Global Peace Builders

With the chaos and divisiveness taking place in the world today, hosts Philip Hellmich and Sister Jenna explore ancient wisdom and modern movements toward unity for finding common ground.Global Peace Builders invites us to deep dive into our ability for collaboration, ancestral healing and harmony through powerful interviews with world-renown peacebuilders that are doing the work. From conflict resolution in war-torn communities to ecological justice, these solution-based conversations show the impact of change in action.

Alternative Health
Personal Journals
Healing Race in America with Aliah MaJon and Br...
42 min
Why I As a Black Man Attend KKK Rallies | Inter...
23 min
Peace Within — William Killebrew
The Power of Relationships in Healing Trauma
28 min
Finding Personal Peace During Dangerous Times —...
Being Inwardly Prepared to Serve Peace
40 min
How Violence Evolves and Citizen Peacebuilding ...
35 min
How Nonviolence and Love Create Common Ground
35 min
Secrets of the Commonway Process with Shariff A...
Better Understanding Deep Identity
25 min
Why Common Ground Is a Choice — Caroline Myss
How Our Words Create Our Reality
21 min