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Golic & Smetty brings you a breakdown of everything in the headlines of sports, pop culture and news from a football player who isn’t sure if it’s a social media app or the sound a clock makes and a woman who had to ask how to dial on a rotary phone. Catch Mike Golic and Jessica Smetana every week for their thoughts on everything from football to fashion on Golic and Smetty.

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AP Ranking of Handsome College Football Coaches?
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A player's perspective on NFL injuries and Dama...
College Football Playoff Semi-Finals
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Golic & Smetty Holiday Clip Show! Some of the b...
"Welcome to Tennesee, here's a knife for your child and some taffy."
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Sheet Cake and Frosted Flakes
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Is it smorgasborg? Shmorgasbord?
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Mexico fans ready to fight Michigan fans?
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Green Bean Casserole and Mike gets upset with Jess
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Putting up your Christmas Tree on November 16th?
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CFP rankings turned upside-down after one week,...
Mike Golic's Wifi password
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7-game series for the Super Bowl?
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Catering budgets and eating on hotel beds
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Bad luck for the Irish and what if the CFP was ...
Planning your wedding around Elton John
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Golic & Smetty Livestream from O'Rourke's in So...
Jason Garrett, Kurt Hinish, Bob Golic
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Kenny Pickett Time and playing craps
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Ime Udoka Yearlong Suspension, Brett Favre the ...
Bump, Set, Fraud
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Ezekiel Elliott says he’s feeling good early in...
When does Pumpkin SZN officially begin?
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Steelers save Jess’s weekend from a total disas...
"You play to tie the game" - Lovie Smith probably in the Herm Edwards voice
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Betting the NFL ahead of Week 1 with DraftKings...
NFL bets, games to watch and Pickleball
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Spoiler Alert Episode! Nebraska fans need beer,...
Old guys on Venmo, the M.A.S.H finale, and real life Mario Kart
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Holly Anderson & Spencer Hall are vibing with G...
"Welcome to Tennessee. Here's a knife for your child and some taffy."
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Full Notre Dame football preview with Pete Samp...
New coach, new QB....11-1?
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Serena Williams is a top 5 athlete all-time and...
Herm Edwards spoils Better Call Saul?
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Lyndsey D’Arcangelo on possible WNBA expansion ...
Watson Suspension, Dolphins Tampering and Soto Trade
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