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Inc. Uncensored is a lively weekly podcast exploring the fast-moving world of startups, entrepreneurship, technology, and high-growth businesses—all through the eyes of the veteran business journalists of Inc. and We’ll keep you up to date on industry trends, best practices, and cool companies. With host Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, Inc.’s senior writer, along with frequent appearances from staff writers Kevin Ryan, Emily Canal, executive editor Kimberly Weisul and more.
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John Mackey: The Delicate Balance of Purpose an...
37 min
Scott Svenson: Managing the Tension
44 min
Presenting! 'Book Smart' from Inc. Magazine
17 min
Rich Kleiman: Instill Your Will on Your Future
50 min
Michael Acton Smith: Vision Without Execution i...
49 min
Neil Blumenthal: Research Your Way out of Risk
43 min
Sandra Oh Lin: Be a Transparent Leader During T...
35 min
BONUS: What I Know Podcast
42 min
Eileen Fisher: Find the Voice Behind Your Vision
35 min
BONUS: Shan-Lyn Ma, CEO and co-founder of Zola,...
33 min
BONUS: Everlywell's Julia Cheek on the What I K...
42 min
BONUS: What I Know Podcast
Deidre Quinn: Making the Perfect Partner
38 min
Inc Magazine Presents 'What I Know'
Think Like an Engineer and Prepare for the Worst
32 min
BONUS: The UPS Store's Small Biz Challenge; Whe...
One Step Ahead: Preparing Your Business Today For the Post-COVID World
23 min
BONUS The UPS Store's Small Biz Challenge: Wher...
Honesty, Transparency, and Resiliency: Three Leadership Keys in the Age of COVID-19
19 min
#267 The PPP Is Running on Empty
22 min
BONUS: The UPS Store's Small Biz Challenge; Whe...
Money Mattters in the Age of COVID-19
18 min
#266 How Married Co-Founders Survive in Quarantine
22 min
BONUS: The UPS Store's Small Biz Challenge: Whe...
The Crucial Steps Small Business Owners Must Take Today
22 min
#265 The At-Home COVID-19 Test
18 min
#264 What the $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill Really ...
27 min
#263 Surviving Coronavirus When You're a Small ...
23 min
#262 The $40 Million Company Built on Transpare...
27 min
#261 The Coronavirus Risk
28 min
#260 Is This the End of the Startup Boom?
25 min
#259 Should Your Company Leave Town?
21 min
#258 The Executive Search...For Love
27 min
#257 Surprising Industries Taking Off Right Now
25 min
#256 How Founders Can Capitalize on the Super B...
24 min
#255 How CEOs Really Use Tech Today
24 min
#254 Inside a Military Startup Hotbed
26 min
#253 Predicting 2020: Innovation, IPOs, and the...
28 min
#252 The Best Places in the U.S. to Start a Bus...
32 min
#251 Presenting Inc.'s Company of the Year
23 min
#250 The Gospel of Bezos
22 min
#249 Mead, Weed, Gambling, and Ice Cream
28 min
#248 Warby Parker, Beyond Glasses
35 min
#247 Why Silicon Valley Just Can’t Kill TikTok
30 min
#246 He Wanted to Be a Priest. Now He's 3-D Pri...
32 min
#245 The Great CEO Exodus of 2019
30 min
#244 The New Instagram Mentors
33 min
#243 Radical Candor With Kim Scott
29 min
#242 Why Google's Face Scanning Program Was Dis...
20 min
#241 An MIT Researcher’s Fascinating Take on Mo...
#241 An MIT Researcher’s Fascinating Take on Modern Capitalism
23 min
#240 How WeWork Lost Its CEO and More Than $30 ...
#240 How WeWork Lost Its CEO and More Than $30 Billion in Value in Less Than 8 Weeks
31 min
#239 The Story of Inc.'s Groundbreaking October...
#239 The Story of Inc.'s Groundbreaking October Cover
32 min
#238 Here's What You Need to Know to Survive a ...
#238 Here's What You Need to Know to Survive a Down Round
21 min
#237 Peeling Back the Curtain on the Inc. 5000
#237 Peeling Back the Curtain on the Inc. 5000
23 min
#236 The Inside Scoop on the New ’Shark Tank’ G...
#236 The Inside Scoop on the New ’Shark Tank’ Guest Judges
27 min
#235 The Bizarre Origin Stories of This Year’s ...
23 min
#234 Behind the Meteoric Rise of This Year’s To...
Behind the Meteoric Rise of This Year’s Top Performing Companies and 1 Cautionary Tale
30 min
#233 Not Your Everyday Billion-Dollar Tech Startup
25 min
#232 This Company Wants To Buy your Home—Now
28 min
#231 Employer Spying Is Getting Really Creepy
21 min
#230 Inside Facebook's Cryptocurrency Fight
23 min
#229 Amazon Lost a Major Federal Case. Why the ...
22 min
#228 50 Private Equity Firms Entrepreneurs Shou...
23 min
#227 How to Sell 1 Million Suitcases
27 min
#226 How to Pitch This Top VC
42 min
#225 Why Startups Will Feel the Impact of Anti-...
20 min
#224 Secrets of the World’s First Hacking Super...
31 min
#223 From Near-Failure to $1B: Trek Bicycles
22 min
#222 America's Best Workplaces
This week on Inc. Uncensored, writers and editors discuss Inc.'s Best Workplaces feature. Plus, they talk about why Chicago is a hot spot for entrepreneurs and an interview with Christina Stembel, the founder of Farmgirl Flowers.
25 min
#221 The Right Untucked Shirt to Wear
Inc.'s writers and editors talk to the founder of UNTUCKit - Chris Riccobono. Plus, they introduce The Fundery database. And, discuss the sale of Harry's.
31 min
#220 These Women Started Companies—While Starti...
Inc.'s writers and editors go inside the inspirational stories founders of startups who built their company while they were also starting families. Plus: inside the story of the White House clearing a plan to issue 30,000 extra seasonal-worker visas for this summer. And, the true impact of a tweet: What happens when your tiny company goes viral?
37 min
#219 No, Uber Is Not the Next Amazon
Inc.'s writers and editors look into the IPO of Uber and Spotify. Plus, what happens to recycled restaurant workers' gloves.
25 min
#218 Why $70,000 Cadavers Are a Genius Startup ...
Inc.'s writers and editors talk about a New Jersey startup trying to reduce about 70 percent of carbon footprint by inventing a new cement-making process. Plus, a business selling fake cadavers for $70,000 and how a former Vine comedian and his frat brother are creating the best birthday wish.
20 min
#217 Salad Shop Sweetgreen Now Serving Up Techn...
There's a world of buzz brewing within the fast-growing salad company Sweetgreen. Inc.'s writers and editors take a look at the May cover story. Plus: the audacity of Uber's IPO, and the fascinating evolution of Warby Parker's marketing strategy.
22 min
#216 Lesbians Who Tech and the Future of Radica...
Amazon is deep in counterfeit hot water, and it’s latest issue is knock-offs of baby products that could be dangerous. Inc.’s writers and editors share their recent reporting on the matter, plus: Google’s AI oversight flap, and an in-depth look at the woman radically rethinking tech-conferences, and building a diversity hiring tool for Silicon Valley.
31 min
#215 What Brothels Can Teach Us About Risk and ...
Economist Allison Schrager joins the editors and writers of Inc. to discuss her new book, An Economist Walks Into a Brothel. Plus: The inside story of Arlan Hamilton's Backstage Capital, and the highly functional breed of late-stage hippie capitalism employed by the $1 billion private company Specialized Bicycles.
31 min
#214 One Crucial Lesson From Apple’s Big, Surpr...
Apple’s big presentation this week signaled a strategy shift that could have huge ramifications. Plus, Inc.’s writers and editors discuss Europe’s fastest-growing private companies and some aggressive expansion plans from an unexpected source.
27 min
#213 It’s Time to Make a Pot Policy at Your Office
The writers and editors of Inc. examine Facebook’s most recent fumbles and explain how businesses of all sizes are grappling with cannabis policy. Plus: Frank Ocean’s mother, Katonya Breaux, is an entrepreneur innovating in sun protection for all skin colors.
27 min
#212 Tales from the Founders House
Inc. editor James Ledbetter and executive director of editorial Jon Fine discuss the publication’s Founders House at SXSW, while editor at large Maria Aspan explores the company and technology that could revolutionize battery power, and Fine details Jessi Roberts' amazing journey that led her to found Cheekys—and write an excellent new book.
33 min
#211 Life Hacks From Inc.'s Superstar Entrepren...
Inside the Google pay study, life hacks and great advice that fueled business success, and the scrappiest, most innovative toy companies. Plus more from the writers and editors of Inc. magazine.
26 min
#210 CTO or Security Princess? The Pros and Con...
Ridiculous job titles, the college sports app and Inc.’s new Founders’ Project
22 min
#209 Yes, There Is Good News About Women And Ve...
Women and venture capital, Physique 57 and hustle porn
36 min
#208 The $300 Million Reddit Surprise
Reddit's value, the next generation of black founders in Atlanta and the solar slowdown.
27 min
#207 Everything You Need to Know About Money Wh...
Maria Aspan's new book, parental perks and men's health-care market
31 min
#206 It’s Flu Season. Here’s How to Handle Sick...
Founder and former Thinx CEO - Miki Agrawal, staying away from social media and the lowdown on flu season etiquette
38 min
#205 Can E-Scooters Break Into NYC?
Electric bikes and dock-less scooter companies, Davos and the Netflix price hike
31 min
#204 Brands Went Wild Online This Week. We Are ...
The candidates of 2020, brands are going wild and the founders of a food-tech company
33 min
#203 WeWork’s New Name Shows That it Clearly Wa...
Tech's biggest trade show, Mark Zuckerberg's New Year's resolution and WeWork's new change
23 min
#202 How the Government Shutdown is Affecting B...
Surge cities, the government shutdown and autonomous cars in Arizona
29 min
#201 Here’s Inc Uncensored’s Best Stories of 2018
The best stories of Inc Uncensored this year
35 min
#200 Why JK Rowling Told Inc to “Piss Off"
JK Rowling's distaste, acts of kindness from startups and hiring trends for 2019
22 min
#199 Why Bird is 2018's Company of the Year
Inc's company of the year, the threat to Silicon Valley and Meika Hollender, the co-founder of Sustain Natural
32 min
#198 What This Year's 9 Biggest Startup Acquisi...
The 9 biggest startup acquisitions of 2018, Inc.'s best industries feature and Diana Nelson, the granddaughter of the founder of Carlson Wagonlit
36 min
#197 No, They Aren't Holidays But Here's Why th...
Shopping days, Carhartt and Pete & Gerry's CEO Jesse Laflamme
27 min
#196 This Baker Built a Loyal Community. It Sav...
Facebook handling a major crises, an entrepreneur building a pie business and the future of depression treatment
32 min
#195 Why Startups Can’t Compete With Amazon and...
Amazon heads towards Crystal City, Virginia and Long Island City, New York, startups "veganize" traditional Thanksgiving dishes and the family business of
31 min
#194 How the Midterm Results will Impact Busine...
The impact of the midterm results, an MIT invention and the backstory of a $4 million healthcare company
24 min
#193 What to Watch For During This Year's Midte...
Midterm elections, the rise of Gab and ways to beef up staffing during holiday season
24 min
#192 Fishs Eddy: How a Mom-and-Pop Shop Made It...
Co-founder of Fishs Eddy, Julie Gaines, talks about her new book and the Inc. staff explore the technology of the future
25 min
#191 How a Scrappy Vape Startup Grew to $15 Bil...
A Vape startup making billions, rethinking the future of malls and a founder who is keeping her day job
19 min
#190 Why Clif Bar Will Never Go Public
Inc.’s Private Titans list, why Clif Bar will never go public and Taylor Swift's viral Instagram post
26 min
#189 The Story Behind The Weird, Tumultuous Wor...
Amazon raising its minimum wage, Christine Lagorio-Chafkin's new book and the "Shark Tank Effect"
29 min
#188 Most Women Founders Have to Deal With Hara...
Inc.'s Female Founders 100 list, advice buyers need to know and e-scooter company Bird
30 min
#187 Just How Much Trouble Is Elon Musk In?
What's up with Elon Musk now and why are there so many hip, new coffee companies?
26 min
#186 FDA Blames Vape Companies For Alleged Teen...
A decade after the financial crisis, where are we now, plus the FDA threatens the future of vaping.
31 min
#185 Twitter and Facebook Go To Capitol Hill
Silicon Valley heads to Capitol Hill and Colin Kaepernick partners with Nike
28 min