Do ghosts exist? If not, why do we see them? In each episode of the Haunted podcast Danny Robins looks at a real life ghost story in forensic detail trying to work out what really happened, with the help of experts, sceptics and the people who witnessed something they just can't explain. Danny visits a famous racetrack where drivers return from the dead; sees a suburban house haunted by a racist ex-tenant; talks to a widower who shares his bed with a phantom; and meets the parents who became convinced a ghost wanted to kill their baby daughter.

Society & Culture
The Night Shift: Part 2
Young nurse Bridget felt a dead patient was haunting her ward... and it was only getting worse.
46 min
The Night Shift: Part 1
Nurses are used to dealing with death... but Bridget faced the ghost of a patient.
30 min
I See Dead People
Since childhood Judith has seen ghosts all around her, even danced with them... so does this mean she is "nuts"?
28 min
The Thing in the Attic
One night the clocks went haywire in Larry's house and with time halted, a strange figure loomed from the darkness.
29 min
The Man Who Upset a Ghost
Did the spirit of an executed US soldier return to wound a British tour guide?
29 min
The Woman in the Corner
Jim lost his wife 20 years ago, but now a ghostly woman visits him in the night.
23 min
Panoply Fall 2017 Trailer
3 min
Death is Not the End
The poltergeist at the funeral and other tales of the dead appearing to their nearest and dearest.
29 min
The 100mph Ghost
In 1913 race car driver Percy Lambert died trying to win back his speed record - but still won't leave the track.
24 min
The Racist Ghost
The ghost that sat in Tyronne's kitchen EVERY day was fairly harmless... until an immigrant family moved in.
25 min
The House That Had to be Sold
A dream home turns into a nightmare as two newlyweds conclude a violent ghost is threatening their baby daughter.
27 min
Introducing Haunted
Real ghost sightings explored and the reasons behind those stories revealed.
3 min