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Libertarians talking daily news, politics, and social issues. We discuss the news from an objective perspective, focused on liberty and self-ownership, Nate and Charlie have been best good friends for 17 years. That makes for some great conversations! Republicans and Democrats are welcome. We cover all ideas from the understanding that you own yourself. Principles over politics.

012: Trump Pushes North Korea's Little Buttons,...
<p>Happy New Year! The Big Freedom Show is excited to be back and we have a packed episode to kick the new year off right. We have a lot of exciting things coming your way in 2018!</p> <p>President Trump is at it again on Twitter. He sent the media into a frenzy again. Apparently, Kim Jong Un mentioned in a New Year's speech that he has a nuclear button on his desk, and Trump responded by saying he has a much bigger nuclear button and his actually works. Obviously Trump is just firing up his base and Kim wants a seat at the table as a nuclear power. We discuss the non-aggression principle, how it applies, and whether or not a preemptive strike is a good idea.</p> <p> A new segment is upon us! Trolling with Nate! Each week, we will have a dramatic reading of Nate's passive aggressiveness on Twitter as he tries to get people to engage in conversation and teach them all about Liberty. We discuss another Twitter battle about Wal-Mart's wages and the fight for $15. Not surprisingly, the CEO pay wouldn't even put a dent in raising wages.</p> <p>Your favorite Tariff Daddy, Trump, can't get enough of punishing Canada. Jon dives into the new tariffs and how they are affecting business. Apparently the way to Make America Great Again, is to put other countries down. We talk about how this only hurts the American consumer.</p> <p>Finally, we talk about what a small government actually means. What did the founder's think? Government is a necessary evil, and if that's true, how do we actually fund it without stealing? All these questions and more are answered in this episode!</p> <p>Tune in and let us know what you think at <a href= ""></a></p> <p>This week's Whiskey of the Week is Weller Antique 107. Our highest rated bourbon to date!</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
58 min
011: Should Idiots Be Allowed To Vote And Can ...
<p><strong><em>This week on The Big Freedom Show....</em></strong>We look at the story of a public internet utility that seems to be outcompeting the free market, and the outrage at taxpayer handouts to big telecom.  We also pose the question: Should every US citizen should have the right to vote? Is there a better way than our current system? <strong>What do you think?</strong></p> <p>E-Mail us at <a href= ""></a> to join the conversation! </p> <p>This weeks incredible whiskey of the week is <strong>Stagg Jr.</strong> from the legendary <strong>Buffalo Trace Distillery. </strong></p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
41 min
009: Why net neutrality is the herpes of facebo...
Episode 9: Why net neutrality is the herpes of facebook, and we still like turkey. 11-28-17 On this Tuesday episode of The Big Freedom Show we discuss the never ending batch of Net Neutrality meme's and misnomers cropping up on social media, and learn how communism almost ruined Thanksgiving forever!  This weeks bourbon of the week is Russel's Reserve 10-Year from the great folks at Wild Turkey. --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
43 min
008: Net Neutrality and the weight of Sherman's...
Net Neutrality and the weight of Sherman's Hammer: This week on Good Morning Liberty we take a look at the real meaning of "Net Neutrality" and the origin of monopolies.  Our whiskey fo the week is Rare Breed by Wild Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving! --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
40 min
007: What is Good Morning Liberty? and Why it M...
From Jon finding liberty through Michael Badnarik's book, Good to be King, to Nate and Charlie growing up in trailers, and all hailing from a small town, this week's episode of Good Morning Liberty tells you our story. It illustrates why we believe in freedom, liberty, and limited government. We also discuss some taxes and a local Nashville story of how government officials can trample your property rights. Join us, as we discuss how government, economics, and ideas can bring you closer to freedom.I --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
46 min
005: Candy, eternal war and the real truth abou...
On this Halloween episode of the Good Morning Liberty, we break out the concept of never ending war, and look at the most popular alternatives to our current income tax system. --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
69 min
006: Pork, Protection, and Tarrifs oh my!
This weeks episode of Good Morning Liberty brings us a review of the Larceny bourbon, a breakdown the current state of tax reform, and dive deep on Tarrifs. --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>
62 min