HIT Like a Girl Pod

The HIT Like a Girl pod mission is pretty simple: to celebrate women leaders in healthcare and health IT. We advocate for and create more paths to leadership positions for girls and young women to follow.

We want women to feel supported, uplifted, recognized, appreciated, and rewarded for their professional contributions. And if we happen to fix the U.S. healthcare system while doing it, even better.

Tech Meets Healthcare: Bridging the Gap for Bet...
A conversation with Chemu Langat, COO of Best Buy Health
25 min
TruthRx: The Battle Against Healthcare Disinfor...
Dr. Geeta Nayyar Discusses Reclaiming Trust in Healthcare
25 min
Transforming Healthcare with Data and Innovation
A Conversation with Alice Raia and Melissa Kotrys from Arizona HIMSS
34 min
HIT Like a Girl Podcast Trailer
0 min
The "Nurse Disruptor": Making Quality Nursing S...
A conversation with Bre Laughlin, CEO & Founder, Nurse Disrupted
21 min
Fueling Up on Resilience
A Candid Conversation with Anne Snowdon
26 min
Human Trafficking and Healthcare
A frank discussion with Dr. Kimberly Chang, Director of Human Trafficking & Health Policy, Asian Health Services
20 min
LGBTQ+ and Health Equity
A conversation with Christopher Roman, Digital Strategist & Marketing Analyst, at OutCare
23 min
Health Equity and Community Engagement, Patient...
A conversation with Shonta Chambers, EVP at Patient Advocate Foundation
30 min
Empowering Health Equity
A conversation with Dana Trampas, Digital Health Storyteller sparking disruption through captivating narratives
17 min
Empowering Maternal Mental Health: Nurtur's Jou...
An important conversation about maternal mental health with Kristen Ellefson and Bindu Chanagala, co-founders of Nurtur
30 min
From Jamaica to Nursing Leadership: A Journey o...
A conversation with Latoya O'Gere, the director at Optum
28 min
Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare: A Deep Div...
A Conversation with Women of HLTH
31 min
Navigating Reproductive Healthcare with AI
A Conversation with Yael Kfir, Chief Strategy Officer at Fairtility
31 min
Transforming Healthcare: AI, Innovation, and Pa...
An informative discussion with Diana Nole, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Nuance Healthcare Division
27 min
Transforming Healthcare: From Nurse to Data Ana...
A converstation with Nora Lissy, VP of Healthcare Consulting and Implementation at Dimensional Insight
26 min
Empowering Maternal Wellness: Redefining Prenat...
A powerful conversation with Alison Greenberg, Co-founder and CEO of Ruth Health
39 min
Unlocking Healthcare Data: Navigating HIEs, Int...
A conversation with Nichole Sweeney, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer for CRISP Shared Services
33 min
Networked for Change: Empowering Health Innovat...
A conversation with Civitas Networks for Health CEO, Lisa Bari & Jolie Ritzo, VP of Strategy and Network Engagement
25 min
Redefining Mental Healthcare for the Digital Ge...
A discussion with Seli Fakorzi, Director of Mental Health Operations at TimelyCare
28 min
The Power of Expertise: How MDisrupt Transforms...
Revolutionizing Healthcare with MDisrupt: A Conversation with Ruby Gadelrab
29 min
Hustling Your Way To Success: Demystifying Recr...
The LadyBoss Series Continues With Founder & Chief Hustler at Franklin-Bell Healthcare Recruiting
22 min
The Future of Healthcare Innovation: Trends, Po...
Unveiling the Future of Healthcare Innovation with Elena Iakovleva
25 min
The Last Conversations: Disrupting Healthcare T...
A conversation with Dr. Tatiana Fofanova PhD.
28 min
Thriving Within: Empowering High-Achieving Wome...
From Anxiety to Success: A Journey of Self-Reflection and Growth with Sunitha Sandeep
35 min