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Golden State of Mindcast
GoldenStateOfMind.com's very own Nate Parham, Bram Kincheloe, and Ivan Bettger breakdown anything from recent games to roster moves to rumor with a fresh and unique perspective on life, basketball, and all things Golden State Warriors.
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The Luka Doncic era has begun: Diving deep with...
Bram Kincheloe sits down with internet sensation Kirk Henderson to discuss all things NBA
67 min
How the Warriors impacted the NBA draft, and ho...
Dr. Thomas Bevilacqua and Charlie Stanton joined Bram Kincheloe to discuss the Warriors' championship, the NBA draft, and Tom's new book, "Golden Age"
59 min
How Warriors vs. Cavaliers Round IV is like a B...
Ryan Mourton joins Bram Kincheloe to discuss all things Warriors vs. Cavs as the two teams meet for the fourth straight year in the NBA Finals
54 min
NBA Playoff Seeding Mayhem
The injured #2 seed Warriors watch and wait as playoff seeding chaos ensues below them. Also: Quinn Cook, and the NCAA Tournament.
57 min
Disrespect and the Houston Rockets
We talk about our love for disrespect in sports, why the Rockets aren't a threat, and whether the Warriors have another gear.
59 min
Behind the scenes at NBA All-Star weekend
Golden State of Mind writer Brady Klopfer describes the wild scene at 2018 NBA All-Star weekend.
66 min
Would you root for Russell Westbrook if he was ...
Nate and Bram jump on the Mindcast to figure out the Westbrook experience, bemoan the end of Monta Ellis’ career, and take a look at the playoff picture as it unfolds.
54 min
Golden State of Mindcast: Breaking down the sur...
We invite Wolves' writer Mr. Naylor onto the pod to talk all things Minnesota.
58 min
2018 NBA All-Star MOCK DRAFT! Steph vs. LeBron ...
44 min
Stephen Curry’s newest injury, how the Raptors ...
65 min
Re-drafting the Harrison Barnes draft, and wond...
83 min
Golden State of Mindcast: Christmas day complai...
38 min
Playmakers on the wings: Klay Thompson, Pat McC...
40 min
Curry’s injury provides the first “wake-up call...
70 min
Which teams can challenge the Warriors next year?
Welcome home Ivan! We are back, and geared up to talk about all things Warriors, including the new uniforms, all their offseason moves, the return of their core, and much more! [Annotated list of topics] Let’s do this!
61 min
2017 NBA Draft: Live podcast reactions that we ...
Welcome back to Golden State of Mindcast! We haven’t had a chance to gloat and crow about the fact that the Golden State Warriors are CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, but I promise we’ll get to that. Instead, Ivan, Nate,
82 min
Golden State of Mindcast: The Finals are finall...
Boy howdy, things are about to get fun. It’s almost June, and that means it’s time for our annual Warriors vs. Cavaliers match-up in the NBA Finals. Yes, that’s right. Round Three is almost upon us! Ivan and I sat down last night to discuss the Finals...
43 min
Golden State of Mindcast: Sitting down with Mar...
Beloved Warriors scribe Marcus Thompson II has a fantastic new book out called, “Golden: The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry.” We did a giveaway a few weeks ago, but if you didn’t win the giveaway, or if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of the book,
77 min
Golden State of MindCast: Will Steve Kerr’s abs...
The Mindcast crew is back at it, throwing a bit more shade at the Clippers and taking a stroll through the NBA landscape. Plus, Ivan thinks the “optics” are get
64 min
Golden State of MindCast: As the Warriors domin...
With and without Durant, the Golden State Warriors have pounded the Portland Trailblazers. We discuss the series, as well as look ahead to potential 2nd round f
41 min
Golden State of MindCast: 2017 NBA Playoffs Fir...
It’s that special time of year again. We brought in a couple of writers from Blazers Edge to preview the first round matchup of Warriors vs. Blazers.
68 min
Golden State of MindCast: Previewing the future...
Canis Hoopus’ David Naylor joined Nate and Bram to check in on the state of the Warriors and much more.
61 min
Golden State of MindCast: Who will be “the man”...
The Warriors have rediscovered their identity by handing the keys of the race car back to Stephen Curry. Will it stay that way when Durant returns?
67 min
Golden State of MindCast: Durant injury: Warrio...
It's a cruel world out there, and the Mindcast crew is here to help to deal with it.
59 min
Golden State of MindCast: Previewing Warriors v...
Blazer's Edge joins us as we discuss the future of this Portland Trailblazers team, All Star weekend, and an EXCLUSIVE(?) look at the Blazers' game plan against
56 min
Golden State of MindCast: Cavaliers demolished,...
Golden State of Mindcast recaps the Warriors' big victory over the Cavaliers.
45 min
Golden State of MindCast: Understanding the NBA...
Bram and Ivan welcome Nate back to Golden State of Mindcast as they break down the last few games and take a look at the NBA through the lens of the Warriors.
53 min
Golden State of MindCast: Do the Warriors have ...
We talk offensive firepower, Kevin Durant’s surprising defense, wine baths and if they lead to, um, unexpected benefits, and much more.
45 min
Golden State of MindCast: Are the Warriors mire...
Ivan, Nate, and Bram check back in to discuss pertinent Warriors stuff.
39 min
Golden State of MindCast: When will the Warrior...
Golden State of Mindcast makes a triumphant return! Ivan and Bram are joined by credentialed writer Andrew Flohr as we talk about the Warriors’ first week of ac
36 min
Golden State of MindCast: Talking Tim Duncan’s ...
We checked in with Pounding the Rock's Eli Horowitz on the San Antonio Spurs' offseason and learned a ton about Warriors' rookie Damian Jones
40 min
Golden State of MindCast: Cementing a foundatio...
The Warriors actually did it: they added Kevin Durant to their 73-win team. So... now what?
39 min
Golden State of MindCast: 2016 NBA free agency:...
Golden State of Mindcast finally gives its NBA Finals post-mortem and leads into the hectic party that will be 2016 free agency
48 min
Golden State of MindCast: Talking 2016 NBA Fina...
Bram and Nate welcome Ryan Mourton onto the show to discuss the Warriors, LeBron James, Kyrie's big game, and the current state of existence in Ohio
73 min
Golden State of MindCast: After rollercoaster s...
Golden State of Mindcast recaps the Warriors-Thunder NBA Western Conference Finals, and look ahead to the championship matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers
49 min
Golden State of MindCast: 2016 NBA Western Conf...
The GSOMCast crew is back to discuss Game 2, Steph's brilliant focus, and more!
41 min
Golden State of MindCast: Fear the Thunder: pre...
The Thunder are scary. Golden State of Mindcast looks at how they got here and how the Warriors match up
40 min
Golden State of MindCast: Warriors-Blazers deep...
We dissect Game 2 and the rest of the series between the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trailblazers
44 min
Golden State of MindCast: Warriors’ playoff hop...
We talk about the injury to Steph Curry, the sorry state of the Rockets, the triumphant spirit of this Warriors' team, and more.
41 min
Golden State of MindCast: The home stretch: War...
With seven games left, the Warriors look to close out the season as the best team ever. We talk about what it'll take to get there.
33 min
Golden State of MindCast: Warriors dominate riv...
How close are the Warriors to achieving the all-time wins record? What does Mark Jackson have to do with the Clippers rivalry? And is LeBron James done with Cle
36 min
Golden State of MindCast: Who is more exciting:...
Seth Rosenthal, from Posting and Toasting, joins Nate and Bram to discuss the upcoming Warriors-Knicks game. All #Porzingis, all the time.
34 min
Golden State of MindCast: Haters Paradise: We t...
We let the hate flow through us as we dissect the game of Harrison Barnes and talk about likely playoff matchups
45 min
Golden State of MindCast: Trouble in Dub Nation...
We dive deep on the post All Star Warriors: Draymond's shots, Warriors' road weariness, and Curry's legacy
46 min
Golden State of MindCast: Karl-Anthony Towns an...
We talk to David Naylor of Canis Hoopus about Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Zach Lavine, and the future of the Minnesota Timberwolves
46 min
Golden State of MindCast: Previewing NBA All-St...
We check in with SBN's Nuggets blog DenverStiffs.com's Adam Mares on the state of the Nugs
41 min
Golden State of MindCast: All Washington: Wizar...
Kevin Durant to the Warriors? Mark Jackson even worse than we thought? David Lee back to the Warriors? OKC a contender? We break it down!
51 min