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Episode Eighty-One: ImmaletYou... If You're Nasty!
On ImmaLetYouFinish... episode 81 Court & Amy give Whoopi where for, chop it up about Janet and make SuperBowl predictions. ImmaLetYouFinish... is a proud part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
54 min
Episode Eighty: Star 80
ImmaLetYouFinish... celebrates 80 shows as Court & Amy boo hoo about Adele, wtf about Damon vs Taylor and give undersung women their shine. ImmaLetYouFinish... is a proud part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
42 min
Episode Seventy-Nine: Almost Eighty
It's Episode 79 of ImmaLetYouFinish.... Watch in amazement as Court & Amy wish Celine well, sigh over Stromae and wrestle with our love of all things TLC..and we don't mean the group.  ImmaLetYouFinish... is a proud part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
51 min
Episode Seventy-Eight: New York State Of Mind.....
It's episode 78 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy live for The Weeknd, drag Mayor Adams and wave bye bye to some anti vax tennis guy. ImmaLetYouFinish... Podcast is a proud part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
51 min
Episode Seventy-Seven: New Year, Same Sh**!
It's episode #77 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy welcome in 2022 by anticipating the Janet doc, giving Nas all the flowers and not pretending that Rihanna is ever going to drop new music. ImmaLetYouFinish... is a proud part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
41 min
Episode Seventy-Six: Goodbye 2021
ImmaLetYouFinish... say goodbye to 2021 by showing love to some of our favorite albums, rolling our eyes at Jussie & suffering through Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. ImmaLetYouFinish... is a proud part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
67 min
Episode Seventy-Five: #75
ImmaLetYouFinish... turns 75 and to mark the occasion Court & Amy put Drake in the timeout chair, give the Grammys some dap and pay tribute the late and legendary Greg Tate. ImmaLetYouFinish... is a proud part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
43 min
Episode Seventy-Four: Sondheim, Virgil & Tekash...
On Episode 74 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy celebrate Sondheim and Abloh, dunk on the Cuomos and talk all things Tekashi with author Shawn Setaro. ImmaLetYouFinish... is a proud part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
66 min
Episode Seventy-Three: Same Us, Still No Grammy!
It’s episode 73 of ImmaLetYouFinish...! Court & Amy celebrate the holiday by breaking down the Grammys, explaining Pete Davidson and introducing that new singer Adele. ImmaLetYouFinish... Is a proud part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
60 min
Episode Seventy-Two: Mark Pringle & Barney Hosk...
On Episode #72 Court & Amy talk Adele, Britney and Taylor and welcome our esteemed guests Rock's Backpages Mark Pringle and Barney Hoskyns, who explain why they hate Oasis but love Faith Evans. ImmaLetYouFinish... is part of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
91 min
Episode Seventy-One: Did That Just Happen...
On episode #71 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy take Aaron Rodgers to task, took a look at Travis Scott and take a chance with the new ABBA.
45 min
Episode Seventy: New Mayor, New Rock Hall Class...
It's ImmaLetYouFinish... episode #70!!! Court & Amy get down to smart dance pop, bid Sliwa farewell and get the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony dish from our guest Bevy Smith.
68 min
Episode Sixty-Nine: Rock Hall With Guest Joe Kw...
On episode #69 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy welcome our Pantheon brethren Joe Kwaczala of Who Cares About the Rock Hall  to discuss this year's ceremony, figure out why Pat got snubbed and nominate Barry to induct Jay.
68 min
Episode Sixty-Eight: Go Easy On Us
It's episode #68 of ImmaLetYouFinish and Court & Amy put some folks in a box, sing along with Adele and Stromae and roll our eyes at Ms. Couric.
57 min
Episode Sixty-Seven: The Middle Finger
It’s episode 67 of Immaletyoufinish... Courtney & Amy put the bomp in the bomp, roll their eyes at Kyrie and put Dave Chappelle in the time out corner.
37 min
Episode Sixty-Six: Is this Thing Working? With ...
It's episode #66 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Courtney & Amy burn some Sage, await Adele and talk all things Kendrick with our pal author Miles Marshall Lewis. Part of Pantheon Podcasts
65 min
Episode Sixty-Five: We Are The World
On Ep. #65 ImmaLetYouFinish... qualifies for Medicare by trashing R. Kelly, pondering Global Citizen and basking in Keri Hilson’s beauty.
55 min
Episode Sixty-Four: Ready or Not Here They Come...
ImmaLetYouFinish... celebrates their 64 episode by ranking the Rolling Stone rankings, remembering Sarah Dash and waiting for the Fugees to hit the stage. 
48 min
Episode Sixty-Three: Round The Outside, Round T...
It's Episode #63 of ImmaLetYouFinish... and Court & Amy break down the VMAs, break up over the Met Gala and give the late Malcolm McClaren some Buffalo love.
66 min
Episode Sixty-Two: And We're Back...
ImmaLetYouFinish... returns from break! On episode #62 Court & Amy recap some summer shenanigans, pay tribute to fallen icons and pretend to care about Kanye and Drake.
49 min
Episode Sixty-One: And Now For Our Next Trick...
On episode #61 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Courtney & Amy bid Cuomo goodbye, liberate Britney and kick off the holiday hiatus with Neil and Chris.
49 min
Episode Sixty: Tunes, Goons & ReRe
ImmaLetYouFinish... turns 60 and to honor that milestone Court & Amy show Aretha some respect, celebrate old man rappers and go bowling at the Felt Forum. Part of Pantheon Podcasts
61 min
Episode Fifty-Nine: Twisties & Fries with Migue...
On episode #59 of Immaletyoufinish... Court & Amy music factory shake off the twisties, praise everything Billie and welcome our special guest publicity god Miguel Baguer. Part of Pantheon Podcasts
67 min
Episode Fifty-Eight: UnderSung Artist
It’s episode 58 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy shine a light on Black women who can sing, Scritti Politti and other faves who get overlooked. Part of the Pantheon Podcast Network
45 min
Episode Fifty-Seven: That New York S***
On Episode #57 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Court & Amy catch up with Brit-Brit, celebrate New York, New Music and wonder if Shakira’s hips still don't lie. Check us out on the Pantheon Podcast Network.
44 min