Get Paid To Speak

Get Paid To Speak: This show is a twice per week podcast where multiple-time TEDx Speaker and International Bestselling Author, Corey Poirier, reveals quick tips for crushing it in speaking, whether your goal is to speak for fees, speak for impact or to leverage speaking to grow your business or brand.

S1 E47: Brian K. Wright Insight
I hope you enjoy this latest episode featuring insight from Brian K. Wright of Success Profiles Radio.
2 min
S1 E46: Galit Ventura Rozen Insight
I hope you enjoy the insight in this episode that was shared by Galit in our new bestselling book, the Book of Public Speaking.
5 min
S1 E45: Sweating It Out
In our longest episode to date (just over 7 minutes) I answer a question someone asked me about sweating while on stage.
7 min
S1 E44: Creating Value
I hope you enjoy this episode about the importance of...
3 min
S1 E42: One of the Most Important Traits of Wor...
Listen to this episode to learn about one of the most important traits a world class speaker has, or can develop.
2 min
S1 E41: Know Your Audience
I hope you enjoy this episode where we discuss personalization.
2 min
S1 E40: For the Love of Visualization
In this episode we explore the power of Visualization.
3 min
S1 E39: Testimonials? Video?
I hope you enjoy this latest episode where we discuss the importance of testimonials?
3 min
S1 E38: Being Social?
I hope you enjoy this latest episode on the importance of being social.
3 min
S1 E37: Becoming a World Class Speaker
The episode reveals the method speakers use for becoming world class. Hint: It's also the same way you get to Carnegie Hall.
3 min
S1 E36: Getting Paid Quicker
This is one of our shortest episodes and maybe one of the most important - especially for beginning speakers.
2 min
S1 E35: What is your WHY?
I hope you enjoy this latest episode and here's a question...WHY? (the episode explains the question)
4 min
S1 E34: The Evolution of Storytelling
I hope you enjoy the latest episode where we discuss the evolution of story and storytelling and how it impacts storytellers and speakers.
5 min
S1 E33: Knowing What To Deliver
In this episode we address how to know what / how to deliver at future talks.
3 min
S1 E32: Preparing For Talks
I get asked often about preparing for talks - this is one of my recommendations. Enjoy!
4 min
S1 E31: Getting Chamber and Non-Profit Bookings
I hope you enjoy this recent episode.
6 min
S1 E30: TEDx Contact Info
I hope you enjoy the latest episode where we address the question of how you can find the contact info for specific TEDx events.
6 min
S1 E29: For The Love of Books
Enjoy this episode where I share my 3 go-to books surrounding the speaking business.
2 min
S1 E28: Speaking Related Q&A
I hope you enjoy my answer to a client's recent question.
4 min
S1 E27: Purposeful Content
I hope you enjoy this 3rd in our 3rd part series where we talk about the importance of your content being purposeful.
4 min
S1 E26: Consistent Content
Enjoy this second part in our 3 part (content) series.
5 min
S1 E25: Valuable Content
Valuable Content
6 min
S1 E24: What Kate of EOFIRE said!
Hear the 3 keys that Kate Erickson say's are crucial for business growth and monetization.
4 min
S1 E23: Speaking Fees
I hope you enjoy our latest episode.
3 min
S1 E22: About The Mic...
I hope you enjoy the latest episode.
4 min