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History in the Making - by Rob Sims
HITM uses character focused storytelling to convey the ideas of the past that have shaped us today. We dive into wars and politics to see how the values of nations and their populations have reacted to the world around them. This is social evolution and biography wrapped in storytelling. This is History in the Making. HITM is currently in Season 1. Season 1 will cover much of the classical age of Greece including the “invention” of democracy, the Persian Wars, politics of Pericles and Themistocles, the Golden Age, the Peloponnesian Wars, and much more.
Society & Culture
Conference and schedule.
2 min
S1E28 - Epilogue with Dr. John Hale
Today we welcome Dr. John Hale to the show, author of the book Lords of the Sea.
42 min
S1E27 - Epilogue with Dr. Melissa Lane
Today we welcome Dr. Melissa Lane to the show, author of the book The Birth of Politics.
36 min
S1E26 - Legacy
Athens leaves us their legacy in the Season 1 finale.
80 min
S1E25 - A Splendid Rope
The Peloponnesian War comes to a sudden and unexpected end.
46 min
S1E24 - Liquidation
More than twenty years into the Peloponnesian War Athens has given nearly everything to the fight, but more is required.
71 min
S1E23 - Resurgence
Athens is broke. The sole hope for retaining its empire rests in their fleet of triremes at Samos.
43 min
S1E22 - Traitor is Such an Ugly Word
After the Sicilian Expedition Athens is reexamined. Some citizens desire a change, either through legal reforms or terror tactics.
55 min
S1E21 - Echoes of Glory
The Athenians throw everything they have into the Sicilian expedition
93 min
S1E20 - That Leviathan
Nicias and Alcibiades struggle for control of Athens after a power vacuum appears and Sparta struggles to regain its former prestige.
77 min
S1E19 - They Created A Desert
Athens seeks absolute victory.
81 min
S1E18 - The Hanging Shield
The Hanging Shield
45 min
S1E17 - Fear, Fate and Power
Fear and anger can convince us to do terrible things.
38 min
S1E16 - Bonus - The Funeral Oration
At a funeral, we discuss what makes a life worth living and, in doing so, we reveal the things we truly value.
24 min
S1E16 - The Olympian has Fallen
Athens and Corinth take the preemptive measure of fighting a battle to avoid a war. This works about as well as it sounds.
58 min
S1E15 - The Shrinking World
The Greek world is getting smaller.
51 min
S1E14 - Helen of Athens
Athens continues to stabilize just in time to face its first real existential threat.
35 min
S1E13 - Ascension
Pericles and Athens collectively rise to power.
42 min
S1E12 - Linchpins and Puppeteers
Can you have too much democracy? Athens decides to find out.
52 min
S1E11 - The Groundwork of an Empire
Athens swells into an economic powerhouse.
41 min
S1E10 - The Leagues and an Extraordinary Gentleman
Greece is divided into two alliances.
34 min
S1E9 - Plataea
This is the Battle of Plataea.
35 min
S1E8 - No Half Measures
How would you act if you knew the future?
42 min
S1E7 - Shattered Timbers, Shattered Spears
The full force of Persia is directed against Greece
43 min
S1E6 - The World Reshuffled
Persia comes to Greece. Themistocles and Aristides take off the gloves.
43 min
S1S5 - Persia Stirs
The Greeks begin to choose sides and Persia starts to descend upon them.
24 min
S1E4 - The Tension
The stage is set for democracy.
33 min
S1E3 - The Spartan Legacy
We wade through the murky history of Sparta.
22 min
S1E2 - The Athenian Story - Part 2
The Athenian Story - Part 2
19 min
S1E1 - The Athenian Story - Part 1
Part 1 of what made Athens what it was.
23 min