Greetings from Salton Sea

From the writer of the #1 Podcast OUTLIERS comes a mind-bending, brain-twisting journey into the depths of traumatized memory and the underbelly of a dying California desert town where all the odd-ball inhabitants have something disturbing to hide. When a boy’s shinbone is discovered in Kellan Rucker’s hometown of Salton Sea, Kellan returns to claim what he believes are the remains of his twin brother who vanished nearly twenty years ago when the boys were twelve. The grim discovery triggers Kellan; he loses his battle to stay sober as he struggles to maintain his tenuous hold on reality while he navigates the bizarre environs of the toxic-lake town and its funhouse of eccentric characters to uncover the truth about what really happened to his twin all those years ago.

Created by Cassandra Wells & Charley Randazzo

Executive Producers: Cassandra Wells & Daniel Kaemon

Written by Cassandra Wells

Directed by Charley Randazzo

Post-Production Producer: Daniel Kaemon

Sound Design & Sound Editing by Charley Randazzo


Daniel Kaemon as Kellan Rucker

Mark Irvingsen as Frank

Time Winters as Dr. Lubich and Vernon Rucker

Marta Cross as Jill

Tracy Winters as Detective Helen Dove and Alice Rucker

Tom Beyer as Lifeguard Lenny and Orderly Rob

Jeff Blumberg as Coroner’s Clerk

Jaxon Gwillim as Detective Langford

Harry Gwillim as Young Boy and Young Boy’s Brother

Charley Randazzo as Trolley Tour Guide

Introducing The Signal
This week, we would like to introduce you to The Signal, another podcast from the writers and creators of Greetings from Salton Sea.
21 min
Episode 9 - Identity
Kellan escapes from his imprisonment in the Crab Shack with the help of Lifeguard Lenny before he reunites with Frank and Jill; neither Kellan nor Dr. Lubich learn the full truth about what actually happened all those years ago, but we do.
27 min
Episode 8 - Brothers
Frank, tired of pussy-footing around, shackles Kellan to a radiator in his office in order to force Kellan’s suppressed memories to the surface before he reveals the disturbing details of a series of abductions around the time Kellan’s brother vanished.
20 min
Episode 7 - Homecoming
When Kellan’s brain-addled father goes missing, he tracks him down at an abandoned house and tries to provoke a discussion about the veracity of his childhood memories; Kellan and Dr. Lubich discuss the peculiar nature of hallucinations.
24 min
Episode 6 - Metronome
Kellan and Frank clash over how to proceed in both the investigation of the long-ago disappearance of Kellan’s brother and the recent murder of a female tourist when it becomes clear that both homicides are connected; Kellan visits the Coroner’s office when more bones turn up.
18 min
Episode 5 - Bicycle
With Dr. Lubich’s help, Kellan probes his fragmented memory of the events surrounding his twin’s disappearance; Kellan returns to the police department to brace Detective Dove about some unsettling details regarding the fateful night his brother vanished.
23 min
Episode 4 - Memory Lane
Kellan reluctantly joins forces with Frank to get to the bottom of his twin brother’s disappearance twenty years ago; Kellan recalls his intimate-but-innocent encounter with Jill in his motel bathroom.
20 min
Episode 3 - Fugue
Kellan meets charming and flirtatious Jill on a trolley tour of Salton Sea before Frank—a local Private Eye and lunatic force of nature—breaks into his motel room to whisk Kellan away before the place blows up.
18 min
Episode 2 - Bones
Kellan, reeling emotionally, pays a visit to the Salton Sea police department to talk to the lead detective in his brother’s case, Detective Helen Dove, before he ventures out onto the toxic beach to meet with local eccentric, Lifeguard Lenny.
19 min
Episode 1 - Tibia
Kellan tells Dr. Lubich about what triggered his breakdown and recalls his strange encounter with the Coroner’s Clerk upon his return to his hometown of Salton Sea after some bones are identified as belonging to Kellan’s long lost twin brother.
21 min