Get Onto My Cloud: The Tim Rice Podcast

Get Onto My Cloud has Tim at his chatty witty best, where he talks about his career in theatre and music, his colleagues and friends (plus the odd foe) and sometimes roams off stage to discuss other important matters in his life such as cricket, astronomy, Sunderland FC and boxer dogs. You can also expect to listen to recordings of some of his favourite lyrics (not always the obvious ones) and he reveals how and why some shows worked brilliantly and some didn’t.

Described as “Relaxed, casual, essential listening for musical theatre fans and historians.”

Sir Tim Rice wrote the lyrics for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Chess and The Lion King, to name but five. The composers he has worked with include Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elton John, Alan Menken, ABBA’s Bjorn and Benny and Freddie Mercury.

Performing Arts
It's Gonna Work Out Fine. Tina Turner and Paul ...
Tim pays tribute to the late Tina Turner who recorded one of the songs from Aida, his musical with Elton John. Plus how Paul and the Manfreds introduced him to the music of Tina (and Ike).
28 min
World Tour Reviewed
Tim looks back on his 4-date musicals tour, Circle Of Words, which roamed from Northampton to Newcastle with 2 stops in between.
26 min
Circle Of Words World Tour
Tim plugs his forthcoming tour of 4 beautiful UK towns in which he reveals all about his hits (and flops) + @waughzone musicians & singers.
25 min
The 78 Revolution
24 min
From Here To Eternity Back In Town
Tim previews the theatrical return to London of the musical he wrote with Stuart Brayson, From Here To Eternity and plays extracts old and new from the score.
22 min
Darius and Maynard
Tim remembers the late Darius Campbell Danesh who starred in his musical From Here To Eternity. He also recalls a 1974 album he and Andrew Lloyd Webber produced for the fine singer Maynard Williams.
29 min
Joseph at the Edinburgh Festival: Then and Now
Tim returns to the Edinburgh Festival exactly 50 years after Frank Dunlop's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat launched the show there into new territories. Gary Bond, Gordon Waller and Maynard Williams do the musical honours.
22 min
Am I Still Working?
Tim apologises for taking time to get round to Podcast 65 but has a reasonable excuse: working on three of his favourite golden oldies.
23 min
1955 - Not very big in Japan
It’s 1955. Tim hears American radio for the first time in his life - in Japan - and is immediately captivated by radio, hit records, and the charts. And religion, sort of.
26 min
Way way back half a century ago part 3
Tim takes a further look at the original Joseph album that he and Andrew recorded in 1968, criticises his own lyrics (but not too harshly), plays the rarely heard second Pharaoh song and how Children of Israel became Children of Kindness.
25 min
Way way back half a century ago part 2
Tim tackles one of the questions he’s most often asked - would you change any of your old lyrics if you could, or if you were writing them now? Well, yes and no. He investigates changes he could have made to the very first album of any show written by him and Andrew Lloyd Webber - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - back in 1968 when 4 track-tape was about as sophisticated as it got.
19 min
West End Superstar
Tim recalls, as best he can, the events, the performers, the panics, leading up to the London début of Jesus Christ Superstar in 1972, after the show had already played in five foreign countries. He pays tribute to John Fogerty of Creedence as lyricist (well, one line in particular) and travelling companion. He apologises for missing out a few Sods from Episode 60.
23 min
Tim discusses the Society of Distinguished Songwriters, the SODS, having recently celebrated their half-century. Founded by Mitch Murray in 1971, the Sods have had literally hundreds of hits around the world. You may not know all their names but you’ll certainly know their songs.
28 min
All At Sea
On a cruise ship for two weeks, Tim recently presented a live concert of some of his most popular numbers of the past half century to a literally captive audience. He answers some of the questions the passengers asked him and plays compositions written with the Abba lads, ALW and Stuart Brayson, including one that has new relevance at the moment.
24 min
Trouble With The Law
Tim recalls his tragic exit from the legal profession and his good fortune in having his brilliant idea for a book on the history of the pop charts rejected. Plus the first ever recording of Any Dream Will Do.
22 min
Joseph on Broadway
Having realised just in time that January 2022 marked 40 years since Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat first hit Broadway, Tim pays tribute to the excellent 1982 company, on and off stage, which eventually inspired countless professional productions of the work in North America.
22 min
Lost In Translation
Tim discusses foreign language adaptations of his work from many parts of the globe and reveals how some of the backers of Superstar on Broadway benefited from his racing tips.
27 min
Grab me a Gondola (and stamps and vinyl)
Tim recalls his enthusiasms from ages 0-10: his parents’ record collection, his stamp collection, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Eagle. Plus how stars of Grab Me A Gondola also starred in Joseph and Chess. And Turkish Delight from Eartha Kitt.
25 min
JC Superstar 1970 Deluxe Box Set
Tim celebrates the recent 50th anniversary release of an all-singing all-dancing box set featuring the original 1969/70 Studio recordings of Jesus Christ Superstar, released a mere one year late.
24 min
From Russia With Chess
Tim relates the story of the international travels and travails of Chess on stage and in concert in the 38 years since he, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson produced the original recording of the musical drama. He plays three songs performed by the current Moscow Chess cast.
23 min
The Return of Aida?
Tim reveals new plans for his musical with Sir Elton, Aida, their quadruple Tony-winning musical on Broadway, with music from Elton and Guiseppe (Verdi). Will it finally come to London? Plus Rice sings Nesmith in tribute to the late Michael, one of Tim's favourite composers, country rockers and Monkees.
26 min
The Return of Eternity?
Tim returns to regular podcasting with news of the return of From Here To Eternity, his musical written with Stuart Brayson. Featured: a couple of songs from the show’s West End cast album and a sample of early Brayson. And could/should the show be called The Boys Of 41?
21 min
Mantelpiece 2
Tim’s 50th podcast, like his first, draws inspiration from the strange collection of objects and paraphernalia on one of his mantelpieces. He recalls the wonderful Broadway star Laurie Beechman, anticipates the forthcoming 51st anniversary re-issue of Jesus Christ Superstar, celebrates the 50th anniversary of a Welltron 8-track tape player/radio and premieres a brand new song written with Gary Barlow. And thus ends the first series of Get Onto My Cloud.
25 min
EMI Days
Tim talks about his first proper job in the entertainment business - a management trainee at EMI Records in the Swinging 60s. He produced his first singles (flops) but learned the recording studio ropes, and met an artist with whom he was to have a long and successful musical relationship (and friendship) in later years - Murray Head. He plays some of those early efforts which were great training for the JC Superstar album a few years down the line.
26 min
Gee Seven
The planned revivals of Aida and From Here To Eternity are still stymied but Tim has written a new song inspired by the G7 summit in Cornwall in June. Imaginatively entitled Gee Seven it pays tribute to that magic number rather than to the soon-to-be-assembled throng of world leaders, but does contain advice which they will surely appreciate.
22 min