BMO Equity Research IN Tune

IN Tune is a podcast series featuring Equity Research analysts from BMO Capital Markets. Our shows explore key emerging themes, trends, and issues which are important to our institutional clients globally. Visit our website at

Understanding the Silicon Valley Bank Failure –...
James Fotheringham, US Financials Analyst & Sohrab Movahedi, Banks Analyst
47 min
The Canadian 2023 REIT Outlook | Something’s Go...
Michael Markidis, CFA, Canadian REITs analyst
16 min
BMO Radicle and the World of Carbon Credits
Doug Morrow, ESG Strategist; Rachel Walsh, Carbon Innovation Analyst
41 min
Best of BMO | Our Best Mining Ideas for 2023
Dave Gagliano, CFA, Metals & Mining Analyst & Alexander Pearce, Mining Analyst & Jackie Przybylowski, P.Eng., CFA, Metals & Mining Analyst & Brian Quast, P.Eng., JD., Precious Metals Analyst & Andrew Mikitchook, P.Eng., CFA, Metals & Mining Analyst & Rene Cartier, CPA, CA, CBV, CFA, Metals & Mining Analyst & Raj Ray, CFA, Mining Analyst & Ryan Thompson, CFA, Precious Metals Analyst
27 min
Analyzing Climate Change Risk for US REITs
Doug A. Morrow, ESG Strategy & Juan C. Sanabria, US REITs Analyst
15 min
BAM Spin Mechanics & Alternatives in a Higher R...
Sohrab Movahedi, Banks Analysts and Étienne Ricard, CFA, Diversified Financials (Canada) Analyst
23 min
Discussing ESG Trends in the Base Metal and Div...
Doug A. Morrow, ESG Strategy
20 min
The Voluntary Carbon Market: International Mark...
Rachel Walsh, Carbon Innovation Analyst
16 min
Battery Materials: Raising EV Sales, and What I...
Robin Fiedler, CFA, Battery Materials Analyst, Joel Jackson, P.Eng., CFA, Fertilizers and Chemicals Analyst, Colin Hamilton, Commodities Analyst
15 min
Best of BMO Equity Ideas, Q322
Equity Research Team
25 min
On-Farm Carbon and Emissions Management May Pro...
Joel Jackson, P.Eng., CFA, Fertilizers & Chemicals Analyst
11 min
Food, Ag, Fertilizer, and ESG From the Lens of ...
Joel Jackson, Fertilizers and Chemicals Analyst; Ken Zaslow, Food & Agribusiness Analyst; Doug A. Morrow, ESG Strategist
21 min
The Outer Limits: Exploring the Cost (Opportuni...
26 min
Best of BMO Q1/22
Equity Research Team
25 min
Metal Matters: Confusion and Chaos
Colin Hamilton, Commodities Analyst
10 min
The Future of Food: The Past, The Present, The ...
Kenneth B. Zaslow, CFA, Food & Agribusiness Analyst
14 min
BMO’s 2022 Outlook for Canadian Oil & Gas Sector
Ray Kwan, P.Eng.& Randy Ollenberger Oil & Gas Sector
20 min
Analyzing Drivers of Value in an IFRS 17 World
Tom MacKinnon, Insurance/Asset Mgrs/Div Financials, FSA, FCIA
15 min
CCUS: The Next Gamechanger to De-carbonize Cana...
Ben Pham, CFA, Energy Infrastructure Analyst; John Gibson, CFA, Oil & Gas CDN Services Analyst; Doug A. Morrow, ESG Strategist
18 min
BMO Smarter Investing - What does the economy l...
BMO Economists Sal Guatieri, Douglas Porter, Jennifer Lee, and special guest Benjamin Reitzes
21 min
On Track: Railroads Innovating for the Long Haul
Fadi Chamoun, Transportation Analyst & John Stephenson, Special Projects Contributor
15 min
Crypto 101: Making Sense of Blockchain and Cryp...
Deepak Kaushal, P.Eng., CFA, Technology Analyst
29 min
BMO Smarter Investing - The Rise of Inflation: ...
BMO Economists Douglas Porter and Sal Guatieri
20 min
Economics of Online Grocery in Canada: Who’s Do...
Peter Sklar, CPA, CA; Tamy Chen, CFA; Emily Foo, CFA
16 min
Metal Matters: Copper’s Big Move and Critical M...
Colin Hamilton, Commodities Analyst
8 min