Hard to Believe

Religious studies teacher and amateur theologian John Brooks goes from frequent guest to host of his own show where he and special guests explore the intersection of popular culture, religion, myth, and all that is esoteric, unexplained, and misunderstood. All the answers you never knew you wanted to questions you never knew you had, plus puns and sarcasm!

Society & Culture
Emmy Nominee Liza Richardson
Liza Richardson, Emmy-nominated music supervisor for "Watchmen", talks to us about music, "The Leftovers", and how she approaches her work.
54 min
Greg Garrett - Cultural Theologian - U2, Zombie...
Cultural Theologian Greg Garrett on U2, zombies, and Hollywood's struggle with racism.
77 min
Mandisa Thomas - Founder of Black Nonbelievers
Black Nonbelievers founder Mandisa Thomas on being Black and atheist, Christianity's white supremacy, and keeping momentum alive.
57 min
Kevin S. Decker - Pop Culture and Philosophy
Philosophy professor Kevin S. Decker joins John and Nico Vasilo to discuss how he teaches philosophy through the lens of science fiction and pop culture.
63 min
The Lovecraftian - H.P. Lovecraft biographer S....
H.P. Lovecraft biographer S.T. Joshi on the life, work, and philosophy of America's greatest and most enigmatic horror writer.
46 min
J.W. Rinzler - SciFi's Great Historian
Author JW Rinzler on his work covering Star Wars, Alien, and his love of all things space.
62 min
Cats! (Not the Movie!)
John and Jess Collins learn all about the...um...interesting history of cats in religion!
51 min
Tony Ortega - On the Past and Uncertain Future ...
Journalist Tony Ortega on how Scientology got to where it is today, what new scandals mean for its future, and the real deal with Lord Xenu
51 min
The July 20th Plot - Part Two - with historian ...
Historian Roger Moorhouse on the legacy of Stauffenberg, Tresckow, and Hitler's other would-be assassins
61 min
The July 20th Plot - Part One
A brief history of Claus von Stauffenberg and the July 20th plot.
26 min
The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade with An...
The history and beliefs of the Cathars and their lingering influence.
68 min
Prof. Kris Lane on Christopher Columbus, Washin...
How did we come to believe myths that don’t square with history?
54 min
Lane Wilcken and The Forgotten Children of Maui
Discussion about the cultural traditions and myths of the Pacific islands.
67 min
Tulsa: A Brief History of the 1921 Greenwood Ma...
Greenwood remains the most deadly incident of domestic racist terrorism in this country’s history.
20 min
BONUS! #HANX for the Memories: Angels & Demons ...
Bonus episode!
52 min
The Devil's Drink
How did coffee go from the Devil’s Drink to the Nectar of the Gods in just four short centuries?
62 min
Beyond the Wall
What really happened to the Ninth?
47 min
BONUS! #HANX for the Memories: The Da Vinci Cod...
Bonus episode!
61 min
Linda Kay Klein- on Breaking Free from the Puri...
An in-depth interview about the evangelical purity movement.
54 min
The New World
Exploring the films and philosophy of Terrence Malick.
90 min
The Antichrist
Why does everyone think the Antichrist will become the President of the United States?
81 min
I Want to Believe
The legacy of The X-Files.
60 min