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GroundBreakers highlights the innovative equipment, technology, companies, and individuals that are breaking new ground in the construction industry.

No Company Email Address Needed: Jobsite Networ...
MindForge can help you talk to everyone on your jobsite with one app.
15 min
YellowBird Delivers On-call Health and Safety P...
Uber-like digital platform matches qualified environmental health and safety professionals seeking employment with construction companies.
26 min
Saving Labor Costs with a Concrete Troweling To...
The story behind an innovative concrete troweling edging tool and how it can make a big difference on the slab and in labor costs.
20 min
Track Construction Production Rates with Easy App
Matt Daly, CEO and founder of StructionSite, talks about how AI is transforming technology on the construction site.
9 min
Saving Labor Costs with a Concrete Troweling To...
How an easy-to-use tool can make a big difference on the slab and in labor costs.
31 min
The Electrification of the Construction Jobsite
The development of electric-powered alternatives to diesel.
24 min
How Photo-based Inspections Can Enable More Suc...
Interview with Si Katara, president and co-founder of HeadLight Technologies.
21 min
RE2 Robotics CEO Highlights Opportunities and F...
Autonomous equipment technology is currently being tested in military applications
23 min
BIM and Digital Twins Can Cut Rework and Costs ...
Learn the concept of the “digital twin”
21 min
New Technology Feature Will Enhance Grading Eff...
Trace Air insights
28 min
The Cure: Purdue’s Concrete Sensor Research
Professor Luna Lu discusses with Concrete Contractor editor Jonathan Kozlowski on the recent research being done in iOT sensors and concrete strength sensor technology.
33 min
Tomorrow’s Digital Dispatcher Will Streamline C...
With a dispatcher being one of the most important roles in a construction logistics operation, it’s only time that they begin adopting technologies that bring them into the future to improve operations even further
22 min
How to Implement Paperless Technology with Tread
Noah Dolgoy, founder and CEO discusses the benefits of using a mobile app such to replace paper based processes.
18 min
Water Intelligence Technology Cuts Water Damage...
Yaron Dycian, chief product and strategy officer at WINT
17 min
How Connecting Field Equipment to the Office Wi...
One Platform
14 min
Terry Kobayashi of MAX USA Shares How Ergonomic...
Rebar tying and how the ergonomic design of your tools affects health and safety of workers – as well as the bottom line.
26 min
Cloud-based Documentation Platform Takes the Co...
Automate the documentation process, reduce complexity of LEED project management and ensure LEED requirements are met.
18 min
Cloud-based Software Cuts Construction Project ...
Set yourself up for success throughout what looks likely to be a very competitive 2021.
23 min
Hilti Discusses Robotics in Jobsite Health & Sa...
How robotics and human augmentation can effect construction jobsite health and safety through two innovations from HILTI.
22 min
WorkerSense Modernizes Project Management While...
Wearable solution provides “data democracy” that enables construction workers to enhance their health and wellness.
27 min
Data From Cloud-based Project Management Softwa...
Features and benefits of cloud-based project management software for construction companies
16 min
Soil Connect Builds on Value with Addition of E...
Soil Connect brings together those with extra dirt and those who need dirt
28 min
Nintex Automation Helps BNBuilders Manage Risk ...
Opportunities to use the configurable automation technology that enhance efficiencies in various aspects of construction operations
20 min
Gamers Help Rosendin Accelerate Advances in BIM...
What role could this tech savvy generation of workers have in shaping the future of the construction industry?
23 min
Opportunities for Mixed Reality and Smart Glass...
ThirdEye's smart glasses technology can improve efficiency, productivity and worker safety on the jobsite.
20 min
Customizable Software Platform Mitigates Distra...
Truce Software offers fleet intelligence to increase driver safety and reduce distracted workers.
19 min
Suffolk Technology Partners with Trade Hounds o...
Suffolk collaborated with Trade Hounds to develop a new feature to address workforce shortages.
16 min
Volvo CE Highlights Electrification Trends and ...
What innovative equipment will we soon be seeing on construction jobsites?
21 min