Host Emily Soloby, Founder and CEO of Juno Jones Safety Shoes, interviews women working in non-traditional fields about their career paths.Covering topics such as balancing personal and work lives, issues they have encountered and how they have dealt with them, their biggest challenges, their biggest triumphs, advice for other women, and many other topics.

Personal Journals
Sn5 #14: Kristina Holzweiss - Education Is The ...
33 min
Sn 5 #13: Hope Zvara - Yoga Can Be A Mothertrucker
Health and Fitness for Truckers
31 min
Sn5 #12 Dr. Jenny Patel: On a Mission to Engine...
Biomedical Engineer Dr. Jenny Patel
27 min
Sn5 #11 Susan Martinez: Payload Systems Enginee...
Hazard Girls Podcast
28 min
Sn5 #9 Maria Telleria: Augmentation Over Automa...
42 min
Sn5 #10 Cait Lowe: Pretty Pretty Precon Is Gett...
36 min
Sn5 #8 Louise Azzopardi: Working Through Self D...
41 min
Sn5 #7 Ashton Thompson: She's Not Here To Get A...
33 min
Sn5 #6 Asia Fee: Bridging The Gap Between Scien...
The Hazard Girls Podcast
36 min
Sn5 #5 Ayesha Iftiqhar: Taking Her Love For Phy...
with Host Emily Soloby
31 min
Sn5 #4 Dr. Hannah Shows: At The Intersection of...
Dr. Hannah Shows, Artificial Intelligence Specialist
44 min
Sn5 #3 Kaylin Leas: Journeyman Welder, Rodeo Co...
24 min
Sn5 #2 Jennie Blumenthal: Ditch The Hustle Cult...
Break away from the hustle-culture addiction
32 min
Sn 5 #1 Linking Unlike Things with Sydney Flory...
‘Princess with Power Tools’
31 min
Sn4 #25 World-renowned Researcher Dr. Rachel Ko...
with Rachel Kowert, Ph.D
37 min
Sn 4 #23 The Intersection of Modern Constructio...
Hazard Girls Podcast
35 min
Sn 4 #22 Running a female-dominated constructio...
39 min
Former Hustle Culture Devotee Sara McElroy Hits...
with Sara McElroy founder of Raze to Rise
35 min
Sn 4 #20 Tasanee Durrett: Finding Your Voice As...
with Tasanee Durrett
28 min
Sn 4 #19 Emily Soloby: A Recap of The Hazard Gi...
Today on the Hazard Girls Podcast, we are discussing what we do on this podcast! You will hear all about why we do the podcast, what our mission is, whom we interview, and why we need to shift the terminology from “Male Dominated” to “Male Populated.”
27 min
Sn 4 #18 Nancy Surak: Getting Under The Hood of...
Tune in as we dive deeper into the commercial real estate industry to get up close and personal insight from Nancy. We take a close look at Nancy's professional experience as well as her efforts to support women in this male-dominated industry. You will not want to miss this insightful episode full of passionate stories and the ways Nancy is committed to the advancement of women in commercial real estate!
34 min
Sn 4 #17 Jennifer Todd: Taking up Space in Cons...
You have to lead with confidence and advocate for yourself and be able to advocate for other women and other minorities in the space that you’re in.
38 min
Sn 4 #16 Founding Health-Ade Kombucha: Daina T...
“That’s just how entrepreneurship is; you fall off the horse, you get back on again and do it better, and that happens like a thousand times a day. The winner is just the one who kept getting back on and doing it.”
38 min
Sn. 4, #15 Barbara Res: Blatant Sexism in the W...
As women in construction today, we deal with microaggressions in the workplace. But what was it like when sexism was a blatant part of women’s working lives? Here to tell us all about this is author of Tower of Lies, Trump’s ‘woman in construction,’ and incredible speaker, Barbara Res...
45 min
Sn. 1, #1 (Re-air) Alison Mountford: Busting Ge...
According to the US Department of Agriculture, Americans waste more than $161 billion each year on food, with most of it ending up in landfills. Our guest, interviewed by host Emily Soloby of Juno Jones Shoes, is a creative problem solver on a mission to end this kind of household food waste...
35 min