Her Dinero Matters

Her Dinero Matters is a bilingual podcast for women who want to become reinas of their money and love their dinero more. Join Jen Hemphill, a former extreme frugalist turned reina of your money advocate each week for your dose of money confidence. You will hear down-to-earth interviews and panel discussions from la comunidad Latina as well as solo episodes sharing simple actionable tips and strategies which you can implement right away. Join the conversation with our community (it's free): jenhemphill.com/community

Negotiate Your Way to Higher Pay, Strategies fo...
The pay gap is real and it's costing women of color millions.
32 min
How This Smart Spending App Helps Teach Kids Ab...
Ever heard your child quickly agree to a purchase when it wasn’t their money but rather yours"?
31 min
Why 'Dumb Money' Should Be on Your Movie Radar ...
Imagine turning a small investment or even that money debajo del colchón into a life-changing fortune while taking on Wall Street's wealthiest players.
7 min
Letting Go of the Past and Redefining Financial...
Have you ever found hidden meaning in the most unexpected places?
33 min
How to Conquer the Maze of Money Stress | HDM 364
Join us as we unravel the secrets to managing financial stress
21 min
Breaking The Cycle Of Financial Stress For Your...
Financial challenges often lead to overwhelming feelings and make clear decisions a struggle.
39 min
Confident Choices for Lasting Financial Stabili...
Are you curious to know the secrets to achieving financial stability without needing millions in your bank account?
31 min
Navigating Financial Fraud With These Red Flags...
Some essential steps to take if you suspect that your partner is committing financial fraud in your marriage
27 min
How AI is Revolutionizing the Way Latinx File T...
Does the idea of having to file taxes every year keep you up at night?
32 min
How to Live on One Income as a Couple | HDM 359
Living on a single income might sound crazy in today's fast-paced world, with rising costs and increased financial responsibilities.
21 min
[Part 2 of 2] Healing Generational Financial T...
Part 2 - Did you know that trauma can also impact your DNA and play a role in your finances?
32 min
[Part 1 of 2] Healing Generational Financial T...
Did you know that trauma can also impact your DNA and play a role in your finances?
33 min
Resolviendo la Dudas: Finanzas Personales Para ...
¿Tienes dudas con las cosas financieras siendo inmigrante en los Estados Unidos?
27 min
How Should Married Couples Split Finances? | HD...
Wouldn’t it be ideal if before you got married you were given all the guides and the instructions on how to manage your finances?
25 min
Cómo dividir las finanzas en el matrimonio | HD...
Sería ideal si antes de casarte dieran todas las guías e instrucciones sobre cómo manejar tus finanzas en pareja ¿no crees?
25 min
What’s to Come on Her Dinero Matters | HDM Bir...
Without your support, Her DINERO MATTERS wouldn't be celebrating its 8th birthday.
6 min
The Key to Enjoying Your Money | HDM Birthday
Regardless of whether you have a fixed income or not, there are always ways to achieve your own definition of financial freedom
8 min
Talking About Money: The Most Challenging Money...
In continuing the celebration of Her Dinero Matters 8th birthday we will be reviewing one of the most challenging money actions that I have come across - talking about money.
8 min
The Power Of A Positive Money Mindset | HDM Bir...
To celebrate Her Dinero Matters 8th birthday, we hit the archives and share some of the most powerful snippets from past episodes all about our money mindset
12 min
Celebrating 8 Years of Her Dinero Matters: Join...
I am excited to announce that we are celebrating the Her Dinero Matters 8th birthday!
22 min
Healing Your Money Wounds to Build Wealth | HD...
Would you believe me if I said that healing your money wounds should be a priority in order to build wealth, even before learning about personal finances?
31 min
How to Have Easier Money Conversations with You...
Are you tired of avoiding those uncomfortable money conversations with your significant other?
34 min
Master Your Negotiation Skills | HDM 352
Are you ready to unlock more opportunities in getting the job offers you truly deserve?
34 min
Roles Financieros en el Hogar: Haciendo que fun...
¿Te sientes abrumada con todas las responsabilidades financieras de tu hogar?
14 min
Financial Roles in a Household: Making it Work ...
Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the financial responsibilities in your household?
19 min