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The Ace Family's House Story Analyzed - H3TV #18
249 min
Mr. Beast Sued By Netflix & Nikocado Responds T...
184 min
YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE! (Thanksgiving Special) - O...
143 min
Keemstar vs The Quartering 🍿 - H3TV #17
199 min
How To Own Your MAGA Family This Thanksgiving -...
126 min
Coming Clean About Hila's Feet Pics - After Dar...
187 min
I Got Hand Enlargement Surgery - Off The Rails #19
119 min
Mr. Beast Cancelled - H3TV #16
178 min
Big Bird Is A Commie - Leftovers #7
126 min
We Went To Britney Spears Conservator Trial & D...
175 min
I Had To Get Emergency Surgery - Off The Rails #18
122 min
Travis Scott & Astroworld - H3TV #15
240 min
We Broke Up - Off the Rails #17
126 min
Begging Hila To Take Me Back - After Dark #57
147 min
Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian Must Be Stopped ...
188 min
Elon Musk Won’t Pay His Taxes & Joe Rogan Hates...
122 min
I'm Retiring - After Dark #56
191 min
37 min
I'm Cancelled - H3TV #13
161 min
Trump’s New Social Media Platform Is Already A ...
125 min
James Charles Enablers & Keemstar Is Obsessed W...
181 min
Ethan Guesses Who’s High - Off The Rails #15
128 min
Jordan Peterson, Kanye West, Island Boys - H3TV...
160 min
We DESTROY Ben Shapiro With FACTS & LOGIC - Lef...
128 min
Shane's Husband Confirms The Cat Story? - After...
187 min
Content Court: The NELK Boys
114 min
Kim K Confronted Me In NY This Weekend - H3TV #11
163 min
Ben Shaprio Endorses Mass Murder - Leftovers #3
124 min
Shame Dawson IS BACK - H3 After Dark #53
125 min
Squid Game IN REAL LIFE - Off The Rails #14
85 min
Keemstar's Channel Is Dying & Couch Guy Controv...
168 min
Steven Crowder Freaks Out Over Black James Bond...
95 min
Shane Dawson, Jason Nash, Britney Freed - H3 Af...
173 min
We Tried The Nastiest Food On Earth - Off The R...
46 min
And The New Host Is... - Leftovers #1
147 min
R. Kelly, Keemstar, My Mom Exposed - H3TV #9
191 min
And The Gender Is... - H3 After Dark #51
175 min
I Barely Made It Through This Episode - Off The...
67 min
Why We Disappeared For A Week - H3TV #8
145 min
We Need To Talk... - H3 After Dark #50
154 min
Finally Releasing The DMs - Off The Rails #11
121 min
Guess Who the D'Amelios Are Suing... - H3TV #7
192 min
Joe Rogan Is A Giant Hypocrite - H3 After Dark #49
172 min
The Kings of Clickbait - Off The Rails #10
109 min
James Corden Harassed Me & Addison Rae Proves G...
220 min
Fortnite MLK Disaster, Mr Verified Winner - H3 ...
162 min
Mr. Verified Contest - Off the Rails #9
110 min
The Final Families Episode - Familes #10
98 min
What Did My Mom Text Trisha - Families #9
89 min
Not Talking About Trisha Paytas - H3 After Dark...
169 min
I'm Done With Trisha Paytas - Off The Rails #8
110 min
Addressing The Controversy - Families #8
82 min
Trisha VS Keemstar 🍿- H3 After Dark # 46
It's the battle of the ages...Trisha VS Keemstar. The world will never be the same.
149 min
I'm Ashamed To Admit This - Off The Rails # 7
114 min
My Family Is Being Torn Apart - Families # 7
91 min
Hila Is Back... And She's Being Sued - H3 After...
152 min
Saying Goodbye To YouTube
122 min
Omegle With My Mom 😬😳 - Families # 6
104 min
Logan Paul Is Committing Fraud & It’s Disgustin...
On this episode of Off The Rails Ethan and YouTube super detective Coffeezilla discuss Logan's latest scam: Dink Doink Coin, a crypto coin he definitely doesn't have anything to do with (beside creating) that he thinks you should buy NOW!
111 min
Mom's Embarrassing Story Destroyed My Soul - Fa...
107 min
Hila's Final Episode - H3 After Dark # 44
There's No Such Thing As A Coincidence today on After Dark, when the man behind the meme calls in! We also discuss Twitch's crazy gambling problem, Wendy Williams going rogue, the growing chaos surrounding the Ace Family & of course.....Hila's...
149 min
The Biggest Scam In YouTube History - Off The ...
On this episode of the H3 Podcast OFF THE RAILS we're talking influencer crypto scams, we're talking Ringo Starr's birthday, we're talking CCR curses, and the bois face off in an epic compliment battle!!
104 min
The Biggest Cancellation In YouTube History - F...
On today's Families Donna & Ethan do a deep dive on the Creepshow Art drama, Gary responds to hate comments, & they do a haircut battle!
98 min
James Charles Returns & Baby Update - H3 After ...
It's Friday baby, and we've got a LOT to talk about. We dig into the James Charles return, Tim Pool having a temper tantrum, a baby update, Zach's fear of a certain 3-word band, Triller's 1 star-quality app and much more! Let's just jump right into...
157 min
Trisha’s Apology & Ace Family Scam - Off The Ra...
Today we discuss the long history of Austin McBroom scams (allegedly), a Britney Spears update, and respond to Trisha Paytas' latest apology video. 
108 min
Trisha Paytas vs Gabbie Hanna Explained By My M...
Donna is BACK on the pod and this time we're talking YouTube Drama, old actors, and the long awaited advice segment!
103 min
Marc Rebillet, Reggie Watts, Flying Lotus LIVE!
A special musical episode of The H3 Podcast, featuring the improvisations of Reggie Watts, Marc Rebillet & Flying Lotus!
104 min
The Birthday Roast Of Ethan Klein - H3 After Da...
We delve into the Stephen Crowder the Coward response, a Free Britney update, and...it's the roast of Ethan Klein! (With many special guests)
154 min
The New Host Of Frenemies Is…
94 min
Ethan Klein Debates Steven Crowder (Ft. Sam Sed...
The moment everyone has been waiting for... the debate between Ethan and Steven Crowder with special "guest" Sam Seder...
41 min
The Real Reason Frenemies Broke Up - H3 After D...
152 min
Bella Poarch - H3 Podcast # 247
Today we interview Bella Poarch! We discuss growing up in the Philippines, her time in the Navy, her incredible rise to Tik Tok stardom and much more!
114 min
And The Number Of Babies Is... - H3 After Dark ...
On this episode of H3 After Dark we talk about the world of Jail Tok, share our cringiest stories, and of course...BABY UPDATE!
166 min
Regarding Trisha Quitting Frenemies
44 min
Talking About Gabbie Hanna - Frenemies # 39
The curse of Fester/Dominos strikes again...
99 min
We're Having Twins Or Triplets! - H3 After Dark...
On this episode of H3 After Dark Ethan & Hila get pitched on baby names from the crew, watch some mega cringe TikTok POVs, get a call from the dark professor Jordan Peterson, Triller lying about everything and a whole lot more!
123 min
Dream, Keemstar, All Gas No Breaks Interview wi...
On this episode of H3 OFF THE RAILS Ethan and the boys shift to Hogwarts, talk to President Biden, dunk on Dream the cheater and Keemstar, and speak with Andrew Callaghan formerly of All Gas No Breaks about his new venture Channel 5!
113 min
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan and Trisha discuss LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Ethan having a second child with Hila, Eugenia Cooney, Hank Green vs Tom Hanks, and play a little bit of the Guess That Superhero game! 
122 min
We're Pregnant! - H3 After Dark # 38
On this episode of H3 After Dark we get some amazing news live on air! Also we discuss Harry Potter reality shifters, Cold Feet Steven Crowder being a dumb ass, celebrate James Charles' birthday, and a whole lot more!
167 min
Ethan Destroys The New Office - Off The Rails # 1
On this GROUND SHAKING episode of H3 OFF THE RAILS Ethan and the boys get to work on demolishing all the hard work building the studio over the last few weeks as Ethan goes rogue on the Gatsby- we fool around with Love's new robot, try out the BTS...
103 min
Taking Trisha To Meme School - Frenemies # 37
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trish take a break from drama to just kick it and have some fun. Also they play the MEME GAME where Ethan educates Trisha on some famous memes then compete making their own!
125 min
Joe Rogan Trashed Hila On His Podcast - H3 Afte...
On this episode of H3 After Dark Ethan Hila and the gang are LIVE from their brand new studio! Together they discuss Joe Brogan hating on Hila, our efforts to restore the king of wikifeet, Zach being snubbed by the mayo industrial complex, Kendall...
134 min
The Belle Delphine Mystery & Our New Studio - H...
On this episode of the H3 Podcast OFF THE RAILS Ethan & the boys are back IN STUDIO for the first time since a global pandemic sent us into exile. We talk Faze Blanks having hot dogs for brains, Chrissy Teigen being awful, UFO's being "real"...
99 min
Trisha & Ethan Got Bullied - Frenemies # 36
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trisha fight back against a bunch of mean ol' internet cyber bullies who have a lot to say about our favorite duo! We also discuss Ethan's trip to Vegas, Robin Williams, and a whole lot more!!!
123 min
James Charles Is Being Sued & Bill Gates Calls ...
On this episode of H3 After Dark we have a BANGER of an episode as we talk Triller lawsuit with YouTube law expert Emily D. Baker, Keemstar being a fuck, James Charles flailing, and we make our pitch for Zach to become the official spokesperson for...
200 min
Ethan Embarrassed Himself In Front Of Trisha's ...
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trish recap the week of birthday festivities for Trisha, talk cringey TikTokers, argue about Tourette's, and a heck of a lot more! 
124 min
Jake Paul & Triller Are Suing Me - H3 After Dar...
On this episode of H3 After Dark Ethan Hila and the gang discuss Ethan's new lawsuit, Former President Trump calls in to discuss his budding friendship with Jake Paul, an end comes to the saga of the chair... with a twist, and White Claw Gabe calls in!!!
186 min
Trisha Birthday Celebration - Frenemies # 34
On this episode of Frenemies we celebrate Trisha's birthday with costumes, gifts, cake, trivia, drama, and a whole lot more!
124 min
Twitch Hot Tubs & Bitconnect Carlos Calls In - ...
On this episode of H3 After Dark we get a call in from the meme legend Carlos Matos from Bitconnect, discuss hot tub streamers on twitch, Ben Shapeeno calls in to voice his opinion, and we break down the H3 soundbyte laugh tier list!
166 min
Humanity Is Doomed - H3 Podcast # 245
On this episode of the H3 Podcast OFF THE RAILS Ethan and the boys discuss Carl Tuck-da-dick's call to harass children, Joe Rogan's call for people not to get the vaccine, Caitlin Jenner running for office, and things get heated as the crew debates...
123 min
Jeff Wittek, David Dobrik, & TRIVIA! - Frenemie...
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trish discuss Jeff's documentary, Keemstar's response to Jake's allegations, and we once again duke it out on the battlefield of the mind with the next round of trivia!
121 min
Jake Paul Exposed By Bombshell New York Times A...
On this episode of H3 After Dark Ethan, Hila and the gang talk about the new Jake Paul expose in the New York Times and speak to the article's author, Taylor Lorenz! We also talk about Benny Shapeeno's wood, Japanese social media stars using Face App...
175 min
Jake Paul Fight Was A Disaster - H3 Podcast # 244
On this episode of the H3 Podcast Ethan and tha boys discuss Jake's lame-o fight, weirdos freaking out over the Chauvin verdict, EDP445 being a mega creep, and Mike Lindell aka Mr. My Pillow live streaming his psychotic break on his new website!
122 min
James Charles Entire Channel Demonetized by You...
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trisha do their best Jim Carrey & Cameron Diaz impressions as they cosplay the mask and discuss Jeff's docu-series, Demi Lavato being a giga-karen, and of course James Charles losing his YouTube...
122 min
Morphe & YouTube Finally Drop James Charles - H...
On this episode of H3 After Dark we discuss the continued downfall of James, Joe Rogan vs Trisha, White Claw Gabe, Dan & Zach settle the Rock Trivia competition, and a whole lot more!
169 min
Infowars Attacks Ethan - H3 Podcast # 243
On this episode of the H3 Podcast Ethan assembles the foot soldiers once again to take on the haters- this time the goons at Infowars! Also Usher is issuing his own currency and tipping people with it, and Dan & Zach have an epic Rock Trivia showdown!
107 min
Khloe Kardashian Photo Drama & Pizza Eating Con...
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trisha face off on who can slam the most pizza, discuss Khloe Kardashian's big oopsie, Jake Paul allegations, and a whole lot more! 
119 min
Jake Paul, Wendy Williams, Bhad Bhabie & Dr. Ph...
On this episode of H3 After Dark the gang discuss the latest with Ethan's training, Jake Paul's new allegation, Windy Williams latest guttural noises, Bhad Bhabie vs Dr. Phil, and a whole lot more!!!            ...
185 min
We're Not Done With James Charles - H3 Podcast ...
On this episode of the H3 Podcast Ethan and the boys get down with Dick Tips, discover a new sleep paralysis demon, react to Crazy Rudy freaking out about Lil Nas X's music video, and explore the LA Craigslist's "Missed Connections" page!
100 min
Trisha & Ethan Do Oddly Satisfying Trends - Fre...
On this episode of Frenemies Ethan & Trish get a little odd as they make goo, watch paint dry, and smash cakes together.
125 min