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New Music Spotlight: Interview With Josh Kenned...
Born in the Arizona desert The Black Moods have been building a loyal audience the past few years. Combining sharp hooks and tasteful melodies their music fuses the influences of the artists who have come before them with modern hooks. I chat with singer and guitar player Josh Kennedy on the experience of the last year with the pandemic and what their plans are for the future once life returns to normal. Please enjoy the conversation! Part of Pantheon Podcasts!
49 min
Does Rock Music Need Mainstream Acceptance To B...
Rock music rarely see acceptance by the mainstream music industry and when it does it's usually short-lived. When it does happen, the mainstream retroactively celebrates a rock artist or band decades after their prime success. The refusal to acknowledge the musicianship and talent during these prime years leave rock music fans screaming for vindication but, do we really need it? Rock music has faced years of being suppressed, ignored, and mistreated yet it still thrives. Although the definition of success has changed there are more new bands than ever before and more platforms for you to access the music. Bakko from Cobra's & Fire and I offer our perspective on why mainstream success for rock music is likely to not happen and why as rock fans we shouldn't care. Please enjoy the episode! Part of Pantheon Podcasts!
66 min
The Michael Schenker Interview
With his new MSG album "Immortal" out and being well received the man himself, Michael Schenker stops by The Hook Rocks Podcast. We talk about the chaotic experience of recording his new album, how he connects with himself when creating music, and how he stays in the present on his musical journey. Michael's spirituality shines through in our conversation and I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did! Part of Pantheon Podcasts!
48 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Daniel Firt...
With elements of blues, bluegrass, and folk the band Royal Horses bring the sounds of Deep South rock 'n' roll to the forefront. On this episode The bands debut album "A Modern Man's Way to Improve" drives home their rockabilly sense with strong melodies to capture the ear of their audience. I speak with drummer Daniel Firth on their influences, history, and how they are planning for the future. Please enjoy the episode!
45 min
The Inspiration That Is Pete's Diary
There is no better example of someone who has experienced the healing powers of music while inspiring others through his guitar playing then Pete Dankelson from Pete's Diary. Born with Goldenhar Syndrome he continues to overcome his challenges and embrace what makes him different. Through his guitar playing Pete has been able to connect with thousands on social media conveying a positive message and a joy that is like no other. I chat with Pete about his musical journey, his love for AC/DC, and his desire to work with others who face the same difficulties. Please enjoy the episode! Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network!
63 min
Coming To A Livestream Near You!
The impact from Covid19 will be felt by the music business long after it becomes a memory. Record labels, streaming services, event promoters, on demand platforms, sponsors and artists have discovered new revenue streams as result and will capitalize on the new found money makers. Livestreams will never replace the emotional connection of being at a live concert but they will offer the fan in local markets and beyond the ability to watch a performance from the comfort of their own home. With improvements in technology and sound quality plus the caution people will have about being in large crowds makes this opportunity a safe bet for corporate conglomerates but also the consumer. The sports fan loves watching a game in person but also watches his favorite sports team at home or orders pay per view for a boxing match or MMA fight. Services like Netflix had already caused movie box office numbers to decline prior to the pandemic. Listen to my conversation with frequent Hook Rocks contributor Kristi Enigl about all of the above. Please enjoy the episode! Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network
68 min
The Damon Johnson Interview
With a new band and a new album on the way Damon Johnson has finally found peace in his musical journey. No longer having to compromise his vision Damon speaks candidly with Jay Scott about his happiness with the music on his new record. He has found his music soul brothers in drummer Jarred Pope and bassist Robbie Harrington. Damon opens up about the recording process and life as a musician while living during a pandemic. Please enjoy the episode. Part of Pantheon Podcasts!
66 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Nathan Jame...
The new album "We Will Ride" is out this Friday February 12th and it is Inglorious at their best. The album integrates their classic rock roots with a modern sound. I begin the episode with my thoughts on the new music and commentary about the challenges recording music is during the pandemic. We then welcome lead Singer Nathan James on The New Music Spotlight to share his thoughts on the album, the recording process, and why it was important to release new music during these times. Please enjoy the episode!
44 min
New Album Spotlight: The Pretty Reckless "Death...
The new year is in full swing and great new rock music is afoot. With several great rock albums already released in 2021, the latest by The Pretty Reckless is next level awesomeness. An emotional journey that began after the death of Chris Cornell and friend and long time producer Kato, the band fell into a dark place and the future of the band was in jeopardy. The album "Death By Rock 'n' Roll" chronicles the process of mourning, facing inner demons, and the perseverance of facing these individual challenges while rising through them. The result is perfection. The songs connect with a spiritual vibe unlike no other. Featuring guest appearances by Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, & Tom Morello this album will connect with the listeners emotions. Please enjoy the episode!
21 min
The Dokken Legacy
Rising up through the scene on the sunset strip in the early '80s the band Dokken created some of the best music for over a decade. With three and four part harmonies, great songwriting, and addicting hooks they were one the best yet criminally underrated rock groups of that era. Sydney Taylor from Metal From The Inside and I discuss their music, legacy and why they were never able to reach the summit of popularity like their contemporaries. Please enjoy this episode!
89 min
The Deen Castronovo Interview
In his first interview since his departure from The Dead Daisies Deen Castronovo details the challenges involved with his physical health. The impact of Covid19 also played a major role in repairing the issues causing the limitations, which ultimately led to him making a hard decision. As always, Deen looks towards the future with positivity once he recovers and is able to perform at the level he expects. With a new side project on the horizon he is looking to move forward. Please enjoy the episode!
55 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Johnny Skul...
Merging horror and modern goth imagery with heavy hooks the band Above Snakes is ready to mark their territory in the hard rock/heavy metal world. While playing in and touring with previous groups Johnny Skulls and Dax Dabs wanted to create a band with everyone's creative energy focused on the greater cause instead of a singular ego. The result is a modern metal sound with images reminiscent of bands such as Iron Maiden and others in the NWOBHM movement. Check out this great conversation! Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network!
47 min
Van Halen I vs Appetite For Destruction
When rock fans speak about great debut albums and the impact their music had on rock 'n' roll no two albums create a more passionate debate than these monster records. Van Halen's self titled debut which is full of big harmonies, shredding guitar, and infectious energy versus the sleaze and back alley grit of Guns 'N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction. Which album had more influence? Which one changed the game? I welcome Chris Preston from My Rock 'n' Roll Heaven to discuss! Please enjoy! Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network!
68 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Tucker McMu...
From the small town of Red Dear, Alberta in Canada the band King Bull fuses elements of rock and punk into a beautiful chaotic sound. I sit down with lead vocalist/guitar player Tucker McMurray and discuss the bands history, their latest EP, and where the future lies for King Bull. It was a fun conversation I enjoyed and I know you will too! Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network!
53 min
The Return of Joel Hoekstra
Joel Hoekstra returns to the Hook Rocks Podcast to discuss his latest album "Running Games" by Joel Hoektra's 13. The album features Joel's definitive sound as musicians Vinny Appice, Tony Franklin, Derek Sherinian, Russell Allen, and others contribute on each track. We then move to the timely topic of Covid19 and how its impact continues to put live music in a state of unknown. Please enjoy the episode! Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network!
40 min
How & Why We Connect With Music
Music can be a time machine connecting us with the memories of the past while we stay in the present. It has a way of binding us together no matter the journey we choose. We connect through lyrics, melodies, and the moments we experience while our favorite song plays in the background. A great song never leaves us. Why is it so personal? Why does music help define our lives? Jaide Alicia returns to The Hook Rocks to discuss this and more...please enjoy! Part of The Pantheon Music Podcast Network!
71 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Lacey Crowe...
The new year has begun but the same worries and unknowns remains for music fans across the globe. Live music and going to concerts remains a "who knows" as far as when and if tours will be able to go on. However, new music from our favorite artists and new bands will continue to be released in 2021. With high hopes and expectations the band Bourbon House is currently working on a new album with a target for release this spring. Lead Vocalist Lacey Crowe joins the Hook Rocks to talk about the new album, her influences, and where the band is headed. Please enjoy the episode!
50 min
The Todd "Damnit" Kerns Interview
Rock 'n' roll veteran Todd "Damnit" Kerns talks with the Hook Rocks Podcast in a wide-ranging conversation about his influences, the upcoming Minefield album, the evolution of song writing, and much more. We dive into the changes in songwriting styles from the sixties to the '70s and how those changes changed the face of rock music. Todd also discusses the upcoming Minefield project and the album due out this February. Enjoy this great conversation! Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network!
70 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Melody Cris...
The New Music Spotlight kicks off 2021 with a bang as we feature lead vocalist Melody Cristea from Liliac, the band made up 5 siblings from the Cristea family. The band is capturing the attention of rock fans young and old across the globe. I chat with Melody on her musical influences, the dynamic of the band, and the impact the legend Ronnie James Dio has had on her musical journey. We anticipate more great new music from Liliac in 2021. Please enjoy the episode!
44 min
The Carrie Stevens Interview
The journey in ones life is often complicated. At any given moment the road you are on can change without notice. Author, actress, model, and entrepreneur Carrie Stevens writes in her book Unrated: Revelations of A Rock 'n' Roll Centerfold about her life in unparalleled honesty. The grief, the heartbreak, the high and the lows are all on the table during her conversation on this episode of The Hook Rocks. Please enjoy!
115 min
The Top Albums of 2020 Part 2: 1-10
The final installment of the top album's & EP's of 2020 is finally here! Once again Chris Corradetti and Jay Scott discuss their favorites with picks 1-10. From rock 'n' roll veterans to new artists...bands from all over the globe are talked about in the most complete year end celebration of rock music you will find. Please share your thoughts and your picks on our social media posts! Please enjoy the episode! Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network
108 min
The Top Albums of 2020 Part 1: 11-20
2020 is over and it's time to look back and talk about the top albums of the year. Once again Chris Corradetti and I discuss our favorites and why we selected them in part 1 of our back and forth.. Bands from all over the globe and a few surprises along the way! Enjoy our conversation and check out these great albums! Now Part of Pantheon Podcasts
79 min
The Hook Rocks Top EP's of 2020!
2020 is officially closed and in the books. The year was filled with unprecedented challenges, a new normal, and many questions as we head into the future. However, I believe 2020 will mark the beginning of the resurgence of real rock 'n ' roll. With many great bands releasing incredible music and the angst of the youth building the next wave of rock is ready to take over the world. Chris Corradeti and I break down the top EP's released in 2020 and discuss why many of these artists will be the focus of rock fans for years to come...and there may be a rant about the infamous Led Zeppelin tribute album. Please enjoy the episode! Now Part of Pantheon Podcasts!
73 min
What Are The Top 5 Rock Albums So Far This Year...
2020 is in the books and once again several great rock albums have been released in the 4th quarter. I welcome back Chris Corradetti and we break down our favorites of the year so far for the months of October through December. Debut releases and music from our favorites are once again spotlighted. Which ones have you listened to? Which ones will make our lists! Please enjoy the episode.
69 min
No Live Concerts In 2020...Let's Discuss Our Fa...
The pandemic of 2020 has paused live music and its return is still in question. For live music lovers this has been traumatic. Gone is the adrenaline rush one gets when a band hits the stage curing the ache of anticipation. Gone is the synergy of the crowd singing a long to a song with fists in the air. We wait for its return. Many of us have turned to live albums in our collection to feed the absence of those moments that captured our imagination and transcended time. Rob In The Hood returns to the podcast to discuss our favorite live recordings and relive the memories of the live show. Please enjoy the episode!
71 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Chris Foust...
Coming from Music City the band Foust merges the elements of grunge with a modern rock sound. Their debut EP Revival is filled with great songs such as "The Fountain" & "The Ocean". I had a chance to chat with lead singer and guitarist Chris Foust about the current state of rock music, the importance on having thick skin while being in the music business, and much more. I hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did!
64 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Martin Reed...
A kindred spirit with a story to tell, Martin Reed from MTR Project is finally in the place he was always meant to be. Battling through years of addiction and self destruction Martin now sings about hope as he continues on his musical journey utilizing music as the ultimate healing power. The MTR project beautifully merges the '90s Seattle sound like Alice In Chains with the power of Black Label Society. Enjoy Martin's raw perspective on his life and the music of MTR Project.
47 min
Embracing The New Wave of Rock Music
It is here ladies and gentlemen! It has been decades since the last great movement in rock history happened. It is now happening again! So many great new bands and artists are reviving the music we love and it's time for you to take notice. Jordan "The Junkman" West from joins me to discuss his enthusiasm for new rock 'n' roll and the hurdles it now faces. In the end, we both believe it will conquer. There is too much talent, too much awesome music, and too much momentum building for it it not to succeed. Please enjoy the episode!
76 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Nick Perri ...
Already a rock 'n' roll veteran at the age of 36 Nick Perri has finally found the artistic freedom he has been searching for with the album Sun Via and his band Nick Perri and The Underground Thieves. The album is a celebration of music with different in...
54 min
The John Bush Interview
Armed with a signature sound Armored Saint has delivered great music for almost four decades and the latest album Punching The Sky is one of their best. Filled with great hooks and timely lyrics this release is a must-have for any hard rock or heavy meta...
44 min
New Music Spotlight: The Return of Tommy White ...
Inspiration comes in various ways and because many bands and artists continue to create during the pandemic, they are finding it in the music they've already heard.  Drawing from the influences of Black Sabbath and Funkadelic Tommy White from Lovehoney d...
56 min
In The Know On New Rock 'n' Roll Vol.2
The days when a classic rock fan can say "New rock music sucks" are over. With so many great new bands taking the stage over the past few years the problem with rock 'n' roll is the fans, not the bands. The fact is the genre is on the rise and even thoug...
54 min
The Return of Tyler Baker From Goodbye June & H...
Guitarist from Goodbye June, Tyler Baker returns to the show to give an update on the music the band has been recording during the pandemic. Drawing inspiration from a legendary rock album the group decided to step outside their comfort zone and take a d...
65 min
New Music Spotlight: The Return of Abby K
Up & coming artist Abby K returns to The Hook Rocks podcast to discuss her latest EP "Live From The Playroom" being released this December. We discuss her selection process of the classic rock songs she chose and the reasons behind each tune. The gifted ...
53 min
Is The Music Industry Becoming A Tech Industry?
We talk a lot on this podcast about The State of Rock Music. There are so many questions and so few answers. Beau from The Rock Savages Podcast joins me to discuss new music and where the evolution of the industry is headed. Will it become a tech industr...
69 min
Bonus Episode: The AC/DC Power Up Album Review
With everyone struggling to get through 2020 we've been searching for reasons to be excited. The pandemic has taken away our outlets of enjoyment as we wait for a breath of normalcy. In many ways, AC/DC's release of their new album Power Up is giving man...
42 min
The Ace Von Johnson Interview
The music business is much different today than it was years ago. Fans have so many different platforms to find music, bands and artists have several ways to build and connect with an audience, and many artists need to diversify themselves in order to su...
100 min
What Killed '80s Glam Rock?
A few decades have passed since the era of fun good-time music ruled radio, the stages, and MTV.  However, the impact of the bands during that time still remains. Groups like Van Halen, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, & Bon Jovi sold millions of records and to...
83 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Ben Guiles ...
Social media impacts everyone in today's world. Good or bad there is no way to escape it and the majority of people around the globe are on one platform or another. The band Small Town Titans captures the circus atmosphere that is social media with their...
52 min
Are Rock Fans Really Killing Rock Music?
The future of rock music is in the hands of the youth of today. It is up to the new bands and artists to make the connection and provide the answer to the angst kids are feeling in today's world. Just like the parents of my generation who grew up on Elvi...
64 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Southern Go...
From the moment they saw Lynyrd Skynrd live Stacey, Josh, & Patrick Galanis wanted to make rock music. The three brothers decided to start a rock band combining the influences of southern rock and the grunge era of rock 'n' roll. From there Southern Gove...
54 min
The Reb Beach Interview
The long-awaited Reb Beach instrumental solo album "A View From The Inside" comes out this Friday. Featuring the first single  "Aurora Borealis" the album is filled with amazing textures and incredible riffs. This project has been in the works for years ...
40 min
The Robert Mason Interview
Vocalist Robert Mason appears on the show this week to answer The Hook Rocks question "What Hooked You On Rock 'n' Roll". He shares unique stories about connecting with music that led him to the stages of rock music and performing in front of thousands o...
55 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Magnolia Bayou
As new bands continue to surface The New Wave of Rock is proving to be capable of carrying the legacy of rock 'n' roll on to future generations. With a heavy influence of delta blues the band Magnolia Bayou just released their latest album "Strange Place...
57 min
The Glenn Hughes Interview
The legendary bassist, singer, and songwriter Glenn Hughes visits the podcast this week to discuss The Dead Daisies Lockdown Sessions, their upcoming album set for release this coming January, and staying busy during the pandemic. The conversation moved ...
42 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Justin Youn...
The resurgence of rock music continues to be strong and bands like South of Eden are at the forefront leading the charge. Based in Columbus, Ohio the band brings out the influences of Guns 'n' Roses, Soundgarden, and Van Halen with a modern and unique so...
47 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Simon McBride
Hailing from Belfast in Northern Ireland Simon McBride has been playing guitar since the age of 10. Having been influenced by Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore, and others Simon's music is an incredible combination of blues and rock. Our discussion covers many ...
49 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Blake Bedsa...
Formed in 2007 in Sutherland, IA by brothers Zach and Blake Bedsaul the band Saul offers metal fans across the globe hard melodic riffs and meaningful lyrics. I sat down with Blake to discuss their upcoming album "Rise As Equals" as well as their creativ...
40 min
What Are The Top 5 Rock Albums So Far This Year...
The first nine months of 2020 are in the books and once again several great rock albums have been released. I welcome back Chris Corradetti and we break down our favorites of the year so far for the months of July through September. Debut releases and mu...
71 min
The Tyler Bryant Interview
Having had the pleasure of seeing Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown live...twice, I can say for certain they are the goods. Without a doubt, they are among the bands leading the charge with new rock music. Armed with great songs, incredible players, and an ...
47 min
My Tribute To Eddie Van Halen
Guitar legend Eddie Van Halen passed away this past Tuesday after a long battle with cancer. Upon hearing the news I immediately remembered my 8-year-old self discovering the wonder of Van Halen while hearing Eruption for the first time. It changed my li...
40 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Indy Chanda...
The U.K's new wave of rock music continues to be a force to be reckoned with, building momentum with a huge selection of new bands. Doomsday Outlaw is right in the middle of the fray. With music filled with great songwriting, killer hooks, and the need t...
53 min
The Importance Of New Rock Music
2020 is the year everything had to be put on pause. From movies to music, from album release dates to bands going out on tour this year will be forever remembered as the "lost year". As far as new rock music goes the momentum that was building going into...
63 min
The Joel Hoekstra Interview
With a career spanning two decades Joel Hoekstra is regarded as one of rock 'n' rolls hardest working guitar players. Being a member of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Whitesnake while touring with Cher has given Joel the ability to showcase his tremendous ...
44 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Charlie Wal...
For the past several years rock music has been brewing a feast of incredible new bands. The new scene is global and musicians from one corner of the globe to the next are proving to be up to the task of carrying the legacy torch of rock n roll. The band ...
52 min
Save Our Stages
2020 is the year we would all like to forget. The things we know and love like sporting events, vacations, and concerts have been postponed or canceled in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic. For live music lovers, small clubs and theatres are or on the ver...
42 min
The Return of Joey Cassata
We welcome back one of our favorite guests Joey Cassata to discuss his latest book "Wrestling With Joeylicious". A Rocky meets Porky's adventure about an amateur wrestler pursuing his dream while his imaginary Pro Wrestling friends guide his journey. Man...
50 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Theo Van De...
The new rock 'n' roll scene is truly global. Bands from all over the planet have the ability to connect with audiences in different countries via social media and streaming platforms. There is no better example of this than the Brazilian band Ego Kill Ta...
47 min
Streaming Services Don't Use Vaseline
Streaming music is now the norm. The convenience and accessibility for music fans have left the old ways of how we absorb music in the dust. However, what's great for these companies who provide these platforms and their bottom line has created a vaccuum...
76 min
The Michael Sweet Interview
Released last Friday "Even The Devil Believes" is the latest from the hard rock band Stryper. The album, which was recorded earlier this year prior to the Covid19 pandemic offers Stryper fans great songs and a powerful message. I chat with lead singer/gu...
40 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Blake Allar...
One of the most interesting and exciting bands to come out over the past few years is Joyous Wolf. Armed with incredible songs, great musicianship, and defining stage presence the band is looking to take advantage of the forced downtime, preparing themse...
47 min
In The Know On New Rock 'n' Roll
The days when a classic rock fan can say "New rock music sucks" are over. With so many great new bands taking the stage over the past few years the problem with rock 'n' roll is the fans, not the bands. The fact is the genre is on the rise and even thoug...
63 min
The New Generation of Rock 'n' Roll
One of the major factors pushing rock music into irrelevancy is the lack of connection with younger fans. For whatever reason, rock 'n' roll stopped embracing the rock 'n' roll lifestyle of danger and excess while being a soundboard for the outcast teen...
59 min
George Lynch Returns
We welcome back Mr. Scary George Lynch back to the podcast to discuss the Lynch Mob 30th Anniversary Re-Imagined Wicked Sensation album along with other topics such as his recent Sturgis appearance, Covid19, and moving on from the name Lynch Mob. There ...
44 min
The New Music Spotlight: Interview with Ehab Om...
One of the most exciting new bands to hit the scene over the past few years is South of Eden. From the college town of Columbus, Ohio the rock influences of Guns'n'Roses, Van Halen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin are worn on the sleaves of all four members in this ...
55 min
The State of Rock 2020 With Marci Wiser from KLOS
Coming into 2020 rock 'n' roll music was starting to gain momentum with hopes of taking the long road back to the mountain of relevancy. There seemed to be an enthusiasm burning right underneath the surface. Now because of Covid19 there is more uncertain...
64 min
Is The Future of The Rock Guitar Hero In Doubt?
The most iconic instrument in music is the guitar and rock n roll's history has been defined by the guitar heroes who have graced the stages with mind-blowing riffs and ear-piercing tones. Over the past few decades, the guitar has slowly moved to the bac...
68 min
The Donnie Vie Interview
From learning to write songs to the success of Enuff Z Nuff to the depths of Donnie Vie's challenges over the past several years, music has always provided the purpose in his rock n roll journey. Donnie's rebirth began with his latest album Beautiful Thi...
59 min
The New Music Spotlight: Interview With Shane S...
If you are a grunge rock fan and enjoyed bands like Soundgarden & Alice In Chains this is a band you should check out. Hailing from Grand Forks, BC in Canada members of BADGUYSWIN decided to start a journey outside of their other band Slagduster. The res...
40 min
What Are The Top 5 Rock Albums So Far This Year...
The second three months of 2020 are in the books and once again several great rock albums have been released. I welcome back Chris Corradetti and we break down our favorites of the year so far for the months of April through June. Debut releases and musi...
65 min
The Don Crash Interview!
The band H.E.A.T. is building its international audience with incredible music and spectacular live shows. Their latest release H.E.A.T ll is one of my favorites for 2020. The drummer Don Crash stops by for a chat about the impact covid19 has had on thei...
48 min
The New Music Spotlight: Interview with Vocalis...
One of the great new bands to hit the scene over the past few years is The Amazons from Reading, England. The album "Future Dust" was one of the top rock records of 2019. Vocalist Matt Thomson joins me on The New Music Spotlight and reflects on his influ...
54 min
New Music Spotlight: Chris Tapp From The Cold S...
One of my favorite musicians in rock 'n' roll makes his second appearance on The Hook Rocks and talks about the new music that is on the way. With the band focused on the new tunes and what the future will be, we discuss what it means to persevere throug...
57 min
The Evolution of Metallica
From the moment Metallica took the stage in the early '80s people took notice. Their debut album Kill'em All grabbed young kids across the country and set them on a journey into the underground phenomenon known as Thrash. Fast forward a few decades later...
69 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With James "Degg...
The U.K. continues to produce great new rock bands showcasing a modern sound with elements of classic rock influences from the '70s through the '90s. No band better exhibits this than Gorilla Riot. Their sound merges so many influences from rock and blue...
46 min
The Eddie Spaghetti Interview
With a new album released in 2020 and a European tour ready to go the Supersuckers were expecting the same cycle they've experienced over the past few decades. Release an album, tour Europe, tour the here, there, and everywhere and write some ...
39 min
Remembering Chris Cornell
On the 3rd anniversary of Chris Cornell's death, Ari Karnezis joins me once again to celebrate his music, his legacy, and discuss the unfortunate litigation between his former band Soundgarden and his widowed wife Vicky. It's still hard to imagine my mus...
48 min
Classic Album Rewind: Master Of Puppets
Continuing with our Classic Album Rewind series we focus on the heavy-hitting thrash masterpiece Master of Puppets. I was 11 years old when the album was released and the impact it had on my taste in music was forever changed. This album was a game-chang...
25 min
What Will Be The Future of Live Music ?
We know Covid19 is having an impact on communities across the world. How much of an everlasting impact it will have is still unknown but one thing is for certain, the normal we knew will be gone for a long time. When it comes to live music, the impact is...
119 min
The Butch Walker American Love Story Album Review
Are we having a conversation? The latest album from Butch Walker "American Love Story" challenges the audience like no other album in his discography does. With the music offering a contrast to the lyrical content of each song, Butch forces you outside y...
62 min
New Music Spotlight - Interview With Lia Metcal...
From Liverpool, England The Mysterines are ready to take on the world. With a definitive punk and grunge vibe combined with the mixed influences of The Pretenders, Sonic Youth, Hole, Blondie, & The Kills they are a band everyone needs to prepare for. I c...
41 min
A Teenagers Music Adventure: My Sons Live Conce...
Exposing my son to music at an early age was always a goal. Allowing him to find a connection and start a musical journey was an important step in unlocking his imagination and him having a passion. The bond we developed over music has included visits to...
67 min
The Power of A Mixtape and A Playlist
With the ability to put different multiple songs on a cassette or CD the mixtape/CD became the preferred way to communicate a theme through music lyrics or song titles. Whether you were missing a friend, longing for love, or trying to convey a feeling to...
50 min
Classic Album Rewind: Physical Graffiti
There is no other album in my collection that continues to evolve as I do as a person than Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin. The album is a journey filled with songs that take you to another place. From the days of youth through the years of life it's l...
24 min
New Music Spotlight- Interview With Labros G Fr...
The new album Youth of Dissent shows once again why 1000mods is building an audience across the globe. Insightful lyrics and a sound that keeps evolving the band was ready for another step in their musical journey. However, the circumstances surrounding ...
52 min
The Top 10 Songs From Richie Kotzen's 50 For 50...
It's been three months since the epic masterpiece album 50 For 50 was released by Richie Kotzen. There is so much music to digest even a few months later I am still discovering nuances inside several tracks. As we talk about in the episode it's like cont...
59 min
The Joe Satriani Interview
Guitar legend Joe Satriani has just released another masterpiece of an album called Shapeshifting and it's full of diverse energetic instrumentals. I chatted with Joe about how the recording process for this album differed from the previous ones and how ...
47 min
Classic Album Rewind: Van Halen l
The music world changed on February 10th, 1978 and it never was the same. The loud and ferocious tone of Eddie Van Halen influenced generations of new guitar players while also inspiring veteran players to change their sound. I heard this album 5 years l...
30 min
Why Iron Maiden is One of The Greatest Bands of...
We always have the benefit of hindsight whenever we reflect on the past. Things we may have missed and not appreciated are now looked upon much differently. The '80s hard rock and heavy metal era was such a great time. So many greats bands with so many g...
60 min
New Music Spotlight: Interview With Barry "Baz"...
The new album from the band Massive Wagons "House of Noise" is on its way this July and their first single "In It Together" has dropped. The high energy band is ready to take the stage but will have to wait like many others due to the coronavirus impacti...
55 min
New Music Spotlight- Interview With Mark Sean F...
With a dirty south sound mixed with classic rock influences, Black Heart Saints are a band on the rise. The Misery EP released this past fall, which is a follow up to their full-length album Alive shines a light on their addictive riffs and sleazy groove...
42 min
The Ian Thornley Interview
Big Wreck released their 6th album "...but for the sun" last year to glowing reviews. For me personally, it was one of my favorite albums of the year and the music continues to be in my everyday music rotation. I got the chance to chat with Ian Thornley...
47 min
Classic Album Rewind: The Number Of The Beast
I first saw the album cover of Iron Maiden's The Number of The Beast by way of a poster while at a family friend's house when I was 8 or 9 years old. I remember feeling scared and excited at the same time. It wasn't until a few months later while at a sl...
26 min
The Frank Hannon Interview
Being in one of the most recognizable bands in rock history has not stopped Tesla's Frank Hannon from trying to evolve as an artist. His solo records have become the outlet he needs creatively as well as a way to increase his knowledge of the guitar. Fra...
41 min
New Music Spotlight- Interview With Brad Marr F...
From Melbourne, Australia the band Massive has been building a solid reputation in different parts of the world over the past 8 years. From their home country to the U.K. Massive is feeding the hunger of fans who crave loud raucous rock 'n' roll. Lead si...
45 min
The Adventures of A Rock 'n' Roll Journey!
Everyone has their own rock 'n' roll story. We all have similar tales of how we connected to hard rock and heavy metal but no one has the same exact tale. Jaide Alicia grew up after the height of the hard rock and heavy metal popularity. Nevertheless, he...
58 min
Who Were The Biggest Bands of The '80s?
Who were the biggest bands of the '80s? Several bands throughout this decade held the throne at one time or another. They were larger than life and influenced music for generations that followed. Mojo Moomey and I give our own top ten and opinions on why...
104 min
New Music Spotlight- Interview With Shane Green...
With their new album "Point of No Return" released earlier this being one of my favorites of 2020, it was a pleasure to have a conversation with the lead vocalist of Those Damn Crows, Shane Greenhall. We discuss everything from his influences, the band h...
40 min
The Michael Des Barres Interview
Michael Des Barres is a rock 'n' roll legend. Starting his journey with music and acting in the 60's Michael has a unique and timely perspective. The conversation covers a lot of ground, from our current situation under lockdown to his music career to hi...
43 min
New Music Spotlight- Interview With Brian Tichy...
Silverthorne features drummer Brian Tichy, vocalist/guitarist Pete Shoulder, and Daniel Spree on bass. The band's debut EP "Tear The Sky Wide Open" features a modern sound with bluesy soulful influences and in my opinion, it is one of the best rock recor...
50 min