower, a global influencer agency, Maira Genovese, talks about how she helped Amaris create a new sweetener brand solely using influencers, first in Brazil and then in the US. This exercise involved taking a variety of influencers for a 5 day brand development retreat with brand experts onsite and involving the influencers audiences in the whole process. The engagement from the followers was tremendous but there were incredible insights that helped refine ideas for this exciting new brand. The future opportutnies for co-creation of brands with influencers are endless, find out more about this amazing success story. You can also find more information in the case study page:</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
24 min
S3 Ep5: US Lawyer Robert Freund Shares The Late...
<p>In this episode Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA talks to specialist influencer marketing legal expert Robert Freund shares his insights on the latest changes to the FTC guidelines and what brands and agencies should include in influencer agreements. We also discuss some of the impacts on legal cases and the fines imposed by organisations who don't comply.</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p> <p><br></p> <p><br></p>
26 min
S3 Ep4: Top Drinks Brand Chivas Regal Explain H...
<p>In this episode Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, talks with Martin Jaskolowski, Global Head of Advertising and Digital at Pernod-Ricard. They discuss how the Chivas Regal whisky brand has used influencers to enhance its major advertising campaign. They talk about some of the types of content that has really resonated with the audiences from distillery visits to working with mixologists. They talk in detail about how you measure effective brand campaigns - reach or engagement?</p> <p>@thebcma</p> <p>Presented by @gordonglenister</p> <p>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</p>
27 min
S3 Ep3: Influencer Marketing Entrepreneur And F...
<p>Entrepreneur <a href="">Edward East</a> talks about why he created the <a href="">Billion Dollar Boy</a> brand. Edward talks a lot about his personal journey. It all started in 2014 when the industry was almost a passing trend and now have a great team culture. Influencer marketing has been able to create production at scale at home. "Surround yourself with people who have those experiences" Edward says. Having the right team is absolutely vital and the CEO role is more of a support function with your team driving the change. Edward talks about exciting innovations with personalised content and what the future looks like.</p> <p><em>@thebcma</em></p> <p><em>Presented by @gordonglenister</em></p> <p><em>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</em></p>
21 min
S3 Ep2: Working With Influencers Helped EA Game...
<p>In this episode Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA talks about the gaming industry and how content creators can make a huge difference to the launch of a new game. Kelvin Cery who is Vice President of Client Development and Brand Partnerships of BEN Entertainment Group and Jonathan Dodd, Manager of Global Creator Partnerships of Electronic Arts. The BEN group have had a longstanding partnership with EA and they're also proud winners of the Streamy's Influencer Agency of the Year due to its ground breaking AI technology. We talk about the impact the creators had on a product reveal which almost topped half a million viewers and half a billion minutes watched in less than 24 hours.</p> <p><em>@thebcma</em></p> <p><em>Presented by @gordonglenister</em></p> <p><em>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</em></p>
29 min
S3 Ep1: Pitch Influence Winner And Coffee Vlogg...
<p>Pitch Influence winner Alfie AKA QuantumCaza who is a Caffeinated Content Creator tells his story including the ups and downs of what it was like in his early childhood. He wanted to create video content that included animations. Animation is one of the biggest storytelling tools and so he commissioned an animator to tell part of his story. Alfie talks about the importance of having a niche when creating content and that’s why he chose coffee. “There is no such thing as bad experience – you are going to learn from it”. An active networker, Alfie misses events and talks about isolation and how content creators have been impacted by the pandemic.</p> <p><em>@thebcma</em></p> <p><em>Presented by @gordonglenister</em></p> <p><em>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</em></p>
17 min
S2, Ep21: What's It Like to Run An Influencer T...
<p>In this episode Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, speaks with Danny Lowney, who is the Managing Director of Sixteenth Talent who talks about what it's like to run an influencer marketing talent agency. Danny explains the role the team in commercialising opportunities from the traditional publishing deal to more expansive co-created product. He talks about top YouTuber, Gabriel Sey and how they are repositioning&nbsp; him as a Dad in the fitness space creating a whole new audience for him.&nbsp;Also, how creating a new stationery brand with Jack Edwards proved extremely successful. Danny starts by telling me a little about what the agency does.<br> <br> @dannylowney<br><br> <em>Presented by @gordonglenister</em></p> <p><em>Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE</em></p>
21 min
S2, Ep20: Apprentice Contestant & Founder Of Mo...
In the episode, Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, speaks to Pamela Laird apprentice  contestant and founder of Irish Beauty brand Moxi Loves. She talks about her passion for beauty and nail products and how Instagram and...
16 min
S2, Ep19: In Conversation With Sophie Clark Fro...
In this episode, Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA talks with Sophie Clark, Marketing Lead for social analytics platform, Talkwalker, the leading insights platform. Sophie shares the key findings from in-depth research...
20 min
S2, Ep17: In Conversation With Karyn Spencer, C...
In this episode, Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, talks to the super impressive Karyn Spencer recently appointed CMO of the influencer marketing agency Whalar. Karyn has had an amazing career as a talent manager to...
32 min
S2, Ep18: In Conversation With Jeanette Okwu, F...
In this episode, Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA talks with the Founder of Beyond Influence an influencer marketing platform. Jeanette has over 10-years experience in the industry and shares her views on the way the...
17 min
S2, Ep16: Haem Roy – President of BCMA Canada t...
In this episode edition, Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, talks to Haem Roy, who is the President of BCMA in Canada. I wanted to get a different perspective from other countries on what sort of trends are impacting...
26 min
S2, Ep15: The Growth In Consumer Ambassador Pro...
Paul Archer, CEO and founder of brand advocacy platform Duel talks with Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Branded Content at the BCMA, about the growth in consumer ambassador programmes. Brands are realising that campaigns that involve consumer advocates...
24 min
S2, Ep14: What Does It Cost To Hire An Influencer
Influencer agency boss Mark Dandy, Founder of Captivate Influence, talks about how much an influencer campaign costs.  He tells Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA that there are many variables in attributing cost to an...
38 min
S2, Ep13: Why Being A Thought Leader Is The New...
We hear from trainer and speaker, Warren Cass as he talks to Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, about what it takes to be a thought leader. Who is really answering the questions of their audience?  Warren talks about the...
25 min
S2, Ep12: How Influencer Marketing In The Trave...
2020 was a difficult year for many in the travel industry. In this engaging interview Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, talks with content creator Charlie Wild from the Travel Project and also from global influencer...
27 min
S2, Ep11: How To Get 24m Views On Your Channel ...
Sherice Banton is a Tik Tok comedy star with over 1.7m fans on her channel. Her success has been around comedy sketches. One of her most successful projects was creating a single story spread over 11 Tik Tok videos and it 'blew-up' to over 24m views....
18 min
S2-E10: How To Tackle Sensitive Subjects
In this episode Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, speaks to Sophie Crowther, Head of Talent (Asia Pacific) at top global agency Brave Bison to discuss how to manage campaigns tackling sensitive issues. Sophie talks about...
19 min
S2-E9: Influencer Marketing Trends - Impact Of ...
Leading influencer specialist Andrew Kamphey, editor of Influence Weekly shares his insights on the influencer market, and still believes the industry is worth $50bn.Kampney is also the creator of Creatorscape, a unique insight into the key players in...
18 min
S2-E7: How Influencers Can Protect Themselves
All sorts of things can go wrong in an influencer marketing campaign. So whether it’s IP theft, failure to disclose, defamation and a lot more. In this episode, Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, discusses some of the...
21 min
S2-E8: Creativity Is Alive And Kicking
In this episode Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, is joined by CEO Mary Keane Dawson  of leading influencer agency Takumi along with top content creator and artist Shaadow Sefiroth  and together discuss the importance...
43 min
S2-E6: Getting Diversity Right
In this episode Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, talks with Eric Dahan the CEO of leading influencer agency Open Influence and discusses why brands need to ensure they work with a diverse group of talent on campaigns....
29 min
S2-E5: Food For Thought - In Conversation With ...
Katy Coffield is the CEO and founder of the Foodie Tribe and runs a successful influencer marketing agency dedicated to food. Hear her fascinating story and why working with food influencers can be good for your brand. Katy shares some of the tips it...
16 min
S2-E4: In Conversation With Amber Doig-Thorne
In this episode we speak to Amber Doig-Thorne who is a highly successful actress, presenter and content creator. Amber talks openly about her experiences as a content creator, the brands she has worked with and the lessons she learnt along the...
35 min
S2-E3: How Do You Ensure Your Campaign Is Legal...
The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) represents all the leading advertising government bodies in Europe. In this episode we hear from Director General Lucas Boudet on their work in making sure advertising standards are upheld. We also...
24 min
S2-E2: In Conversation With Photographer's Rebe...
Getting the right shot is never easy, we discuss some of the ups and downs of working as an influencer photographer. We talk to Rebecca Spencer & Latoya Lovell about the type of cameras to work with and what makes a great shoot but equally, what...
22 min
S2-E1: PR & Influencer Marketing
PR and Influencer marketing are often intertwined, Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, talks with Director General of the Public Relations & Communications Association (PRCA), Francis Ingham about his take on the PR...
35 min
S1-E21: Influencer Marketing On Tik Tok
Top Tik Tok star Laura Edwards talks to Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, about the growth of Tik Tok and how important it will be for brands to engage new audiences. @gordonglenister@laurbubbleProduced by Neil Whiteside...
15 min
S1-E20: Virtual Influencer Marketing
Head of strategy at Live & Breathe and Founder of Virtual Influencer Agency Dudley Nevill-Spencer talks with Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA about the growth of the virtual...
26 min
S1-E18: The Rules Of Influencer Marketing
In this episode we hear about the rules of advertising practices in the influencer marketing industry – Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA ( talks with Emma Smith, Copy Advice Manager at Committee of...
13 min
S1-E19: Worklife Balance In Lockdown
In this episode we hear about life in lockdown – Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA ( talks with Influencers Anthea Biggs and John Adams aka Dad Blog UK who talk about home schooling and their work-life...
29 min
S1-E17: The Magic Of Influence
In this episode, Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA ( talks to top female magician and star or Britains Got Talent, Josephine Lee (@josephineleeofficial) on how the entertainment industry is being creative...
10 min
S1-E16: Keeping Fit And Healthy In The Lockdown
Influencers, James Middleton and Rob Eades talk about keeping fit and healthy in the lockdown. These top content creators have found newly engaged audiences with their online fitness routines #fitness #influencer #contentcreator #stayfit #eatwell ...
27 min
S1-E15: Influencer Marketing In Challenging Times
More discussion on the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the influencer market.In this episode, host Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing, talks with Rich Keith, a BCMA Board member and CEO of Fourth Floor Creative.Produced by Neil...
22 min
S1-E14: Impact Of Coronavirus On Influencer Mar...
In this episode host Gordon Glenister, BCMA's Global Head of Influencer Marketing, discusses the impact of the Coronavirus lockdown with Jess Markwood – Content & Strategy Director at The Fifth. Produced by Neil Whiteside at freedom:ONE
22 min
S1-E13: Influencer Marketing In China
In this feature-length episode, host Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the BCMA, compares and contrasts the Influencer Marketing Industry in China with Elijah Whaley, Chief Marketing Officer at Parklu. Produced by Neil Whiteside...
36 min
S1-E12: High Profile & Luxury Brands
In this episode we get expert insight into the use of Influencers with high profile & luxury brands.We hear from Monika Shulz of Zurich Insurance and Rachel Clay of Matter of Form.Hosted by Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing,...
20 min
S1-E11: Meet The Major Players: Tom Augenthaler
Over the next few episodes we’ll be meeting some of the major players in the Influencer Marketing world
29 min
S1-E10: Meet The Influencers
We meet three members of the Council Of Influencers from the BCMA
27 min
S1-E9: The Role Of The Influencer With Luxury B...
In this episode of 'Influence' we look at the role of the influencer in the luxury brands sector
24 min
S1-E8: The Role Of Influencers In Politics
The role of influencers in political campaigns
25 min
S1-E7: What Influencers Really Want - Exclusive...
In this episode we look at the reults of a recent BCMA/Whalar survey of Influencers
24 min
S1-E6: How Influencers Work With Brands
In this episode we’ll be looking at how talent works with brands
25 min
S1-E5: Influencer Marketing In The USA
We look at the Influencer market in the United States of America
36 min
S1-E4: Both Ends Of The Influencer Spectrum
In this episode we look at both ends of the Influencer market
28 min
S1-E3: Essential Legal Advice For Influencers
In this episode we examine the legal aspects of being an influencer
28 min
S1-E2:The Pressures Of Influencer Marketing
Examining the pressures on mental health that being in the public eye can bring
28 min
S1-E1:The World Of The Micro Influencer
Influence is the global podcast that shines a spotlight on the Influencer Marketing industry
19 min