HIT Like a Girl Pod

The HIT Like a Girl pod mission is pretty simple: to celebrate women leaders in healthcare and health IT. We advocate for and create more paths to leadership positions for girls and young women to follow.

We want women to feel supported, uplifted, recognized, appreciated, and rewarded for their professional contributions. And if we happen to fix the U.S. healthcare system while doing it, even better.

Technology + Equity = Tequity
Keeping Equity at Center of Health Technology's Design, Development, and Deployment
25 min
Building a Bridge Between Career and Family
A conversation with Isha Vij, VP of Maven Clinic
22 min
Women at the Table Bring a Depth of Perspective
Snezana Mahon and Transcarent Empower Women to have more Support Across the Healthcare Ecosystem
21 min
250 Million Data Points on Digital Health
FINN Partners & Galen Growth created a navigational tool for innovators and their funders to improve the odds toward success
20 min
Aperture is Tackling Systemic Bias Faced by Und...
A new platform for them to connect with investors and other partners
18 min
Gael Aitor Shares his Coming-of-Age Story in Re...
Teenager Therapy is the largest teen mental health podcast in the world
21 min
Mandira Singh is Bringing Innovation to Care Se...
Using technology to build bridges among caregivers
15 min
Virtual Reality Helped Nathan Bowser Understand...
Exploring how healthcare applications can use VR as a valuable tool
25 min
From Mentee to Mentor: Women in Healthcare Pay ...
CSweetener is helping women advance in healthcare leadership
27 min
Geri Landman's Moonshot Mission to Cure One Rar...
Digital health innovations that could impact rare disease research and treatment
32 min
Brittany Barreto Shines Light on the $1.1 Trill...
Breaking Women's Health into three categories: femtech, femhealth, and femcare
34 min
Health IT Rockstar & Interoperability Hero, Sus...
Fun fact: Susan has applied lessons learned in band practice to health IT
34 min
Smarter Clinical Trials with Jane Myles
A new approach allows patients to participate in clinical trials from home and with community physicians
32 min
Ladies, it's Time to S.O.A.R.
Sharing Expertise to help advance Women in Health IT
53 min
Amy Moy: a Fierce Advocate for Equitable Access...
From grassroots community organizing to influencing federal and state policies, Amy shows her dedication to human rights
34 min
HIT with Grace: Cindy Gaines Applies Clinical I...
With overworked staff, rising costs, a backlog of patients, and a nursing shortage, the importance of care coordination is at an all-time high
22 min
HIT with Grace: Anna Dover Tackles the Alert Fa...
Dr. Dover tells us how to flip the script on medication decision support
23 min
HIT with Grace: Dr. Sonya Sloan serves the Indi...
As an African American Woman in Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Sloan has seen and treated just about everything
23 min
Natanya Wachtel Opens Up About Navigating Crisis
What to do when the things we thought mattered fall to the wayside
47 min
Rebecca Woods is Inspiring Women in Health IT t...
Creating a Community of Sociable, Open-Minded, Ambitious, and Relentless Women in Health IT
22 min
Sobha Pisharody Discusses Advocacy through Gene...
Test once, query often: How genetic sequencing can support patients throughout their lives
25 min
HIT with Grace: Mary Lantin Talks Nerdy to Us
The value of upcycled, clean data across the care continuum
21 min
Erica Olenski Johansen Uses Her Caregiving Expe...
Her work brings joy and tools for healing to sick kids in the hospital
34 min
Dallas Barnes Helps People with Ovaries Navigat...
How a personalized contraceptive counseling tool is building trust in rural communities and beyond
27 min
Nurse Alice Shares the Variety of Career Paths ...
Advocating for Nurse Voices in Healthcare and Beyond
25 min