There is one way for the young men who want to make a career in the major leagues of baseball to fulfill their dreams. They have to grind. This podcast tells their stories, and it’s a companion to the new book, Grinders: Baseball’s Intrepid Infantry, by Mike Capps and Chuck Hartenstein.

Epiosde 7: Don't Worry, Be Happy
Travis Driskill recalls the night of his retirement, and explains the importance of believing in yourself to Mike Capps and Shawn Clynch
22 min
Episode 6: Paying it Forward
Scipio Spinks describes how changing people’s lives spurs a chain reaction as he shares his experience as an African-American grinder with Mike Capps and Shawn Clynch.
22 min
Episode 5: Honing a Generational Craft
Today’s illustrious guest is Jerry Hairston Sr, baseball royalty. He shares the values his family hold dear that made them so successful with Mike Capps and Shawn Clynch.
19 min
Epiosde 4: Walking the Extra (Four) Miles
Lorenzo Bundy talks to Mike Capps and Shawn Clynch about walking the extra mile - literally - and why he’d do it all over again.
18 min
Episode 3: No Pain, No Gain
Jeff Frye and John Allgood chat with Mike Capps and Shawn Clynch about the grinding experiences they had along their professional journey.
20 min
Episode 2: The Beauty and the Glory
Today, hear Jackson Ryan, James Moore, Mike Capps and Shawn Clynch talk about what baseball means to the fans and professional players who love it.
15 min
Episode 1: Baseball's Engine
The Grinders in baseball are the guys who make up most of a team's roster, show up game after game and put in the work without necessarily receiving all of the glory.
15 min