In Broad Daylight

Each week, comedian/writer/host/lover/friend Adam Tod Brown yells all alone in an empty room about crazy news happening right under your nose (or in broad daylight, if you prefer) that isn't getting enough attention. Part of the Unpops Podcast Network!

William Barr and Antifa
Adam, Luis, and Ian discuss the DoJ's designation of Antifa as a terrorist group, the global reaction to police violence protests in America, and so much more
68 min
Is Trump Really Taking Hydroxychloroquine?
Adam, Luis, and Ian discuss updates to the #Obamagate saga, Trump's alleged use of hydroxychloroquine, a National Guard deployment controversy, and so much more!
60 min
Adam, Luis, and Ian discuss Trump's insane Rose Garden coronavirus briefing, the chances he'll roll the dice on arresting Obama, the latest US excursion in Venezuela, and so much more!
66 min
The Latest Fascin'
Adam, Luis, and Ian discuss the long-term plans for the country's "temporary" immigration ban, how China claimed the South China Sea with a pop song, the chances of us having an election in November, and so much more
78 min
Pandemic Politics
69 min
We Did It! (America Is a Dictatorship Now)
Adam discusses United States Attorney General William Barr and his role in helping Trump become the authoritarian nightmare he's always wanted to be
16 min
The 2020 Iowa Caucuses and the Democratic Misin...
Adam looks into the shadowy band of social media manipulators behind the 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucuses, and their highly problematic ties to the Pete Buttigieg campaign
30 min
The Mississippi Meat Plant Raids
Adam discusses the totally not unexpected "upside" of ICE raids, a scary festival for Trump supporters, the UN's heel turn on internet security, and a whole bunch of other politics news
33 min
Understanding the Hong Kong Protests
Adam looks into the origins of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong and how they could become a problem for the United States really soon
22 min
Vapor Madness
Adam looks into the cavalcade of myths, misinformation, and misunderstandings around vaping, and why the way we talk about it will eventually kill people
39 min
Desperate Times
Adam discusses threats of a recession, Trump's rift with Fox News, the disloyalty of Anthony Scaramucci, and why the idea of the United States buying Greenland is way scarier and more serious than we think
37 min
Understanding the Census Wars
Adam looks into the controversy surrounding the 2020 United States Census and why that citizenship question matters so much
35 min
Does Trump Want To Arrest Obama?
Adam discusses the idea that Trump will eventually use the Russia investigation as a means to arrest political opponents
32 min
Yes, Of Course They're Concentration Camps
Adam talks about American concentration camps, Mitch McConnell's stupid argument against reparations, a dastardly plan to evict HUD residents, and so much more
31 min
The All-New Air Force One
Adam talks about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, migrant children in WWII internment camps, the new Air Force One, and so much more
45 min
The Mueller Report Is Ill-Timed Disaster Porn
Adam discusses kids at Guantanamo Bay, Nazi propaganda on Whatsapp, and the psychological impact of Trump's presidency and how the release of the Mueller Report will make that infinitely worse
40 min
What We Really Need Is the Epstein Report
When current Trump administration Labor Secretary Alan Acosta negotiated a plea deal with notorious child abuser Jeffrey Epstein in 2007, he violated the law. It's time to reopen the investigation his actions ended.
37 min
Where Would We Be Without ISIS?
Adam discusses the rise of ISIS (and the return of US military bases) in the Philippines, and what it all might mean for the future of a notorious CIA black site in the middle of the ocean
38 min
I Watched the CPAC Speech So You Don't Have To
Adam discusses some of the wildest moments from Trump's insane CPAC speech
65 min
The Road To Florida
Can Trump win a second term without winning Florida? Nah, probably not. Even better question...if he loses, will he leave office peacefully?
39 min
Hell Paso
Adam discusses some of the underreported and (sometimes) terrifying moments from Trump's recent rally in El Paso, Texas
59 min
The Green New Deal (And An Underground Bunker)
Adam discusses the Green New Deal, thousands of dead birds in the Netherlands, a polar bear invasion in Russia, gun seizure laws, a potential new home in Vegas, and so much more
45 min
Sanction Bombs
Trump's private meetings with Putin, the INF Treaty, a new advancement in nuclear weapons technology, Coke's shady dealings with the CDC, and so much more.
59 min
The Defector
After months and months and months off, In Broad …
16 min
Section 7
On this episode, Adam discusses Trump's latest Ex…
17 min
Immigration and the Albuquerque PD
On this episode, Adam discusses Trump's plan to h…
21 min
The Executive Orders (And You)
This week, Adam talks about the creepiest parts o…
32 min
Guess Who's Coming To Space
Repealed regulations, guns for the mentally ill, …
29 min
Calm The F**k Down About Fake News
Calm the fuck down about fake news? I'm sure I had a decent point here that definitely isn't being conveyed in the title. Who knows? (Originally released 12/02/16)
12 min
Police On Social Media
Hey you know how the police sometimes pull wacky stunts on social media to improve their image? Fuck that. (Originally released 11/30/16)
11 min
The Book That Explains Your Trump Supporting Re...
A rundown of the horrifying findings of the book The Authoritarians, which might as well be a road map of your Trump supporting relatives' brains. Originally released 11/23/16.
20 min
Some Thoughts On Crying Wolf
The fourth episode of In Broad Daylight, originally released 11/21/16. I honestly have no idea what this episode was about.
21 min
Kanye West Is Human Garbage
The third episode of In Broad Daylight. Originally released 11/18/16. It's about Kanye.
13 min
An Important Discussion About Self-Lacing Shoes
The second-ever episode of In Broad Daylight, originally released 11/16/16. It's about shoes.
12 min
The very first episode of In Broad Daylight, recorded way back in 2016
24 min