Great Women in Compliance

For a long time, compliance was perceived as a part of the larger legal world. Today, compliance is its own profession -- a place where people work tirelessly to make the world a better place, one where doing the right thing is the standard for everyone. There are a lot of amazing and inspirational women who have helped the compliance field develop into what it is today and women who are joining this field every day. They are leading the work on cutting-edge issues and breaking barriers for women. Join Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine as they talk with women in compliance who are making a difference. This podcast is part of the Compliance Podcast Network.

Jonathan Armstrong
Mary and Lisa return in 2022 to visit with Jonathan Armstrong.
43 min
The Brothers Gallo
Mary visits with Nick and Gio Gallo from ComplianceLine.
47 min
Lisa Beth Lentini Walker – Raising Your Game
Lisa Fine is joined by Lisa Beth Lentini Walker co-author of Raising Your Game.
28 min
Alexis Wermuth-The Ideator
Mary welcomes Alexis Wermuth to discuss her career in compliance.
39 min
Episode 128 – Kris Brown – Life After Compliance
Lisa Fine welcomes Kris Brown.
39 min
Michelle Dewarrat-She's All That
In this episode, Mary visits with Michelle Dewarrat, who is the Head of Compliance at CSG.
27 min
Michele Abraham on What Makes Up ESG
Lisa talks with Michele Abraham on a wide range of compliance issues.
28 min
Lisa Fine
Mary turns the table on Lisa to interview her for this episode of Great Women in Compliance.
66 min
Halloween Horror Stories
Mary and Lisa return to look at some compliance horror stories in honor of Halloween.
66 min
Cristina Revelo - Choose Your Adventure and Bui...
Lisa visits with AMI's Cristina Revelo on her professional career adventures.
66 min
Yuet Ming Tham on Investigations in Asia.
Mary visits with Yuet Ming Tham on performing investigations in Asia..
66 min
Luciane Mallmann and Gina Green-Women in Global...
Mary and Lisa visit with Luciane Mallmann and Gina Green on Women in Global Compliance.
66 min
Colleen Dorsey: Using AI and Machine Learning i...
Mary welcomes Colleen Dorsey to Great Women in Compliance.
66 min
Lisa Looks Back on 9/11
Lisa goes solo to talk about her experiences from 9/11.
66 min
Sofia Tirini-Global Policy and Compliance
Mary Visits with Sofia Tirini on the intersection of Global Policy and Compliance.
66 min
Rashada Timkee-Community Outreach and Compliance
Rashada Timkee joins Lisa Fine to discuss community and compliance.
30 min
Jared Knapp – Respect and Dignity in the Compli...
Mary Shirley welcomes Jared Knapp on this episode.
37 min
Ellen Hunt - Speaking up and Retaliations: Comp...
Lisa Fine visits with Ellen Hunt on topics literally ripped from the headlines.
42 min
Samantha Kelen-Let’s Get Real
Mary Shirley welcomes Samantha Kelen on this episode.
43 min
Jenna Waters: Cybersecurity and Compliance
In this episode, Lisa talks with Jenna Waters, Cybersecurity Consultant at True Digital Security.
37 min
The Lightning Round: Surprise Listener Question...
In this episode Mary and Lisa take listeners questions.
42 min
Ryan Rushing, Designing and Compliancing with P...
Mary and Lisa are delighted to release a special episode that honors and celebrates Pride month, with Ryan Rushing.
66 min
Lloydette Bai Marrow, the Compliance Entrepreneur
In this episode, Lisa speaks with Lloydette Bai Marrow, who is the Founder and Principal Consultant of ParaMetric Global Consulting.
29 min
Karen Moore: Slide Door Moments to a Career in ...
Mary Shirley welcomes Karen Moore on this episode.
36 min
Susan Liautaud: Making Good Choices in a Compli...
31 min
Fernanda Beraldi on The Power of One
In this episode, Mary Shirley visits with Fernanda Beraldi on the Power of One.
52 min
Boon Kim Fam on Perspectives from a Compliance ...
In this episode, Mary visits with Boon Kim Fam of PVH Corporation.
69 min
Dr. Pat Harned, Part 2
In this Part 2, Lisa continues her discussion with ECI head Pat Harned
25 min
Dr. Pat Harned, Part 1-The Compliance Trailblazer
Lisa begins a two-part series with Dr. Pat Harned, CEO of ECI.
27 min
Selena Evans, Innovating and Creating Brave Spa...
Mary visits with Selena Evans about her Brave Space initiative which is an award winning endeavor, including what other companies can do to build something similar.
32 min
Michelle Beistle, When a Planet is Your Interna...
As April is Earth Month, Lisa welcomes Michelle Beistle, the as Chief Ethics, Compliance & Privacy Officer at The Nature Conservancy.
21 min
Lisa Krigsten, Crisis Management and the E&C Pr...
In this episode, Lisa speaks with Lisa Krigsten, partner in the white collar and governmental investigations group at Dentons. They discuss crisis management.
30 min
Special 100th Anniversary Episode-GWICies
In this episode, Mary and Lisa share some listener feedback about what has resonated with them, what they have learned, and some wonderful memories about past discussions.
50 min
Melanie Sponholz on Healthcare Compliance: Beyo...
In Part 2 of the 2-part series on healthcare compliance, Mary visits with Mel Sponholz
50 min
Donna Schneider on Healthcare Compliance
Donna Schneider joins Mary Shirley for a look at healthcare compliance
35 min
Lisa Fine on the One-Year of Covid
In last week's episode, Mary did a soliloquy. Lisa was inspired to comment on the discussion that Mary started and provided her own thoughts on one-year of covid
22 min
A Mary Soliloquy
In this week’s episode, Mary channels the Everything Compliance team and walks through her list of rants and raves for the moment.
23 min
Joya Williams on Building Your E&C Community an...
In this episode, Lisa speaks with Joya Williams, who has had a front row seat to some of the most fascinating moments in recent ethics and compliance history.
22 min
Tom Fox on The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition
In this episode Mary and Lisa visit with Tom Fox about his latest book, The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition which will be published in April.
23 min
Bonus Episode - Jay Rosen on Networking
in this episode, Mary visits with Jay Rosen, who has been a friend of the podcast and has been an ally for #GWIC from the very beginning.
53 min
Erika Cheung, the Whistleblower
Today’s guest, Erika Cheung, was one of the Theranos whistleblowers and is featured as our second speaker in this two-part series on whistleblowing.
53 min
Frances McLeod, Women Leaders in Forensic, Ris...
In this episode, Lisa speaks with Frances McLeod who talks about her experiences in being "the data lady" in the City of Ferguson matter, to her recent involvement in the IAV monitorships.
32 min
Blowing the Whistle, the Advocate-Mary Inman
In this episode, Mary Shirley visits with Mary Inman on her role of a lawyer and advocate for whistleblowers.
30 min
Tiffany Archer on Mastering the Art of Complian...
This week #GWIC welcomes Tiffany Archer, who visits with Lisa Fine about the guideposts that have defined her life and her ethics and compliance career.
31 min
Ask Us Anything
In this special first episode of 2021, Mary and Lisa return with an "ask us anything" episode where the questions were solicited from the GWIC Community.
33 min
Mary Shirley, Original GWIC
Mary Shirley is an original GWIC. In this special year end episode, Lisa Fine turns the tables on Mary and interviews Mary about her new role at Fresenius - Head of Culture of Integrity and Compliance Education.
29 min
Angela Main, Monitor Certified
This week Mary speaks with Angela Main, Chief Compliance Officer at Zimmer Biomet who recently led the company to a monitor certification.
42 min
Lynn Haaland, Caring and Compliance
This week, Mary Shirley speaks with Lynn Haaland about her role at Zoom as Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer and Chief Privacy Officer.
42 min
Dr. Mary Gentile, Giving Voice to Values-Part 2
In Part 2 of the 2-part series with Dr. Mary Gentile, Lisa talks with Dr. Gentile about how ethics and compliance professionals can use GVV to help build an organization's culture and help with ethical decision-making.
29 min
Dr. Mary Gentile, Giving Voice to Values-Part 1
In this Part 1 of a special two-part series, Lisa welcomes Dr. Mary Gentile who is the creator and architect of Giving Voice to Values.
25 min
Andrea Falcione, Part 2-Policies
In this episode Andrea Falcione returns to discuss the difference in focus between your code and policies, frequency of revisions to policies, desired tone and message, making the most of learning aids
38 min
Andrea Falcione, Part 1-Documentation: Codes o...
In this episode, Andrea Falcione of Rethink Compliance joins Great Women in Compliance for a two-part series . In this Part 1, she visits with Mary Shirley by taking a hard look at re-vamping Codes of Conduct
38 min
Matt Kelly-the Compliance Observer
In today's episode, Lisa talks with Matt Kelly, who is the CEO and Editor of Radical Compliance.
28 min
Danielle Cannata on Women’s Rights, Corporate I...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa speaks with Danielle Cannata, senior counsel at SABIC. She discusses her role as the company-wide Compliance Program and monitoring and promoting compliance at SABIC.
30 min
Mel Stanley on Personal Branding, Part 2
In this two-part series Mary welcomes back Mel Stanley, owner of First Woman, to reveal personal branding secrets that can help you stand out positively to colleagues, your network and new connections.
38 min
Mel Stanley on Personal Branding, Part 1
In Part 1 of a special two-part series, Mary Shirley visits with is Mel Stanley, owner of First Woman, who shares her considerable knowledge in the area of personal branding
39 min
Alejandra Montenegro Almonte
Today’s guest is Alejandra Montenegro Almonte, a member of the law firm Miller Chevalier, and has built a practice where she has an international practice focusing on design and implementation of risk-based internal compliance program.
32 min
The Great Women in Compliance Book Preview
In this special joint episode Mary and Lisa join up to talk about their upcoming book.
33 min
Sonia Zeledon, Part 2
Mary continues her two part episode with Sonia Zeledon who shares her tips on how project management strategies for compliance professionals.
25 min
Sonia Zeledon, Part 1-Doing Well by Doing Good
In this episode, Mary visit with Sonia Zeledon of The Hershey Company.  Sonia shares the philosophy of the Company: “Doing well by doing good”.
26 min
Neta Meidav on Ethics with Intention
In this episode, Lisa speaks with Neta Meidav, who founded Vault Platform, a reporting and resolution platform which is intended to be a safe space to report any form of misconduct and for follow up.
37 min
Haydee Olinger on the Secret Sauce of Life Afte...
32 min
Lisa Beth Lentini Walker on Mentoring in Compli...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa catches up with Lisa Beth Lentini Walker, who started Lumen Worldwide Endeavor. She also co-founded of MentorCore, which is an organization created to help risk and compliance professionals connect by identifying mentor relationships, sharing insights and growing the leaders of the future.
31 min
Scott Davison on Jumping the Fence from Busines...
In this episode, Mary Shirley and guest Scott Davidson re-live experiences in the Middle East, talk compliance and Scott shares his number one tip for men to best support female colleagues in the workplace.
37 min
Black Lives Matter and Ethics and Compliance
As the Great Women in Compliance podcast continues looking at Black Lives Matter and how our professional community, Jennifer Newton joins Lisa Fine.
39 min
Asha Palmer-Black Girl Magic
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Mary Shirley visits with Asha Palmer, the CCO at Convercent on her experiences in the compliance world.
39 min
Sherry Williams – Black Lives Matter and Ethics...
In this episode, Sherry Williams speaks with Lisa Fine about the current situation in the US from her perspective - as a Black woman who has worked at the most senior levels of large organizations. 
47 min
Kelly Paxton on Pink Collar Crime
Did you know that there are some typical characteristics frequently found when women commit fraud or embezzle from organizations? Find out more as Kelly Paxton joins Mary Shirley on GWIC
32 min
Ask Us Anything
This episode is dedicated to Mary and Lisa answering questions that they received as part of an "Ask Us Anything" call out for questions.
47 min
Jenny Kim on the Intersection of Public Policy ...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa Fine visits with Jenny Kim on the intersection of public policy and compliance.
33 min
The Soliloquy Episode-Affordable Technology Tools
In this episode Mary Shirley catalogues a number of recommendations for inexpensive tech tools for different aspects of your Compliance program.
13 min
Alison Taylor on the Intersection of CSR and C...
What is the intersection of CSR and compliance? Lisa Fine explores this topic on this episode of Great Women in Compliance with guest Alison Taylor.
26 min
Fabiana Lacerca-Allen on the Tribe That Surroun...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Mary Shirley visits with Fabiana Lacerca-Allen on the tribe that surrounds you in compliance.
33 min
Cindy Merlino and Sarah Powell on Building a Gr...
In this episode of GWIC, Lisa speaks with two of her peers at Pearson as she is reflecting on her first-year anniversary and how to build a great compliance team.
43 min
Monica Lopez Reinmiller-the Woman Who Does it All
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Mary speaks with Monica Lopez Reinmiller. She is Managing Corporate Counsel-Compliance at T-Mobile.
67 min
Anastasia Savvateeva - Global Compliance is a N...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa speaks with Anastasia Savvateeva. They consider the role of a truly international Great Woman in compliance.
16 min
Mary & Lisa on Compliance and Coronavirus
In this special joint episode, Mary and Lisa share various perspectives of the new normal in their day-to-day lives regarding how the Coronavirus has affected both work and home during this era.
41 min
Penny Milner-Smyth on What the Brain Has to do...
What does the brain have to do with compliance? Find out in this episode of #GWIC as Mary Shirley visits with Penny Milner-Smyth, who has a psychology educational background and now uses research to help Compliance teams.
37 min
Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Muslim Women in ...
In this episode of GWIC, Lisa speaks with Fatema Merchant, who is the first hijab-wearing woman to make partner at a Washington, D.C., Am Law 100 firm.
20 min
Beth Colling: The Public Speaking Guru
In episode 53 of the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, we speak with Beth Colling, the Chief Compliance Officer of CDM Smith, a global engineering and construction company.
45 min
Ellen Hunt on Succeeding As a CCO: Strategy and...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa speaks with Ellen Hunt, Sr VP and Audit, Ethics and Compliance Officer for AARP. The discuss advice for succeeding the CCO chair from Day 1.
24 min
Sarah Hadden on Cross-Pollinated Project Groups
In episode 51, Mary Shirley, speaks with Sarah Hadden, the Editor of Corporate Compliance Insights (CCI). They visit about an innovation for compliance professionals, cross-pollinated project groups.
50 min
#GWIC Wins
This episode is a way to share that joy with all listeners and celebrate in the achievements of others, in this special Quick Wins episode of Great Women in Compliance..
25 min
Episode 49- Carrie Penman on the Convergence of...
In this episode, Mary Shirley, speaks with Carrie Penman, Chief Compliance Officer at Navex Global. They visit about the convergence of compliance risk and operational risk.
39 min
Gwen Romack on Creating a Multi-Faceted Dream Team
Gwen Romack joins Lisa Fine on this episode to discuss creating multi-faceted ‘Dream Teams’ for a corporate compliance function.
25 min
Sofia El Mansouri, Middle East Compliance Persp...
In episode of the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, Shirley visits with Sofia El Mansouri, a native of Morocco who has spent many years practicing Compliance in the Middle East.
25 min
Kim Yapchai-Transforming Compliance
What is transformational leadership in compliance? In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa Fine visits with Kim Yachai on her compliance journey.
20 min
Olga Pontes-Planting the Seeds of Compliance
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Mary Shirley visits with Olga Pontes, Chief Compliance Officer at Odebrecht SA.
21 min
The Best Professional Advice Episode
What is the best professional advice you have ever received. At the recent SCCE annual conference, Lisa and Mary put that question to the audience. This podcast is what they received back.
21 min
Lidia Lopez Trabalon: From Rules to Mindset: Ho...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa Fine has a conversation with Lidia Lopez Trabalon, who is the Group Compliance Officer at SBM Offshore.
29 min
Cindy Morrison-Part 2, Espousing the Four Agree...
In the second part of her visit with Cindy Morrison, she and Mary Shirley discuss overcoming the Imposter Syndrome and how the Four Agreements help a compliance professional.
31 min
Cindy Morrison-Part 1, Espousing the Four Agree...
n this Part 1 of a special two-part episode, Mary Shirley begins a conversation with Cindy Morrison. Cindy is the Director of Compliance at Post Holdings, Inc.
62 min
Episode 40-Renata Moreti, on Curating an Amazin...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa Fine visits with Renata Moreti, Head of Controls, Compliance and Ethics for Diageo in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Renata is passionate about ethic and compliance and her work as a sommelier.
29 min
Michelle Shapiro, Part 2 on the Private Practic...
In this Part 2, Mary concludes her two-part episode with Michelle Shapiro, a partner at the law firm of Arent Fox. They discuss issues related to compliance from the outside counsel perspective.
31 min
Michelle Shapiro-The Private Practice Angle, Pa...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Mary Shirley visits with Michelle Shapiro, a partner at Arent Fox. They discuss a compliance career from the private practice perspective.
31 min
Barbara Petitti, When Change is a Consistency i...
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa Fine visits with Barbara Petitti, Ethics & Compliance Officer, Policy Enforcement and Investigations at Alstom. They discuss that sometimes the only constant is change in a compliance program or compliance career.
21 min
Sarah Hadden on Telling Stories of Compliance
In this episode of Great Women in Compliance, Mary Shirley visits with Sarah Hadden, owner & publisher of Corporate Compliance insights. They discuss how Sarah, a trained journalist, found her Compliance destiny.
34 min
Lisa Fine on Protecting Whistleblowers and Peop...
In this episode, Lisa Fine is interviewed by Tom Fox on the role of a compliance professional in an internal reporting system.
19 min
Caitlyn Tobey on Giving it Back to the Complian...
In this episode, Lisa speaks with Caitlyn Tobey, who is best known for starting and developing a well-known study group for the SCCE CCEP and CCEP-I program.
18 min
Highlights from CEI 2019 Roundtable Debrief
In this special episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley host a roundtable of great women in compliance at the recent SCCE CEI.
20 min