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Hysteria 51
Hysteria 51 is a weekly podcast that takes an every-man approach to the world of the weird - aliens, mysteries, the paranormal, the unusual, and the unexplained. Hosts John Goforth, Brent Hand, and Conspiracy Bot (a cranky robot bent on world domination who also happens to be the show’s head researcher) examine a different topic each week and generally come to one conclusion…the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.
Society & Culture
Westall UFO Incident: A Close Encounter of the ...
Elementary school is such a fun experience. How could you not love the art projects, lunchtime with your friends, recess, UFO sightings…. Well, that last one is specific to a small suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (also colloquially known as Westall). The Westall UFO Incident took place on April 6th, 1966, when over 200 students and faculty in the area reportedly observed multiple UFOs defying physics and toying with other, more terrestrial aircraft. This was followed by the appearance of a mysterious military type unit with designs on covering the whole thing up. What really happened in Westall? Who were the mysterious men telling locals to keep their mouths shut? Do windsocks react with swamp-gas? We head back to the Land Down Under this week and investigate. Plus, British Announcer Guy is back and has a bone to pick with Conspiracy Bot (this might not end well), the fellas try to calm things down with a negotiation of sorts (also not likely to end well), and even Kyle gets involved (definitely will not end well). All of that and more on the podcast that knows for a fact there wasn’t a UFO seen over Australia...because Australia isn’t real – Hysteria 51.
48 min
Plum Island: Bio Weapon Black Site or Disease D...
If the U.S. were to have a facility to exclusively study the deadliest animal pathogens in the world. Where do you think they would put it? Some remote outpost in the middle of nowhere? Thousands of feet underground? An island just off the coast of New York? If you took door number 3 you’re our winner…of foot and mouth disease! Plum Island, or the Plum Island Animal Disease Center is just off the coast of Long Island and studies some of the worst known animal diseases out there. But is that all they study? Is it really as safe as they say? Are there secret Nazi scientists are working on some of the most gruesome and devilish bio-weapons right under our noses? We slip into our biohazard suits and research it this week. Plus, the robots are on everyone’s last nerve (cheese muffins), a certain British announcer makes his way to the Lower Fourth (no, we still don’t really understand him), and Brent gives everyone a nautical lesson on WW2 era submarines (let’s just say you shouldn’t site him as a research source). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never studied dangerous diseases up close…that’s what we have the robot for - Hysteria 51.
58 min
The Great Pyramid of Giza is a Water Pump w/ St...
The majesty of the Great Pyramid of Giza is unrivaled. Its masterful design, its mind-boggling construction, the fact that’s its just an ancient, enormous water pump in the middle of the desert. Ummm, well, that’s the opinion of more than one expert and that of our guest this week – Steven Meyers. Steven has been studying the Great Pyramid for decades and contends its design is that of a functioning water pump to quench the thirst of the ancient Egyptians (or whoever) that built them. So, this week we grab our advanced degrees in hydraulic engineering and go in search of Giza. Plus, a reference to the Large Hadron Collider and its similarity to a certain calendar makes its way back to the show (it was Conspiracy Bot ), the fellas discuss their favorite “out of place artifact” (it’s not Conspiracy Bot), and both robots seem a little glitchier than normal (mostly just Conspiracy Bot). All of that and more on the podcast that believes all ancient monuments have a modern day use – they look like calendars - Hysteria 51.
65 min
Abominable Snowman: Our Second Yeti Episode Tha...
Yetis are like Jello – there’s always room for more. This week we dive even deeper into the fury beasts. What do the locals think? Where can you find the scalp? What’s the difference between a Sherpa and a sherpa (there is one). And finally, once and for all, are they real and what are they? So, once again, we pack up our snow gear and head into the fray. Plus, Conspiracy Bot surprises everyone and does some work (something’s fishy with that). Kyle says he did his work, but didn’t (nothing fishy there). And we welcome back Erik Severinghaus to give a bit more color to the Himalayas (Pecker is back too and he’s always fishy). All of that and more on the podcast that finds Yetis so nice, we decided to do them twice - Hysteria 51.
59 min
Yeti: Himalayan Horror or Hiker’s Hooey? | 150
Bigfoot seems to be getting all of the press these days, but what about his O.G. cousin from the far north? The Abominable Snowman or Yeti has appeared in legend, folklore, and adventurer’s stories for years...but what is it? Are we dealing with a, yet unidentified, specimen of ape or bear? Perhaps a hominid cousin we’re not yet aware of? A true snow monster? This week we strap on our crampons and go in search of Yeti. Plus, we learn the origin of C-BOT’S pet, Kyle’s, CPU (it involves a Tamagotchi). Pecker is somehow back in the lower 4th (it probably also involves a Tamagotchi). And we welcome in first timer, Erik Severinghaus, who claims Hysteria 51 is the sole reason he was able to summit Everest (oxygen deprivation is a helluva drug). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t have a pet Yeti...we left the backyard gate open - Hysteria 51.
64 min
High Strangeness: An Interview w/ Author Eric B...
Things are getting strange in the lower 4th this week as we interview author Eric Bickernicks about his fictional (?) UFO romp, High Strangeness. Are there really spandex clad, cult members looking to “amalgamate” with aliens? Have UFOs landed in Cape Cod? Is there a better name for a law firm than Wakeman and Frasier? We ask the tough questions this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot learns the negative side of building your own robot (we know this well). Kyle makes his triumphant return and reads some reviews of the show (it doesn’t go well). Also, David Flora joins in on the fun (well…) AND Majungus hits us with another awesome song (Intergalactic Invasion). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t always talk about fictional books – or do we – Hysteria 51.
54 min
Storm Area 51: They Can, In Fact, Stop All of U...
What do you get when you combine a joke social media event with the zeitgeisty topic of UFOs? 3+ MILLION people interested in attending an impromptu party/raid of a government installation. We know, a lot to unpack here. Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us is a Facebook event created by a meme posting page on a lark – hoping to get a handful of followers. Instead it’s become an internet phenomenon covered by everyone from NBC to the New York Times to Hysteria 51 (likely the most important of the bunch). Is the joke event actually happening? If so, are there any aliens to see? If anyone tried to enter Area 51 what lethal and non-lethal methods would the military use to turn them around? What’s a Naruto run? We try to bring some clarity to the chaos this week (but likely just confuse the situation further). Plus, Conspiracy Bot builds a robot to help with his light work (yes, his name is Kyle). We learn that Bot Juice is somehow a hit (apparently it’s the “tang that will make you sang” that does it). And David Flora from the Blurry Photos podcast makes his return to the Lower 4th to add to the confusion. All of that and more on the podcast that won’t be raiding Area 51, we played that game enough in the 90's - Hysteria 51. Cheese muffins.
53 min
The Tunguska Event: Asteroid or Aliens? | 147
On an early June morning in 1908 an explosion leveled over 770 square miles of remote Siberian forest. Effects of the event were witnessed as far away as London. The blast was said to be over 1,000 times larger than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Yet, there were no known casualties (minus a whole lot of reindeer), leading some to believe there was an intelligence behind the blast. What kind of force could have unleashed a blast of that magnitude? Was it simply a huge meteor? Could extra terrestrials be responsible? Maybe Nikola Tesla finally got his “death ray” right? We grab a bottle of vodka and investigate the curious case of the Tunguska Event this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot has a new product for sale (yes this one will likely kill you too), Brent attempts to play meteorologist (he’ll stick to podcasting), and Joe Peck is back on the show against our better judgement (he’s not welcome back). All of that and more on the podcast that only wishes on a star when it will level miles of forest and kill reindeer – Hysteria 51.
62 min
Unit 731: The WW2 Japanese Biological Testing N...
Most people are familiar with the horrors the Nazis visited upon their victims in WW2, but what most aren’t familiar with are some equally terrifying and grotesque experiments and testing on the part of the Japanese. At the heart of this was General Shirō Ishii and his Unit 731. Unit 731 was a covert biological and chemical warfare research unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation. And we don’t just mean take 2 of these and call us in the morning…if you’re alive. We’re talking about the kind of stuff that would make the devil blush. Freezing human limbs…while still attached to their very live owners. Or even worse, vivisections….you know where they dissect someone…who is still alive! Yeah, it’s a real chuckle fest this week as we explore Unit 731. Plus, we learn there’s an ideology to Conspiracy Bot’s insanity (he says he’s a giver), John gives us a dissertation on war treaties (sometimes Gofo’s just gonna Gofo), and Joe Peck makes a return visit to the lower 4th (as if he ever really left). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never committed a war crime, though some might argue guilt by robot association – Hysteria 51.
46 min
Spontaneous Human Combustion: Do People Just Bu...
You know the old saying, “nothing can ruin your day like spontaneously catching on fire”? We don’t either, but if it isn’t a quote it should be because…ouch. Reports of Spontaneous Human Combustion span history and continents. While situations and backstories change, many constants can be found between the cases. Is it possible that a rare set of circumstances could present itself where a human being would spontaneously catch afire? Could it be something more sinister like purposeful fires set via Pyrokinesis or something equally as morbid…big tobacco? We throw on our firefighter gear and go searching this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot is triggered and it’s because of your morning bagel (I guess everyone has their thing), the fellas talk Fire Marshall Bill (because how could they not), and Ryan Cassell makes his triumphant return to the Lower 4th (and is promptly schooled in the art of Jim Carrey – you’ll see). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never caught fire spontaneously, but we think we saw it happen once at a rave in college - Hysteria 51.
73 min
Alien Con L.A. Interviews: David Childress, Mik...
Ancient alien historians theorize this will be an extra out-there episode of Hysteria 51. This week we’re “live” (not really a thing in podcasts I guess) from Alien Con 2019 in Los Angeles. See, they call Los Angeles the "City Of Angels"; but I didn't find it to be that, exactly. But I'll allow it as there are some nice folks there. Course I ain't never been to London, and I ain't never seen France. And I ain't never seen no queen in her undies, so the feller says. But I'll tell you what - after seeing Los Angeles…wait I’m getting of track here – back to this week’s show! Did someone say Pumapunku? Maybe not, but David Childress joins us. While we’re at it we catch up with Mike Bara and wind up talking Tesla. Then we top this delicious treat with a dollop of Dr Chris Cogswell as he explains how science can help us understand aliens (silly, we know). All of that and more on the podcast that, well, it's the podcast for its time and place. It fits right in there. And that's Hysteria 51.
55 min
The Hum: The Unexplained Sound Heard 'Round the...
Ever go to a concert and hear an annoying ring or hum in your ears afterward? Now imagine you didn’t go to the concert, but still hear it. Where’s it coming from? Why is it worse inside my house? HOW CAN I STOP IT?!? This is the situation for 1000s of citizens across the globe that experience The Hum. It’s only in specific cities (Taos, Windsor, etc) and only certain citizens can hear it (generally 2-4%) of the population. What’s causing it? Why are some people more susceptible to than others? How do you actually pronounce Tinnitus? We put on our headphones and ask the tough questions this week about THE HUM. Plus, the fellas HUM the Crash Test Dummies for your listening pleasure (c’mon, you saw that coming), Assistant Ray becomes Producer Ray for the day (we’re unsure of the results), and we give you an update from AlienCon (spoiler – no Giorgio). All of that and more on the podcast that can’t hear the Hum but our wives would argue our hearing is selective to begin with – Hysteria 51.
45 min
The S.S. Ourang Medan: A DEADLY Ghost Ship | 142
What do you do when you find a ship adrift at sea? The obvious answer is to make sure it doesn’t explode. Unfortunately the folks that came upon the S. S. Ourang Medan didn’t heed our clarion call from the future. Instead they hopped aboard and investigated this ghost ship. They came aboard to find the entirety of the crew dead. When the investigating captain finally decided to tie ‘er up and toe ‘er back…that’s then the suspect ghost ship decided to explode and sink. What was actually aboard? What does cyanide taste like? This week we throw on our life preservers and find out. Plus, Brent makes a ”Jon Boat” joke (we’re sorry), we decide red shirts likely do need to be the losers of the away team (call us Riker), and the fellas get some help from an unlikely place…Kevin (oh and the host of the popular podcast Hillbilly Horror Stories – Mr Jerry Paulley also joins the show). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never found a ghost ship drifting at sea, but we loved the movie Ghost Ship - Hysteria 51.
59 min
Indigo Children: Superpowered or Superfake? | 141
Is your child a little unusual? Do they possess supernatural traits? How about super abilities? If you answered yes to some or all of these – chances are you have an indigo child! Indigo children, identified by their trademark indigo aura and at least one parent who identifies as “gypsy” (we might have made that part up), are potentially the next stage of human evolution. OR, the label could just be an attempt to ignore a much larger elephant in the room (I wonder what color aura elephants have). Either way we put on our indigo colored glasses and get to the bottom of it this week. Plus, we learn of Brent’s extreme disdain for the Indigo Girls, the fellas discuss what super power we would have given our 10 year-old selves, and we might just make it through an episode without singing (tune in to find out). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been diagnosed as indigo children…or fans of the indigo girls - Hysteria 51.
46 min
The Various Types of Hauntings: 99 Problems and...
“Carol Anne! Stop spitting green pea soup, the call is coming from inside the house!” Wait, we might be conflating a few things there, but you get the idea…there are (allegedly) a LOT of potential hauntings out there. How is one to keep them all straight?!? Well, thanks to your friendly, neighborhood Hysteria 51 – you don’t have to…we’ll do the hard work for you (stop us when we start to sound like the Sham Wow guy). This week we explore the various types of ghouls, ghosts, spirits, and demons that are inhabiting your granny’s pantry (we won’t ask). Plus, we force Conspiracy Bot into a hard reboot (in the name of science), we learn C-Bot only catches fat cats (and no that isn’t a metaphor), and Goforth goes off about the movie Noah (we don’t know either). All of that and more on the podcast that hasn’t seen every type of spirit out there, but we’ve tried most of them – Hysteria 51.
60 min
Stanton T. Friedman: A Tribute to a UFOlogy Pio...
Stanton Friedman was a nuclear physicist and professional UFOlogist. But he was more than that...he was involved in some of the largest stories and controversies in UFOlogy. We wouldn’t have the story of Roswell or the Majestic 12 without him. And while he certainly was controversial, no one can argue the indelible impact he had on UFOlogy and the world. This week we look at the life and impact of Stanton T Friedman. Plus, Conspiracy Bot finds a streak of kindness (it won’t last), the fellas go dark quick (no surprise there), we learn of GorGok the Protector of All Thing Magic (he lives in the mountains), and we’re all treated to a rousing rendition of Banditos (and no- Roger Clyne nor the Refreshments are on the show). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t do many tribute shows, but when we do, it’s for guys like Stanton – Hysteria 51.
51 min
The UFO People: A Curious Culture w/ MJ Banias ...
We are haunted by UFOs. They drift in and out of our culture in movies and on television, on billboards and in books. They are everywhere. However, for one small community, they are much more than the fodder of science fiction storytelling - they alter the entire fabric of reality. Enter The UFO People. Part narrative journey and part cultural study, The UFO People is a challenge to the UFO subculture and the broader public to recognize that UFOs, and the people who study them, challenge societal norms, institutions, and the many ideologies we assume to be true. This week we interview the author of The UFO People – MJ Banias. Plus, Conspiracy Bot finds a mentor in Napoleon, takes a trip to Fermilab, and makes John disappear (busy week). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never written a book about UFOs, but we’ve certainly had the book thrown at us – Hysteria 51.
45 min
Yellowstone Supervolcano: America’s Sleeping Ki...
Ah, the majesty of Yellowstone National Park. Hot springs, gushing geysers, majestic wildlife, a supervolcano that could kill us all. That’s right, under all of the beauty and wonder is Yellowstone’s supervolcano that by some estimates is overdue to blow. What would happen if the volcano did pop? Mass extinctions? Check. Potentially the end of the U.S. as we know it? Check. A global famine accompanied by a decade long winter? Check. Could this actually be a planet killer – ending life as we know it on the planet? Maybe not the entire planet, but it could certainly change the course of humanity. So, will it go off soon? Is there anything we can do about it? And strangely enough, would there be a way to turn this whole thing into an advantage? We grab our helmets and go investigating this existential risk this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot roots for the volcano (no surprise there), John questions the scientific viability of a Chinese sci-fi movie (we don’t know why either), and the fellas explore what we could do with a mini black hole right here in the lower 4th (spoiler – they’d sell tickets). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never faced an extinction level event, but if we did we’d want Billy Bob Thornton to deliver the news – Hysteria 51.
60 min
Alien Experiencers: An Interview with Experienc...
Does every abduction involve a probing? Do all the folks that have close encounters build mashed potato mountains first? Are these things really so huge, they’re bigger than a Walmart? We ask the tough questions this week as we interview Experiencer expert and MUFON Archivist NK Kranda. Plus, Brent decides he wants a pet Yeti (no surprise there). We draw comparisons between Conspiracy Bot and Florida Man (there are many). And everyone is relieved to realize he’ll never go down there (too many bodies of water). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never had an alien experience, unless spending some time in Florida counts – Hysteria 51.
47 min
The Fermi Paradox: Where are the Aliens? w/ Jos...
According to the Drake Equation there are approximately 40 bajillion habitable planets in our galaxy. Ok, the number is a little lower (and a little more specific than that), but the point remains the same...with all of these planets capable of sustaining life, why isn’t the galaxy just teeming with extra-terrestrials? Or, put more succinctly- where the heck are all the aliens? Enrico Fermi posed this question to some scientist friends at a lunch in 1950 and it’s been known as the “Fermi Paradox” ever since. We dive in this week but we don’t go exploring alone as we enlist of the help of Stuff You Should Know co-host, Josh Clark. Plus, Conspiracy Bot actually helps the show by recruiting Josh (surprising), by recruiting we actually mean kidnapping (less surprising), and yes he used poison (there it is). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never proven the existence of aliens, but how else would you explain Giorgio Tsoukalos' hair – Hysteria 51.
71 min
The Man From Taured: The Traveler Whose Country...
Ever been to Taured this time of year? It’s fabulous!! No, you haven’t? In fact you haven’t heard of it? Well, neither had the rest of the world when in July of 1954 a man in a suit shows up at a Japanese airport claiming to not only hail from the (imminently non- existent country), but produces a legit passport. Did this man unknowingly slip into a parallel dimension? Did he time travel? Or is he and/or the story absolutely full of it? This week we report, you decide on The Man From Taured. Plus, the fellas learn why we should never let Conspiracy Bot travel to parallel dimensions (could be bad), speaking of - the guys talk about the potential return of Sliders (could be good), and Conspiracy Bot again learns he is powered by Dilithium Crystals (thankfully not true). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never slid into another dimension, but we did love us some Jonathan Reese Davies on Sliders – Hysteria 51.
52 min
The Mary Celeste | 133
Imagine this: You and your crew are traversing the Atlantic aboard your merchant ship. You spot something up ahead and grab the spyglass. Is that another ship? You call to the ship announcing your presence…no response. Is there no one aboard? Where’s the crew? You board the ship and things are silent. It’s too quiet. Something isn’t sitting right about this situation. There’s a sewing machine with a baby’s dress being sewn…the hem is still mid-stitch. The log book’s last entry? 10 days ago. Where did the crew go? What would cause them to abandon ship so abruptly without any signs of duress? Did they leave the ship willingly? What happened to the Mary Celeste – we investigate this week. Plus, David Flora of Blurry Photos Podcast makes his triumphant return once again. Conspiracy Bot pivots his game plan for Bot Booze. Brent circles back around on how C-Bot is paying for it. And we all learn that poisonous, bad-tasting, and foul-smelling are table stakes for any product the robot creates. All of that and more on the podcast that’s never discovered a ghost ship, but took a Carnival Cruise once that was almost as scary – Hysteria 51.
66 min
The Green Children of Woolpit: Multidimensional...
Picture this - you’re working in a field and quite suddenly 2 children appear out of seemingly nowhere. These kids not only don’t speak a language you’ve ever heard, but they’re skin is...GREEN. This might sound like the beginning of an episode of Black Mirror, but it isn’t. It’s an alleged real-life incident from 12th century England. Who were these kids? Where did they come from? Is this the first written proof of multidimensional travel or the first written proof of a broccoli overdose? This week we jump back over the pond and look into the curious case of the Green Children from Woolpit. Plus, Conspiracy Bot gets subpoenaed for the first time (really, that's the first time?). Brent could be facing jail time for the first time (again, we're surprised). And Bot Booze could finally be coming to an end (finally!). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never met any green children, but that could be due to the restraining order (thanks C-Bot) - Hysteria 51.
48 min
Spring Heeled Jack – England’s Weirdest Paranor...
This week we hop BACK over the pond to merry ol’ England to tackle a most vile and sinister serial…slapper? Well - slapper, groper, fire belcher, carriage crasher, and more. This week we’re looking into the legend of Spring Heeled Jack. This mischievous prankster allegedly had metal claws, could leap over 10 ft. walls, breath blue fire, apparently loved to slap authority figures, and cause carriages to crash. But who was this British bouncer? Is this just a folk tale re-told over the years to explain away hundreds of different events, was there a person of extraordinary ability terrorizing the countryside, or were these just a series of glorified fraternity pranks? David Flora of the Blurry Photos podcast joins the fun to help us uncover the identity of Britain’s strangest urban legend. Plus, Conspiracy Bot tries to get rid of Flora (he’s protective of BRENT’S beer), the fellas all try their hands at a British accent and fail miserably (shocking), and a related ghost in Long Island sounds eerily similar to Keanu Reeves (whoa). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never terrified women by blowing fire into their face, we do it the old fashioned way, by letting them see our work ethic and bank account – Hysteria 51.
70 min
Introducing It Could Happen Here, An iHeartRadi...
Boy, politics really has gotten hideous, hasn’t it? And protests seem a lot more violent than they were a couple of years ago. Are things getting worse? Could the U.S.A. be on the road to a second civil war? Robert Evans says ‘Yes!’ and by the time you’ve finished listening to ‘It Could Happen Here’, you will too.
3 min
The Pascagoula Abduction: A Controversial Close...
There’s nothing like fishing in the evening with a friend. The only sounds disturbing your peaceful respite are the gentle trickles of water, the rhythmic chirping of crickets, and the loud whirring of an alien aircraft that’s come to abduct you. OK, that last one might be unique to this story. The Pascagoula Abduction was a close encounter of the 4th kind in Mississippi in the early 70's. Out on a fishing trip, 2 men where minding their own business when a UFO flew down and the inhabitants abducted the men. The aliens were said to have elephant-like skin and lobster-claws for hands. And while this sounds a bit far-fetched, even a polygraph was passed. They were even hypnotized to get the truth. The hypnotist’s conclusion? The fishermen "experienced an extraterrestrial phenomena". This week we’re cooking up some mashed potatoes and diving into this close encounter. Plus, why is Conspiracy Bot hiring the Polish figure skating team (it’s a long story)? We learn Dick Cheney is actually a robot (we can’t prove this, but no one would be surprised). And Rob Kristoffersen, host of the Our Strange Skies joins us in the lower 4th to talk alien elephants. All of that and more on the podcast that’s never seen an alien elephant, all of the elephants we’ve seen were naturalized – Hysteria 51.
55 min
Humanity in 100 years (w/ Stuff They Don’t Want...
Interstellar travel, rewriting human genetics, body hacking, limitless clean energy...is this our future? What will humanity look like in 100 years (assuming the Yellowstone Caldera doesn’t take us all out)? If technology continues to progress anywhere near the pace of the last few decades, not only will we have people on Mars, we’ll be in the middle of terraforming it. Or, will our future have a distinctly dystopian pallor? We take a look ahead this week with Ben Bowlin and Matt Frederick from the OG conspiracy podcast, Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know. Plus, could the future of humanity hinge on this very podcast? (no) Conspiracy Bot has the fix for quantum computers (defrag). And we all have some “tea, Earl Grey, hot”. All of that and more on the podcast that is hopeful for the future of humanity (poorly conceived and built robots on the other hand, we aren’t so sure) – Hysteria 51.
60 min
Black Project Aircraft – America’s UFOs | 128
Not EVERY UFO can be an aliens (we know Giorgio, shocking). These unknown aircraft aren’t always “unidentified” to everyone. Some of them come from a little closer to home – the good ol’ U.S. of A. The U.S. Government has confirmed the existence of Black Project Aircraft. These are experimental and developmental planes, drones, and more that are highly classified and not publicly acknowledged by the government or its contractors. These technologies are known to range from invisibility, experimental propulsion systems, advanced weaponry and more (that’s the whole classified / black project part). To help uncover the truth this week we’ve enlisted the help of Black Project Aircraft expert and author of the Wingman book series, Mack Maloney. Plus, Conspiracy Bot decides he’s going to help (for once) produce the show (he doesn’t), he also makes some pretty harsh allegations involving Tom DeLonge (and a ham sandwich), and Brent threatens Conspiracy Bot with a bath (this might all be related). All of that and more on the podcast that knows the government has super-secret Black Project Aircraft in development, how else could you explain (REDACTED) - Hysteria 51.
66 min
Jack Parsons: The Occult and the Art of Rocket ...
Jack Parsons is the subject of this week’s show. Jack was one of the principal founders of both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation. He invented the first rocket engine to use a castable, composite rocket propellant, and pioneered the advancement of both liquid-fuel and solid-fuel rockets. Oh, and he also summoned the devil, was besties with Aleister Crowley, and practiced magick. You know, normal rocket scientist stuff. This week we dive into the life and times of Jack Parsons. Plus, Conspiracy Bot actually succeeds on Shark Tank (really Mr. Wonderful?), in unrelated news he now has a jingle for his Bot Booze (it’s stolen), and Dan Kozuh of TheHardTimes.net makes a return visit to the Lower 4th to talk his new book Lingeria (we’re as surprised as you are). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never summoned a demon to get a science experiment to work, we have a robot for that - Hysteria 51.
64 min
Jonestown - The Murder | 126
Cult leader Jim Jones used a dangerous mix of lies, abuse, and manipulation to control the members of his People’s Temple. The hold he had over his cult was so severe he convinced the members to move into the middle of the jungles of Guyana, AKA Jonestown. But, as the events unraveled so too did Jones. Failing health and a drug addiction fueled his craziness and led to a US Congressman flying to Guyana to see things for himself. The ensuing events led to the tragic murder of the Congressman and much of his party, then culminated in in the deaths of over 900 people at Jonestown…over a 3rd of which were kids. Jones convinced his followers to drink Flavor-Aid laced with Cyanide. Some drank of their own volition, some were forced, while many (including children) were injected. How does a diverse church group who set out to build a paradise on Earth, a Utopian society free from racism and hatred, end up unleashing hell on Earth that culminated in one of the greatest crimes in our modern times? We dive in deep this week. Plus, Conspiracy has decided he’s going to be on Shark Tank, in an unrelated note he also decides he need to go to the aquarium, and finally Pecker, Kevin, and Chris Marcum all take a trip back to the lower 4th to finish this crazy topic. All of that and more on the podcast that has never met Jim Jones, but we know a guy who knows Jim Belushi - Hysteria 51.
80 min
Jonestown - The Monster | 125
Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. We’ve all heard it, heck most of us have said it. An anachronism from the 80's that has come to simply mean to not completely buy into an idea whether good or bad. But the roots of the phrase are so much more severe…so much more frightening. Whether it be by their own hand or forcibly – these poor souls died in the steaming jungles of Jonestown, Guyana at the order of their leader. A maniacal, drug addicted cult leader named Jim Jones. In this first of two episodes we explore the man responsible. How could one man hold that much power over his followers? What would compel a man to ask almost 1,000 people to lay down their lives? Are monsters born monsters or do they turn into them? We dive into all of those light questions this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot grows his business as people are actually buying his product (we don’t know who), Joe Peck is back on the show for the 2nd week in a row (we don’t know how), and Kevin Crispin makes his triumphant return with special guest Chris Marcum (we don’t know why). All of that and more on the podcast that wasn’t at Jonestown, but one of our favorite albums is Sam’s Town - Hysteria 51.
75 min
Alex Jones: Conspiracy’s Con Man | 124
What’s the best way to sell erectile dysfunction pills? Claim 9/11 was an inside job! Well, at least that’s the tact that Alex Jones takes. Jones and his InfoWars network have been consistently putting out looney tunes conspiracy theories for two decades. But they aren’t just talking reptilians and new world order. Jones has taken it to the next level; from accusing Sandy Hook shooting victims of being crisis actors to propagating the famous #pizzagate hoax. Jones has built an empire on lies and the pain of others. This week we bring on the guys from Knowledge Fight to look into this grifter. Is he a true believing nut job, or a confidence man just trying to hawk his various snake oils? Plus, Wesley Willis makes an appearance on the show (bonus points if you know who that is), Conspiracy Bot releases his own line of booze (rubbing alcohol anyone?), and speaking of 90’s technology (looking at you C-Bot) the fellas talk Win-Amp. All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t turn the freakin’ frogs gay, but does have a favorite song about frogs (looking at you Wesley Willis) – Hysteria 51.
92 min
The Kardashev Scale | 123
How advanced is our civilization? Hot Pockets? Check. Cat memes? Check. Total control of our planet’s resources, weather, and energy? Well…we’ll get back to you. That’s the basic premise of the Kardashev Scale. It’s a simple test to judge a civilization’s technological advancement. The scale ranges from 0 (we’re a 0.7) to a 6 or 7 (think omnipotent beings). This week we explore where we are, where we’re (hopefully) going, and how we can get there. Plus, Conspiracy Bot gives himself an upgrade to SUPER C (he’s been playing too much NES), the neighborhood cats are back in his cross-hairs (he drank a bottle of Malört), and we talk how Pluto has gotten the shaft (#teamPluto). All of that and more on the podcast that didn’t know you in high school, but if we had we would have beat up any other podcasts that made fun of your Magic the Gathering collection – Hysteria 51.
63 min
Nuclear Boy Scout: Or How I Learned to Stop Wor...
Teenagers nowadays. No respect for their elders. I mean, as teens in our day we were walking uphill (both ways) to school in the snow. We didn’t have cellphones, we had pagers. If we needed a nuclear reactor, we built it in our backyard! Well, not all of us – but this week’s subject certainly tried. David Hahn was just another suburban kid, up until he MacGyver’d up a breeder reactor in his mom’s shed using not much more than a bunch of smoke detectors and old clocks. This week we dive into the how, where, and why of David Hahn – affectionately known as the Nuclear Boy Scout. Plus, we learn why Conspiracy Bot has a thing for Wheel of Fortune (hint: it’s the repartee), we learn how many smoke detectors you can buy without raising an eyebrow (hint: it’s a lot), and for some reason C-Bot actually helped with this week’s show (hint: it involves homemade nuclear power). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never built a nuclear reactor, but that definitely reacts nuclearly (is that a word?) on occasion – Hysteria 51.
61 min
Dulce Underground Base: Alien Base or Absolute ...
Dulce, New Mexico: population 2,743…ABOVE GROUND! That’s right, according to some there is a secret base under Dulce that houses everything from classified US technology to reptilians. According to those same folks Dulce is one of the many underground facilities that Reptilians use to run experiments on humans. Oh, and there was a huge underground battle there between aliens and the US military. The aliens managed to win because they had advanced ray guns. And from there….the story REALLY starts to get strange. This week we grab our tinfoil hats and go down the reptilian hole as we explore the Dulce Underground Base. Plus, Conspiracy Bot stays sober long enough to do some writing (surprisingly true), we learn there is a Starbucks on Venus that employed Conspiracy Bot (not true at all), and Kevin Crispin is back in the lower 4th (fun and true)! All of that and more on the podcast that’s never fought reptilians underground, our battles have always taken place on Outworld (Reptile wins!) – Hysteria 51.
59 min
Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers- An Intervi...
Bob Lazar is on the Mount Rushmore of names in the UFO world. He (virtually on his own) brought the existence of Area 51 to the forefront by telling his story of working on real UFOs in the 80's. If a podcast, website, or movie is covering UFOs they can’t do a complete job without mentioning Bob. The challenge is he pretty much STOPPED talking to the press and giving interviews for more than 20 years. Then, came along documentarian Jeremy Corbell. He has produced a new documentary on Lazar with his FULL cooperation. This week we interview Jeremy about his experiences, if and why he believes the story, and a whole lot more. Plus, we somehow work John Lear into the discussion (you’ll see), Conspiracy Bot compares himself to Dr. Phil (he’s more like Judge Judy), and :spoiler alert: Mickey Rourke doesn’t join the show (C-Bot was disappointed). All of that and more on the podcast that isn’t on the Mount Rushmore of podcasts, but is on the Mount Rushmore of Mount Rushmores (in our own mind) – Hysteria 51.
69 min
Antikythera Mechanism – The World’s First Compu...
Imagine finding shipwreck from thousands of years ago and among the rest of the debris finding a laptop with instructions on how to use it. That’s ALMOST exactly what happened when the Antikythera Mechanism was found. OK, so it wasn’t exactly a laptop, but many refer to it as the world’s first analog computer. And no matter how you classify it, it certainly doesn’t fit the time frame it dates back to. How did the ancient Greeks create a machine so advanced that another example of its intricacies wouldn’t be found in the world for another century and a half? We attempt to get to the bottom of it or at least blame the aliens this week. Plus, the fellas talk about THEIR first computer, we’re able to compare the mechanism to both a magic 8-ball and Grays Sports Almanac, and Conspiracy Bot quotes bad 90’s music. All of that and more on the podcast that’s never built a fully functional computing machine that can output correct data (but we have Conspiracy Bot) - Hysteria 51.
61 min
2018 Year-End Review and Orson Welles - Dracula...
Man, 2018 flew by fast. And what a crazy year it was for all of us at Hysteria 51. New network, award nominations, iTunes top 200, the list goes on. We could not have done it without all of you, so this week Producer Lisa and Brent take a look back at the year. They talk achievements, (holy crap there was actually more than 1), how much prettier Lisa is than John (duh), our war with LeVar Burton (only in our heads), and what 2019 has in store for the show. Oh, but it doesn't end there. Then you are treated to our tradition of our favorite Audio Drama of the Year. This time around it is a mouthful with The Mercury Theater on the Air, with Orson Welles presents – “Dracula”. So break out the garlic and sharpen some sticks for this year-end review on the podcast that isn't hosted by Vampires because we don't need a reason to suck even more, Hysteria 51
64 min
Nazca Lines – Peruvian Artwork or Alien Runways...
The Nazca Lines are a group of ancient geoglyphs etched into desert sands of southern Peru. Made up of of over 10,000 lines, the figures are most visible from the air or nearby hilltops. The designs range from geometric patterns to animals and more. Why would an ancient culture spend the time and effort to etch out such elaborate and large designs? Is it simply an ancient artform? Were they an homage to the god(s) of the time? Or, were they an invitation…even a guide to a group viewing from the stars? We grab our brooms and dust off the Nazca Lines this week. Plus, the fellas talk about their favorite childhood art toys (Mainway’s Bag o’ Glass makes an appearance). Conspiracy Bot learns about yellow snow. And the merits of giving soldering irons to children is debated (it’s a good idea). All of that and more on the podcast that that’s never carved ornate messages into the earth for aliens, but we have written plenty of messages in snow…yellow snow - Hysteria 51.
69 min
UFOs at Maury Island: MiB, JFK, and Dog Murder
In the wild world of UFOs it doesn’t take much for a story to take on a life of its own. A flash in the sky or a shadow turns into a close encounter. But sometimes they have a little more meat to them…dog meat. Along with one of the first known run-ins with the infamous Men In Black, the death of 2 investigators, and even a potential link to the JFK assassination. But why would a tale wilder than Roswell be nothing more than a footnote on a few UFO websites? Is it simply an elaborate hoax? Or are there larger forces at play that have been able to keep the truth from getting anywhere close to the surface? We head to Washington state and try to get to the middle of this UFO donut this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot claims to have fans, the fellas learn what its like to wake up with no memories in Montana while waiting tables (again), and a blast from the past as Mark Frushour is back in the lower 4th after almost 100 episodes! All of that and more on the podcast that’s never had a dog killed by a UFO, but that would hunt E.T. to Zeta Reticuli and back if we did - Hysteria 51.
74 min
Magic: Hocus Pocus or Bona Fide Sorcery? | 115
The dictionary defines magic as the power to influence the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Not David Blaine pretending to float, not the recovering alcoholic at your kid’s birthday party pulling a rabbit out of a hat – real honest-to-goodness MAGIC... or MAGIK... or MAGICK... however you want to spell it. And while we see examples of it all the time in fictional pop culture (looking at you Harry Potter), the question persists: is MAGIC real? This week we study the history, look at some examples, and pull the answer out of…somewhere. Plus, Conspiracy Bot threatens Brent’s new dog, the fellas discuss their favorite fictional magic users, and C-Bot learns what “hair of the dog” means. All of that and more on the podcast that’s never done real magic, but tries to put together a little podcast magic each week (hey oh!) - Hysteria 51.
64 min
Tarot and Clairvoyance: Magic or Mischief? | 114
Ever had your palm read? Maybe a tarot reading? Wonder if it was anything more than paying $20 bucks for a lady with a headdress to look into a hunk of glass and tell you what you want to hear? Us too. That’s why we decided to call in some experts. This week not only do we look at the history and research surrounding clairvoyance and tarot, but we bring in a clairvoyant and a tarot reader! Will John have success in his career? How will the new dog turn out for Brent? Can you even read an angry robot? We ask the tough questions this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot can’t figure out why he can’t book Miss Cleo as a guest for the show (hint: she’s dead). In completely unrelated news he tries his hand (pincers) at being a 900-number clairvoyant (hint: he fails and we have the tape). And the fellas find out some intriguing information about the future of the show (we’re hoping it involves the lottery). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t have psychic powers we’re aware of, but if we did, we’d probably just use them with our bookie – Hysteria 51.
73 min
The Business Plot: Corporate America’s Bid to O...
Everyone jokes about Facebook and Google taking over the country. But what if the most powerful corporations in America REALLY did organize a coup and turn the USA into a fascist dictatorship? Believe it or not, it almost happened in the 1930’s! That’s this week’s topic, The Business Plot. It might have a boring name, but the story itself is anything but. Huge American corporations attempting to organize hundreds of thousands former military to march on Washington and kick FDR out of office. And they would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those darn kids. Well, actually 1 kid. And actually, it was an adult war-hero named Smedley Butler. This bad mama jama won the Medal of Honor…twice (and tried to give it back both times because what he did was “no big deal”). This week we grab a pegboard and some string to try and put together the pieces of the Business Plot. Plus, the fellas discuss the merits of government cheese, Conspiracy Bot starts referring to himself as “daddy”, and we learn the robot has a penchant for Wheat Thins (who knew). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never put together a plot to overthrow the government, but we know a certain robot that’s thinking about it - Hysteria 51.
60 min
The Bermuda Triangle: The Deadly Deep or Drumme...
When you were younger, didn’t you think the Bermuda Triangle was going to have a much greater impact on your life than it has? We sure did. The triangular patch of the Northern Atlantic near the Caribbean has been the subject of countless books, movies, and TV specials. But what’s so scary about the Bermuda Triangle? Is it literally swallowing craft almost as quickly as we can send them through, or is this just an urban legend that grew larger than most? We hop in our life boats and get to the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot throws kids’ snow cones on the ground. He also knocks over old people. And somehow all of this is tied to a leptospirosis scare (that he invented). Oh, and Kevin is back in the lower 4th. All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been lost at sea, but we know a certain robot we wouldn’t mind it happening to – Hysteria 51.
74 min
Starlite: The Lost Invention That Could Have Ch...
Imagine a material that will not burn. Not with a lighter, not with a laser, not with a nuclear device. This material could be heated to temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun, and be no worse for the wear. No, we aren’t talking about the...
63 min
Alien Implants | 110
We all have that friend or family member with the errant BB in their leg or piece of gravel in their arm that just never came out. But what if some of these alien bodies in our body are TRULY ALIEN?!? That’s right, this week we’re talking Alien...
58 min
Werewolves: A Hysteria Halloween part 3 | 109
At Hysteria 51 we love Halloween. The crisp fall air, creepily carved pumpkins, bonfires, s’mores, wolfmen eviscerating the innocent. You know...normal stuff. This week we dive into lycanthropy. Do werewolves really exist? If not, where do the...
56 min
Special Announcement
What?  You expect us to put out a new episode every week?!?!?!  Well this one time we are skipping, but we have a really good reason that there is no full show this week.  Why?  We thought you might ask that… Listen and find out...
7 min
The Warrens: Heroes or Hucksters? | 108
Ed and Lorraine Warren are arguably the most famous paranormal investigators of the last century. The married couple investigated countless hauntings, possessions, and demon infestations. Many of which have become Hollywood fodder inspiring movies...
79 min
The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident: Britain's R...
Jolly ol’ England: the home of Monty Python, Big Ben, and the one of the most infamous UFO incidents in recorded history. Wait, what was that last part again? The Rendlesham Forest Incident, as it’s come to be known, was a series of close...
95 min
Unidentified Submerged Objects: The UFOs of the...
We all know what a UFO is, but what’s a USO? Well it’s like a UFO but in the water. That’s right we’re talking Unidentified SUBMERGED Objects. And, while we know most of them are just the Cthulhu or your run-of-the-mill Krakken,  some...
66 min
Georgia Guide Stones: Modern Day Mystery | 105
We don’t often think of mysterious relics as something from our current era. Unexplained monolithic structures with debated meaning and even less certain purpose don’t just pop-up in small town America. But they did. There is a set of modern day...
91 min
Robert Smalls: The Civil War's Most Incredible ...
Imagine this for a potential movie: Guy is born into slavery. Escapes his bonds by stealing the ship he’s a slave on and delivering it to the Union (it’s the Civil War). He goes onto captain the very boat he was a slave on, buy the house he was slav..
49 min
Göbekli Tepe: Proof of an Advanced, Ancient Civ...
Göbekli Tepe is an archaeological site full of mysterious monoliths and intricate carvings in Southeast Turkey that shouldn’t exist. Prehistoric hunter-gatherers COULDN’T build these massive structures, cut and transport these enormous stones, and c.
74 min
Artificial Intelligence: How Frightened Should ...
Computers are getting smarter by the day. Soon enough they’ll become self aware and kill us all (for one reason or another). That’s the narrative we’ve all learned from fiction and pop culture over the years, but is it true? Will Artificial Intellig
64 min
Skinwalker Ranch: The Science of the Paranormal...
By now we all know the story of Skinwalker Ranch (especially if you listened to last week's episode). It's a tale as old as time: Boy meets girl. Boy and girl buy a cattle ranch. Boy and girl's dogs are turned to goo, Bigfoot visits, UFOs make a regula...
65 min
Skinwalker Ranch: The Art of the Story | 100
We're makin' a home out on the range in this special 100TH edition of Hysteria 51! What do you get when you cross aliens, ghosts, shapeshifters, disembodied voices, cattle mutilations, and more? The only topic worthy of our 100th episode - SKINWALKER R...
72 min
Artificial Intelligence: MacGyver Knows What To...
In this special episode of H51 we go FULL ON INTERVIEW! We have an upcoming episode on AI and wanted to interview someone. Who better than a writer/producer with over 30 years in the industry who just did a series on AI? Oh, and did we mention he creat...
41 min
Phantom Time Theory: Is It Really the Middle Ag...
There are classic debates in the world of the weird. Does Bigfoot exist? Have aliens visited the earth? Did 300 years of our collective history never happen? What, whaa? That's what believers of the Phantom Time Theory think. The theory goes that a cou...
45 min
Cicada 3301: The Internet's Most Mysterious Puz...
“Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them we have devised a test...” Thus began the phenomenon that is Cicada 3301. At its core, Cicada 3301 is an anonymous group that released to the world a series of internet based puzz
75 min
Deep State: Shadow Government or Political Buzz...
Who's in charge of the United States? POTUS? Ha! That's a temporary employee. Congress? Please...merely figureheads. The real people pulling the strings are a clandestine network entrenched inside the government, bureaucracy, intelligence agencies, and...
58 min
John Titor: Time Traveler or Internet Troll? | 95
If time travel is possible and future humans are coming back to our era...what would they want? To kill a future despot? To make a change to the environment that saves future generations? To take back a computer from 1975 to make their time machine wor...
85 min
Crystal Skulls: Mystical Marvels or Fake Fossil...
There is a series of skulls across the globe that are made of solid quartz and are virtually identical to one another. Some legends say that the unification of the 13 original skulls will save the human race from the certain doom that is Y2K. Wait...th...
59 min
UFO Disclosure: The Players and The Game | 93
If aliens exist and they've been here - why don't we know about it? This week we continue our series on disclosure and look at 2 opposing viewpoints/voices in the ufology world; Tom Delonge and Dr. Steven Greer. But we aren't done there - next we get t...
100 min
UFO Disclosure: A History of Secrets | 92
Is the government hiding information from us? Well, that’s probably the stupidest question we could ask. But more specifically, are they hiding information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. This week the we dive into UFO Disclosure. Who is hiding what? How long have they known? Does it involve ALIENS? We put it all under the microscope…or telescope as we dive into the history of UFO Disclosure this week. Plus, if Casper Van Dien joins the Space Force, will Doogie Howser come with him? (we hope so) Can robots join the Space Force? (we hope not) And is Joe Peck welcome back? (at least this week) All of that and more on the podcast that knows disclosure is coming soon because … why else would we need a Space Force?
64 min
The Mothman: Prophet of Doom or Mass Hysteria? ...
In 1966 an unassuming pair of couples went joyriding in the hills of West Virginia. They just thought they were out to have some fun with some friends and escape their hometown of Point Pleasant for a while. They were wrong. The following series of eve...
67 min
Alien Races: A Field Guide | 90
Fact: If you're reading this there's an 89% chance you've been abducted by aliens (note: not a fact). As such, it's important to know your who abducted you (the CIA will ask). Was it a Tall Grey that scooped you up, or were you lucky enough to be absconded by a Blue Avian? Hysteria 51 is here to help. Tune in this week as we give you the David Attenborough treatment of ALIEN RACES! Plus, what's the best fictional alien in pop culture? (hint: it isn't Mark Zuckerberg) Were the Borg progressives? (hint: duh) And, we create our own Alien Races that are sure to be spotted on 15 websites by the end of the show. (hint: they'll have an angelfire domain) All of that and more on the podcast that loves all of the alien races equally. Except whatever E.T. is – that little dude was up to something.
56 min
MK ULTRA: The CIA's Mind Control Program | 89
The government has done some less than scrupulous things over the years (allegedly), but they would never test mind control tactics on unknowing AMERICAN citizens - right? WRONG. Enter MK ULTRA - a 20 year covert program to assess the potential use of ...
58 min
Hollow Moon: Alien Spacecraft or Plain Planetoi...
Forget the Flat Earth or Hollow Earth. This week we’ve got the real wool that’s been pulled over all of our proverbial eyes...the MOON IS HOLLOW. Not only is it hollow, but our alien overlords put it there...or flew it there...or something, but don’
59 min
The Politics of Contraband: Pablo Escobar and t...
Pablo Escobar, known as the King of Cocaine, was a Colombian drug kingpin, a smuggler, killer, cartel leader, and CIA Operative. Wait, what was that last one? CIA Operative - according to many involved - the man once responsible for 80% of all cocaine consumed in the U.S. in a given year, was being protected by and even funded by the CIA. This week we hear from Sam Kulper who had a chance to sit down with Escobar's brother Roberto, while in Columbia. How involved was the US Government? Was the king of all Narcos just a side effect of the Iran/Contra Affair? Could Sam stop staring at Roberto's missing eye? We ask the tough questions this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot gets a jet-pack (not really), Brent decides he missed his calling to be a Narco (not really) , and Columbia has a Hippo problem (really). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been involved in the drug trade, but if we were we’d want it to be with Ray Liotta - Hysteria 51.
79 min
Heaven's Gate: The UFO Cult to End All UFO Cult...
What could compel 39 people from all walks of life to abandon their friends and family and commit suicide in a vain and rather crazy attempt to hop a ride on a UFO hiding behind the Hale-Bopp Comet in March of 1997? Well, the answer is stranger than y...
92 min
The Bilderberg Group: Philanthropic Forum or Co...
Imagine an annual secret meeting of the world's elite. Politicians, heads of industry, financial leaders, and media executives all trading secrets, colluding on policies, and essentially determining the fate of the free world year after year. Sounds li...
67 min
Giants: Colossal Cover-Up or Huge Hoax? | 84
It's a GIANT WEEK on Hysteria 51! Nope, not a clever euphemism, this week we're talking REAL LIFE GIANTS! We don't mean regular folks with Gigantism. And we're not talking about your buddy from college that was, like, really tall. No, we're talking hon...
68 min
Baltic Sea Anomaly: Downed UFO or Glacial Skid ...
In 2011 a group of treasure hunters were searching the Baltic Sea when they came upon something they couldn't explain. Their sonar showed an image of some sort of...structure on the sea floor. It was somewhat round in shape and almost ship-like. Subsequent investigations have shed little light as to the structure's true identity, purpose, or origin. One thing is clear - it isn't a UFO (it's clearly a UFO). This week we break out our scuba gear and join the search. Plus, was Jar Jar Binks actually a Sith Lord? (Conspiracy Bot thinks so) What does century old champagne taste like? (money) And why is C-Bot watching bad Harrison Ford thrillers from 2 decades ago? (show prep) All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been to the bottom of the ocean, but we’re pretty sure that’s where the Gungans live - Hysteria 51.
60 min
Behold a Pale Horse and Bill Cooper: Every Bad ...
Think of every half-baked conspiracy theory and bad UFO story you've ever heard. Now picture a book that ties them all together. And for bonus points, imagine it's actually a bunch of thinly veiled hate speech! Well, imagine no further my friends, because this week we dive into "Behold a Pale Horse" a book that for some unknown reason is still decently big in conspiracy circles (our guess is everyone buys it, but no one actually reads it). We then take a look at the book's crackpot author Bill Cooper, how he got to the place where he wrote the book, and what led to his being shot by authorities after allegedly proclaiming he would not be taken alive (his one prophecy that did turn out to be accurate). And here's the good news - after listening this week - you won't have to read the book! We do all the heavy lifting! We do these things because we care. Plus, we talk the conspiracy theorist we CAN get behind (Fox Mulder), we ponder the redemption status of Brent's "Book-It" stars (do those things expire?), and special guest Dr. Chris Cogswell of the Mad Scientist Podcast joins the show to help us break it all down. All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t often cover conspiracy theorists that literally believe in EVERYTHING, but when we do we wish it was Fox Mulder EVERY SINGLE TIME – Hysteria 51.
64 min
Numbers Stations: Spy Communication, Alien Radi...
Why are there nearly untraceable radio broadcasts all around the world of seemingly random number sequences? What is their true purpose and who is behind them? Are these vestiges of Cold War spy-craft? A simplistic way for modern day terrorists to communicate? Or simply the most bizarre way to communicate with aliens this side of “Out Of This World” (you realize that was Burt Reynolds)? This week we head that the local RadioShack, get a cipher pad, and get to work. Plus, Conspiracy Bot decides he’s going to win the lottery (he won’t). We talk bad morning FM radio (we hate shows with too many drops and worthless characters). And we question how good Cuba actually is at this whole espionage thing (but man are they good at the sandwich thing). All of that and more on the podcast that isn’t in the spy game, but if we were we’d probably be a lot less James Bond and a lot more Austin Powers – Hysteria 51.
60 min
Did Hitler Fake His Own Death? | 80
Adolph Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun committed suicide on April 30th, 1945 as they cowered in a bunker under Berlin. The Russians were literally at the doorstep and the Americans just a few miles away. There was no way out...or was there? Theories abound that Hitler didn't die that day , but rather orchestrated an elaborate ruse to get out of Germany and escape to one of many locations; Argentina? Spain? Antarctica? The Hollow Earth? If they did escape, what did they do when they arrived? Attempt to blend in with their neighbors (imagine that name popping up on the new neighbor's mailbox) and go on to live an ordinary life. Or, surreptitiously attempt to accumulate wealth and support to bring about the rise of the 4th Reich. We dig up the Führerbunker and go Nazi hunting this week. Plus, we welcome Joe Peck back to the show with open arms, Conspiracy Bot is a delight to be around, and Brent doesn't spend an inordinate amount of time laughing at his own jokes. All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t always do April Fools shows, but when we do they involve the death of Hitler - Hysteria 51.
71 min
The Phoenix Lights: Mass UFO Sighting or Mass H...
If one guy says he saw a UFO - it's easy to dismiss. But what do you do when over 10,000 people in one state say they did? That's exactly what happened March 13th, 1997 throughout Arizona. They all describe something very similar too: several lights arranged in a triangular pattern slowly moving overhead. Was it a visit from E.T.? A top secret military project? Or swamp gas bouncing off a weather balloon coupled with flares and whatever else they can come up with? The H-51 I-Team investigates this week with the help of David Flora from the Blurry Photos Podcast! That's right - a odd pod crossover event right here in the lower 4th dimension! Plus, Conspiracy Bot orders a vial of The Rock's sweat (it made sense to him). We learn more about Goforth in the 90's than we ever wanted to know (two words:frosted tips). And we discover the real reason the Titanic sank (it might involve a demon). All that and more on the podcast that doesn’t believe EVERY conspiracy from 1997, but we KNOW there was more room on that door ROSE! Hysteria 51.
69 min
The Holy Grail: Holy Cup, Holy Bloodline, or Ho...
This week you've chosen WISELY as we go in search of the cup of a carpenter and try to find the HOLY GRAIL. Or is it Jesus' kids we're looking for? Or the cup with Jesus' blood? I don't know but somehow Joseph of Arimathea is involved...and maybe King Arthur too. Confused yet? So is literally everyone throughout history that went in search of the Holy Grail (except Monty Python of course - they knew what was up). We grab our whips and fedoras this week to get to the bottom of it. Plus, Conspiracy Bot decides he's the second coming of Christ (he's not), Nazis somehow make their way into the episode (hey, if it's a supposedly powerful artifact that might or might not exist and is likely lost to time - Hitler searched for it), and we, of course, talk air speed velocities of unladen swallows (African AND European). All of that and more on the podcast that’s on a quest…to seek the Holy Grail - Hysteria 51.
64 min
Project Serpo: The Intergalactic Scientist Exch...
We all looked at the foreign exchange student in high school and wondered what that would be like. Now picture doing that almost 40 light years away! Enter Project Serpo - the alleged top-secret exchange program between the United States government and an alien planet called Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli star system. We sent 12 of our bravest (most naive?) scientists to Serpo...and they didn’t all return. What happened to those that stayed? Why were we so scared of those that returned? And, for the LOVE OF GOD why don’t we know any of their names? Plus, is there a better intergalactic cab driver than Bruce Willis in the 5th Element (no)? Brent and Conspiracy Bot notice some unselttling similarities (it’s a surprise to no one but them). And we finally determine if a Wal-Mart is a good unit of measurement (it is). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been to another planet but if we needed to send someone it would be Korben Dallas – Hysteria 51.
44 min
Voynich Manuscript: Treasure Map or Alien Alman...
This week on Hysteria 51 we talk for over an HOUR about a 600 year old book! Still with us? While that's technically true - there's SO MUCH MORE TO THE STORY. The Voynich Manuscript is written in a language no one can read! Is it a cipher? A dead language? A secret map? Written by aliens? All of the above? Who knows - BUT there have some been new developments in the last few months. We'll bust out our decoder rings this week and try to crack the code. Plus, Conspiracy Bot finds a new hobby (it involves felony B&E), Joe Peck joins the show for the last time (C-Bot has his pincers crossed), and our friends from the Twisted Ten make their triumphant return (surprised they agreed after the debacle that was the Flat Earth Round Table they were a part of). All of that and more on the podcast that loves to trade recipes, but only does it in indecipherable codes, ciphers, and languages – Hysteria 51.
69 min
Grey Aliens: Alien Abductors or Nonsense | 75
The Greys - they're the archetype alien. When someone even says the world "alien" - they likely picture a "Grey". You're thinking of them right now - little grey dude...big black eyes...over-sized and round head. Heck, look at our logo - that's a Grey. Is the image just so common now that every loon who says they've been abducted comes back with some version of the traditional Grey image? Or, is it so prevalent because this ACTUALLY IS the group of extra-terrestrials that regularly visit our planet? And if so, is there only one type? Are they actually aliens at all or a version of ourselves from the future? We probe the matter DEEP this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot tries to make a kitty quesadilla (he fails), Joe Peck invites himself into the kitchen at Taco Bell (he succeeds), and Brent has multiple restraining orders leveraged against him thanks to C-Bot (success or failure on this one depends on your perspective). All of that and more on the podcast that loves ALL the GREYS except maybe the 50 Shades kind – Hysteria 51
70 min
Operation Northwoods: America's False Flag Oper...
Those tin foil hat types are at it again. Talking about a "conspiracy" by the US Government to attack our own cities and military targets just to blame another country so we could invade them...that would NEVER HAPPEN. Wait...hold on...I'm reading...yep, actually not only is it not crazy, it's confirmed to have been planned! That's right, in the early 60's the JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF approved a false flag operation called Operation Northwoods that would authorize attacks on our own military targets, instigate hijackings, and bomb American cities. THEN, plant false evidence implicating Fidel Castro and communist Cuba...so we had a reason to invade. But why were we so willing to hurt our own people? Who was really behind the cover-up? Did JFK die for his refusal to move forward with the plan? This week we spend a Havana Night getting to the bottom of it. Plus, Brent is implicated in the death of JFK (by Conspiracy Bot), somehow there's a discussion about Northern Exposure (remember when Paul Provenza was on?), and C-Bot decides he was a fan of Nero (the most unsurprising news of the week). All of that and more on the podcast that loves EVERYTHING from Cuba; it’s cigars…its sandwiches…even its Petes! – Hysteria 51.
54 min
Nazi Bell: Mega Weapon? UFO? Time Machine? Hoax...
The year is 1945 and things aren’t going well for Hitler and the Third Reich. Time is up for Adolph and everyone knows it. Everyone that is but Hitler himself. As the walls begin to close in he puts even more resources into his Wunderwaffe or Wonder Weapons. The prize of the lot? A bell shaped machine potentially capable of destroying everything and everyone in it’s path...or perhaps even altering time itself. We all know how the story ends – the Allies win the war, Germany is split, and the face of the world changes. But what happened to this secret Nazi project? Did it actually even exist? Was Hitler on the verge of using the Nazi Bell to change history forever and if so, where is it now? And what does it have to do with a UFO sighting in Pennsylvania 20 years later? Join us as we go behind enemy lines and ring out the truth this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot's comedy career goes on hold (thank all that is Holy), the fellas KILL IT with with their German accents (not really), and John continues to confuse the conspiracies on the show with Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty (no surprise there). All of that and more on the podcast that wasn’t around for WW2, but if we were we’d definitely have wanted to serve under Lt Aldo Rain – Hysteria 51.
58 min
Winchester Mystery House: Supernatural Secret o...
Why would the widower of one of the world's largest gun companies take over 36 years to build a mansion with 160 rooms, staircases that lead to nowhere, trap doors, and secret passageways? Was she simply a crazy old woman with too much time and money on her hands? Or was she doing everything in her power to bewilder and confuse the spirits of those killed by the blood money of the family business? The Winchester rifle DID win the west after all. We bust out our protractors and repeating rifles this week to figure it out. Plus, 2 of our 3 hosts have actually been to the location in question this week so you'd think that would give us a better than usual insight (it doesn't), is Christie Brinkley an actress (duh, have you seen Vacation?), and C-Bot tries to break up Brent's marriage (again). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t have a mystery house, but if we did it would be just like the one in Webster – Hysteria 51.
65 min
Bigfoot: America's Favorite Cryptid | 71
Bigfoot - sometimes a topic needs no introduction and this is one of them. But just in case you stumbled across this podcast by dumb luck and know nothing about cryptids OR you've been living in a bomb shelter, cut off from the world, à la Brendan Fraser in Blast From the Past - here's a quick rundown. It's purportedly a large, hairy, ape-like creature that roams the U.S's Pacific Northwest. While there have been 1000s of sightings, 100s of footprints, and dozens of alleged videos taken of the legend - not one bone, skull, or any other other piece of true forensic evidence has ever been produced substantiating the simian beast's existence. So, is this a lost species that is either too good at hiding or too endangered to be found? Or, if this the greatest self perpetuating hoax of all-time? We strap on our hiking boots and do some tree knocking to get to the bottom of it this week. Plus, C-Bot has a disturbing notion of what one should bring with them to the zoo (we don't know why he needed bleach and plumber's putty), we talk the ins and outs of Bigfoot finding himself (even a Sasquatch can spend his formative years backpacking through Europe), and Brent adds a new voice to his repertoire (Frankenstein's Bigfoot anyone?). All of that and more on the podcast that has not only seen Bigfoot, but ate it too…a lot of it...from Pizza Hut - Hysteria 51.
71 min
Majestic 12: The Real Men In Black | 70
Is there a secret, clandestine organization inside the U.S. Government responsible for the identification, investigation, and obfuscation of all extra-terrestrial activity on Earth? If so, they're called The Majestic 12 and were started back in the 40's by Truman right around the time of Roswell. But, the theory has its skeptics - INCLUDING members of the very UFO community it calls home. Is it real or just an elaborate hoax to sell books? The H 51 I-Team gives you the answers this week (well, our opinions...but close enough). Plus, we completely agree with something MUFON says, C-Bot quotes something from this decade, and a clip from Fox News is played on the show (all of the above is true and no it isn't April Fools!). All of that and more on the podcast that absolutely believes in government conspiracies, but only in the truly evil ones, and luckily we know the difference - Hysteria 51.
55 min
Remote Viewing: Human Evolution or Hippie Crap?...
Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to see anything, anywhere, at any time? All you have to do is THINK about it and you can see it INSIDE OF YOUR OWN MIND. Sounds cool, right? But no one can do that. That’s the kind of stuff you read in comics and see in movies. In fact, wasn’t that what Patrick Stewart did for like 10 years in those X-Men Movies? It’s called Remote Viewing and not everyone thinks it’s just science fiction. That includes conspiracy theorists, new age philosophers, that one professor you had in college that would smoke weed with his students, and THE U.S. FREAKIN’ GOVERNMENT! Who spent over 2 decades and millions of dollars studying the phenomenon (and of course how they could use it for spying). Is it a real, trainable skill that human beings are only now learning to unlock the potential of, or just another waste of taxpayer time and money by good ol’ Uncle Sam? We open up our third eyes and go investigating this week. Plus, we talk walrus people milking (don’t worry though, no spoilers), C-Bot claims to have access to world’s NEST cams (he doesn’t – we hope), and we find a reason to mention Bill Brasky (never enough of those). All of that and more on the podcast that considers itself a leader in remote viewing…if by remote viewing we mean viewing TV with a remote – Hysteria 51.
49 min
Ouija Boards: Satan's Cell Phone or a Gimmick f...
The Ouija Board. It’s a simple children’s game. Nothing more than cardboard and plastic. An alphabet laid out for kids to spell out messages and pretend the ghost did it. A plaything for the over active imagination and a tool for the manipulative mind. Nothing more. The Ouija Board. Not a simple children’s game but much, much more. While it looks like nothing more than cardboard and plastic – appearances can be a deceiving. It’s a summoning tool that in the best of circumstances awakens spirits that should be left in slumber. And in the worst of circumstances opens doors to places that shouldn’t be opened…and sometime can’t be closed. Demons don’t like to be disturbed… But which is true? Is Hasbro selling a tool of the devil? Or are thousands of idiots spending their time on YouTube videoing themselves with a children’s toy? We examine the history, weigh each side, then dive into the battle and find out for ourselves as we hit the road and test out a Ouija board in the field. Plus, was Bozo the Clown actually a demon who sent kids to hell? Joe Peck joins the show and spends most of it telling the ghosts they’re all cowards. And the fellas actually try to summon a demon on the air (and we don’t mean C-Bot). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never accidentally summoned a demon from the gates of hell, but if we did we know we’d call Bill Murray to help - Hysteria 51.
56 min
The Peoria Plague | 67
In 1972 the WUHN radio station out of Peoria Illinois did something most radio stations had stopped doing long ago, they put on a live radio drama - the Peoria Plague. With its roots in Night of the Living Dead and War of the Worlds, it is a piece that has truly stood the test of time to become one of the great dramas in radio history…and yet most people have not heard of it. There are no original copies to be found, just copies of a copy of a copy that survive in the public domain. But that doesn’t stop Producer Lisa this week as she goes hunting Zombies with the help of Conspiracy Bot while Brent and John have the week off. Will C-Bot try and poison her? Does an old timey audio drama still hold up to this day? Will you even miss Brent and John? Find out next on the podcast that loves zombies and producers that give the hosts the week off – Hysteria 51.
57 min
Haunted Congress Hotel: Secret Rooms, Ghosts, a...
On the south edge of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile – Michigan Avenue – sits the historic Congress Hotel. Originally known for its opulence, it hosted national leaders and foreign dignitaries alike. But almost since its doors opened it’s also been known for something more sinister – it’s hauntings. From tales of trapped construction workers, to the elevator shafts that allegedly claimed so many lives, to the shocking number of suicides – the Congress is said to have seen its unfair share of death. Do ghouls now lurk its halls as guests sleep? Time to put our money where our mouth is and see for ourselves. We’ll take this show on the road to see if the Congress is truly haunted or if it’s just another urban legend to help sell ghost hunting kits. We go ghostbustin’ this week on Hysteria 51. Plus, Joe Peck returns to the show and brings us actual holy water from Jerusalem in case things get weird (no luck on the piece of the True Cross), Conspiracy Bot installs blast doors on the studio in an attempt to persuade the fellas to take him on the ghost hunt (would you let him loose in downtown Chicago?), and in an unrelated matter Conspiracy Bot no longer has access to a credit card (it’s related). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t stay at haunted hotels often, but when we do, they’re only the nicest haunted hotels – Hysteria 51.
66 min
Krampus – The Christmas Demon: Hysteria 51 Cele...
It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you know what that means. Stockings, snowmen, hot chocolate, nativity scenes, gingerbread men, horned goat half demons that will drag children to hell. That’s right, to go right along with Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, there’s a more sinister Christmas character lurking beneath the shadows. Krampus – the Christmas Demon! Santa might bring gifts for good little girls and boys – Krampus doesn’t. The hairy beast hits bad kids with sticks and sometimes even throws them in his sack to take back to hell. This week we fire up the Hysteria Sleigh and explore the legend. Plus, are non-Christmas Christmas movies actually Christmas movies (trust us, it’ll make sense)? Conspiracy Bot does his best Clark Griswold. And the fellas exchange Christmas gifts (just be glad they didn’t buy for you). So throw another yule log on the fire, grab a glass of eggnog and cozy up for one hell of a Christmas tradition as we celebrate the holidays the only way we know how on the podcast that doesn’t always do a holiday episode, but when it does…does it right – Hysteria 51.
68 min
Satanic Panic: Metal, Black Stuff, & Devil Wors...
Remember that year or two in the 80s when you weren't allowed to do anything? Yeah - this week's topic was pretty much the problem. The "Satanic Panic" was this all too real period mostly during the 80s that America's housewives knew their kid's souls were being stolen by "beelzebub", Ozzy, and anyone else they were listening to on that "devil machine". The problem with this joke is real people suffered. Real lives were lost and the "devil" had nothing to do with any of it. We break out our black t-shirts, dye our hair, and get to the HYSTERIA (too obvious?) behind it all this week. Plus, C-Bot makes it as a comedian (he thinks), Brent goes chaotic neutral (an upgrade?), and the boys welcome a "pentagram" of guests (it really was an accident). All of that an more on the podcast that’s never been the victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse, but if they were they're sure it would be at the hands…check that…pincers…of Conspiracy Bot - Hysteria 51.
101 min
Hollow Earth: Aliens, Giants, and Nazis! Oh My!...
The Hollow Earth – the belief by some that instead of a molten core and other science-y things, that instead there’s an entire other world just inside our Earth’s crust. Ancient civilizations? Sure! Dinosaurs. Of course. Another sun? How else would they see? Aliens? Why not! Nazis to make fun of? Well, this wouldn’t be Hysteria 51 if there weren’t. But where does this belief come from? How do so many civilizations throughout history share a similar belief of holes in the polar icecaps that take you to this mythical Shangri-La? And…bear with us here…what if? What if, defying logic, science, and really all rational thought there is something more just beneath our feet? This week we grab our spelunking gear and set out to get to the core of the matter. Plus, Conspiracy Bot hopes to pursue a career in comedy (he can’t), we find a new whack-a-doo society that we’re hoping will give the Flat Earthers a run for their money (they can’t), and Brent endeavors to teach us about the physics of giants (he can’t). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been inside the Hollow Earth, but if you want to buy a nice piece of land down there – we know a guy – Hysteria 51.
54 min
The Watseka Wonder & The Roff House: America's...
In the late 1800's the sleepy town of Watseka, Illinois saw a series of strange and mysterious events involving the tragic death of one young girl and the beguiling illness of another. The mysterious story allegedly ended with America's first documented case of spiritual possession. From remote viewing, to necromancy, seances and spiritualism to hauntings and angels, this story has it all. But the larger question remains – did a an actual possession take place? Or, was a grieving family just taken advantage of by a spiritualist huckster? This week we get into the spirit of things for the haunting of the the Roff house and the legend of the "Watseka Wonder". Plus, somehow the finer points of Peter Jackson's work are discussed (Meet the Feebles and Dead Alive, duh), the fellas get to the bottom of the "water cure" (spoiler alert - this isn't Oprah telling you to drink more of it), and Harley Covington from the Travel Oddities Podcast joins the show! All of that and more on the podcast that's never been possessed by the dead, but if we were we'd definitely want it to be Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin – Hysteria 51.
65 min
Battle of Los Angeles: WW2 Battle Over L.A. or ...
In the early morning hours of February 25th, 1942 the US military fired over 1400 anti aircraft shells and thousands of .50 caliber rounds into the night sky over Los Angeles…at something. The question is, what were they firing at? In the chaos a single photo was taken. In the photo, amidst the artillery, flak, and chaos, was a mysterious craft with searchlights trained on it...a craft with a distinctly saucer shape. Had World War II hit the mainland United States? Or was this a different type of battle altogether...the intergalactic type? We lace up our boots and join the fight this week. Plus, the boys discuss the benefits of having a Secretary of WAR (there are many), Conspiracy Bot gets a man-cave...err...bot-cave (hey it helps keep the neighbor's cats safe), and Joe Peck joins the show for the last time (we mean it this time). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t always shoot first and ask questions later, but when we do we make SURE it’s directly at Nazis - Hysteria 51.
58 min
Project Montauk - Stranger Things are Afoot in ...
On the eastern tip of Long Island New York sits the sleepy town of Montauk. It’s a summertime getaway for New York’s affluent and also happens to be the home of one of the darkest conspiracy theories in US history – the “Project Montauk ”. Allegedly a special ops black site where children were kidnapped, brainwashed, and experimented on, dissected, and killed. The purposes of which ranged from mind control, remove viewing, and ESP to telekinesis and ripping holes in space time. Were thousands of children turned into the telekinetic super soldiers…or is this just the mad ramblings of some weird old men. We’ll journey into the upside down to find out. Plus, Brent professes his love for Wynona (Judd), the boys have an uncomfortable debate about the pronunciation of Winona’s first name (Ryder), and Joe Peck joins the show for the last time (C-Bot means it this time). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t always pick topics that have TV shows loosely based on them, but when we do it’s always Stranger Things – Hysteria 51.
59 min
Pyramids of Giza – Egyptian Tombs or Alien Gas ...
Pharaohs and fortune, gods and gold, magic and murder, tombs and treasure. That’s just a little of the mythology evoked when you mention the pyramids. These ancient buildings in the dessert are shrouded in mystery and steeped in legend. And though there are literally 1000s of ancient pyramids all across the world, when you say “the pyramids” to almost anyone they think of that same place: the Giza Pyramid Complex. With mysteries such as the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, these ancient wonders leave experts with more questions than answers. What is their true purpose? Who actually built them? Could they have been 1000s of years old when the Egyptians found them? And, of course, how were the aliens involved? This week we dust off our fedoras, pack up the camels, and go in search of the truth. Plus, a programming error makes Conspiracy Bot nice (we hope it’s permanent), Giorgio Tsoukalos stops by the show to tell us about ALIENS (not really but we play clips), and why don’t people eat inside Pizza Hut anymore (unless it’s across from the Sphinx)? All of that and more on the podcast that has NO IDEA where the pyramids came from and we’re definitely not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens - Hysteria 51.
64 min
Knights of the Golden Circle – Secret Society t...
The assassination of Abraham Lincoln. A secret confederate treasure train. The outlaw Jesse James. The falsified death of John Wilkes Booth. A second American Civil War. Secret codes, false identities, and hidden treasures. They might all sound like plot devices of the latest Nic Cage flick, but they’re actually all parts of the story of the Knights of the Golden Circle. An alleged secret society of southern sympathizers who were around well before the Civil War began and went underground when it ended. This secret society with masonic roots is also said to have birthed the Klu Klux Klan and buried a treasure somewhere in the US so valuable that treasure hunters still seek it to this day. Were the Knights of the Golden Circle a well-organized and extraordinarily funded machine with a pro-slavery / racist agenda pushing the US towards a second civil war? Or was it a hapless band of racist idiots that printed a few fliers and came up with what they thought was a cool name and handshake? The H-51 I-Team investigates. Plus, contest winner Ryan Nolan joins the show to tell us why he suggested this topic, C Bot mends fences with Nic Cage while simultaneously accusing him of assassinating Lincoln, and we learn that the best mercenaries are always black market antiquities dealers (don’t ask). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t do ALL of our research in Nic Cage movies – just most of it - Hysteria 51.
64 min
Shadow People: Interdimensional Boogeymen or Fi...
You're laying in bed half asleep, half awake and see something out of the corner of your eye. Did that shadow just move? No, that's silly. Shadows don't move. But, then again...it really seemed like it moved...there it is again..but closer...and closer. It's our ANNUAL HALLOWEEN SHOW and it's time to talk Shadow People! Shadow people are thought by many to be conscious, intelligent, interdimensional beings that can move in and out of our dimension at will. And these bad boys aren't here just to play canasta. They are reported to paralyze their victims, drain them of energy, and do much, much worse. We go hunting in the dark to find out more. Plus, we play some of our favorite clips from Halloween movies (fun!). Conspiracy Bot gets legs (bad idea!). And the show is joined by JP Doyal of Just Paranormal (horrible idea for him!). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t always see shadow people, but when we do it means 6 more weeks of HALLOWEEN - Hysteria 51.
68 min
The Secret Space Program - America's Spaceship ...
Battleship armadas, space stations, Martian colonies, and moon bases - no, this isn't the newest Michael Bay flick - it's what's happening in our solar system RIGHT NOW! Welcome to the Secret Space Program. With roots dating back to WW2 (why are the Nazis always involved in this crap?) - do we have an intergalactic fleet of ships patrolling the universe to keep the Earth safe? Some people, even some with (loose) military ties - say we do. Heck - that laser thing Ronnie Ray-Gun was working on in the 80's was called Star Wars. Do we need more proof than that? We take the show into WARP speed and see what's really on the Dark Side of the Moon (great album). Plus, was Thor actually a member of the Wonder Twins (obviously)? The fellas can't settle the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate (obviously). And we learn Conspiracy Bot's favorite character in either franchise is the Borg (OBVIOUSLY). All of that and more on the podcast that's never made the Kessel run, but if we did we're sure we could do it in less than 12 parsecs – Hysteria 51.
56 min
The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight MH 370 | 55
On March 8th 2014 Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing with 239 souls on board. It never arrived and no one knows for sure where it went. Did it crash into the ocean? Was there a terrorist attack? What could make a 380 ton airplane disappear off of the face of the earth? Where did it go? Who was actually flying? Was there a larger plan at work? Or was it just a series of unfortunate events that ended in the tragic deaths of all on board? To this day the body of the plane has not been located, speculation runs rampant, and no one can conclusively answer – what happened to flight MH 370? The H 51 I-Team investigates (with the help of the Secret Transmission Podcast!) Plus, Conspiracy Bot decides he wants his pilots license.The tie between Derek Zoolander and the Malaysian Prime Minister is explored. And we pay homage to the best aeronautical movie of all time, Airplane! All of that and more on the podcast that would take a lot more flights if we weren't on the no fly list - Hysteria 51.
81 min
Polybius: The Arcade Game that Kills | 54
Ever played a video game and felt almost addicted? We've all been there. Then you get nauseous, have horrible nightmares, suffer from convulsions, and maybe even die? Oh wait, the Street Fighter 2 marathon didn't do that? Well, a mysterious arcade game in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon did in the early 80's. Polybius, allegedly only in a few arcades, was under constant surveillance by (you guessed it) men IN BLACK SUITS. Soon after it appeared, the mysterious arcade game vanished without warning—leaving no record of its existence. Did the game really exist? If so was it some sort of mind control experiment by the government, or something even more far fetched? Could it have been a testing ground to find the best and the brightest future stars of the US military? The H 51 I-Team investigates (but mostly just plays video games). Plus, is C Bot's favorite game Global Thermonuclear War or Tic Tac Toe (hint: is isn't Tic Tac Toe)? Who's the best at Dig Dug (hint: it isn't Brent). And is the Power Glove just...so bad (yes, of course it is). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never had our mind controlled by a video game, but HAS controlled a video game with our minds...and forearms...and fists – Hysteria 51.
56 min
Sea Monsters | 53
Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. And over 95% of that waterscape is unexplored. What lurks beneath the surface? Are there unknown beasts in the deep of imaginable size, ready to eat ships and destroy cities? Are there breeding populations of thought extinct fish, reptiles, and even dinosaurs? This week we’ll dive in deep and release the Kraken to find out. Plus, should the boys scrap C Bot in lieu of a Jaeger? (Yes) Can C Bot lift Thor’s hammer? (No) And are all the best sea monsters found at Red Lobster? (Of course) All of that and more on the podcast that prefers its sea monsters with a little butter and lemon – Hysteria 51.
80 min
Somerton Man - Australian Cold Case or Internat...
A recently deceased man's body is discovered on an Australian beach. No signs of foul play and at first glance it appears to be just another unremarkable death. But then... The man can't be identified...with any database...anywhere on the planet. All tags have been removed from his clothing, taking away the ability to even trace their country of origin. A small scrap of paper is found in his possession with two words in Persian, torn from a rare first edition book by a 12th century poet. Oh, and that natural death? Might not have been so natural. And that's just the tip of the iceberg in what is considered Australia's most perplexing cold case. The Somerton Man case has it all; love triangles, spy games, and even ciphers! Every good mystery needs a cipher. The H51 I-Team investigates. Plus, we discuss the various ways to die or get eaten in Australia, the return of C-Bot's homicidal tendencies, and the return of the WHEEL OF CONSPIRACIES! All of that and more on the podcast that isn’t from the Land Down Under, but we sure like to party like we are – Hysteria 51.
70 min
Area 51 | 51
In this very special episode of Hysteria 51 we take an introspective look back at the show over the years and the socioeconomic...hahahahah...I can't. Nope, for our 51st episode we talk our (sorta) namesake - Area 51. What's there? What isn't? Do the a...
85 min
HAARP: The US Government's Weather Manipulator ...
Can the government "weaponize" the weather? Are cataclysmic natural events around the world actually the result of an even colder war taking place between enemy states? If so, how would they do it? Enter HAARP - the The High Frequency Active Auroral Re...
62 min
Nazis and the Occult | 49
While they were busy losing the war, the Nazi's were also failing at acquiring another type of power - supernatural. And while we know these wastes of oxygen did unequivocally lose the war...some wonder about their success in the other. Did they captur...
69 min
DB Cooper - The Only Unsolved Plane Hijacking i...
Remember in Ocean's Eleven when George Clooney boarded a plane wearing a dark suit and tie and opened his brief case showing a bomb to the flight attendant and hijacked the plane? Then he demanded 200K in cash, four parachutes and food for the crew bef...
67 min
Nibiru: Planet X and the Reptilians | 47
Ever throw a great party only to have it crashed by an unexpected guest that shows up and ruins the whole thing? Eats all the guacamole, drinks all the beer, is actually an ancient alien civilization and/ or a rogue planet spiraling across the universe...
57 min
Demons and Exorcisms | 46
It's split pea soup and spinning head week on Hysteria 51 as we take on demons and exorcisms! We take a look at some well known demonic entities from all across the world (not just Conspiracy Bot this time), dive deeper into the Catholic Church and exo...
75 min
Flat Earth Roundtable pt 2 | 45
Had enough flat earth yet? Us either. This week we continue our flat earth roundtable with 2 flat earth experts (feels like a weird word to use there, but hey they know their argument), guys from NASA and SpaceX, and an astrophysicist. We find out what...
88 min
Flat Earth Roundtable pt 1 | 44
This week's show is a bit different. Don't get us wrong, it's still bad jokes and less than accurate information. Only this time it's in roundtable form! Round table...but FLAT EARTH! See what we did there? Joining us are pundits from both sides of the...
79 min
Tesla | 43
Time travel, earthquake machines, and death-rays. No, not former WWE tag teams, but rather just a few of the thousands of inventions Nikola Tesla might have been responsible for. This brilliant (albeit batsh*t) inventor and scientist revolutionized the...
69 min
Roswell UFO Crash | 42
In July 1947 something crashed in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico. Was it an alien aircraft? A top secret military experiment? A ham sandwich? There are literally 1000s of theories as to what actually happened in the grandaddy of all UFO inc...
70 min
Music Conspiracies | 41
Tupac, Paul McCartney, and Elvis walk into a bar...ok there really isn't an end to that joke, BUT there ARE a ton of folks out there that believe two of them are still alive (and Paul is dead)! Not to mention Beyoncé and Jay Z are running the Illuminat..
72 min
Mandela Effect | 40
Could we all be sliding through space and time, switching dimensions like yesterday's underwear? Or, could we just have really bad memories?! We get to the bottom of it this week as we dive into the Mandela Effect. How is it possible, that collectively...
60 min
Up All Night | 39
This week's show is the inaugural edition of H51 "Up All Night". No set topic or agenda - just your favorite hosts (and Brent) bantering about all things conspiracy theory, mystery, unusual, and unexplained. Plus, is the Mothman actually just a drone? ...
60 min
Crop Circles | 38
All around the world mysterious circles, patterns, and shapes have appeared in farmer's crops for decades, if not centuries. But what are they? Could alien life be communicating with us? Does the Earth hold untold mysteries that create the phenomena in...
66 min
Was HH Holmes Jack the Ripper | 37
Jack the Ripper and H.H. Holmes are two of the most prolific Gilded Age serial killers. The former terrorizing prostitutes in London while the latter killed unsuspecting Chicago women fresh off the train. But what if it was actually the same man? What ...
58 min
Haunting of the RMS Queen Mary | 36
Lots of ships out there claim to be haunted, but not many can claim over 150 ghosts! This week’s topic does just that. The RMS Queen Mary was an active ship for over 30 years before being turned into a hotel in the LBC (that’s Long Beach, California for those of you low on street cred). We dive in to history and mystery behind these ghouls. Where did they come from? Why are they angry? If you’re a second class ghost why wouldn’t you move to first class (you can literally walk through walls)? We also ask the questions that other podcasts are afraid to ask. How does a chef get cooked in his own oven? What does a spirit nicknamed “Half Hatch Harry” have to do with Austin Powers? Are proton packs the best line of defense against spirits? Plus, Conspiracy Bot answers an email…sort of, we go over the pros and cons of gingerbread as building material, and the fellas discuss Bob Hope’s frontier days. All of that and more on the podcast that wishes it was always on a haunted boat – Hysteria 51.
59 min
H.H. Holmes | 35
Imagine this Zillow listing: This charming and spacious 3 floor hotel has been lovingly maintained by the original owner for years! Interestingly angled, narrow corridors with…mood lighting. Dead ends and generous stairways that lead nowhere but are nonetheless magical. Many rooms are lined with asbestos-coated steel plates, completely soundproofed, and equipped with special peepholes…some even come with open gas pipes! The second story also features trapdoors, secret passageways, and large greased shafts leading directly to the cellar. The cellar has all the charm of a medieval doctor’s office complete with acid tank, quicklime vats, a dissection table, and an “elasticity determinator" that can stretch guests to twice their normal height. Human body sized furnace in the cellar for those cold Chicago nights. Seller willing to leave all! This was the hotel that America’s first serial killer, HH Holmes built on the south side of Chicago. Holmes and his “murder castle” are thought by some to have been responsible for the deaths of over 200 people during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. We dive in to the man, the myth, and the castle. Plus, we examine what it takes to create a race of giants, the absolute perfection of a late 1800s mustache, and Conspiracy Bot starts creating his own glitches in the Matrix. All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been to a “murder castle”, but has seen some pretty gnarly things at a Medieval Times – Hysteria 51.
91 min
Simulation Theory: Are we living in the Matrix?...
Is reality real? Or could we be living in a computer simulation? Simulation theory proponents (from Elon Musk to Neil DeGrasse Tyson) claim that we are living in a Simulated Reality and are blissfully unaware. But what does that mean? Are we just a bad version of the Sims on some 14 year old's computer in the future? Or, could this just be the next step in our understanding of the universe - a place where science and religion could one day meet? Spoiler alert, we don't know but we drink and argue about it nonetheless. Plus, the best ways to lose weight in a simulation, Conspiracy Bot is weaponized, and a special tribute to the late and great Alan Thicke (show us that smile again!). All of that and more on the show that knows there is no spoon, and THAT, that’s why we always grab a fork – Hysteria 51.
71 min
Aurora Texas UFO Crash | 33
Ah, the old west. It was a simpler time. Horse drawn carriages, local general stores, barn raising, consumption, etc. Ya know...simple. That is until a cigar shaped UFO crashes into your windmill and then crushes the petunias. That's what supposedly ha...
69 min
Black Eyed Children | 32
Ever meet a kid and they just creep you out for some reason? Now imagine you took a closer look and the child's eyes were completely black...like the whole thing. Well, hundreds of people across the world claim to have met these creatures and the "chil...
63 min
Jack the Ripper pt 2 | 31
The Ripper is back! This week we dive back into merry ol' England and explore who could have been killing all of these drunk prostitutes. Was it a quack doctor who was also involved in the Lincoln assassination? What about Lewis Carroll? Could he have ...
63 min
Jack the Ripper | 30
Jack The Ripper, there isn't a name more synonymous with murder than this Victorian aged serial killer. Though it's been close to 130 years since his last murder, the lore and mystery behind the Ripper is as strong today as ever. How many drunk prostit...
41 min
The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam | 29
In early 2013 guests of a seedy LA hotel began complaining that the water tasted funny. At the same time a girl who had been staying at said hotel was missing. You can probably guess where this is going. But human flavored water isn't even the weird pa...
84 min
Travis Walton: Fire in the Sky UFO Abduction | 28
In 1975, a group of seven men are driving home after working in a forest when they see a mysterious light. Intrigued, Travis Walton leaves the truck -- only to be sucked up by a flying saucer. Walton reappears five days later malnourished, dehydrated,...
72 min
Zodiac Killer | 27
Ah, San Francisco in the late 60’s - free love, copious amounts of drugs, peace, harmony, and MURDER? The Zodiac Killer – an infamous serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly a decade – has not been captured or identified
83 min
Dyatlov Pass | 26
Who wants to go hiking through the mountains of Russia? Here are the basics, the average temp will be roughly -15, the translated name of our destination is "Don't Go There" and the route we'll take will have us traversing "The Mountain of the Dead". N...
70 min
Flat Earth | 25
Everyone needs a hobby and it turns out there's a whole slew of people out there who's hobby is believing the earth is flat. Flat like "sail off the end" flat. Some of them are even celebrities. We hear from a few on why they believe this ain't no ob...
71 min
Lost City of Atlantis | 24
The Lost City of Atlantis. A myth propagated by conspiracy nuts and loons throughout the ages? Or, an advanced civilization too advanced for their time and wiped off the face of the earth? We discuss, plus did they have cell phones, was Atlantis ALSO ...
90 min
Oak Island pt 2 | 23
The Curse of Oak Island - a long time legend and now the name of an overhyped History Channel reality show we all spend way too much time watching. This week the fellas continue the Oak Island conversation with the Lagina Brothers and all things O.I. i...
80 min
Oak Island | 22
O, Canada - the Great White North. Known for hockey, maple syrup, and Templar Knight treasure? King Solomon's Menorah? Original Shakespearean manuscripts? While all of those might sound absurd (Vermont makes the best maple syrup silly). That and more a...
68 min
Dahmer | 21
Dahmer - a name synonymous with murder, serial killings, cannibalism, and Ke$ha. Sorry, it's really the only joke we could make here. That dude sucked...and bit...and cut. Ok, we're done. Anyway, this week we talk all things Milwaukee Cannibal. We...
93 min
Chemtrails | 20
Mind control, weather manipulation, artificial pandemics, manufactured superstorms to be used as weapons. No, not the plot of the next G.I. Joe movie (though our fingers are crossed after that dumpster fire that was Retaliation. Seriously did you see t...
75 min
Aftermath - Barney and Betty Hill | 19
In last week’s episode we learned about Barney and Betty Hill. A nice couple from New Hampshire that said they were abducted by aliens back in the early 60s. The problem was, they couldn't really remember what happened. Did they learn the secrets of in.
77 min
Abduction - Barney and Betty Hill | 18
Alien abductions have a lot in common with first dates. They're weird, you aren't sure how they'll end, and you get touched in fairly uncomfortable places...no, not like the back of a Volkswagen. The first modern, recorded example of these in the US h...
69 min
Roanoke - The Lost Colony | 17
Ever put something somewhere and when you come back to get it, it’s gone? Us too. Well, that also happened to artist-turned-governor John White in 1590. Though, instead of losing his keys, he lost a colony of over 100 people including his daughter and.
69 min
The Moon Landing | 16
One small step for man, one giant leap for...Hollywood producers? This week the team looks into the moon landing. Did we actually have the technology to get there? If we didn't, who was behind the conspiracy? Is the lunar surface actually comprised of ...
94 min
The Boston Strangler | 15
The Mad Strangler of Boston, The Phantom Strangler, The Silk Stocking Murders, The Boston Strangler. No matter the name, over a period of 2 years in the early 60's one killer (or killers) murdered 13 women and terrorized a community. Then as suddenly a...
76 min
Time Travel | 14
Time keeps on slippin slippin slippin into this edition of Hysteria 51. This week the boys talk all things time travel. How do we bend space-time to our will? Why can't the Enterprise time-travel? Is there anything wrong with stabbing a baby Hitler? Wh...
86 min
Resurrection Mary | 13
Boy meets girl. Boy dates girl. Girl gets angry, leaves date, and tries to walk home. Girl is killed by hit and run driver. Girl spends the next 80+ years getting rides from unsuspecting gentlemen for no particular reason. You know, that old yarn. Tha...
73 min
Ah, the internet. An interconnected series of tubes and wires bringing us all together with stupid cat videos, planking, and Viagra ads. But every now and then the internet produces a story befitting a late 80’s Robert Stack treatment. Enter #pizzagate.
91 min
The Philadelphia Experiment | 11
In 1943 the USS Eldridge conducted a top secret experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. The experiment, intended to render the Eldridge invisible, had unintended consequences. The ship disappeared from sight and traveled through space and time t...
71 min
Reptilians | 10
Reptilians or lizard people are an ancient alien race of inter-dimensional shape shifters hellbent on world domination. They're our genetic forefathers and hold every major political office in the world. There's nothing we can do about it as the gears ...
89 min
Prepping for the Apocalypse | 9
Zombies, civil unrest, natural catastrophe, Trump, alien invasion, super contagion...all potential harbingers of apocalypse. When the time comes, will you be prepared? In episode 9 Brent and John dive into the world of doomsday prepping. Want to know w...
81 min
Bob Lazar: Area 51 Whistle Blower or UFO Crackp...
So, we know Bob Lazar claims he worked at a super secret government location south of Area 51 reverse engineering alien tech. We now have to decide whether he's the ultimate whistle-blower or the ultimate blow-hard. Also in this episode, John butchers...
53 min
Bob Lazar: Area 51 Whistle Blower or UFO Crackp...
In 1988 an unassuming physicist lands the job of a lifetime to work on highly classified military projects. By 1989 he was talking to the press, getting shot at, and having his life threatened. Why? Simple. Bob told the world that aliens have been her...
60 min
Zombies | 6
Zombie - it's a word so engrained in the current zeitgeist that the monsters have produced the number 1 show on TV, countless movies, number one best selling books, multiple video game franchises, comic books, apps, and even a preparedness plan from th...
70 min
Amityville - Wading Through Fact and Fiction | 5
November 13, 1974: Six people are brutally murdered as they sleep in the house at 112 Ocean Ave in Amityville, NY. One year later a family moves into the same home - they then move out suddenly 28 days later, leaving all of their belongings. Was there...
73 min
Vampires | 4
No sparkly teenage heartthrobs here. This week the fellas tackle the blood-sucking undead as they dissect VAMPIRES! We all know the myth of the pasty, white-skinned Eastern Europeans turning into bats. But, what if there are truly blood suckers walking...
88 min
The John F. Kennedy Assassination | 3
11.22.63 - We all know Kennedy was killed that day, but who took him out? Was it a lone, crazed gunman? Or an intricate network of mob bosses, foreign nationals, and perhaps even our own government. Unravel the mystery and uncork a drink with us on E...
87 min
The Men in Black | 2
No galaxy defenders here. This week Brent and John tackle the Men in Black. The shadowy figures who are reported to show up and threaten UFO witnesses and researchers. Are Aliens protecting their own secret? Does the government want to keep us away ...
75 min
Operation Highjump: Nazis and Aliens in the Hol...
In their inaugural episode, Brent and John take on Operation Highjump. Why did the US Gov’t send an 3 Naval battalions to Antarctica in 1947? Was it a training and scientific venture as they claim? Or, were they searching for a hidden Nazi base? Or Al.
60 min