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Each day we aspire to bring you the good news. Because there is good happening in the world, every day, everywhere — we just need to look for it and share it. Here’s Something Good is a short daily podcast that offers inspiring stories, helpful tips and shared experiences to motivate and inspire you every day. We’re letting you in on the best advice we’ve gotten, the news that’s brightening our day, and practical insights from experts and leaders you know and some that you may not, including ordinary people making an extraordinary difference. Here’s Something Good comes to you Monday through Friday — it’s a great way to start your day on the positive side of life.

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Society & Culture
How to Ask for What You Want—And Get It
Asking for exactly what you want isn't always easy, but it's important to do. Executive coach Dr. Palena Neale tells why we need to share our authentic voices, and gives three tips that will make your next ask easier—and more likely to get a "yes."
9 min
What Women Gained in 2020
For all of its challenges--and there were many—2020 had a number of bright spots for women. In some ways you could even call it The Year of the Woman. Dr. Dorothy Sue Cobble, professor of history and labor studies at Rutgers University, helps us look back at what's been gained.
9 min
The Foods That Can Make You Happier and More En...
Can food really affect your mood? The answer is yes. And with winter settling in, now's the perfect time to learn about the foods that can perk you up--or drag you down. We get tips from Dr. Eva Selhub, a physician, expert in nutritional psychiatry, and instructor at Harvard Medical School.
10 min
The Great Thing You Can Do for Mind and Body—in...
There's an easy solution to the sluggishness and low spirits some of us are feeling right now at the start of a long, cold winter. If you want to beat cabin fever, try taking a walk outdoors every day. Dr. Pooja Tandon, researcher and pediatrician at Seattle Children's Hospital and the University of Washington, tells how to create a habit that leads to long-term well-being.
7 min
Why We Need a Women's Perspective on Medicine
Women continue to be under-represented in medicine—as leaders, doctors, researchers and as the subject of clinical trials. Renowned cardiologist and researcher Dr. Paula Johnson—who is also the president of Wellesley College—tells why a women's POV can make all the difference for women's health.
7 min
The Powerful, Positive Effect Volunteering Has ...
The good feeling you get from volunteering is more than a perception; science says there really is a "helper's high." Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart reveals what's going on in our brains when we reach out to help others, and the kinds of acts that can trigger happy feelings.
6 min
Tips for Making It Through the Covid Winter wit...
Worried about too much togetherness over the coming months? Concerned that close quarters will lead to squabbles? Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz has the advice and insights that can get us all through—including tips that will enable you to emerge in spring with your relationship in even better shape.
9 min
How to Celebrate Safely for the Holidays
The holidays are different this year, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate. We get advice from Dr. Melissa Hawkins, Director of the Public Health Scholars Program at American University and a faculty member in the school’s Department of Health Studies.
6 min
10 Days of Giving Back: Women in Alzheimer's Re...
Alzheimer's can be considered a "women's disease" because two-thirds of new patients are women. It's also a disease whose victims have been particularly hard-hit during Covid. In 10 Days of Giving Back, we showcase the Women in Alzheimer's Research Fund at UCSF, which puts a "women's lens" on research and early detection. Learn more at
7 min
10 Days of Giving Back: How Justice for Migrant...
During the pandemic, it's important to remember the people who plant, pick and pack our food. In our special series, Seneca's 10 Days of Giving Back, we focus on Justice for Migrant Women, which advocates for the human rights of women farmworkers and has a special relief program during Covid. Learn more at
9 min
10 Days of Giving Back: Girl Scout Troop 6000, ...
In our special series, Seneca's 10 Days of Giving Back, we showcase a remarkable Girl Scout troop that offers girls living in New York City's homeless shelters the confidence building and leadership skills for which scouting is renowned. And we tell how you can help. Learn more at
11 min
How to Truly Enjoy the Gift of Family This Holiday
The holidays are great--but they can also be stressful. And the challenges of 2020 have only added to the concerns this year, especially when it comes to celebrating with extended famlly. Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz tells how to keep the warm family feelings alive in a time of politics and Covid.
9 min
Where to Buy Beautiful Gifts That Come with Pur...
The mission of St. Elise Bazaar is to showcase the work of talented artisans from around the world. When you buy the unique products on its site, you're supporting ancient crafts that might otherwise be lost, and you're supporting women entrepreneurs. Learn more at
6 min
10 Days of Giving Back: The New York Women's Fo...
For more than 30 years, the New York Women's Foundation has provided crucial grants to women-led community organizations that tackle problems of economic and social justice. So far they've given out more than $87 million in funding. On our special series, 10 Days of Giving Back, we talk to NYWF CEO Ana Oliveira about how you can help. Learn more at
12 min
10 Days of Giving Back: Vital Voices on Support...
Women's leadership has never been more crucial, and Vital Voices is investing in the women who can solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. On our special series, Seneca's 10 Days of Giving Back, we talk to Vital Voices CEO Alyse Nelson about the women who are making a difference in the world and how the nonprofit is supporting them. Learn more at
9 min
10 Days of Giving Back: Safe Horizon is Saving ...
Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and other crimes can find help and a haven thanks to nonprofit Safe Horizon, featured in today's episode of our special series, Seneca's 10 Days of Giving Back. We talk to Safe Horizon's CEO Ariel Zwang about the organization's many programs, including its 24/7 hotlines. Learn more at
8 min
One Thing Covid Can't Change: Our Spirit of Ge...
The pandemic has upended a lot of traditions--but not the holiday spirit of giving. In fact, some charities are seeing a surge in donations. But generosity is not just about money. Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz tells how we can cultivate generosity in ourselves, in children and in others.
10 min
10 Days of Giving Back: How Grameen America is ...
Women entrepreneurs can lift their families and their communities out of poverty, and nonprofit Grameen American, led by CEO Andrea Jung, is helping them do just that with micro-loans and support. Hear how Grameen is going the extra mile for its members during Covid--and how you can make a difference. And learn more at
8 min
10 Days of Giving Back: How iCivics Turns Stude...
Perhaps the greatest legacy of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is her creation of iCivics, the nonprofit that uses digital games to educate American school children about democracy and civic engagement. In this episode of our special series, 10 Days of Giving Back, we talk to executive director Louise Dube to learn why iCivics has been more crucial than ever this year and how you can help. Learn more at
7 min
10 Days of Giving Back: Using Big Data to Solve...
On today's episode of our special series, 10 Days of Giving Back, we talk to Dr. Joan LaRovere, co-founder of Virtue Foundation, a groundbreaking nonprofit that provides actionable data and direct resources for communities most vulnerable to Covid-19 and other health crises. To learn how you can make a difference go to
9 min
10 Days of Giving Back: How to Help the YWCA Em...
In our special series, 10 Days of Giving Back, we look at one of the country's oldest women's organizations, the YWCA. Besides empowering more than 2 million women and fighting racism, the YWCA is also a major provider of services to women experiencing domestic violence. During Covid, their work is more urgent than ever. Learn how you can help.
8 min
Why an Attitude of Gratitude is So Good for You
It may be a little harder to do this year, but showing gratitude is one of the best things you can do for yourself. So how to cultivate that attitude of gratitude? Dr. Gail Saltz, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and a best-selling author, reveals how we can maintain a sense of thankfulness all year long.
10 min
How to Stop a Whirling Mind: It’s All in Your B...
With so much going on right now—the holidays, the pandemic, the election aftermath—it’s no wonder so many of us are distracted and even agitated. We get great advice on how to use breathing techniques to calm a whirling mind from Dr. Patricia Gerbarg of the Breath-Body-Mind Foundation; Dr. Gerbarg is also assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College.
7 min
The 13-Year-Old Who’s Helping the Homeless
We can all learn a lesson in giving back from Khloe Thompson of Los Angeles. Through Khloe Kares, she’s been assisting the homeless since she was 8 years old. Her nonprofit is also dedicated to empowering young people.
7 min
An Easy Way to Boost Well-Being: Get More Sunlight
Sunlight is amazingly powerful: It can improve your mood, lower your blood pressure and lead to a better night’s sleep. Dr. Vaile Wright, psychologist, researcher and senior director for health care innovation at the American Psychological Association, tells why our bodies crave light and how we can incorporate more of it into even the shortest days.
7 min
How to Make It Through the Covid Surge—and Come...
The latest Coronavirus wave has almost everyone on edge: We're anxious, moody, and hoarding toilet paper. How to make it through the next few months in a good frame of mind? We get great advice from psychiatrist and best-selling author Dr. Gail Saltz.
10 min
Having a Mentor is More Important Than Ever
Mentoring may have changed during the pandemic, but it remains a key component of success, says Lisa Fain, CEO of the Center for Mentoring Excellence and author of Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring. She reveals what to look for in a mentor right now, and how to go about finding one.
8 min
How to Make Fashion More Planet-Friendly
The fashion industry has been criticized for using large amounts of raw materials, for causing pollution and waste. But there's a phenomenon called "circular fashion" that encourages consumers to recycle, re-sell and re-use clothing—and keep it out of landfills. We talk to Stephanie Crespin, whose company, Reflaunt, is at the forefront of this trend.
5 min
Want to Have a Better Tomorrow? Start with a Ni...
If you want to experience a day in which everything gets done, enabling you to feel organized and in control, consider setting a new evening routine. We get practical advice on just how to do that from professional organizer and business coach Lisa Woodruff, CEO and founder of Organize 365.
7 min
How to Be Happier, and More Productive, When Wo...
Remote working is the new norm for many of us. But are we making the most of that time--and are we finding it satisfying? Dr. Heidi Brooks, senior lecturer at the Yale School of Management, shares some great insights and helpful tips.
9 min
Sleep Better, Think Better, Feel Better: Get Up...
Here's an easy way to relieve the tensions of recent weeks: Dancing. Dr. Elise Risher, Director of the Sarah Lawrence College Dance/Movement Therapy Program, reveals how body and brain benefit when we move to music. And she gives great tips that anyone can do.
7 min
Why You Should Be Taking More Risks—And How to ...
If uncertain times make you want to be extra-cautious, think again. Anne Kreamer, author of Risk/Reward, says now is the time to take intelligent risks, that kind that allow you to seize new opportunities presented by new conditions.
11 min
Life Lessons from a Skydiving 102-Year-Old
Millie Bailey served in the Army in World War II, lived a life that put a premium on helping others—and recently went skydiving, at age 102. What better way to celebrate Veterans Day than hearing her advice on purpose, longevity and making an impact.
6 min
How a Woman Sculptor is Honoring Women in the M...
Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, a time to recognize the service of the women who give so much on behalf of our country. Now there's a new way to honor those women: A recently unveiled sculpture in Washington, DC—it's the first to salute all military women. We talk to its creator, sculptor Susan Bahary, about her work, The Pledge.
5 min
What Kamala Harris' Election Means for Women
In a year that celebrated the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage, Kamala Harris' election to Vice President creates another historic moment. We talk to Seneca's Melanne Verveer and Sharon Bowen about why women and girls can now envision a world without any glass ceilings.
10 min
Looking for a Stress-Reducer Right Now? Try Jou...
Writing down your thoughts and feelings in a no-judgment journal can help boost your mood and calm your anxiety. We get advice on the popular practice from award-winning writer Dr. Stephanie Han, who teaches classes in journaling.
9 min
Post-Election Anxiety - How To Deal With Uncert...
Too many things are up in the air right now, and uncertainty is making a lot of us anxious and unhappy. Fortunately, psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz has easy-to-do, practical advice on how to let go of our negative thoughts and get back to enjoying life.
8 min
What Tory Burch Can Teach Us About the Power of...
Everyone has a purpose in life, something that gives meaning to our days. Renowned designer Tory Burch shows that you can thrive when you make purpose the center of your life or work. Hear her great advice. Note to women entrepreneurs: Apply for the 2021 Tory Burch Foundation Fellows program; applications are open until November 12. Apply here:
6 min
Why Allyship is More Important Than Ever
Everyone needs an ally at work; that’s especially true for women, and even more so for women of color. Career coach, writer and speaker Dr. Ciera Graham tells how women in the workplace can support and be allies for women of color.
9 min
How to Stay Healthy, Upbeat and Positive as Win...
The days are shorter, colder and darker. Covid is still with us, and we'll all be spending more time indoors. The good news: You do have control over the situation and over your state of mind. Psychologist Dr. Jodi DeLuca tells us how to stay healthy and happy and focus on the good.
9 min
This Halloween, Let Your Costume Honor Women’s ...
Why go as the same old witch/ghost/pumpkin? In this historic year for women, think about using your costume to honor women groundbreakers. We get some easy ideas as well as insights into what makes a great costume from legendary Broadway designer and Tony award winner Ann Hould-Ward.
7 min
How to Have a Happy Thanksgiving—Even During Covid
Health experts are advising Americans to forego the usual holiday get-togethers this year. So how do we keep our families healthy and our relatives happy? Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz has great advice on navigating the challenging emotional demands of Thanksgiving 2020.
8 min
How Data is Providing Hope in Fighting Covid-19
As countries continue to deal with Covid-19, doctors around the world are sharing experiences and data. Virtue Foundation, which provides on-the-ground medical assistance and uses data to drive interventions, is also developing an innovative program to make life-saving data available to all. And you can help, too
6 min
The Triumph of Hope: Amal Clooney and Nadia Murad
Two remarkable women are taking on one of the world's most fearsome opponents--ISIS--and showing how hope and purpose can move the world toward progress. Human rights attorney Amal Clooney is partnering with Nadia Murad, a young woman whose family was devastated by the 2014 genocide perpetrated by ISIS against the Yazidi community in Iraq. Learn how, together, Nadia and Amal are working to bring ISIS to trial.
7 min
Where to Draw the Line When Working from Home
Do you sometimes get the sense that work has no "off" button? That's because working from home has upended the traditional boundaries between work time and personal life. But you can draw the line and create a win-win for everyone. We get expert advice on this from Dr. Heidi Brooks, a senior lecturer in organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management.
9 min
What It's LIke to Be a Woman Working on a Covid...
Around the world, women are at the forefront of research on a Covid vaccine. One of those scientists is Dr. Alex Spencer, an immunologist at Oxford University's Jenner Institute. Hear what she has to say about research and women in science, and why she's optimistic.
8 min
Get Control of Your Social Media Habit—and Feel...
We know that social media can affect mood—and overuse can actually change the way our brains function. Dr. Jacqueline Sperling, a clinical psychologist, reveals why social media has such a pull on us, and how to get it under control without giving it up altogether.
10 min
The Real Reason Women Are Such Good Leaders Dur...
Countries led by women have been praised for doing a superior job of handling the coronavirus. So what’s the secret to their leadership? We asked someone with unique insight: Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia. She reveals the combination of qualities that have made a difference during the pandemic.
6 min
When Women Connect, the Result is Powerful
What do migrant women who work picking fruits and vegetables have in common with the high-paid women of Hollywood? Not much, you might think. But as activist Monica Ramirez tells us, in 2017, when the two groups spoke out as one voice about sexual harassment, it ignited the Time’s Up movement and put the issue on the world’s radar.
5 min
How to Handle Interruption
We've heard a lot about interrupting lately, but it's something that's as old as human conversation. And women, we know, get interrupted much more frequently than men do. We talk to Dr. Katherine Hilton, a lecturer in linguistics at Stanford University who has made a study of when and how people interrupt. She offers insights, and practical ways to get the floor back.
10 min
Election Anxiety is Everywhere. Here's How to E...
With just a few weeks to go, 68% of Americans say the upcoming election is making them anxious, nervous, stressed. Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz has easy tips to preserve your health, peace of mind and your relationships.
9 min
The Power of Speaking Your Truth: Lessons from ...
Singer/songwriter MILCK used to be reluctant to speak out about the abuse she’d endured. But when she put her feelings into the song “Quiet,” it became a viral sensation and an anthem for women everywhere. Listen as she reveals just how empowering it can be to own your truth.
6 min
Why You Should Congratulate Yourself the Next T...
Each time you try and fail, you learn something, says Kara Goldin, founder of popular flavored water, Hint, a multi-million dollar brand Hear her great advice on why failing is better than inaction, and how to face even the most overwhelming challenges.
6 min
She Was Fed Up with the Way Women Were Shown in...
Madonna Badger was tired of seeing commercials and billboards that showed women only as sexy props. So she used her unique skills to create a groundbreaking campaign that changed the advertising industry. Listen and learn how she did it.
7 min
How to Handle Confrontation—with Confidence
Most people would rather avoid conflict than face it head-on. But confrontation can actually be a good thing. We get great insights as well as practical tips on how to turn confrontations into productive experiences from Amy Morin, psychotherapist and author of 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do.
9 min
Need a Dose of Optimism? Just Listen to Today’s...
When the future seems especially challenging, take hope! Today’s generation of girls has a head start on building a better tomorrow. In celebration of the International Day of the Girl, we talk to Krupa, a New York City high school student who’s already making an outsized difference for others.
7 min
How the Little Girl That Nobody Understood Grew...
The mega-selling singer/songwriter had a difficult childhood. But she found a way to get past the challenges and to make her voice heard. In this conversation with iHeart’s Angie Martinez, she discusses her new memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, and reveals the lesson she learned on the way to super-stardom.
6 min
The Vital Ingredient That Helps All Women Thriv...
It takes more than skills training and even opportunity for people to flourish in the workplace. Find out what's necessary in this excerpt of a conversation between Tara Jaye Frank, consultant, speaker, author and CEO of TJF Career Modeling; Amena Brown, author, spoken-word poet and host of the podcast, HER with Amena Brown and P&G's Carolyn Tastad and Deanna Bass.
5 min
How to Get in “The Flow”—and Get Happy
“The flow” is those occasions when you’re so immersed in your task that time flies by unnoticed. Dr. Paula Caligiuri, Professor of International Business and Strategy at Northeastern School of Business, tells why the flow is so satisfying—and how to make it happen.
5 min
The Woman Firefighter Who’s Battling California...
What’s it like to work 24 hours straight amid choking smoke and flames? Kerry Crivello is the mother of a 6 year old son, an EMT, and one of the rare women firefighters. She reveals why she loves what she does, and what it’s like to be a woman in her job.
6 min
The Surprising Health Benefits of Laughter
We could all use a good laugh right now—and with good reason. Laughter has the ability to relieve pain, boost mood, improve the immune system and even prolong life. Clinical psychologist Dr. Jodi De Luca reveals the fascinating science behind this very human phenomenon, and how to get your daily ration of laughs.
7 min
What You Need to Know Before Making a Career Pivot
If the pandemic has caused you to consider changing jobs, careers or locales, there are steps to take before making the big pivot. To find out what they are, we talk to Dr. Paula Caligiuri, Professor, International Business & Strategy, Northeastern School of Business, and author of Get a Life, Not a Job.
9 min
The Moment Women Realized, We Are Not Alone in ...
Tina Tchen, the president and CEO of Time’s Up, tells how the organization started, why lack of money can keep women from pursuing charges against their predators, and how Time’s Up is helping them.
6 min
Dating Advice from My 85-Year-Old Grandmother—a...
Spoken-word poet, author, and performing artist Amena Brown brings her talent for storytelling, rhyme and humor to HER with Amena Brown, the newest addition to the Seneca Women Podcast Network. This weekly show centers and elevates the voices, stories and experiences of Black, Indigenous, Asian and Latinx women, as Amena interviews amazing women groundbreakers, changemakers, artists and authors. In this special preview, Amena reveals the hilarious dating advice she got from her elderly grandmother.
7 min
5 Easy Tips to Get Your Brain in Top Shape
The good news is that our brains are not fixed or static, that we can continue to develop them during our lifetimes—as long as we keep them in good shape. Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart, author of The Source: The Secrets of the Universe, the Science of the Brain, reveals the five things all of us can do to keep our brains in top shape.
7 min
Yes, You Can Take a Fall Vacation. Here’s How t...
Your destination may be different than you originally envisioned, and you may have to take some extra precautions. But, according to AMA president Dr. Sue Bailey, if you do a little planning you can see new sights, do new things and bring home nothing more worrisome than happy memories
6 min
RBG & Me: How an 8-Year-Old Girl Connected with...
In 2016, a schoolgirl in Maryland dressed up like RBG and her photo on Facebook went viral. It caught the attention of none other than the Justice herself. Learn how one of the most famous women in America reached out and inspired a young admirer.
7 min
The Most Memorable Quotes from RBG
Besides being an unparalleled champion of equality and one of this country's greatest legal minds, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also eminently quotable. As the nation honors the late Justice, we recall some of her wisest and wittiest sayings—they offer practical life lessons we can all use now.
4 min
Why We Undervalue Women’s Time — And How To Fix...
Even in 2020, women still do most of the housework and child-rearing in societies around the world. Eve Rodsky, author of the book Fair Play, says that’s because women’s time is valued like sand—infinite and not worth much. Rodsky tells how taking a fresh perspective on women’s and men’s time can move couples toward equality in the home.
6 min
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in Her Own Voice
The trailblazing Supreme Court Justice was a captivating speaker: Witty, inspiring, and eloquent. Listen as she reveals the advice she got from Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, in an excerpt from a 2015 speech RBG gave at the Seneca Women tribute to the first woman on the US Supreme Court.
5 min
How to Use the Power of Words to Make Yourself ...
Words are powerful things. But in our 24/7 media environment, we are inundated with negative words and images—and that can be detrimental to your state of mind. We get great advice on how change that equation, and use words to make yourself happier, stronger and more confident. from neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart, author of The Source: The Secrets of the Universe, the Science of the Brain.
7 min
How to Stay Motivated and Get Your Work Done Du...
Many of us are still officing from home, and the constant disruptions make it hard to be a self-starter and get our work done. We learn some great tips to re-kindle the fire of self-motivation from Dr. Ayelet Fishbach, professor of Behavioral Science and Marketing at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and an expert on motivation and decision making.
6 min
What If These Are the Good Old Days? Finding Op...
Getting through challenging times requires a few deep breaths—and a shift in perspective. We talk to Elizabeth Vazquez, president, co-founder and CEO of WeConnect International, a nonprofit for women entrepreneurs, about how she finds optimism and meaning in this moment.
7 min
Justin Baldoni on How to Raise Equality-Minded ...
He’s best known for playing the romantic lead on Jane the Virgin, but Justin Baldoni is also a director, producer, entrepreneur—and an advocate for a fresh perspective on masculinity that says men must take an active role in advancing progress for women and for men. In this episode, he tells how parents can raise children who prioritize equality and fairness.
6 min
After 6 Months of Ultra-Togetherness, Little Th...
More than 6 months of sharing the same work and living space during the pandemic can pose challenges for even the strongest relationships. Dr. Harry Reis, Professor of Psychology at the University of Rochester, tells how to use this time to strengthen the bonds that brought you together in the first place.
7 min
A Must-See Short Film About Frontline Heroism
Today's anniversary of 9-11 is an appropriate time to reflect on the heroism of those who risked their lives for others that day—and to recognize those who are still doing so, as medical personnel battling the coronavirus. We revisit the mini-documentary "Frontliners," made by a trio of young filmmakers to show the bravery and very personal experiences of these health care workers. To watch the film visit:
7 min
The Unknown Bravery of Women on 9-11
Friday is the 19th anniversary of the tragedy that forever changed America. We suggest ways to commemorate the day; one great one is to learn the overlooked stories of the brave women firefighters, police and EMTs who risked their lives to help others. We talk to Mary Carouba, co-author with Susan Hagen, of Women at Ground Zero.
8 min
How a War Survivor Found Hope and Happiness: Ma...
We can choose happiness, and we can reframe even the worst experiences for a positive outcome. Maja Kazazic is living proof of that. She survived the brutal war in her native Bosnia, moved to the US and then went on to found a successful software company. In this episode, Maja tells how she refused to let her devastating injuries destroy her and how we can each choose happiness.
5 min
Soccer Legend Abby Wambach on the Leadership Sk...
To kick off a new season of Conversations on Power and Purpose, we’re launching a special, six-episode series called Getting to Equal. It features dynamic speakers in conversation with guest hosts Carolyn Tastad, Group President, North America, and Deanna Bass, Vice President, Global Equality and Inclusion—both of P&G. In this preview of tomorrow’s Conversation, soccer champ and author Abby Wambach tells how women can lead with authenticity, make failure their fuel and command the respect they deserve.
4 min
Putting a Women’s Lens on a “Women’s Disease”
The pandemic has taken an extra toll on women. And among those disproportionately affected by Covid are Alzheimer’s patients—two thirds of whom are women. All which makes the work of UCSF neurologist Dr. Fanny Elahi even more crucial. In this excerpt from 100 Women to Hear, we talk to Dr. Elahi about how she brings a “women’s lens” to her work on early detection of degenerative brain disease, including Alzheimer’s — and how a women’s lens can lead to better health outcomes for all.
5 min
Helping Every Student Make Their College Dream ...
A college diploma is the best ticket to upward mobility. But while many lower-income students plan to go to college, they often fail to attend because they lack information and guidance. The nonprofit College Advising Corps provides these students with the advice and support they need to make college a reality. We talk to CAC founder Nicole Hurd and Bank of America’s Kerry Sullivan.
7 min
Solving the Issues That Hold Women Back: Sheila...
Finding affordable, quality child care has always been a dilemma for working women; in fact it's one of the hurdles to women's advancement in the workforce. In this preview of Made by Women, Sheila Marcelo, founder of, reveals why the current moment may in fact be an opportunity to put child care and elder care on the nation's agenda.
5 min
How You Can Benefit from the New World of Work
Remote working, the gig economy—these shifts were already underway before the pandemic. Author and technology analyst Chris Shipley talks to Kim Azzarelli about the new world of work and how each of us can benefit from it.
5 min
How to Make Tech Work for You, Not the Other Wa...
Arianna Huffington revolutionized the media word when she created Huffington Post, the global news-and-commentary phenomenon. Now she's revolutionizing how we deal with the technology that's fueling our always-on, 24/7 lifestyle. In this preview of 100 Women to Hear, she reveals the simple actions that can lead to a healthier, happier work and personal life.
5 min
To Boost Your Mood, Consider Your Own Friday Ni...
Looking for fun, a little exercise--and a proven mood booster? Try dancing. You can get started on some new steps when you check out the free, online lessons—in styles from salsa to line dancing— given every Friday night by the Music Center in Los Angeles. We tell how to get involved, and we talk to Dr. Elise Risher, Director of the Dance/Movement Therapy Program at Sarah Lawrence College about why dance is so beneficial.
5 min
How to Beat Pandemic Fatigue
Seven months into the pandemic, Americans are weary, worried and exhausted from all the restrictions and changes to our old way of life. But there are simple ways to get your energy and enthusiasm back. We hear great advice from psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz on how to deal with pandemic fatigue.
6 min
How Christy Turlington Burns is Making Childbir...
The former supermodel has spent the last 10 years on a mission to bring down the appallingly high rate of maternal mortality through her nonprofit Every Mother Counts. In this preview of our Made by Women podcast, she reveals why this issue is a problem not just in the developing world but also right here in the U.S.
5 min
Join Us at the New York Stock Exchange for Wome...
In honor of the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment that gave women the vote, Seneca Women and the New York Stock Exchange host a virtual forum, Women to Hear in the Economy, on Wednesday. Get a glimpse of the fascinating conversations you’ll hear at the Forum in this excerpt from a talk with a woman at the frontiers of science, Dr. Joan LaRovere of the Virtue Foundation.
5 min
A New Statue Honors the Suffragists
Across the country, new monuments salute the leaders of the fight to get the vote for women. We look at a notable statue, honoring Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Sojourner Truth, in New York City’s Central Park.
5 min
How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep, Even During Covid
Insomnia is on the rise during the pandemic—and it seems to be worse for women than men. But there are easy, natural things you can do. We get some great advice from Dr. Dianne Augelli, sleep medicine expert at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian.
7 min
Happiness Really is in Our Own Hands
More money doesn't mean more happiness. But doing good deeds and thinking kind thoughts actually can boost contentment. We talk to Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor at UC Riverside and a creator of the world-famous "happiness pie chart” on how to be happy, even during Covid.
8 min
How Kay Koplovitz Made It to the Top in an All-...
Kay Koplovitz revolutionized TV viewing by creating the first cable sports network--and she did it despite being the rare woman in a heavily male industry. Hear about the obstacles she faced, and overcame, in this preview of our latest Made by Women podcast.
6 min
Honoring the Women Who Made This Day Possible
Today is the 100th Anniversary of American women getting the vote. In celebration, our new podcast, 100 Women to Hear, salutes the ground-breakers who paved the way: Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony.
6 min
100 Women to Hear: A New, Inspiring Podcast
What if you could learn from 100 of the world's most inspiring women?. Now you can. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of American women getting the vote, we're launching an exciting new podcast featuring amazing and history-making women from the past and present and women who are designing our future. Plus, learn about a virtual forum you can join on Tuesday with the New York Stock Exchange; register at
4 min
We Have Her Back
When women run for political office, sexism often ensues, and the announcement of Kamala Harris as a vice-presidential candidate is sure to bring out the stereotypes. But nonprofit Time's Up has a new campaign, #WeHaveHerBack, to combat that behavior; its CEO Tina Tchen tells how you can help.
5 min
Giving Really is the Secret to Happiness
Here's a scientifically proven way to increase your happiness, even now, during the pandemic: Give to others. Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of psychology at UC Riverside, tells us why.
5 min
Lessons in Facing Challenges Head-On: Shyla She...
A Native American from North Dakota, Shyla Sheppard left her rural community to study at Stanford. She started her career in venture capital and then went on to found Bow and Arrow Brewery. Learn from Shyla about pivoting, ignoring the bumps in the road, and how to build a successful business.
7 min
How to Reinvent Yourself
The notion of a new beginning is a great American tradition. And these days, with Covid-19 upending our work and home lives, reinvention is as much a necessity as wish fulfillment. For advice on creating a new you, we talk to Dr. Suedeepta "Sue" Varma, a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the NYU Langone Medical Center.
8 min
The Race to Find a Rapid Covid Test
Dr. Hadley Sikes gives us a view from the medical frontlines. Imagine being able to get test results for Covid-19 in minutes rather than days. An associate professor at MIT, Dr. Sikes has been working for years with her team on the technology they’re adapting to new, faster Covid tests. Listen and learn why she's optimistic.
9 min
How to Work Better When You're Working from Home
Love it or hate it, working from home is the new normal for many of us. And while there are plenty of gadgets and tips that can improve the situation, the real way to work better from home is to shift your outlook. Dr. Heidi Brooks, an organizational behavior professor at the Yale School of Management, tells us how.
7 min