Great Women in Compliance

For a long time, compliance was perceived as a part of the larger legal world. Today, compliance is its own profession -- a place where people work tirelessly to make the world a better place, one where doing the right thing is the standard for everyone. There are a lot of amazing and inspirational women who have helped the compliance field develop into what it is today and women who are joining this field every day. They are leading the work on cutting-edge issues and breaking barriers for women. Join Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine as they talk with women in compliance who are making a difference. This podcast is part of the Compliance Podcast Network.

Jessica Hayden on Sliding Doors
In this episode, Hemma chats with Jessica Hayden on Sliding Doors and her widely varied career.
27 min
The Art and Sciences of Story - Building
Hemma is joined by co-host Sarah Hadden to visit with Michelle Beistle and Ashley Dubriwny on the art of storytelling for compliance officers.
45 min
Audrey Harris - The Woman in the Arena
Lisa visits with Audrey Harris.
31 min
The State of the Profession
Gwen Hassan joins Lisa Fine, Ellen Hunt and Kim Yapchai to discuss the state of the compliance profession.
37 min
Renee Rajkumar-the Heart of Compliance
In this episode, Hemma visits with Renee Rajkumar, a Risk and Compliance Manager at the University of Arts, London.
52 min
A Roundtable on Leveraging Compliance Connections
Lisa and Gemma are back with their first roundtable.
31 min
Lizette Arias – Speaking Out About Speaking Out
Today, Lisa Fine visits with Lizette Arias on her experiences as a whistleblower.
29 min
SCCE Recap...and GWIC's plans for Q3
The full GWIC 2.0 team, Lisa, Hemma, Ellen Hunt and Sarah Hadden on the 2023 SEEC CEI.
22 min
GWIC 2.0-A New Era
Lisa welcomes Hemma Lomax to the new GWIC 2.0.
30 min
GWICies and Thank You Mary
Mary and Lisa hand out their annual GWICies in Mary's final episode.
37 min
Mary's Last Soliloquy
In this episode, Mary Shirley reflects back on her GWIC journey.
23 min
GWIC 2.0- Introducing Lisa’s New Co-Host Lloyde...
Today, Lisa introduces the new GWIC 2.0 co-host, Lloydette Bai-Marrow.
21 min
Principled Podcast X GWIC – A Discussion with M...
In this episode, we have a cross-post from LRN's Principled Podcast. Meredith Hunt joins Mary Shirley.
25 min
Carolyn Renzin on Compliance at FanDuel
Lisa Fine welcomes Carolyn Renzin, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at FanDuel.
21 min
Reflections from Lisa and Mary
Tom guest hosts Lisa and Mary as they reflect back and look forward to their 200th anniversary show.
25 min
Nicole Di Schino - The Compliance Education Fan...
Lisa Fine welcomes Nicole Di Schino, The Compliance Education Fanatic
25 min
Elaine Pretorius- the Sage Leader
Mary visits with Elaine Pretorius on her life in compliance.
33 min
Lisa Fine on Change, Culture and Community
Lisa Fine takes her annual solo turn behind the mic.
25 min
Vera Cherepanova - From Italy with Integrity
Mary talks with Vera Cherepanova on behavioral change, behavioral risk and speaking up.
30 min
Joe Murphy - the Great Waltzer in Compliance
Lisa welcomes Joe Murphy, the Godfather of Compliance.
31 min
Jane Norberg-the Whistleblowing Guru
Mary visits with Jane Norberg, former head of the SEC Office of the Whistleblower.
30 min
Maria D’Avanzo - Chief Evangelist Officer for ...
Lisa welcomes Maria D’Avanzo, who is the Chief Evangelist Officer for Traliant.
32 min
Mary and Lisa in a Discussion in The Big News E...
Lisa and Mary return from Spring Break with some big and breaking GWOC news!
32 min
Amii Barnard-Bahn on Knowing Your Worth
In this episode, Lisa catches up with Amii Barnard-Bahn.
34 min
Krista Muszak-She’s Simply the Best
Mary welcomes Krista Muszak for International Women's Day.
28 min