History of the Second World War

History of the Second World War is a weekly podcast which will cover World War 2, beginning with the tumultuous years after the First World War, continuing into the descent into war during the 1930s, through the war years, and then into the post war aftermath.

26: The Third Reich Pt. 12 - Night of the Long ...
After asserting power in the political realm, it was time for the Nazi party to deal with the demon that it had created, the SA.
21 min
25: The Third Reich Pt. 11 - Changes
Throughout the Spring and Summer of 1933 the new Nazi regime would start to make changes, some big, some small, some just a small part of larger plans.
22 min
24: The Third Reich Pt. 10 - The Enabling Act
In the aftermath of the Reichstag Fire, the scheduled election would be held in Germany. The results were surprising, but it did not prevent the Nazi leaders from moving forward with the next part of their plan, the Enabling Act.
22 min
23: The Third Reich Pt. 9 - The Reichstag Fire
Just a month after the Nazi led government was created, an event with lasting ramifications would occur.
22 min
22: The Third Reich Pt. 8 - January 1933
January 1933 would see the end of the Schleicher government that lasted under two months, and on January 30th a new era in Germany would begin.
24 min
21: The Third Reich Pt. 7 - "We Will Win Oursel...
Another round of political chaos results in another national election, with disappointing results for the Nazi party.
23 min
20: The Third Reich Pt. 6 - The 1932 Presidenti...
A German Presidential election was scheduled for 1932, and it would perfectly illustrate how divided the German political landscape had become.
20 min
19: The Third Reich Pt. 5 - The Election that B...
The 1930 election would result in a drastic shift in German politics.
24 min
18: The Third Reich Pt. 4 - The Republic
The Weimar Republic would be dealt a poor hand, but they would make it worse.
23 min
17: The Third Reich Pt. 3 - The New Nazi Party
The middle years of the 1920s would be a challenging period for the Nazi Party as it tried to find its way.
20 min
16: The Third Reich Pt. 2 - The Munich Years
In 1923 the National Socialists would try to move things along by launching a putsch in Munich, it would go very poorly.
22 min
15: The Third Reich Pt. 1 - The Austrian
Germany would play a critical role in driving events during the interwar period, and within Germany political volatility would cause drastic changes.
24 min
14: The Great Depression Pt. 4 - Unemployment i...
We end our series on the Great Depression by taking a deeper dive into how the German government chose to interact with rampant unemployment.
21 min
13: The Great Depression Pt. 3 - London and Paris
The Great Depression was a worldwide phenomenon, but in this episode we focus on just two states: France and Britain.
26 min
12: The Great Depression Pt. 2 - The Depression
In the early 1930s the depression would spread around the globe.
22 min
11: The Great Depression Pt. 1 - The Crash
The Great Depression would have many causes, this episode discusses two of them.
23 min
10: Rise of Mussolini Pt. 4 - The Italian Fasci...
Italy represented the first nation to come under the control of a Fascist government, and they would do everything in their power to keep it that way.
30 min
9: Rise of Mussolini Pt. 3 - Prime Minister Mus...
After the March on Rome Mussolini would be made Prime Minister.
23 min
8: Rise of Mussolini Pt. 2 - March on Rome
In October 1922 the Fascists would take an important step, and they would stage a March on Rome.
22 min
7: Rise of Mussolini Pt. 1 - Fascism
The rise of Fascism throughout Europe, beginning in Italy, would be an important catalyst for future events.
23 min
6: League of Nations Pt. 3 - Failure
During the 1930s the League of Nations would have many issues when attempting to execute on any of its goals.
23 min
5: League of Nations Pt. 2 - Around the World
Among its many goals the League of Nations hoped to oversee a new way for European colonialism to manifest around the world.
22 min
4: League of Nations Pt. 1 - Foundations
The Paris Peace Conference would result in the creation of the League of Nations, designed to foster communication and cooperation between all nations.
21 min
3: The Paris Peace Conference
After the First World War was over, the leaders of the victorious nations convened a Conference in Paris to determine what terms would be presented to their defeated enemies.
20 min
2: The War to End All Wars
Before there was a Second World War, there must be a First.
24 min
1: Season 1 - Introduction
Season 1 of the podcast will be all about the much neglected interwar years.
10 min
0: Introduction
Welcome to History of the Second World War
6 min