Getting Started with NFTs and Web 3

Are you looking to get started collecting, investing or launching your own Non-Fungible Token,(NFT's) and learning about Web 3.0 but unsure where to get started?

This is the podcast for you, but it's not just for newbies or normies in the NFT space as we are all learning and growing together it doesn't matter if you haven't set up your first wallet or if you've been collecting and splashing around for a couple of months together we are all getting started with NFTs and this is the place we will learn and grow together.

Each episode is hand-picked to provide a roadmap to guide you through the introductory topic guaranteed to make you more comfortable, more confident, and more bullish about what NFTs offer!

Hosted by digital futurist Brian Fanzo (@isocialfanz), and the host of 8 podcasting most recently, the NFT365 project not only drops a podcast EVERY day but is also documenting the journey of buying a NFT every day for 365 days that launched back on November 11th, 2021. 

The Getting Started with NFTs podcast is your custom playlist and sister podcast to the daily NFT 365 show so If you’re just starting with NFTs or are familiar with them but still feel like a beginner, this is podcast series is for you and consider this your welcome to the NFT 365 family!

In this podcast, you will learn the basics of NFTs, how to create a crypto wallet, and the critical steps in keeping your crypto and NFTs safe while also learning tips and tricks for buying your first NFT on the secondary market or even minting your first NFT alongside our daily Mint 365 collection.

Our mantra is simple, "We is Greater Than Me," and together, we embark on this web 3.0 journey to motivate, educate and hopefully inspire you to invest in yourself to be the best me you can be so together WE can be the change that the web 3.0 world needs.

11. The Ins and Outs of Buying and Selling NFTs...
46 min
10. Breaking Down NFT Roadmaps, Utility and Cla...
15 min
9. Understanding NFT Smart Contracts and Transa...
19 min
8. Setting up the 3 main accounts you need to g...
The NFT space can be overwhelming but the setup of your account shouldn't be as we will help you setup your crypto exchange, create your metamask wallet and view your NFTs in Opensea on this episode!
17 min
7. Getting to know Discord and Twitter: The Hom...
Why are all NFT projects on Discord? What does Discord provide that Twitter doesn't and do we need to be on Twitter?...
32 min
6. Getting Started with NFTs without spending m...
Yes there are free mints and you'll see giveaways on twitter for NFT contests but what are some great ways to get started without spending money on NFTs
17 min
5. Don't make these same 2 mistakes I made when...
It doesn't matter if you are a newbie, a newb, brand new or just getting started we will all make mistakes but its best if we share them so others don't make the same mistakes we do!
22 min
4. How To Do Your Own Damn Research to Avoid Ru...
DYODR: Yes we preach do your own research in the web 3.0 space but nobody talks about how to do the research and what to look for! Thats what we are doing here on this episode!
31 min
3. The Basics of Minting NFTs, Buying NFTs on S...
What does it mean to "Mint an NFT" and what is the difference when buying on on Opensea or MagicEden and what are .ETH domains?
48 min
2. Translating the Slang Terms and Vocab of Web...
We break down all the different vocab, NFT terms and slang, and abbreviations around NFTs from WAGMI to ETH to Wallet to Rug Pull.
69 min
1. You are in the right place! Getting Started ...
Are you new to Web 3.0, not sure about cryptocurrency or blockchain or maybe a friend keeps talking about NFTs so you want to learn more? This podcast is for you!
5 min