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Influence the Global podcast shines a spotlight on the influencer marketing industry. In these episodes you will hear from leading influencers, digital creators, influencer platforms, agencies, legal experts and brands who will share life experiences, insights and strategies to help you. Hosted by Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) who launched a new division, BCMA Influence, to support the influencer marketing industry. So if you want to find out more, subscribe to listen. Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:One

S7 Ep2: From Start Up To Multi-Million Dollar I...
Brad Hoos is the CEO of The Outloud Group, a high-growth 70-person influencer marketing agency
28 min
S6 Ep14: Celebrating Women In Influencer Market...
Jessy Grossman is a long time entrepreneur in the digital media space.
23 min
S7 Ep1: How Top Tiktok Creator Made His Name In...
Rob Mayhew is Creative Director at Digital Innovations Agency Gravity Road
21 min
S6 Ep17: Social Media Leadership And Building S...
Aaron Templer is a first-time author and 20+ year marketing leader with a music problem.
18 min
S6 Ep16: The Goal Setter - Why We All Need Goal...
Goal strategist Debra Eckerling is on a mission to change goal culture in and out of the workplace.
22 min
S6 Ep15: The Evolution Of Influencer Marketing ...
James Erskine is the Group CEO of ROCKET, specialising in telling brand’s story through creating, producing and marketing content to a children’s, youth and parent focused audience.
23 min
S6 Ep13: What Makes The Perfect Brand Partnersh...
COTY is one of the world’s largest beauty companies with an iconic portfolio of brands across fragrance, colour cosmetics, and skin and body care.
25 min
S6 Ep12: Influencer Marketing Campaigns Are Bec...
Our guest today is Charlotte Lake. Charlotte began her career over 15 years ago within the broadcast industry working in advertising for Channel 5 before transitioning into Talent Management.
19 min
S6 Ep11: Why Toastmasters Could Help You Improv...
Nick Ronald is a Division Director at Toastmasters International, a not-for-profit organisation that provides communication and leadership skills
17 min
S6 Ep10: Pearl & Dean CEO Says Cinema Creates M...
As CEO as one of the inconic advertising media companies, Pearl and Dean, Kathryn Jacob extols the benefits of why cinema is still a highly effective advertising medium
26 min
S6 Ep9: Influencer Campaign With 400% Growth In...
Lucy Robertson heads up the marketing team at SEEN Connects, a global creator and social agency connecting the right people to the right brands
33 min
S6 Ep8: Global Restauranteur Talks About The Va...
Will Guidara is an inspirational speaker, but he is famous for being a Michelin Star restauranteur and the author of best selling book Unreasonable Hospitality
22 min
S6 Ep7: Podcast Guesting Strategies Ft. Josef S...
Josef Schinwald is a podcast guesting strategist and founder of the Podcast PR & Booking Agency Guest Experts On Air
33 min
S6 Ep6: Why Trust Is Essential As A Broadcaster...
Martine Croxall is a seasoned BBC TV and radio presenter, interviewer, conference host, debate moderator and presentation skills coach
27 min
S6 Ep5: How To Measure Influencer Campaigns And...
Adam is a co-founder of Group RFZ, a digital measurement firm focused on the influencer marketing space
23 min
S6 Ep4: The Tech Sector Is Rife With B2B Influe...
Sheila Flavell CBE is President of techUK and has over 31 years experience in the global tech sector
24 min
S6 Ep3: How To Make Great Podcast Ft. Bernard A...
Bernard creates content, initiatives and products that help organisations and people meet their diversity goals, grow their businesses, find and develop new talent and improve their processes.
25 min
S6 Ep2: How To Grow Your Instagram Audience To ...
At Social Boom we've helped hundreds of coaches, creators and consultants like you grow with a proven step-by-step approach
32 min
S6 Ep1: Businesses That Don't Embrace AI Will D...
Vladimer Botsvadze is a world-renowned, multi-award-winning, digital transformation and social media influencer
23 min
S5 Ep21: We Talk Strategy With Leading Brand Gl...
JP Castlin is a globally renowned expert in strategy, leadership and applied complexity science
14 min
S5 Ep20: What Its Like Being A Dog Influencer F...
Miley Jo is a successful influencer and fashion runway model
21 min
S5 Ep19: Aquarius Creative Influencer Agency Fo...
Amy Moore and Kirsten Cameron became reality TV stars from launching their influencer marketing agency Aquarius Creative
14 min
S5 Ep18: Why It's Worthwhile Working With Green...
Ben and Ciara the founders of Going Green Media company talk about their journey of creating a sustainable creator agency
15 min
S5 Ep17: Founder Of Disabled Influencer Agency ...
Martyn works at the intersection of business, technology and leadership to drive change for a fully inclusive world.
22 min
S5 Ep16: Middle East Broadcaster Talks About Th...
Talking with one of Dubai's top media personalities and the host of the 1billion follower summit
19 min