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Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler

Hannibal Buress is on the road, and he's taking you along for the ride. Each episode of Handsome Rambler is packed with Hannibal’s latest road stories and thoughts. Tune in for unfiltered observations on sports, sex, wrestling, relationships, philosophy, books, watches, other podcasts, bottled water reviews…anything can happen on Handsome Rambler.

74. Live from Chicago - Part 2
35 min
73. Live from Chicago - Part 1
77 min
72. Big Jay Oakerson episode.
70 min
71. Open Mike Eagle and Video Dave
The New Negroes with Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle premieres on Comedy Central today and we're lucky enough to have a 3 month old podcast with Mike that we can release concurrently.
68 min
70. Suburbs vs The City - Kevin Bozeman
We had another fun talk with frequent guest Kevin Bozeman. We made some hit songs and battled about the merits of city and suburban life.
61 min
69. The founders of Bonnti - Maude Okrah and Si...
On this episode we talk with Maude Okrah and Simone Tetteh from Bonnti. I met them in Boston last year at the ACA Conference
59 min
68. Life changing advice with Brian Babylon.
On this episode we give some stellar advice. It felt great to give advice and change lives
83 min
67. Got Beef - CJ Sullivan
We had a good conversation with my old buddy CJ Sullivan. He gets right into it with a dope hook. His theremin skills were wavy too.
69 min
66. Tampa Anthology Part Three with Darius Kennedy
Wow. It's Part 3 of the Tampa anthology. What a wild ride it's been. So many stories, so little autotune
30 min
65. Tampa Anthology Part Two with Michael Palascak
While we were in Tampa I got a call from an old Chicago friend Michael Palascak. He was playing the other comedy club in town.
22 min
64. Tampa Anthology Part One with Al Jackson
This episode is the first of 3 parts that we recorded in Tampa. Yeah we think we're an anthology or something.
23 min
63. Isola Bars and Speeding Cars
Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh we got my cousin Percy on the podcast! Yessir! I had to really push to get this guest on but after some serious negotiations we were able to make it happen.
87 min
62. "by where the tornados start" - Kyle Kinane
Back in August we recorded an episode with Kyle Kinane. Kyle has a couple hilarious comedy specials and albums and starting to cement his position as one of the top dramatic actors of our generation...
85 min
61. Lagos to Maui
We recorded this on New Year's Eve in Maui right before a beautiful dinner at Ruth's Chris.
37 min
60. Give me my drink even though I am sleep
Look at that, the Rambler isn't dead.  We've been gone for a while but we're back. There's no real good explanation for the absence...
58 min
59. The Chris Sett It Off Jones Episode
Happy September!  Let's celebrate the upcoming fa…
63 min
58. The Stroy Moyd Episode
Wow. Our episode release schedule is inexplicabl…
60 min
57. The Jon Hamm Episode
Another one! We have the man who inspired Tony T…
71 min
56. The Jake Johnson Episode
Another one! It’s Tag week and we have an episode…
68 min
55. The Jeff Tomsic Episode
It’s Tag week and we have a new episode with the …
74 min
54. The Sad13 Episode
On this episode we talked with Sadie. She's the …
61 min
53. The Lizzo Episode
If you're a regular listener of the podcast you'v…
88 min
52. Live From Nashville with Nate Bargatze and ...
We recorded this episode in front of a live studi…
91 min
51. The Neal Brennan Episode
Neal Brennan started the episode off eating a sal…
74 min
50. The Al Jackson & Kevin Bozeman Episode
During the fall we did a run of a few Midwest sho…
76 min
49. The Open Mike Eagle Episode
On this episode, we have the second appearance fr…
73 min
48. The Serengeti Episode
Hey guys… Tony Trimm here. On this episode we in…
48 min
47. The Run The Jewels Episode
Run the Jewels was in Chicago a few weeks ago for…
33 min
46. The K'Valentine Episode
On this episode we talked with fellow Chicagoan K…
57 min
45. The Mitski Episode
On this episode we talked with Mitski. She was i…
114 min
44. The Zack Fox Episode
On this episode we talk to Zack Fox. He used to …
84 min
43. The Jermaine Fowler Episode
We talked with Jermaine Fowler. He's a comedian a…
110 min
42. The Tom Segura Episode
On this ep we talk with Tom Segura. He's a stand…
94 min
41. The Roofeeo Episode
On this episode we talk with my old friend Jahphe…
88 min
40. The Chris Rock Episode
We were doing shows at the legendary Chicago Thea…
84 min
39. The Lucas Brothers Episode
On this episode we talk with the Lucas Brothers. …
77 min
38. The Eryn Allen Kane Episode
On this episode we talk to the extremely talented…
89 min
37. The Leon Rogers Episode
On this episode we talk with Leon Rogers. Is tha…
83 min
36. The King Bach Episode
What's up. On this episode we talked with King B…
96 min
35. The Vic Mensa Episode
Even though I overslept last time, Vic Mensa was …
84 min
34. The Advice Episode
I overslept and we missed our guest so we answere…
61 min
33. Flying Lotus -Animal Collective- John Mills...
In May we ventured down to Durham for Moogfest. …
88 min
32. Byron Bowers and 2 Theremins
This episode was recorded July 5th in Chicago. W…
71 min
31. The Cool Kids Episode
On this episode me and Tony talk with the Cool Ki…
98 min
30. The Tiffany Haddish Episode
We talked with my good friend Tiffany Haddish on …
84 min
29. Bonnaroo and Major Lazer
We got to Bonnaroo a day before our shows and got…
66 min
28. The DJ Premier Episode
What? We somehow got the legendary DJ Premier on…
88 min
27. The Jean Grae Episode
We talked with the awesome Jean Grae. I was a li…
72 min
26. Hannibal and Tony with no guest and a recap...
We recorded this episode at Gas Digital in NYC. …
66 min
25. The Sharkula Episode
We invite Chicago hip hop legend Sharkula on to t…
66 min
24. The Kevin Smith Episode
We never met Kevin Smith before this but we invit…
85 min
23. The Lil Rel Episode
We talk with the old homie Lil Rel Howery on this…
95 min
22. The Killer Mike Episode
We recorded this episode live at the Laughing Sku…
105 min
21. Hannibal and Tony talk with Phantogram, Des...
This week’s Rambler is action-packed with guests.…
74 min
20. Live from SXSW with Talib Kweli and Byron B...
This episode was recorded with a live audience in…
62 min
19. Hannibal and Tony have a rock opera with Ju...
On this trippy episode we welcome Junior Stopka h…
62 min
18. Hannibal Magenta and Tony Lavender welcome ...
On this episode of Handsome Rambler we welcome Ch…
76 min
17. Tony and Hannibal talk with Open Mike Eagle...
They discuss Combat Juggling, Mike’s favorite son…
62 min
16. Hannibal and Tony talk to Andrew Barber.
Andrew created the Chicago hip hop website fakesh…
91 min
15. Late nights and art heists.
Hannibal and Tony welcome Chicago comics Meechie …
84 min
14. Watching Invicta fights and crazy Kansas Ci...
Hannibal, Tony, and Al talk fights, life, raps, a…
119 min
13. Hannibal and Tony talk with Flying Lotus an...
They chat Kuso and Thundercat’s new album drunk. …
134 min
12. Hannibal and Tony invite Saba to the podcas...
Hannibal and Tony talk with Chicago rapper Saba a…
75 min
11. Hannibal and Eric podcast. Douggpound remix
Hannibal and Tony talk with Eric Andre in Austral…
6 min
11. Hannibal and Eric André have a deep convers...
Hannibal and Tony talk with Eric Andre in Austral…
63 min
10. Handsome Rambler And Chance The Rapper
A special episode of the Handsome Rambler. Hannib…
46 min
9. Sipping Chai and Staying Fly with Franklyn A...
On this episode of Handsome Rambler me and Al Jackson talk with comedy legend Franklin Ajaye
74 min
8. Hannibal and Tony Try To Stay Calm with Nai ...
The boys talk with Nai Palm, the lead vocalist of Hiatus Kaiyote.
77 min
7. Aussie Rambler Foot Handler
The boys touch down in Sydney and talk about sex,…
50 min
6. Hoop Dreams & Smooth Credit Card Schemes
Comedian and Hannibal’s gambling buddy Kevin Bozeman is on this week’s
77 min
5. Sleepy Fights In The Late Night
Handsome Rambler is taping at Hannibal’s new building!
61 min
4. Wrong Predictions From Tony's Kitchen
This week's Handsome Rambler was taped on Election Night!
72 min
3. Microdosing PCP
Hannibal, Tony and special guest Al Jackson are
80 min
2. Bed Bug Bites
Handsome Rambler is coming at you from an AirBNB …
62 min
1. It’s Never Too Late For Now
Hannibal deals with a nosy neighbor, goes to an O…
58 min