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Exclusive Interview With The American Mike Skin...
39 min
Grand Tour Nation Talks With The American, Mike...
We ask Mike about his thoughts on The Grand Tour, how he started the show, and his NASCAR career.
30 min
The Grand Tour Next Episode: What You Need To K...
65 min
5 Things You Should Do After Buying A Used Cars
We talk you through the five steps you should take after you buy a used car.
8 min
5 Things You Should Do Before You Buy A New Car
We go through five important things you need to do to get the most out of buying a car.
8 min
Grand Tour Nation's 2020 Geneva Motor Show Lowd...
Here's the lowdown on the greatest cars to come from the 2020 Geneva Motor Show
36 min
S2 Ep1 News: Top Gear Copies The Grand Tour And...
Alex discusses the news of the week including Top Gear's new series and the discontinuation of the Camaro
20 min
Ep1 Is That Wheelie True? Brand New Show
Alex and Bentley launches the brand new show where you have to decide which of three stories is true.
36 min
S1 EP10 Superbikes, Electric MiniMotos, and V8 ...
The boys are back with a new episode, talking about their endless projects and new cars.
68 min
S1 EP9: What Is The Perfect Top Gear Lineup?
The boys discuss the latest news, then choose the perfect Top Gear lineup.
61 min
S1 EP8: 2019 Geneva Show Special
Alex and Bentley discuss some of the greatest parts of the 2019 Geneva Show
44 min
GTN STORIES: The Complete History Of The Rotary...
Alex takes you through the story of the Wankel Rotary engine. From its birth to death, and its success to failures.
15 min
S1 EP6: What Is The Greatest FWD Car?
Alex and Bentley discuss what the best front-wheel drive car is, while also discussing some of the latest motoring news.
60 min
S1 Ep5: What is the most overrated car?
Alex and Bentley discuss what the most overrated car is, along with some of the latest motoring news and questions from listeners.
65 min
S1 Ep4: What Is The Greatest British Car?
Alex and Bentley discuss the greatest British car. They also discuss all of your comments from Instagram.
80 min
S1 Ep3: The Grand Tour Episode 1 Overview, The ...
We talk about the first episode of The Grand Tour, the game that Amazon is releasing under the same name, and a badly modified GTO/Lamborghini
59 min
S1 EP2: Manual Electric Corvettes, Aston Martin...
We discuss how manual transmissions could change the future of electric cars, the sound of the Aston Martin Valkyrie, and how a giant Santa got lost in transit.
62 min
S1 EP1: Mid-Engine Jags, Barn finds and Chinese...
We discuss the new mid-engined Jaguar supercar, a rare barn find, and crazy Chinese traffic lights.
45 min