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Hollywood Hoops: Lakers, Clippers, an...
<p>From the Lakers and the Clippers in the NBA, to UCLA and USC in the NCAA, Hosts Eric Pincus and Josh Martin take an in-depth look at basketball around the city of Los Angeles.</p>
Hollywood Hoops Ep 155 - Los Angeles Lakers May...
Only One Preseason Game but the Lakers Look Formidable
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 154 - Both the Los Angeles L...
Also, why does Anthony Davis Get a Pass, Unlike Dwight Howard?
60 min
Hollywood_Hoops Ep 153 - Tampering, Kuzma and M...
How Will the NBA's Revised Tampering Rules Impact the League?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 152 - How Will the Revised S...
Team USA Fizzles, Kobe on Kawhi
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 151 - Understanding the DeMa...
Is There A Real Benefit to Obtaining a Small DPE?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 150 Lakers Wise to Play Anth...
Kobe on Shaq; Ice Cube on the LA Clippers
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 149 How Many Wins Will the C...
When Will Paul George Make His Debut?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 148 How Can or Rather Should...
Is Dwight Howard Really a Serious Consideration?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 147 Running Through the L.A....
Can the Lakers Take a Top Seed in the Western Conference?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 146 What Will Kyle Kuzma Ta...
Key Nights of the 2019-20 NBA Schedule Leak
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 145 Will the Clippers Take...
Ryan West Leaves the Lakers, C.J. McCollum Extends with the Blazers
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 144 - Is Kostas the Only An...
Early Look at Standings, Hollywood Hoops Mailbag
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 143 - Lakers, Clippers Buil...
Should the NBA Aspire to Fix Tampering?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 142 - Do the Los Angeles La...
The Lakers got Anthony Davis, but the Clippers Counted with both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 141 - Free Agency Preview, ...
A Team-By-Team Look at July 2019 Free Agency
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep, 140 - Do the Lakers Have th...
Did the L.A. Lakers Time Their Trade with the New Orleans Pelicans Properly?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 139 - Kevin Durant Injury, ...
How Will Durant's Injury Impact the Summer Free Agency Period?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 138 - Anthony Davis Could B...
Will the Milwaukee Bucks Venture Deep into the Luxury Tax to Keep Giannis?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 137 - NBA Finals Preview: W...
Coach Nick of BBALLBREAKDOWN Visits Hollywood Hoops
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 136 - Lakers Finally Talk t...
The Frank Vogel Press Conference is Over-Shadowed By Magic
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 135 - Lakers Go Outside of ...
Should Any Team Trade Zion Williamson for Anthony Davis?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 134 - Lakers Appear to be o...
Was He Their Top Choice?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 133 - No Lakers Coach Yet, ...
NBA basketball comes to an end for the summer in Los Angeles
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 132 - Lakers Looking for a ...
L.A. Basketball Winding Down for the Season.
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 131: Who is Running the L.A....
With Magic Johnson Gone, Who is in Setting the Lakers' Basketball Vision?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 130: Lakers Season Ends, Pre...
The L.A. Clippers Likely to Draw the Golden State Warriors
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep 129: Add Juwan Howard to th...
Howard was a teammate of both LeBron James and Rob Pelinka
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 128: What Coaching Options ...
Which Team Should the Los Angeles Clippers Prefer to Face in the Playoffs?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 127: Do the L.A. Lakers and...
Do the Lakers and Knicks Break out this Summer, or Continue to Struggle?
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 126: Lakers Season Derailed...
Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Clippers are Heading to the Postseason
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 125: Time for the Los Angel...
Given the L.A. Lakers Won't Make the Playoffs, They Need to Better Their Pick
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 124: The Los Angeles Lakers...
Can the Lakers Find their Defense to Make a Playoff Push?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 123: Predicting NBA 2019 Su...
A post-All-Star prediction on how the summer of 2019 will pan out.
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 122: Los Angeles Lakers Stu...
Will the L.A. Lakers Even Make the Playoffs or Will They Be Beat Out by the Clippers?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 121: What Now for the Los A...
Can the Lakers Recover After a Wild, Potentially Fruitless Week?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 120: Examining the Anthony ...
Can and Should the L.A. Lakers Get A.D. Before the NBA Trade Deadline?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 119: Pondering the L.A. Lak...
Who Has More Value, Kuzma or Ingram? Should the Lakers target Anthony and Cousins>
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 118: Should Luke Walton's J...
Is Walton Responsible for the Lakers' Struggles Without LeBron James?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 117: Despite Recent Setback...
The Los Angeles Clippers are Still in a Playoff Team in the Western Conference
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 116: Brandon Ingram May Be ...
Would Ingram or Beal be More Appealing in the Anthony Davis Chase?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 115: Debating the Brandon I...
Can the Lakers Afford to be Patient?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 114: Should L.A. Lakers LeB...
Will the Lakers Land Trevor Ariza for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 113: L.A. Lakers and Clippe...
Also, Do the Boston Celtics Really Have the Assets to Chase Anthony Davis?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 112: Can the L.A. Lakers De...
With Raised Expectations, Will the Younger Lakers Grow in the Spotlight?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 111: Should the L.A. Lakers...
Who Will Have the Better Career, Brandon Ingram or Bradley Beal?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 110: Is Brandon Ingram Best...
Video Analyst Mo Dakhil Talks Brandon Ingram, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 109: Will Tyson Chandler Im...
Is Luke Walton's Job in Trouble?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 108: The L.A. Lakers Are Be...
Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Clippers are Playing Well
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 107: Should the L.A. Lakers...
Kyle Kuzma may fit best alongside LeBron James as a starter
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 106: Which Teams Fall Out o...
Preview of the 2018-19 NBA Season
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 105: Los Angeles Lakers Rea...
Also, Why the Lakers are the Favorites to Land Anthony Davis
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 104: Will LeBron James and ...
The Lakers Will Score with LeBron, but Will They Be Able to Defend?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 103: Anthony Davis Moving t...
Will Anthony Davis be the Next Paul George or Kawhi Leonard?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 102: L.A. Lakers Aren't Abl...
How Will the Latest Salary Cap Projections Impact the Lakers, NBA?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 101: Making the Hall-of-Fam...
Horry Was An Integral Part of Seven Championships for Three Separate Franchises
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 100: Why the Luol Deng Buyo...
The Lakers Now Can Sign any Available Player at the Max Next Summer
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 99: Still Mulling Over Seco...
Looking Ahead to the Free Agent Class with KD, Jimmy, Klay and Kawhi
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 98: Schedule Breakdown - Th...
The Clippers Have Talent but are Behind in the Competitive Western Conference
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 97: Schedule Breakdown - Th...
Take the Over on the L.A. Lakers This Coming Season
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 96: L.A. Lakers Twitter Mai...
Fans ask if the Lakers made the right decisions, outside of LeBron James
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 95: Visiting with a 'Reason...
The Los Angeles Lakers Reveal New "Throwback" Jerseys
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 94: L.A. Lakers Addition of...
Lonzo Ball a Father, Where Do the Clippers Land in the West, Kevin Love Extends
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 93 - L.A. Lakers Impress at...
LeBron James Makes His First Public Appearance as a Laker
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 92 - L.A. Lakers Should be ...
The Lakers May Be Better Off Keeping Their Talented Young Players
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 91 - L.A. Lakers Land LeBro...
Can and should the Lakers do more to build around LeBron iimmediately?
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 90 - Did Magic Johnson Make...
Analyzing the L.A. Lakers and Clippers' Drafts and Upcoming Free Agency
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 89 - The L.A. Lakers and Cl...
The Athletic's Sam Vecenie Breaks Down the 2018 Draft Class
60 min
Hollywood_Hoops Ep. 88: Can't Get Away From the...
LeBron James' destination remains a mystery but many speculate he'l join the L.A. Lakers
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 87: As Cleveland Cavaliers ...
The Los Angeles Lakers are one of many teams with hopes of landing LeBron James
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 86: NBA Finals Preview, LiA...
Should the Los Angeles Lakers consider Lonzo Ball's brother in the draft?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 85: LA Lakers Kyle Kuzma on...
Did Lakers make a draft day promise? Kawhi Leonard to Stay with Spurs?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 84: Marcus Thomas, Manager ...
Thomas speaks highly of Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka and Lonzo Ball
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 83: As L.A. Lakers Prepare ...
Why the Clippers have a real shot at Kawhi Leonard
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 82: How Jesse Buss Helped C...
Also, Donatas Urbonas on Ball Family's Lithuanian Exit
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 81: Will the L.A. Lakers Be...
Could LeBron James or Paul George Opt In To Facilitate a Trade?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 80: L.A. Lakers Stay in Str...
The NBA Sticks with a $101 million salary-cap projection for 2018-19
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 79: L.A. Lakers and Clipper...
Also, Elgin Baylor Finally Gets His Statue
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 78: How Should Kawhi Leona...
Could the San Antonio Spurs Forward Be a Target in 2018 or 2019?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 77: Should the L.A. Lakers ...
How Close Can the Lakers Get to .500? Will the L.A. Clippers Make the Playoffs?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 76: Salary Cap Expert Larry...
Is the price to dump Luol Deng worthwhile for the Lakers?
63 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 75: Jacob Calling LeBron to...
Is LeBron James the Right Free Agent Target for the Los Angeles Lakers?
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 74: Los Angeles Lakers Stil...
The Lakers aren't likely to make the playoffs but have improved. The Clippers may also fall short.
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 73: Digging Into the Math o...
Can the Lakers Land Two Stars and Keep Julius Randle?
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 72: Did the NBA Go Too Far ...
Commissioner Adam Silver Addresses His Fine on Magic Johnson and the Lakers
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 71: Both the L.A. Lakers an...
Did the Lakers Open the Door for James to Come to Los Angeles or Give Him a Reason to Stay in Cleveland?
60 min
Hollywood_Hoops Ep. 70: What do the L.A. Lakers...
Will the Lakers trade Jordan Clarkson or Julius Randle - the Clippers DeAndre Jordan?
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 69: L.A. Clippers Make a Bo...
Did the Clippers Make the Right Move Trading Blake Griffin?
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 68: If the Lakers Had a Sho...
Also, the Los Angeles Clippers stumble; the Ball Brothers in Lithuania
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 67: Chris Paul, Blake Grif...
The L.A. Clippers and Houston Rockets get into it on the court and off; Should Ball or Kuzma be All-Stars?
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 66: Who Might the L.A. Lake...
Gary Payton Talks All-Star, Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 65: Have the L.A. Lakers So...
Should Julius Randle Start or Come of the Bench for the Lakers? Is he trade bait?
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 64: Does the L.A. Lakers' F...
Is the "two-max" plan an impediment to today's Lakers?
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 63: With Brook Lopez Injure...
Should the Lakers start Larry Nance, Ivica Zubac, Thomas Bryant or Andrew Bogut?
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 62: Has LaVar Ball Made a M...
International Reporter David Pick discusses LiAngelo & LaMelo's future overseas
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 61: UCLA and LaVar Ball Par...
Also, the L.A. Lakers Struggling, Clippers DeAndre Jordan Hires Agent
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 60: Time for the L.A. Clipp...
With Blake Griffin Injured, the Clippers Need to Think About the Future
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 59: Can The L.A. Lakers Re-...
Peak Performance Coach Art Rondeau gives his take on the Lakers' point guard
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 58: Kids, Don't Shoplift pl...
The Ball/China crisis ends quickly with an apparent wrist slap
56 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 57: Lonzo Ball's 'Whelming'...
Sam Vecenie of The Athletic on the Lakers, Clippers, UCLA, USC, NCAA Scandal
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 56: Can Lonzo Ball Become a...
Jared Zwerling of Vaunt and Sports Illustrated Talks Lonzo Ball
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 55: Did the L.A. Lakers Mak...
Will the loss of Russell become irrelevant wit a huge summer in 2018?
66 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 54: Finally, Time for Some ...
Previewing the 2017-18 NBA Season
66 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 53: L.A. Lakers Forward Bra...
The Lakers Sophomore Forward is Struggling
64 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 52: Lonzo Ball Making an Im...
The Lakers got a steal with No. 27 pick Kyle Kuzma
82 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 51: Young, Optimistic L.A. ...
Can Lakers Turn Potential into Wins?
63 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 50: Making the Case for Van...
Chris Palmer visits Hollywood Hoops
68 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 49: How Many Games Will the...
Breaking down the Clippers' 2017-18 schedule
65 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 48: How Many Games Will the...
Breaking down the Lakers' 2017-18 schedule
62 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 47: Would LeBron James Give...
Dave DuFour joins Hollywood Hoops to talk LeBron James and the Lakers
73 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 46: L.A. Lakers Face Danger...
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 45: L.A. Lakers Champion Sa...
64 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 44: How Long Will Doc River...
Eric Pincus and Josh Martin discuss the future of Los Angeles Clippers Coach Doc Rivers, now that he's no longer running the front office, along with a look at some of the new Los Angeles Lakers. Also,
52 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 43: Commissioner Chaniel Sm...
Chaniel Smiley, commissioner of the Drew League, joins Josh Martin and Eric Pincus of Hollywood Hoops to talk the success of the league on the heels of Chris Paul and James Harden's recent visit. Also,
62 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 42: Will L.A. Lakers Kyle K...
Sam Vecinie of the Game Theory Podcast joins Eric Pincus and Josh Martin of Hollywood Hoops to discuss the summer league play of the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers. How will Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Thomas Bryant, Josh Hart, Alex Caruso,
65 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 41: Magic Excited by Ball, ...
A busy stretch in Los Angeles with Magic Johnson celebrating Lonzo Ball and the young Lakers at the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope press conference, while Blake Griffin re-signs with the Clippers and talks about the team's Chris Paul-less future on Holl...
67 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 40: Are the L.A. Lakers Sti...
Fred Katz of the Norman Transcript joins Josh Martin and Eric Pincus of Hollywood Hoops, in Las Vegas for summer league, to discuss Paul George, Russell Westbrook and the chances that the Lakers get one or maybe even two of the Oklahoma City Thunder st...
66 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 39: L.A. Lakers Sticking wi...
Hollywood Hoops' Eric Pincus and Josh Martin discuss the Lakers' prospects as they carefully mind their books for a potential free agent haul in 2018, while the Clippers continue to reshape their roster around Blake Griffin
60 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 38: L.A. Clippers Moving Fo...
Hollywood Hoops' Josh Martin and Eric Pincus discuss the surprising Chris Paul exit from the Los Angeles Clippers via trade to the Houston Rockets, along with the Los Angeles Lakers drafting of Lonzo Ball and acquisition of Brook Lopez.
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 37: Lakers Give Up On D’Ang...
Hollywood Hoops' Josh Martin and Eric Pincus discuss the pending D'Angelo Russell trade from the L.A. Lakers to the Brooklyn Nets. Also, Jerry West joins the Clippers!
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 36: Can Lonzo Ball Live Up ...
Eric Pincus and Josh Martin of Hollywood Hoops discuss the upcoming NBA Draft. Can Lonzo Ball live up to the hype or will the Los Angeles Lakers choose a different player in the 2017 NBA Draft?
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 35: The L.A. Lakers and th...
Hollywood Hoops, with guest co-host Shahan Ahmed, were on hand in El Segundo as part of the massive media scrum to interview UCLA Bruin Lonzo Ball as he auditioned for the Los Angeles Lakers.
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 34: Darrick Martin on Lonzo...
Former UCLA Bruin and Los Angeles Clipper Darrick Martin, now head coach of the Reno Bighorns in the NBA's development league, talks Lonzo Ball and his ability to "pass guys open." Also, Jerry West to the Clippers?
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 33: Shooting Expert David N...
Shooting expert David Nurse, also a part of UCLA's coaching staff this past season, believes that guard Lonzo Ball will be a franchise player in the NBA. Come for the Los Angeles Lakers draft possibilities,
58 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 32: L.A. Lakers with a Big ...
Josh Martin and Eric Pincus discuss what the Los Angeles Lakers' huge lottery win means for the future of the franchise. WNBA MVP Nneka Ogwumike shares her journey from youth basketball to Stanford and now an All-Star forward and champion with the L.
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 31: L.A. Lakers Continue to...
Hollywood Hoops' Eric Pincus and Josh Martin discuss the Los Angeles Lakers as they continue to revamp their front office, along with some L.A. Clippers talk as they make a move into the G-League.
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 30: Have the LA Clippers Ru...
Formerly a video coordinator for the Los Angeles Clippers, Mo Dakhil of "theJumpBall.net" joins Hollywood Hoops to discuss the end of the Clippers' season and their precarious future ahead.
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 29: Is the Tide Finally Tur...
Serena Winters of LakersNation.com joins Hollywood Hoops to discuss Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka, Luke Walton and Brandon Ingram. Is the franchise finally headed in the right direction? Also the Clippers playoff struggle and NBA Development League MVP Va...
59 min
Hollywood Hoops EP. 28: LA Clippers Battling Ja...
Hollywood Hoops' Josh Martin and Eric Pincus discuss the Los Angeles Clippers challenging first-round battle against the Utah Jazz, and why the L.A. Lakers had a successful season, sort of...
62 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 27: Metta World Peace on Hi...
Metta World Peace joins Hollywood Hoops to discuss his career with the Los Angeles Lakers, the excitement he has for his young teammates and embracing change. (Music credit: John Lennon "Give Peace a Chance")
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 26: Is Magic Johnson the Ba...
Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times joins Hollywood Hoops to discuss the Los Angeles Lakers' challenging season, youthful prospects and new management structure with Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka.
62 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 25: L.A. Lakers Gradually M...
In their debut episode with the Almighty Baller Podcast Network, Hollywood Hoops' Eric Pincus & Josh Martin discuss the slow, gradual progress the Los Angeles Lakers are making while touching on the recent woes of the L.A. Clippers.
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 24: Embracing the Los Angel...
Shahan Ahmed of NBCLA & Yahoo Sports joins Hollyw…
72 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 23: Who Should Lakers Fans ...
Sam Vecenie of Sporting News & the Game Theory Po…
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 22: USC Trojans Developing ...
Associate Head Coach Tony Bland joins Hollywood H…
46 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 21: L.A. Lakers Make Change...
Eric Pincus and Josh Martin of Hollywood Hoops di…
58 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 20: The Los Angeles Lakers’...
Eric Pincus and Josh Martin discuss the firings o…
32 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 19: Tracy Murray says Magic...
Former UCLA Bruin/long-time NBA veteran Tracy Mur…
52 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 18: Would Lonzo Ball Fit We...
BBallBreakdown's Coach Nick joins Hollywood Hoops…
58 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 17: What Does the Magic Joh...
Mo Dakhil of thejumpball.net joins Hollywood Hoops to discuss the impact Magic Johnson will have on the future of the Los Angeles Lakers, along with some L.A. Clippers and Trojans talk. (Music credit: Pilot "Magic")
54 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 16: Lakers and Bruins Losin...
Josh Martin and Eric Pincus discuss the need for …
50 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 15: L.A. Clippers guard Jam...
Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford joins H…
39 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 14: Earl Watson Says UCLA i...
Phoenix Suns Coach Earl Watson recounts his time …
26 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 13: Do the Los Angeles Lake...
Laker Film Room's Pete Zayas visits Hollywood Hoops to discuss if the Los Angeles Lakers have the right young stars to build around, with Josh Martin and Eric Pincus (Music Credit: Bootsy Collins "Hollywood Squares")
59 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 12: How the NBA, NBPA’s New...
Hollywood Hoops' Eric Pincus and Josh Martin disc…
61 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 11: The UCLA Bruins Are a L...
Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times believes the U…
52 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 10: NBA Trainer Charlie Tor...
NBA Trainer Charlie Torres on how he helped Golde…
49 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 9: Can the Los Angeles Lake...
Can the surprising Los Angeles Lakers actually ma…
51 min
Bonus Episode: Tha Dogg Pound’s Daz & Kurupt Ta...
Daz & Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound talk basketball, N…
23 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 8: Can the Chicago Bulls Co...
Sean Highkin of the Athletic discusses the Chicag…
49 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 7: Is this the Los Angeles ...
Former Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs…
55 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 6: Kobe Bryant talks Nike K...
At an event to announce the Nike Kobe A.D., Kobe …
27 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 5: Julius Randle & Jordan C...
Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson, of the Los Ang…
44 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 4: Gary Payton Talks Lakers...
Hall-of-Fame point guard Gary Payton talks with H…
50 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 3: Laker Film Room’s Pete Z...
Bleacher Report's Josh Martin and Eric Pincus (al…
49 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 2: Trainer Drew Hanlen Hopi...
Bleacher Reports Josh Martin and Eric Pincus (als…
53 min
Hollywood Hoops Ep. 1: Debut with Eric Pincus &...
Bleacher Report's Josh Martin and Eric Pincus (al…
67 min