Hills I'd Die On with Taylor Cox

Welcome to Hills I'd Die On: a podcast where writer/comedian Taylor Cox invites guests to discuss and debate unpopular opinions they feel so strongly about, they'd be willing to die on a hill over them.

It Should Be Illegal To Talk To Your Neighbors:...
52 min
Day PJs Are Different Than Night PJs: Broti Gupta
51 min
Reality TV Is Good For Women: Taylor Misiak & A...
43 min
We Should ONLY Shop At Costco: Jessica Lowe
51 min
It's Okay To Be Ugly: Terry Huang
47 min
Burning Man Sounds Like A Nightmare: Jason Berger
86 min
Vampires Take Up Too Much Cultural Space: Andre...
51 min
Society Overreacts To Cheating: Chase Mitchell
58 min
Child Acting Should Be Illegal: Lizzie Logan
63 min
We Must Stop Theme Parties: Jared Moskowitz
39 min
Ghosts Are Real: Maurin Mwombela
60 min
Animals Can't Talk: Eva Anderson
45 min
Music Should Not Be Sad: Ava Coleman
43 min
Small Plates Are Ruining Society: Noah Segan
51 min
LA Is Better Than New York: Hannah Einbinder
45 min
Smoking Is Cool: Alex Cuthbertson
Smoking Is Cool: Alex Cuthbertson
50 min
We Should Make Santa Real: Kyle Mack
We Should Make Santa Real: Kyle Mack
61 min
Same Side Sitting (and all PDA) is The Best: Ak...
Today we're joined by writer/actor Akilah Green (A Black Lady Sketch Show, Perfect Harmony, A Legendary Christmas with John & Chrissy) who died on the hill of "Same Side Sitting (and all PDA) is The Best!" Akilah and Taylor chat lap-sitting in the writers room, doing baby talk in public, posting about your loved ones on the internet, and how all things "touch" are gonna change in the post-covid world.
48 min
It's Okay To Like Documentary Murderers: Alison...
Today we say goodbye to the wonderful writer/producer Alison Bennett (SINGLE PARENTS, YOU'RE THE WORST) who died on the hill of "It's Okay To Like Documentary Murderers." Alison & Taylor chat about their fascination with serial killers, why Robert Durst would make an interesting guest at a dinner party, and how People Magazine is the most important news outlet of our time. RIP Alison!
38 min
Sports Are Bad: Kara Swisher
Today we say goodbye to journalist/host Kara Swisher (Recode Decode, Pivot, The New York Times) who died on the hill of "Sports Are Bad." Go listen to Kara's hilarious last words about suffering through kids sporting events, meeting Joe Montana on an airplane, and what it's like being "the only lesbian in America who hates sports."
36 min
Floss Before You Brush: Yael Green
Today we say goodbye to writer/cartoonist Yael Green (SPACE FORCE, DICKINSON, ANGIE TRIBECA) who died on the hill of "You Should Floss Before You Brush." Yael and Taylor chat about dental criminals, Jessica Simpson brushing her teeth three times a week,and the great equalizer also known as poop. Editor: Will Witwe Music: Hayden Coplen Art: Mackenzie Moore
44 min
Reality TV is Good For Women: Taylor Misiak & A...
Today we say goodbye to writer/host Alyssa Litman (Table Flipping with Alyssa & Taylor) & actor/host Taylor Misiak (Dave, American Vandal, Table Flipping with Alyssa & Taylor) who died on the hill of "Reality TV is Good For Women." Alyssa, Taylor, and Taylor chat double standards, Bethenny Frankel 2024, and why you should never trust a guy who looks down on reality TV. RIP Alyssa & Taylor!
44 min
Boomers Need To Stay Home: Tom Cox
Taylor is joined by her dad, Tom Cox, to talk about why *some people* (dads!!) aren't staying home or taking COVID-19 (and social distancing) seriously. Tom & Taylor chat about quarantine, generational perspectives, and what to do when the FedEx guy offers you his pen. No one dies in this episode because there's too much of that happening outside. Please stay healthy (and home), everybody. Love you, Dad! Art: Mackenzie Moore Music: Hayden Coplen Editor: Will Witwer
52 min
Shoes Should Be Off In The House: Sherry Cola
Today we're rereleasing one of our favorites featuring actor/comedian/human delight Sherry Cola (Good Trouble, I Love Dick, Claws) who died on the hill of "Shoes should be OFF in the house." Go listen to Sherry's hilarious last words about germaphobes and a sexually active lady bugs, and then please wash your hands and your feet and your bodies and stay inside safely listening to podcasts. RIP Sherry!Art: Mackenzie MooreMusic: Hayden CoplenEditor: Will Witwer
37 min
Animation Is Superior (and deserves your respec...
Today we say goodbye to writer/producer Shea Fontana (DC Super Hero Girls, Batman: Overdrive, Polly Pocket) who died on the hill of "Animation is Superior." Go listen to Shea's IMPORTANT last words as she and Taylor discuss the stigmas surrounding writing for animation (and kids) and why the art form deserves a lot more g.d. respect. RIP Shea!
35 min